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Louis said he was conscious of this. He fondly recalls being able to travel the world and earn a wage that would have been unimaginable for most high school dropouts. We were doing it together, it was happening to my friends, and was also happening to me. You just feel incredibly fortunate and lucky. You just pinch yourself all the time.

Louis said he was a fit for the position because he had known the band members personally for such a long time, and was given the position because they wanted to assist his family. During this time,. Louis said he spent every day with the group and at certain times, was living with the band members. His tenure at the helm, however, would not last. He said family problems and an impending divorce began to affect his ability to manage the group, as his personal and professional lives had become completely enmeshed.

There were no days off when you worked with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Resentment began to fester. Louis said the experience of being fired from his job while going through a divorce blindsided him, and that the lifestyle change threw him into a year of depression. He was able to overcome this low point by building an authentic relationship with his children, which he said was impossible while he was managing the Chili Peppers.

Louis said he has come to realize how important fatherhood has been for his personal growth, as he had no relationship with his own father. Had I continued doing what I was doing, I would have missed being a parent. He said that at the time he returned to this line of work because he needed to make money and already had a reputation in the music industry that could get him jobs. My personal life was starting to crumble and leak into my professional life. You have no personal relationship with these people. This accident put him on disability benefits for a year and to pay for medical expenses he sold his rock memorabilia, such as a Kurt Cobain guitar neck and gold records.

He said selling these items was cleansing and helped him to move on from his past in the music industry. The trauma from the accident led to another period of depression, and once his injuries healed, he was not. During this time, Louis was convinced by a woman he was dating to go back to school. He said receiving her help with financial aid and registration was invaluable and was what enabled him to enter academia for the first time in 35 years.

Louis enrolled in Glendale Community College in What have you got to lose? People helped me. He said he offered an insight into life on the road, the recording studio process and other dayto-day aspects of a successful touring rock group. He started in remedial general education courses before progressing further to studying English.

Louis earned a 3. Martin Luther King Jr. During his arrival to the Golden State, the winter nightfall and its degree breath contrasted the sweet, tropical air that he knew from Vietnam. She was one week away from giving birth to their eldest daughter. He had nothing to lose. The couple did not bathe and. Having lost their first place of residence in California, Chuc Bui and his wife drove in search of a new one. After circling through the streets of Santa Ana and Westminster, Chuc Bui and his wife finally found a one-bedroom apartment in Tustin.

Making it through another cold night in Orange County meant surviving another day in a country initially unknown to Chuc Bui and the thousands of refugees like him — Chuc Bui had fled a communist regime. At 28, he was a teacher in a Catholic school in Vietnam. The young academic was constantly under watch from the Vietnamese Communist Party, which thought he was a rebel agent, he said. He was unwelcome in his home country; the ecclesiastic scholar was an enemy of the state. Most Vietnamese nationalists were wary of Catholics, as the church was a symbol of French colonialism.

Under the fall of Saigon, Chuc Bui knew he had to leave. Survival, by any means necessary, defines the first generation of refugees fleeing the Vietnam War. It was an instinctive drive to not only physically live, but to also adapt to a society they did not know. The possibility of the American Dream and escape from political and social oppression attracted Vietnamese refugees one by one to secretly escape by boat at twilight. I used to sit there with my students and dream of a boat that. There was no guarantee they would ever see their families again.

Many left with just a fragile strand of trust threaded around acquaintances, friends or strangers who navigated the refugee boats toward freedom. His parents worked 12 to 14 hour days while he manned the cash register after school. Saigon Moi opened early and closed late. They took inventory and cleaned shop. Although barrier to their survival in a new the new apartment marked an end nation. I would language, ate anything. After all, they not even the way in which history had families to look after — and for was taught.

Refugee assistance and assimilation Family stands at the helm of programs aided Vietnamese traditional Vietnamese culture. But physical Vietnamese households follow an survival was not the only struggle extended, multigenerational pattern. There was The elders are positioned at the head also becoming American. Families lived closely — maintaining According to Chuc Bui, families and emphasizing frequent contact used to display banners bearing to highlight the importance of the those words across their living household. Obligation to this unit is rooms.

It was in attempt to not only important, but expected. Apart from physical about family. They did whatever characteristics separating they could to ensure their family was Vietnamese refugees from American going to have enough to eat and that society, language presented another their kids received enough schooling. Still, the stories of survival manifests across nearly 2.

