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So way back at the beginning of the show, Bezzerides and her partner Elvis were called to evict a woman from her house. She told them that her sister had gone missing. We have since found out that woman was named Dani, and her sister was named Vera. Bezzerides let it go for a little while, but then Dani called saying she had just gotten a package from her sister. When Woodrugh and Bezzerides went to investigate they found a lodge and, nearby, a shed where a woman had been tied up and murdered. The lodge was most definitely used for sex parties: the chandelier inside matched one in the aforementioned photos.

The blood is probably too old to pull DNA from, but it did test positive for gonorrhea. This is of note because Caspere also had gonorrhea. Taken with what Vera told Bezzerides this week, that the photos had actually been sent to her sister by a Hungarian prostitute named Tasha who was trying to blackmail some of the johns, and that Tasha had been very close with Caspere, and that Tasha had been taken out into the woods by Tony Chessani and his goons, it seems that the woman who died in the shed was Tasha.

Wait, how did Vera tell Bezzerides anything? I thought she was missing. So here is where we get to the blue diamonds. The pictures Tasha sent to Dani contained a guy who looked an awful lot like Caspere hanging with women wearing blue diamonds at one of these sex parties. After Caspere died, blue diamonds had been found in his safe deposit box.

But when Bezzerides got the photos and went to check on the blue diamonds, she discovered they had gone missing. Woodrugh then started going around to pawn shops to see if the blue diamonds had been pawned. What does it mean that he was looking for them before they had known they were missing? Because they were the ones that stole them, back in After the robbery and the riots, all four men migrated from the LAPD to the Vinci PD, where they could continue to be corrupt, with much greater ease.

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It seems, at this point, like they are the people who revenge-killed Caspere. A woman who worked the sex parties and goes by the name of Laura appears in the photograph of Caspere and Vera and Tasha and the diamonds. Or the waitress with the scar on her face? At this point, it does not seem so. One is just a waitress with a scar on her face.

The other is just the inexplicably sad, guitar-playing singer. When Woodrugh went to the pawn shop, video and fingerprints showed that the watch had been pawned by a woman named Irina Rulfo, whose pimp was a Mexican gangster named Ledo Amarilla which is pretty close to yellow, as in yellow king, if you are not exhausted with that sort of thing already.

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With Amarilla and his entire team dead, the Caspere murder case got closed. We knew that already but know it for sure now. Lieutenant Burris gave the watch to Irina to bring to a pawn shop. Burris and Dixon had past experience with Amarilla—they had questioned him but taken no notes some years previous—and so even had his assistance while they were setting him up.

Vinci PD orchestrated the whole thing. He figured that whoever really gave the watch to Irina either had the hard drive or would know who did. So he tried to talk to Irina. But when Frank shows up to meet her, to ID the cop, the Mexicans have slit her throat—for admitting to talking to cops. OK, I have a few more questions. Why did Burris kill Woodrugh?

The show was a victim of its own success

So, at this point, Burris and Holloway, very high-ranking Vinci police officers, are desperately trying to keep the Caspere case closed, because any further investigation into it will reveal not only their hand in the robbery-murder but also how they are profiting from the soon-to-be built rail line: Remember, Holloway was at the sex party and is in cahoots with Catalyst too. They are both making money off of the rail line, which means they are both connected via Catalyst.

Because Bezzerides murdered a security guard at the party, there is an all points bulletin out on her, and she is effectively neutralized: if she shows up, she will be arrested and taken to them. She is the woman who got Bezzerides, Velcoro, and Woodrugh secretly back to investigating the Caspere case after the massacre in Vinci. She believed the Caspere case got closed only because Vinci paid off Attorney General and sex party attender Geldof, who in the wake of the Vinci massacre declared he was running for Governor and, not coincidentally, suddenly had an impressive war chest.

Velcoro assumes she was murdered by Burris and Holloway, and that they used one of the guns in his house to do it, in order to frame Velcoro. Woodrugh was the only member of the trio who could move around freely, and thus the biggest threat to Holloway and Burris. At first, they just tried to blackmail him. Woodrugh, in Afghanistan, worked for some shady security company, Black Mountain, that is supposed to be kind of akin to Blackwater. But since Woodrugh worked for them, Black Mountain has given up all its other clients … just to work for the Catalyst Group.

Crazily, no, they did not. It seems that Detective Dixon just took those pictures because he is a nosy parker, and that Holloway and Burris found them after Dixon died and they were going through his stuff. But, having found them, they knew what to do with them. Again, note how cozy the two parts of the conspiracy are here: Holloway, Burris have such a close relationship with Catalyst they are using its security force.

Woodrugh refused, killed a bunch of Black Mountain employees, and then, when he thinks he is free, gets shot in the back by Burris.

‘A long time ago, you gave me a man’s name on a piece of paper …’

Now all Burris and Holloway and Catalyst have to contend with are Velcoro and Bezzerides, who are both wanted on suspicion of murder. Should is an interesting word. Maybe the set photographer on the movie, for example. Is there any real reason to think Frank's redheaded wife Jordan Kelly Reilly is disloyal? Special thanks to this Reddit thread , this guy and this guy. We nailed the hard stuff though.

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Why are we here? Why are so many officers working this case? What was so special about this land? So this plan went off without a hitch? How do we know all this? Remind me about what is going on there? Anything else we need to know about Blake? Why does it matter that Blake had red hair? Is it possible for two brunettes to have a redhead? Stop it, you have no idea how much more we have to get through—even just about Blake!

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Much of the criticism aimed at Season 2 was focused on the lack of a compelling mystery, but Pizzolatto was attempting something more ambitious than a straightforward whodunit. Both characters are incapable of escaping their pasts, especially as their futures become increasingly dire. Woodrugh could have been defined purely by his issues — post-traumatic stress, closeted homosexuality, a false accusation — but Kitsch finds subtlety in his body language.

The tension in his jaw and body shows a man forcing himself to be outwardly strong in order to hide what he perceives as internal weakness. Bezzerides demands to be perceived in the same tough manner as her male colleagues, a defense mechanism against her trauma. She finds the truth in it by refusing to succumb to type, adding depth to her line readings and subtlety to her physical performance that reveal instead the emotional core her character over-protects.

The technical achievements of Season 2 got lost in the bad press as well. Yes, gone was the singular voice of Cary Joji Fukunaga, who directed all of Season 1. Almost every critic simply dismissed those qualities, obsessed with the ways in which Season 2 differed from Season 1.

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And sure, Season 1 was better. Like its characters, it got trapped in the darkness. The show was a victim of its own success. The acting was better than it got credit for.

Out of Body Detective 2 Out of Body Detective 2
Out of Body Detective 2 Out of Body Detective 2
Out of Body Detective 2 Out of Body Detective 2
Out of Body Detective 2 Out of Body Detective 2
Out of Body Detective 2 Out of Body Detective 2
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Out of Body Detective 2

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