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Now, I understood going into it that the story was about were-dragons and not true dragons, so, okay, weird idea, but I get it.

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But Where are the true dragons? There's not a word in the entire book even mentioning true dragons. Do they exist? If not, how can you explain the existence of a were-dragon? It just doesn't make sense to me. Now, the bigger issue I have, is why would plain, ordinary rope stop a were-dragon from transforming into their dragon form? It doesn't make any sense. The change is magical in nature, how does ordinary rope prevent it? I kept expecting an explanation, but none ever came. And why can humans kill them so easily? I could go on about this, but the short version is I have tons of questions about the Dragons that were not addressed in any way, shape, or form in the book.

In the end, I'm glad I read it, but I don't know if I'll be continuing the series. Shelves: reviewed , fantasy , high-fantasy , adventure , crap. I honestly don't know how I feel about this book. Requiem's Song was many things, though I'm not sure 'fun' or 'enjoyable' were among them. I actually received this eBook for free after signing up for the author, Daniel Arenson's, mailing list, and I'm a little glad that I didn't spend money on it.

The story predominantly focuses on the rise of Requiem, a tribe composed of people who had been dubbed 'weredragons. And no, they don't change during the full moon like werewolves. In truth, they're more like animagus from the Harry Potter series. They can shift at will by drawing upon some kind of inner magic. In truth, I do like the idea. Changing into a dragon sounds like a very cool ability--something worth daydreaming through class about. Unfortunately, a majority of the people in the world of Requiem's Song its name is never mentioned would heavily disagree with me, and this is a major problem I have with the book as a whole.

Literally everybody in this book hates weredragons.

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And I don't mean they just hate them. Normally, I wouldn't have a problem with this because it is admittedly understandable. Dragons are big, strong, and they can breathe fire and do tons of damage. However, Arenson focuses so much on the brutality of the way weredragons are treated that it makes it difficult for me to understand why people hate weredragons so much. All the main characters are treated so poorly and they struggle just to get by on account of their ability to turn into a dragon.

They're hunted, abused, and victimized so much, and they never really do anything to warrant the treatment they receive. There's not much depth to it. The people of the city-state of Eteer hate dragons on account of their religion, but the northerners across the sea from Eteer seem to hate weredragons because why the hell not? I mean sure, some people are bound to hate dragons, but everybody? Especially when the dragons have done nothing to hurt anybody? That makes no sense. Hell, the humans act worse than the weredragons.

I remember near the beginning of the book when one of the characters, Jeid, flies to a village to try to save someone whom he had been told was a weredragon only to find out that the victim in question was not actually a weredragon, and they had just lured him into a trap. He barely gets away with his life. Why would they do that? What did he do to you people? There's no apparent rhyme or reason for it. The book never mentions any weredragons terrorizing villages or kidnapping people before. Why is this happening?

Why target Jeid specifically?


What has he ever done to anyone in that village? Apparently nothing. They just hate him because, "Ew, dragons. It makes the humans seem very one-dimensional and just plain evil for evil's sake.

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And as if that weren't enough, this brutality never stops. Just when you think things are starting to look up for a character, shit happens. Bad shit. Bull shit. Mammoth shit. Any kind of shit you can imagine. It just falls from the sky in big brown clumps and sticks to everything.

Especially Laira. I swear there were hardly any redeeming qualities in this book. The characterizations were nothing extraordinary, and there were not enough slow, quiet, or funny moments to give me a break from the fighting and cruelty. Of course, I don't mind action sequences in books, and these action sequences were actually pretty well-written.

I didn't have that much trouble envisioning the characters or their environs, and they were very fast-paced. But there were just too many of them for me, and not enough reflection, character-development, or even just sight-seeing. It was just one thing after another. Even if a character finally gets a break for a minute or two, we quickly cut away from that and focus on this other character who's getting his face bloodied again. This book was in desperate need of comic relief.

Or hell, not even a comic relief. Just a friendship, a new discovery, a romance, a car ad--anything really. Something to distract from all the brutality. I actually had to resort to making jokes about the book just to get some kind of enjoyment out of it. I didn't really care about any of the characters, so I didn't even feel bad about it. I also wasn't a big fan of the antagonist, Angel. She's the Queen of Demons. The Queen of Demons. It's supposed to be ironic, I think, but it sounds silly.

I wasn't really intimidated by her. She was just disgusting. And really really horny for some reason. Don't ask, please. King Raem was also pathetic, both as a person and as a villain. Is he really content to let Angel's demons destroy his city and eat and rape his civilians? He keeps claiming that he's "purefying" his city of the weredragon menace, but it seems to me that anyone with half a brain cell could see that what he's doing is wrong. His character motivation was just weak and conflicting view spoiler [seeing as how he actually turns out to be a weredragon hide spoiler ].

There doesn't really seem to be a point to his outrage. He keeps saying that weredragons are an abomination unto his god, Taal, but that excuse only goes so far before Raem ends up making himself look like a foolish bigot. Again, I don't know how I feel about Requiem's Song. It left a bitter taste in my mouth.