The world is clearly much different in than it was in Little Saigon, the largest Vietnamese enclave in the U. Pho has entered mainstream American cuisine, and the Vietnamese language is taught at high schools throughout Southern California. More than 40 years later, a similar narrative of survival lends itself to the second generation of Vietnamese-Americans who grew up in a more culturally diverse American society.

But despite their different values and priorities, survival bridges the two groups together. These four decades established a new identity: Vietnamese-American. This group was born into a society in which institutions, dialogues and people exist to incarnate a fluid ethnicity. Asian-American studies exist as a discipline across college campuses. Asian-American representatives and candidates have entered the political realm. Still, despite what institutions may exist, some Vietnamese-American.

Duong said that he learned Vietnamese history through an impersonal narration of the wars from textbooks and teachers. And even if they do, they wait until their children are older when they think they can understand. Her mother did not take this well. When Ho first moved to the U. Vietnamese name. For this new generation, survival may come at the cost of freedom to express traditional culture. Their ancestors rode boats into the night, blindly searching for rescue.

Now, this new generation of Vietnamese-Americans, too, are looking for survival in their night. Being anything-American is difficult. Different cultures bring different values, different histories, different ways of living. A Pew Research study demonstrates a smaller proportion, 12 percent, of Asian-Americans identify with the Republican Party in than in , when 25 percent did.

Thus, many young VietnameseAmericans find themselves at odds with their parents due to tightly held political and social beliefs. Growing up in American society meant that many secondgeneration Vietnamese-Americans learned English as their first language, vanishing the language barrier previously separating firstgeneration Vietnamese refugees with American society. If they were lucky, their parents taught them Vietnamese. These differences come in culmination largely because the first and second generations grew up in different worlds. One world was destroyed by war, embedded with anticommunist sentiment and marred by homeland loss.

The other is culturally fluid, raised in a nation that champions freedom. The forming of a rift between the two generations presents a new struggle for survival: one for the preservation of the Vietnamese identity. She said her Vietnamese fluency has decreased since moving to Los Angeles.

Nearly four decades separate Vietnamese refugees and the current, 21st-century VietnameseAmerican. Although these two groups are very different, perhaps both generations should care less about what keeps them apart. Rather, they should find common ground in the struggles they can both understand — the struggle to survive. Dialogue fosters discussion. Vietnamese refugees endured days without knowing where their next meal would come from. And although many Vietnamese-Americans are fortunate enough to live without poverty, their feeling of survival is spurred by a sense of being lost.

Despite being born in different countries and eras, both generations engaged and continue to engage in survival. Survival is the state or fact of continuing to live or exist despite difficult circumstances. The first generation continued to live despite the battles they had faced financially and socially.

The second generation continues to redefine their identity, keeping their Vietnamese roots alive. This common drive to carry on unites both generations. In this case, survival enlightens the two eras. It is this wisdom that bridges the divide. Playing the piano started out as a fun hobby, but the further I delved into it, the more my ears strived to produce the professional quality I heard in the recordings of famous pianists such as Sviatoslav Richter and Vladimir Horowitz.

But striving to. One of the first times I remember truly freeing my mind was during the summer of at Music Fest Perugia in Italy. Something in my head clicked, disrupting my usual tendency to overthink.

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  • The Bruin- April by Wadsworth Bruin - Issuu.
  • String Quartet No. 11 in F Minor, Op. 95 - Violin 1?

The festival offers a unique opportunity for participating pianists to perform a concerto movement as a soloist with an orchestra, with most students spending at least a year perfecting their chosen piece. Having decided. Being the stubborn person I am, though, I wanted to prove to myself I could do it anyway. Soon it came time to fly to Italy, and I was anxiously score-studying on the plane, trying to get in as much extra time with the piece as I could, thinking about how I could work out technical issues and musical phrasings.

I was not ready, and mentally, I was a wreck. My overthinking was rearing its ugly head once again. The closer the performance, the more worried I became. My mind led me to imagine every possible worstcase scenario: What if I blank out? What if I forget the entire piece? What would the audience think? I decided to attend the morning rehearsal for the experience, but drop out of the gala performance that night. My overthinking got the best of me, so I raised the white flag. The following morning, I arrived at my rehearsal with very low expectations. Sitting down at the piano, the black and white keys suddenly looked so foreign to me.

