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Wizards may differ in how they manifest power, but they are alike in that they are all at best marginally sane and all extremely dangerous.

Book Review: Nine Goblins by T. Kingfisher

The wizard uses magic to flee the battlefield; because he has been rushed, he inadvertently takes nine goblins from the 19th with him. The goblins cannot stay where they are; human farmers are guaranteed to be unsympathetic. The front, and safety, is fifty miles away. There are at least two routes that would take them back into goblin territory: the direct one leads across open fields, where they will be easily spotted, and the other, a far more circuitous path, leads through a forest.

This Big Bad has already killed most of the living creatures around that village.

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The goblin race finds itself in a situation that should be familiar one to any readers who know a modicum of human history. They will mostly likely be familiar with this example but there are many too many other such histories of invasion, conquest, and extinction by genoicide or assimilation. Consider the losses of the Celts , my ancestors. The implied hope offered by the novel is that elf, human, and goblin have learned to work together in this one instance; perhaps this example will go viral and the factions will decide to step back and end the war.

He was one of the reasons I started following your work long ago.

You know that the pen-name is not going to fool anyone, with cover art like that I think I read somewhere where Ursula said the real purpose of the pen name is to keep small children from stumbling onto her more adult oriented works. Older readers will easily be able to find out who the actual author is. I've missed him and, though she is most definitely not a goblin, Celadon.

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Last I remember, he still had his lady friend hiding in a trunk while he was thinking how to do something about the elf soldiers. And it is of Great Woe that we have heard no more! Poor Celadon's been in that trunk an awfully long time I remember this guy! I think I have him favorited along with a bunch of your other quirky pieces Prev Next. More from ursulav.

Simply awesome by alexine-pankhurst. Ursula V by dragondoodle.

Nine Goblins

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Nine Goblins Nine Goblins
Nine Goblins Nine Goblins
Nine Goblins Nine Goblins
Nine Goblins Nine Goblins
Nine Goblins Nine Goblins

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