The writing was decent and the action sequences were much better than those of the last book I read The Way of Shadows , but it just wasn't satisfying. Even at the very end, view spoiler [when Laira killed her old chieftain, Zerra, and took hold of the Goldtusk tribe hide spoiler ] , I don't feel like anything really happened. I think it's because I never really connected with any of the characters, and the only things that really left any kind of impression on me were the cruelty and how disgusting Angel and her demons were. If this book is any indication of what future installments are like, then I think I'll probably just stop here.

The other books may be good, but this one did not sell me on that point. And I'm sorry, but I can't get over this. Angel, the Queen of Demons? Did Arenson really think that sounded okay? Because it's not.

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I don't mean to dwell on this, but it's so View all 5 comments. Oct 11, Shreya rated it did not like it. I don't think I've ever given a book 1 star before, but there's a first time for everything. If I wanted to compare Requiem's Song to anything, I guess I would say it's like Seraphina, but Seraphina was better executed in a million different ways. Don't read this, rea -One-dimensional characters -Characters which were not lovable, even the "heroes" -Weird plot -Many unnecessary plot elements -Jumbled writing -Too many plotlines -Confusing descriptions As you can see, I had many problems with this book.

Don't read this, read Seraphina. That should be your takeaway from this review. Some of the demon acts and descriptions were kinda gross, make sure you have a strong stomach, but the writing is very creative. I probably would have given one more star, but I hate when a writer stops th e story at an exciting event to start the next book. Aug 24, Y. Good Start While I did find the idea of weredragons appealing, and the plot pretty good, I did find the repetition of descriptions of people and places a bit tedious.

I did enjoy Laura's character arc as well as Jeid's. I found Meav to be one dimensional, but I have hope for her character growing in the upcoming books. And now I am off to read Requiem's Hope. Dragons and demons I read the full story but not sure if I liked it. Too over the top with violence and general nastiness. The characters were like exaggerated cartoon characters, the evil king, the good princess, the wicked queen of the demons, the trying to be a hero boy etc.

I am sure lot's of readers will like this though so give it a go, if you like that sort of thing. Great writer! Not a big dragon fan before, but Daniel may have changed that, on to book 2. Hope to enjoy as. Awful narrator I would have enjoyed the story much more if the narrator had not over-acted most of the lines. Too bad. May 22, KathleenMcQ rated it really liked it. Thoroughly enjoyed the book. A page turner with an emotional element. Cant wait to start the next in the series. Brilliant Another great read by Daniel, enjoyed it no end and a great start to Requiem looking forward to the next nook.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book but as I am not good at reviews thats all I am going to say. May 10, Amie rated it liked it. Well written but just not my type of genre. Sep 26, Steve Podlaski rated it it was amazing. I f you going to read the series start with this one. Dec 23, Carrie rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , fiction , e-books , action-adventure , it-s-a-hard-knock-life. Read as part of Legends: 15 tales of sword and sorcery. Mar 22, Mnoraznan rated it really liked it. Interesting take on dragons.

The story is a bit dark and grim. However, the pace is good. Mar 12, Skye Hegyes rated it liked it Shelves: I've had the paperback version of this book forever and enjoyed reading another of Anderson's books Moth , so I figured I'd give it a go. It was an enjoyable read. There were a couple things that didn't make sense to me, but they were minor and few between. There were also a couple of gag-me-now moments that made bile rise in my throat, but they were necessary to building the main antagonist into who he was and setting us up for the sequel.

Weredragons, cursed reptiles, dangerous fire breathers, flying monsters, hunted and reviled, burned alive when captured. Latest stories. England crush New Zealand with run victory to reach World Cup semi-finals. Bangladesh's World Cup hopes come crashing down as India win by 28 runs. US designates Balochistan Liberation Army as global terrorist group. National Assembly has 10 declared billionaires: ECP. Imran irked by production orders for lawmakers. Must read. This time we have a bigger national debt and trade deficit.

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I am lost. Our world has fallen still. One half lies drenched in One half lies drenched in eternal daylight, the other cloaked in endless night. Our people are divided, some living under the sun, the others hidden in shadow. All is light Empires of Moth Moth Saga Series 2. We are in darkness. We are alone. They came from the lands of light. They came with torches, with lanterns, with the banners of the sun. The children of endless day-they came to banish the darkness.

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And they came to Eye of the Wizard. They're misfits Shadows prowl the night. A dark warlock musters A dark warlock musters power. Evil lurks in every corner. The world needs heroes. What they get A couple failed squires. A jinxed wizard. A banished Firefly Island. King Sinther, his flesh made of stone, tyrannizes the enchanted Firefly Island. Swords and arrows Swords and arrows break against him.

Requiem Dawn Requiem Dawn
Requiem Dawn Requiem Dawn
Requiem Dawn Requiem Dawn
Requiem Dawn Requiem Dawn
Requiem Dawn Requiem Dawn
Requiem Dawn Requiem Dawn
Requiem Dawn Requiem Dawn
Requiem Dawn Requiem Dawn
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