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How To Use Decodable Books Teaching effective phonics means using systematic instruction and practice. Decodable Books Decodable Passages Packs. Show Me Only Clear all filters. Long Vowels - VCe Pattern. Consonant Digraphs.

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Open Vowels. Vowel Digraphs. Other Vowel Patterns. Variant Vowels. R-Controlled Vowels. Showing 68 of 68 books View. Lesson 1 Consonant Nn Nan and Pap. Lesson 3 Consonant Pp Nan and Pap. Lesson 5 Consonant Ss Sam and the Sap. Lesson 8 Consonant Dd Don and Dots. Lesson 11 Consonant Hh Hot at the Dam. Lesson 14 Consonant Gg Get the Gag. Lesson 15 Word Families -et, -en Ten Pets. Having no idea who Billy or the Wild Minds are, she finds herself surrounded my the stereotypical life of a rockstar as well as a precocious little girl.

As time moves one she settles in but the pull she feels toward Billy isn't something she wants to nurture. But it seems that no matter what she does she's drawn to Billy and he to her. But life in the spotlight is tough and so is trying to keep the life of Billy's daughter as normal as possible.

These two have more than a few battles ahead if they want to make it work. While Hard Lessons is labeled book 2 but it's really a prequel and we learned much of Billy and Daisy's back story in Good Lies. Still this book shed new light on the beginning stages of their relationship and how they came to the point they were in Good Lies. I really enjoyed their banter and their back and forth. I appreciated that their relationship seemed real for the lifetime rocker and the quiet nanny.

I laughed out loud more than once. I would have loved a bit more of an in-depth look into the parts of their lives we witnessed from the outside in Good Lies but as a standalone, I quite enjoyed it. West is a fantastic writer with wit and the ability to transport me into her fictional world. View 2 comments. I am not always drawn to prequel stories because - well, I already know how they end so I have trouble staying patient with the "before" piece of it.

However, I enjoyed Good Lies , the first book in the Wild Minds series, so much that there was no way I was going to miss out on this one.

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And hey, guess what? It was amazing. No joke, one of the best books I have read in a while. I am literally shaking! West was able to pull out of me that ultimately earned the book five stars. I mean, the writing is charming. It's engaging and it captures every nuance just right - sometimes funny, sometimes exasperating, sometimes insanely sexy, and sometimes so emotional it felt like a punch to my gut. But it was that gut punch - that moment where I felt my body literally go shaky and felt like I wanted to cry or yell or throw my kindle across the room - it was that that took it to the next level for me.

God, I loved Billy and Daisy's story so much, and it didn't matter one bit that I already knew how it ended. There are things about each of these characters that I probably shouldn't have liked very much, but somehow in the end those things are part of what made me love them so much. These characters aren't perfect, and neither is their love story, but I was completely enthralled with it and am still carrying it around in my heart. I also adored getting a deeper look at Daisy's relationship with Addy. What an adorable, sweet, special relationship.

I had so much respect for Daisy - even as she struggled to find herself, I always felt like she was strong and smart and kind - and that extends even beyond Billy and Addy. She's my favorite kind of heroine and I loved getting to know her better. Charlotte West is the real deal, y'all. It's been a long time since I was so blown away by the talent of a new author. There's no sophomore slump here.

Hard Lessons

In fact, I'd maybe even argue that I loved Hard Lessons even more than Good Lies , and that's saying something because that was a darn good book. It was so easy to lose myself in this story and I want so much more where this came from. I am just going to come out and admit that I am completely enamored with Charlotte West. I legit want to sit in a closet and just immerse myself in her world because it's that good! There's nothing that can compare honestly! Yup I said it. I am an addict and only this author can supply the good ish.

I could not get enough of Daisy and Billy. This book was perfect and everything I could ever hope for! It had banter, sex appeal, humor and the gut punch of all gut punches. Sigh this book was everything and more! If you were to ask me if prequels were my thing, I would automatically tell you Nope and let's keep it moving.

