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When presenting, you should plan to wow your audience. If you need to present numbers or some comparative analysis of algorithms for integration, use some visuals to present it.

How to Prepare a Presentation in English Successfully

You can use charts, graphs or diagrams to make your data meaningful and visually attractive. Remember that pie charts are good for representing proportions, line charts to represent trends, column and bar charts for ranking. At the end of the presentation, briefly summarize the main points and ideas. Try rehearsing your presentation using the above tips. Practice in front of a mirror or with your friends, parents or spouse. The more you practice, the better. While practicing, try not to use crutch words examples: uhhhhh, ahhhh, so on, you know, like etc.

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  2. Useful English phrases for a presentation.
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Watch the video lesson: Tips for Giving a Great Presentation 1. Think About the Details in Advance Giving a presentation in front of an audience is always stressful. Do Your Homework Effective preparation requires consideration of the following things: Ask yourself what the presentation is all about, its title and its goal Think about who your audience is Figure out what your main message is Think about the structure of the presentation: the opening, the main part and the summary Make it easier for the audience and yourself: use simple language Prepare yourself for questions.

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Think about what questions the audience might ask Usually an orator has a maximum of 15 minutes to present. No one will be interested in reading it; people prefer visual material.

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Provide an Outline or Agenda of Your Presentation Providing an outline of the presentation is a must, as people want to know why they should listen to you. Make a Clear Transition in Between the Parts of the Presentation Using transition words and phrases in English makes your presentation look smooth and easy to follow.

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Wow Your Audience If you are not excited by your presentation, your audience will not be excited either. First of all, I'll Moving on now to … Turning to I'd like now to discuss Let's look now at Where does that lead us?

Let's consider this in more detail What does this mean for? Translated into real terms Why is this important? The significance of this is For example, A good example of this is As an illustration, To give you an example, To illustrate this point To sum up To summarise Right, let's sum up, shall we?

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  • Let's summarise briefly what we've looked at If I can just sum up the main points Finally, let me remind you of some of the issues we've covered To conclude

    simple English for presentations Simple English for presentations
    simple English for presentations Simple English for presentations
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