I wanted to run offstage, hide and never touch the piano again. Why was I even trying? I felt suffocated by my doubts, unable to breathe. My fears were multiplying one by one, to the tempo of my unsettling heartbeat. Suddenly, my thoughts were interrupted as I heard the orchestra begin to play the beautiful, familiar theme.

I sensed my muscles relax as my mind shifted from worry to reassurance — this was music I knew and loved, I listened to it so many times before that it had become a part of me. All I could do was accept my level of preparation and trust that my hands and ears knew what they were doing. I placed my fingers on the keys, closed my eyes and played. To my surprise, I found myself so present, so immersed in the music and in the colossal sound of the orchestra, that there was no room in my mind to even think about what could go wrong.

I felt so caught up in my emotional connection to the music, nothing else in the world seemed to matter at that very moment. I decided right then and there that I would perform that night, accepting the fact that my piece was, technically speaking, drastically underprepared and barely memorized. I walked out onstage with the same mindset I had in rehearsal — the same liberation from judgmental and self-critical thoughts.

However, enjoyable performances and a carefree mindset were still far from the norm. Music had always been a way for me to cope with my emotions growing up. Chopin and Franz Schubert taught me to notice and understand delicate feelings like sincerity and vulnerability, while Johannes Brahms helped me come to grips with nostalgia and regret. My tendency to overthink, however, caused the once-helpful thoughts of selfimprovement swimming through my head to drown out my ability to perform and play music onstage.

My musical overthinking manifested in obsessing over technical details and engaging in mundanely repetitive exercises for hours. But I was wasting time reinforcing the same problem through repetition instead of coming up with new, creative ways to solve it. Criticizing myself for something like my inability to play a passage perfectly could easily be mistaken as constructive analysis.

Instead, my distracting thoughts would eventually develop into full-blown performance anxiety years later. The first time I realized that my tendency to overthink was becoming a problem was at the onset of my self-conscious teenage years. By then, I had already blanked out, frozen up and forgotten the next note onstage plenty of times. Once I became a teenager, my overthinking turned into a harmful mental habit of producing and internalizing my own self-critical and judgmental thoughts, which led me to think I was never good enough.

Turns out, mindlessly reproducing the notes written on the score to secure my technique and memory ended up clouding my ability to hear and appreciate the sound of music. The harder I I realized how powerful tried to deal with my the mind is in determining b d l u o overthinking tendencies by how humans perceive reality, and I w forcefully inhibiting the thought the more convinced I became that I could processes, the worse they got. The more I cared restructure my own thoughts. This villainous critic Juilliard-trained violinist and performance fed off my failures to the point that I could not psychologist Noa Kageyama.

Through working even play a single note without buzzing negative with other musicians and students who struggle thoughts interrupting my ability to enjoy the with performing, Kageyama said many of the music. My particular struggle performance at UCLA, I still feel nervous each with overthinking feeds into my performance time I go up onstage. Kageyama said he strives to help requires more than hours of practice on my musicians embrace the jitters by feeling more instrument, but also requires me to free my comfortable with being uncomfortable. I could get better, have a different experience The more I explored these resources, the more onstage.

For me, however, the pressures were likely more intrinsic, as I was constantly striving to prove my self-worth. Differences in the extent of personal fears of negative evaluation seem to play a large role in amplifying performance anxiety, Kageyama said. Fearing negative evaluation from the people whose opinions we care about heightens pressure-filled situations, making someone less optimistic about how things are going to go. Something that helped me get over my fear was accepting that the nerves may always be there. The best thing I can do is gear my mindset toward viewing the nerves as a positive and exhilarating rather than negative experience.

Performance psychology makes it clear that all musicians struggle with mental obstacles affecting their performance, and training the mind can help with overcoming them. But what exactly does training the mind entail? As I explored ways to deal with my own selfcritical tendencies, I spoke with another UCLA music student in order to gain insight in mental preparation methods that work for her. Studying classical music performance at a music school comes with its own challenges,.

Through years of performance experience, Cheng said she has found how important mental training is to performing at the best of her ability. Cheng said her goal is to teach her body and mind to coexist through presence. Cheng also said she started to focus on training her mind during her sophomore year of high school. The first time she played the piece at a competition, she was so affected by her cluttered mind that she struggled getting through memory slips, let alone being able to play expressively, Cheng said.