I much prefer to stay in the present. But I swear this author has the most amazing ability to suck you in make you think you loved them all along LOL. Daisy and Billy were pretty damn addicting in Good Lies and clearly had a story that needed to be told. Enter Hard Lessons. While this story is a complete standalone, why wouldn't you read the first book?!

It's a no-brainer! They are that exciting. When Daisy Clemmens is hired on as Addison Wank's nanny, nothing could prepare her for the rock and roll lifestyle on the road, especially Mr. Rock and Roll himself, Billy Wanks, Addison's doting father. What follows is a fantastic story of an alpha male and devoted father who meets the only sassy and strong woman who gives as good as she gets and delivers and then some on all his outlandish requests and needs. But what happens when feelings get involved and lines are crossed? Will Billy be able to give Daisy the one thing she's wants more than anything in this world - his heart?

I laughed, I cried, I might have slammed my kindle shut cursing Billy's name but then three minutes later I picked it back up because I absolutely loved this book. This author has become an auto-click author for me as her writing is so real and authentic. I am im patiently waiting for her next one in this series. Bring on Bad Reasons! Was I actually considering this, a nanny job with some hot rocker and his feral child?

Pretty dang good. Nanny and rocker have sexual tension. Nanny and rocker start a secret no strings relationship. Everything works out perfectly Things are crazy, and wild But all in all this is a good read. Kept me turning pages and even had me laughing at points. I read Good Lies first, and I did Was I actually considering this, a nanny job with some hot rocker and his feral child? If you like quick rocker no strings with the nanny romances, then this is the book for you! Overall, I really enjoyed this bad-boy rocker romance.

Though the total time frame of this book is over a whopping 2 years of the characters being around one another, it didn't necessarily feel like a slow-burn. A bit angsty, sure.

What’s the best thing YOU learned from your parents?

But not long-winded in the least. Billy was a bit of a brat, an atypical rockstar prototype - world revolves around him, string of meaningless hookups, stunted emotional growth, etc. Daisy was an extremely likable character. She was sweet while still having a backbone Overall, I really enjoyed this bad-boy rocker romance.

She was sweet while still having a backbone around the stubborn man and the rest of the band. And Addy - Billy's daughter that she was hired to nanny on tour - was so adorable and quirky, I fell in love with her immediately. I'll definitely be reading more from this series, and they're standalones so I didn't feel like I was missing much from not having read the first in the series. Charlotte West is a new to me author, but I was super impressed with her storytelling. Aug 28, Sandra rated it liked it. I was so excited to read Hard Lessons after finishing book one in the Wild Minds series.

Billy Wanks was one of my favorite characters of Good Lies and I was looking forward to reading his and Daisy's story. Unfortunately, I found the journey Daisy and Billy take to happily ever after disappointing. I did like the depth to Daisy. She lost her mother young, she was raised by an emotionally absent father, and had never felt like she was number one in anyone's life. There are moments throughout Hard I was so excited to read Hard Lessons after finishing book one in the Wild Minds series.

There are moments throughout Hard Lessons that I empathized with her, my heart aching. She's fantastic with Addy. But for the most part she is a doormat for Billy, and her excuse is that she loves Billy and can't leave because of Addy.

See a Problem?

Billy is an absolute ass. There wasn't much I liked about him. He's selfish and spoiled and I never figured out why he's this way. He treats Daisy horribly for almost the entire book and she takes it.

Decodable Books and Phonics Lessons

Their road to romance covers a year period and it was painful to watch Daisy let Billy treat her the way he did. When he finally comes to his senses it feels like it comes out of nowhere. One of the things I loved about Good Lies is that author Charlotte West used her sex scenes to her full advantage, moving the story forward but not bombarding readers with empty scenes of her characters in bed. Not so with Hard Lessons.

Even Daisy and Billy's first time felt like empty words, which I skipped over. Even the moments with the secondary characters, Billy's bandmates in Wanks and Janks, felt over the top rather than humorous. Heat level: 3. This a truly a sweet, almost swoon worthy book, that I pretty much couldn't put down until the end. The writing was fantastic. Mar 23, Coco. Aug 15, Maddy's Reading rated it really liked it Shelves: arcs , celebrity-romance , rockstar-romance.

Daisy comes as a live-in nanny for Billy's newly found daughter Addy. Billy is a wild and famous rockstar and loves his lifestyle. Their story was hot and sweet, banter was sexy and I loved how both of them changed to compliment the other. Their love story spans couple of years but at the same time you don't feel disconnected from it.

If you have read the first book, you know they have such a beautiful conclusion. I loved Billy and his craziness and flamboyance. His whole crew was funny and special and I loved how Daisy held her own amongst all the craziness. Charlotte West just might be my newest favorite author. Her writing is dialogue based and all internalization's will have you giggling or laughing out loud. Ms West created the delightfully dysfunctional spoiled rock star in Billy Wanks.

Direct Instruction for Sound/Symbol Relationships

Doesn't matter the order you read them - just do for a good time. I ho Charlotte West just might be my newest favorite author. I hope I don't have to wait too long for her next book, it's a 1-click for me. View 1 comment. Sep 09, Coralee Corrigan rated it it was amazing. Beyond amazing read. I love this series I love everything about this series. The supporting characters, laugh out loud moments, hot sex scenes, and storyline is brilliantly written. Can't wait for book three and see what direction this author takes it next.

Thanks Jamie Nibarger Ellis. Having already read Good Lies, I can honestly say that it doesn't matter in which order you read these two books as they compliment each other perfectly and you'll enjoy them no matter what. However, the epilogue of Hard Lessons is set after the ending of Good Lies. I know some readers don't like Billy but I was able to see that the way he treated people was how he protected himself after being so let down by the two people who should love and support him no matter what. I loved seeing their working relationship develop into friendship and then something more.

There were moments I was laughing out loud but then my heart dropped and I wanted to cry in chapter I was there every step of the way with this couple. They have become one of my favourite couples and I didn't want Hard Lessons to end. In fact, I had only planned to read the first couple of chapters before bed to see what the story was like but I found myself unable to put it down and I was up until the early hours of the morning finishing it. Hard Lessons is well worth the 5 stars I've given it!

Aug 26, Shelly's Book Corner rated it liked it Shelves: beth-s-reviews. When your desperate for a job coming right Of of college, you pretty much do anything. And if that means going on tour with a notorious rocker with a foul mouth and with his wild eight year old daughter, then you start to question if you were using your brain. Let me first say, I loved Daisy.

How she was nurturing to Addison and was like a mother to her. She protected and shielded her from her father's crazy lifestyle on the road. But when Billy wanted something, he wasn't afraid to make his req When your desperate for a job coming right Of of college, you pretty much do anything. But when Billy wanted something, he wasn't afraid to make his request known. And what ever the rocker wanted, he got.

But through the years Daisy knew how to handle him and her heart. And when Billy wanted only Daisy, he changed his ways. He was still over the top but he pursued Daisy to the fullest. But Daisy always shielded Billy's daughter, Addy to seeing them together. She wanted to make her feel safe and loved. But when Addy left the tour for school, Daisy and Billy were on full force.

Daisy was a strong woman. Even though everyone bended over backward, she didn't cower to him. I liked Hard Lesson more than Good Lies. But I'm still not a huge fan of Billy but I did enjoy the day to day being on a rock and roll tour. A really good book!! This book was the first book I've been able to read in a while, as I've been in a book funk. No joke. And it was amazing!

I loved how Daisy aka Flower according to Billy and Billy played pranks on each other, it was hilarious! Little Addy was so adorable with her penchant for biting, her free spirit, and her love for all things rainbow. However, as much as I liked this book, there were a few things that I can't get over.

First, in certain sentences in the book, there were w A really good book!! First, in certain sentences in the book, there were words missing from it. And, I had to go over it like 5 times before I understood the meaning, which bugged me to no end. Secondly, the fact that they jumped the time line of events kind of pissed me off because it went from her being the nanny for month, then 4 months I think, might be 6 , then 8 months, then next thing you know it's been two years.