But instead of coming home and practicing for eight hours as she usually would have, she worked on mentally preparing herself for the next competition. Cheng trained her mind to be present in the moment so that, no matter how much or how little she practiced, she would perform to the best of her ability without the extraneous pressure of needing to win the competition. The ongoing. Accepting my current state is already a step toward becoming fully present. Kaplan began to miss the adrenaline rush that comes with being nervous, he said. The adrenaline performers feel onstage is needed in order to connect the body to a different part of the brain that functions on instinct and emotions, he said.

This enables a performance to transform into a special experience not possible in the practice room. Overthinking will most likely be something I struggle with for the rest of my life, but I have grown to view the moment onstage as a place of sacred presence — where music has the power to silence my thoughts.

Kaplan said he will never forget his first memory slip experiences because of how shattering it was for him to realize that the mind and body are unreliable onstage. He describes having felt complete discomfort, as if he was being hanged psychologically, with no contact to the ground. Practicing the positive, reinforcing thought processes he wishes to have when onstage now helps him control his nerves, he said. Kaplan said one time, during his undergraduate days at UCLA, he decided to try out beta blockers, medication used by many performers to block adrenaline responses from interfering with their performance.

After taking the commonly prescribed drug, the. The black-and-orange butterfly, with its migration patterns, has become a common symbol for the undocumented community.

It represents the freedom for humans to immigrate to different parts of the world, said third-year film and television student Nicole Corona Diaz. Corona Diaz, like thousands of others within the undocumented community, has benefited from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Implemented by former President Barack Obama in June , the executive order sought to delay the deportation of young immigrants brought to the country by their parents.

It required the government to continue accepting renewal applications. However, the future status of the program remains uncertain. Nonetheless, they continue to advocate for the rights of the undocumented through fundraising, campaigning for social awareness and sharing their stories. Now a UCLA student, she said the Obama administration introduced the program when she was a teenager. At the time, it was too early for her to think about college, let alone how to pay for it. But, when she started to consider higher education later in high school, DACA was already in place, opening the door for her to apply for financial aid.

However, Corona Diaz said she still faced hardships. Growing up, she was not comfortable talking about her immigration status, she said. Her parents warned her about the risks associated with being undocumented, as well as their fears of deportation. Corona Diaz said it took years for her to find the strength to share her story. In high school, she became comfortable talking about being undocumented with her counselors and close friends. In college, she finally was willing to tell a larger audience. Motivated by her newfound willingness to speak and the fear that the newly elected Trump would terminate the DACA program, Corona Diaz decided to run for student government in winter She said she felt running for student government was the first step in raising awareness about undocumented students and their narratives.

Corona Diaz served as Undergraduate Students Association Council general representative 1 for the academic year. As a general representative, she collected information on the concerns of the student body and brought them to campuswide attention through social and fundraising campaigns.

One such concern was the topic of immigration. Do you trust me? Give me a Hug. She said she blindfolded herself because she felt it might incentivize people who dislike undocumented immigrants to approach her. Overall, Corona Diaz said it was a positive experience, because countless people went up and hugged her when they could have decided to ignore her even if they agreed with her message.

She said she was also surprised that people of all backgrounds came up to her as well. Corona Diaz and her team did educational work on campus and through social media, addressing the symbolism of the monarch butterfly in the undocumented immigrant community. Corona Diaz and the rest of the General Rep. The month-long fundraiser in. By joining student government, Corona Diaz said she brought the perspective of undocumented students to the table — a perspective she said that had not been prioritized enough before.

Activism enabled her to find power in her voice and strength in community. Third-year sociology student Eduardo Solis once thought he could only afford to attend a community college or a California State University to pursue higher education. He said he recognizes the privileges, the support and protection he receives through DACA. Yet, Solis said he never feared his own deportation until now.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions deliver the information. Solis said the news left him in tears but he was motivated to advocate for immigration rights once the UCLA school year began. The DREAM Act would provide a pathway to citizenship for youth and young adults who were brought to the country as children. Later in the year, Solis also traveled to Sacramento and Washington, D. Now as general representative 3 for USAC, Solis said he aims to showcase to the student body the major issues approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants face, such as the threat of deportation and how intersectional identities are affected by immigration policy.

He and his team passed out flyers at the event and to passersby that addressed why only supporting DACA recipients is problematic and what it means to be undocumented. After Trump announced the rescission, people close to him did not reach out to talk to him about it, despite understanding how it could change his life. Still, Solis said he believes storytelling can serve as an immensely powerful tool to help people understand the undocumented immigrant struggle. During her senior year of high school, Velazquez said she had applied and been accepted to four-year universities, but her parents told her she could not go because they could not afford the tuition without financial aid.

She was initially uncomfortable sharing her experience as an undocumented individual out of fear that people would not support her or understand her current situation, Velazquez said. She wanted to share her journey so others can see that they are not alone. Sharing her own narrative at events like the. Aside from sharing her story, Velazquez said she found other ways to express herself and her concerns. In the meantime, she feels she has to be cautious. The program also answers questions undocumented students We have to do might have on tuitionanything possible related matters, the to ensure their admissions process and establishing California academic success, residency.

Abel Valenzuela Jr. Valenzuela, with assistance from a law student and close work with the council, drafted the Detainment Response Protocol and helped implement California Assembly Bill 21 — both of which outline plans for protecting students from the U. Immigration Customs. The consequences of this action will leave you trying to talk yourself out of the hole that the turtle dug for you.

It is safest to bring out the turtle in the moment the offender has turned their back to the victim. This symbol can be used as a cry for help at any dinner party, family gathering, or double date. When heading to a family reunion, the best way to protect yourself from hugs that are too tight and sloppy kisses is to place yourself in a triangle of familiar family members that you can trust will bail you out of uncomfortable conditions. During the lesson, a group of sixth grade boys continued to whisper between each other. It happened on the hit TV show, Private Practice, so do not think that it will not happen to you.

Have you ever been caught in the middle of a death stare? Nate Singleton states his top turtle moment. The feeling of uneasiness that takes place right after you realize that you were just talking about the person who is walking two feet behind you can also be categorized under one of the top turtle. The conversation is limited to what you got on their test that day and what lesson the teacher is going to give that following Monday. There is not one part of this situation that is not awkward for the teacher or student.

Sadly, there is no way to avoid awkward moments unless a person is prepared. No one likes an awkward moment, but the reality is that they are not easily avoided. So I will leave you with this, be bold and take control of the moment with the famous awkward turtle. Sophomore year is when many students start to drift off into their mindless study habits, and for many, it does not catch up to them until their senior year. This is why it is, many times, wrongly labeled senioritis.

A senior from last year recently explained that their sophomore year was their hardest year, and this seems to be the excuse for many students. I am here to contest that sophomore year is not any harder than the others, it is merely where we stop trying. If we were to continue with our freshmanstyle study habits and work ethic, sophomore year would be just as easy. One main reason why people begin to slack off their second year in high school is because many students fall into a dull, monotonous approach to school. Many strategies are used to get around the structure of high.

One popular way is to befriend someone who is intelligent yet morally broken to provide nightly homework assignments. Another popular strategy is to ask earlier classes in the day about assignments and other work. Many students spend more time studying cheat sheets than the actual study guide. This is one of the main reasons most AP classes are so hard there is only one of them.

This leads in to the next prominent issue of making excuses. Some teachers accept more than others, but one thing always holds true--the students spend more time on their excuses than they would have on the actual assignment. We all know how hard a weekend of sleep, video games, time with friends and relaxation can be, so make up for this stress-.

As a freshman, most students believe that high school is the biggest, baddest, and most time-consuming opponent anyone can face. However, after four years in high school, I am here to prove this theory wrong. Most people believe that senioritis is a terrible wall that most students hit their senior year.

However, this is not actually the case for most students. Sure, there is a sigh of relief for most students once that college acceptance letter comes, but most students have already quit caring by that point. After a year of high school, most students realize that it is not quite as hard as it is cracked up to be. One anonymous student admitted that they learned more ways around the rules in high school than actual curriculum. Teachers give assignments that are due in a week, and obviously most students do not even begin to think about the project until the night before the project is due.

Sure, some students may reach their maximum lazy potential in their senior year, but many times it is instilled in them or even perfected at an earlier age. Senioritis is purely a myth. This misnomer is a great excuse for many seniors, and it is a mysteriously intriguing fad. It has been around their entire high school career. It is sophomoritis. Beginning April 14, the band embarked on a spring tour which will be followed by their annual summer tour. Expectations for Madison Square Garden shows are typically pretty high amongst fans, and they are usually met by an unpredictable set list.