Which I find extremely weird as the book is a long one. And lastly, the fact that there was very little development to Addy's character or any conversations with Addy talking kind of bugged me because Daisy is her nanny and you would think that she would talk to Addy more. But no, Daisy mostly just talked to Billy the whole book. That's not to say she didn't talk to Addy or anyone else because she did but to me it felt like barely.

So despite all of the above, I did still enjoy the book and all of the characters, and I give it four stars. And is extremely stubborn and doesn't want to see things from her dads perspective. Also, I absolutely hate the fact that she still calls her dad, Billy after being with him for 12 years. Mar 03, Nancy Arbarca rated it liked it. A solid 3 This book definitely had potential but towards the end it seemed kind of rushed.

Daisy is in need of a teaching job she goes through an agency and meds Billy who is struggling with his daughter so he just found out was his. To me Daisy was a pushover I understood her love for Billy and all but when he called on her she dropped everything. For example whenever he wanted to have sex he begged Daisy even when she told him Addy was sleeping right in the same room as them. Why this story was rushed to me?

Aug 28, Shannon Caswell rated it it was amazing. What a fantastic book! Hard Lessons is hands down a must read! Daisy is a teacher looking for a job and as most teachers seeking a teaching job know it is a hard to get. A job she only accepts because she thinks it will be short term because she plans on still applying for teaching jobs. However, years later she finds hersself still What a fantastic book! However, years later she finds hersself still working for Billy and loves being with Addy. Daisy is not secretly swooning after Billy either.

She truly cannot stand him most of the time and only finds him to be a decent person when he interacts with Addy. Let me tell you, I had no idea if I loved to love Billy or if I loved to hate him the most. He was everything I always expected a rock star to be written like in a book. He is attractive, wild, sleeps around, drinks and smokes. It is refreshing actually to see a lead character, especially a rock star, to be written like all the tabloids say they act at times. This is why I loved this story! It is not a whirlwind romance and it sure is not all roses and rainbows.

Charlotte West writes these characters so well that I was not sure if they even liked each other let alone if I wanted them to be together. I even loved that Hard Lessons takes place over years. I never felt Charlotte West rushed the book to get to the end. I have to say it is one of my top books of the year and I cannot wait to start the next book in the series that stars Addy!! Aug 28, Donna rated it liked it.

Addy's father is a temperamental, spoiled British rock star named Billy Wanks. I had a hard time liking Billy in the first book. He was childish and self-centered. I'm sorry to say he wasn't much different in this book. I was hoping for more details and a better explanation as to what made him that way. It would've helped me like him a bit more. The stereotype that all famous people are pampered, spoiled and catered to didn't satisfy me. There were a few paragraphs about how poorly his family treated him, but it didn't explain enough or give enough detail. Daisy Clemmens is hired as nanny to Billy's wild-acting, eight year old daughter, Addy.

Daisy goes on the road with the band after an unorthodox interview. She and Addy quickly form a bond, and Billy comes to rely on her, too. Daisy falls in love with Billy, but Billy refuses to give in to his feelings. This wasn't a bad book. In fact, I love Charlotte West's writing. She keeps me reading with interesting characters and realistic, believable stories, and this story does have its sweet moments. I just didn't like Billy; he didn't redeem himself in my eyes. I wanted more from him, and his shallowness got old after awhile.

Her Second Lesson (Hard Lessons Book 2) Her Second Lesson (Hard Lessons Book 2)
Her Second Lesson (Hard Lessons Book 2) Her Second Lesson (Hard Lessons Book 2)
Her Second Lesson (Hard Lessons Book 2) Her Second Lesson (Hard Lessons Book 2)
Her Second Lesson (Hard Lessons Book 2) Her Second Lesson (Hard Lessons Book 2)
Her Second Lesson (Hard Lessons Book 2) Her Second Lesson (Hard Lessons Book 2)
Her Second Lesson (Hard Lessons Book 2) Her Second Lesson (Hard Lessons Book 2)

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