CARS 4. Dave Matthews Band is no stranger to summer touring. DMB formed back in Former saxophonist LeRoi Moore, a founding member, was part of the band until his recent death. With band members hailing from very different genres, including jazz, classical music, soul music and Afrobeat, the combination of each member has created a sound which has earned them fans from a variety of quarters. November , made friends with a lawyer named Ross Hoffman. Hoffman eventually convinced Matthews, usually reserved and scared of playing in front of people, to create a small demo of the few songs he had written.

Hoffman encouraged Matthews to approach Carter Beauford, a local drummer on the Charlottesville music scene. Beauford had been in several bands and was currently playing on a jazz show on BET. After hearing the demo, Carter agreed to spend some time playing the drums, both inside and outside the studio. Moore skeptically listened to the demo, but liked what he heard and decided that he too would give the young Matthews a chance. The rest is history. On July 29, Matthews and his fellow bandmates will play their new material under the Ohio sky, continuing a summer tradition of American rock music that will likely last for years to come.

For many critics, the racing was a low point. It seemed to many as if there was more drama than racing. It also could have been better if there were more trucks. The people who had said that they did not like it were the ones who also stated that they had never seen any of the others.

The critics seem to be the people whose opinion means the most in the end. Typically, these movies attract those who are into fast cars, motors and cute girls. That said, people who have less-than-impressive knowledge about cars say they enjoy these movies as well. In its minute runtime, the fourth movie in the Fast and Furious series contains all this and more. What is it about these movies that are such an attraction?

Although many were impressed by the movie, some fans expressed that it did not meet their expectations. The Fast and Furious franchise does a great deal of work to make their movies appealing to all and not just one group of people.

The Home Road

Despite what the critics and veiwers say, the overall sales of the movie speak the truth. Fast and Furious is one of the top spring movie hits. On the Internet Movie Database, it currently has a rating of 6. Finally, the event ended with a slideshow of past and present photos of the Junior class, reminding everyone of lifelong memories. The D. Aaron , Amanda , Ali , Sean, Spencer , Josh and Robby , all members of the swim team, get together for a quick team photo. Aaron and Josh , who rarely took a break from dancing, show off their moves to their favorite song.

This high-security facility has the ability to instill fear in any student. You may have heard the terrible stories. You may know someone who has been there. You may have even been threatened to be sent there. But unless you have actually been there, no one really knows what in-school detention is really like. That is why I, Michael Carps, went on an undercover mission to discover the truth about in-school suspension. This could only be done by placing myself directly into in-school suspension. This was easily done by pulling a few strings here and there, but I would not like to discuss the details of that matter any further.

If you are an inquisitive student like most students at this school, I am forced to believe that you have often found yourself dying with curiosity at the thought of what an in-school suspension is really like. Is it a break from the every day monotony of school life? Or is it a seven-hour punishment of complete solidarity with the ability to tear a full-grown man apart. Smith on the high-security detention facility.

The room was plain and aged, and there were obscenities written and carved into the walls from former prisoners. I was immediately placed outside my comfort zone as I sat down and served my time. Shivers overtook my body, and my muscles tightened in fear. My eyes scanned the room. I was not quite sure how to interpret this. Why was another male winking at me? Personally, I am very ignorant when it comes to gang communication. This agonizing concern of mine dramatically plagued my thoughts. I thought that maybe putting my head down would help.

The Missing 2003 - rescue attempt

Within merely ten seconds of resting my head upon my arms, the guard ordered me to sit up. Alcatraz was beginning to seem more and more like a vacation spot. As time wore on, my body became acclimated to the surroundings This boredom was much worse, for it was accompanied with silence. The silence I experienced was uniquely painful. Every movement echoed, and I swear to this day that I heard my heart beating as I stared into the brick wall.

I was paranoid—completely insane. Controlled now by my insanity, my eyes darted around the room searching desperately for a clock. There was no clock. I was left to count the tolls of the bell there are eighteen total from a. Like a caged animal soon to be euthanized, my hopes and dreams slid down my cheeks in salty tears. An eighth-grader in Texas was sent to juvenile hall overnight for having a scandalous picture on his phone. In another photo, girls were seen posing and the picture was leaked out, getting the girls in trouble.

Another year-old girl from New Jersey is being charged with child pornography because she sent nude pictures to her boyfriend. Even pictures that are taken partially nude can be considered pornographic and could lead to serious charges. Many kids do not take these charges seriously and do not feel it will actually affect them, but it often does.

It is human instinct to look or ask for the pictures, but it is not worth the punishment. Even though teens acting provocatively is nothing new, technology is making it easier. Many times young girls will send these pictures to one person, and from there it gets sent to other guys around the school.

Many of these teens are being charged with child pornography. It is a serious felony and charges could send kids to jail or, if above the age of eighteen, could potentially make them a registered sex offender. Often kids are ignorant of the charges they could potentially face if caught with child pornography. It is harmless, innocent fun most teens say. It seems like it is a lot of trust to put in someone to send a picture to them. Sunday, May a. Wednesday, May 8 a. Friday, May 8 p. We will pick up and deliver your vehicle for any service!

PLUS monthly drawings and discounts throughout the Community! Wadsworth www. End hunger or hatred? Kaufman, the Web Site Design and Spreadsheet Database teacher, helps a student complete his daily assignment. It may actuGot to play Forget who you were or forget who I am so then way! Be gossiped about or. Junior Robby Sebille is a conscientious and hard-working student. Another student that shows consideration towards others is Rachel Reed. Rachel spends time putting together these care packages so that others who are less fortunate can live without so many worries.

Forget the warm and hot wash cycles, and instead, keep the dial on cold and rub a little eco-friendly detergent on those harder-to-clean stains. Not only are you saving the environment, but using less energy means a lower electric bill at the end of the month. The three senior captains, pictured above, have utilized their abundance of experience to turn the tennis team into a winning program at Wadsworth.

Senior player Mike Farver runs across the hard pavement to return the blazing serve. Hours and hours of hard. These friendly exchange students speak English well, are bright, curious and anxious to learn about the USA by living as part of your family and sharing their culture with you. The boys tennis team is off to its best start in four years. They have already exceeded the win total of last year's disappointing season, and are well on their way to exceeding expectations.

As mentioned before, the team is led by their crafty ace Michael Farver. He has utilized his three years of varsity experience and put together a record of Ryan LaDu heads up the second singles spot and has fought off tough competition to keep the winning going for the team.

Joel Hlavaty holds a record so far this season in the third singles spot on the team. He is one of the many returning letter winners from last year. Like the others, they have seen much improvement in their play from last season. They currently hold a record against the stingy Suburban League competition. Tyler Jack and Zack Grucza have teamed up to take the second doubles team, and they are also impressive.

Their record consists of seven wins and three losses. Grucza, the only non-letter winner on the varsity roster, has put his lack of experience aside to help the team reach success. The team consists of six returning letter winners from last season. Also, Luke Zvada, a returning letter-winner, has been playing both JV and varsity this season. The players on the team are involved in multiple activities as well.

Hlavaty is also a member of the soccer team. LaDu participates in cross country during the fall, and Grucza is a member of the Wadsworth marching band. Whether it consists of organized crime or crime in. The most recent incident came with our very own local professional player. Stallworth could face up to 15 years in prison. Stallworth's blood alcohol level was. When someone does that, there will never be any good that comes out of it," stated Browns fan, junior Caleb Busson.

Worst of all, Stallworth has ruined his chances of ever playing in another football game. Before the wreck occurred, it was reported that Stallworth was out drinking the night before and was drinking the morning of the accident. Stallworth was reported to be. Donte' was a very good wide out and Cleveland is already hurting. With all of the incidents that have occurred throughout the NFL's years, you would start to wonder if the players pay attention to them.

Incident after incident there are still players that continue to get in trouble and break the league's policies. When it comes down to it, the NFL has to crack down on these incidents. With a stricter policy, these incidents will slowly begin to vanish. Currently, Farver is active in the National Honor Society. Not only successful in tennis, the team members are multi-faceted and involved in a myriad of activities in the high school. Head coach Jason Ball says he is proud of the big improvement from last year to this year.

The leadership this year has been strong; a tri-captain system is in place with Farver, McPeek and Bach holding the team's will to win together. Each day in practice they work hard and hold each member of the team accountable. These three captains hold ten years of combined varsity experience. Also, Farver was a captain of last year's team and takes this experience to heart. The much-improved team looks to continue their success throughout the year.

Suburban League seeking applications for membership The Suburban League is looking for an eighth member to join the league for the fall of Earlier this year Barberton announced they would be leaving the league to start their own league for the surrounding Akron area schools. Many schools are believed to be interested in joining the Suburban League.

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May 1, is the deadline for schools to apply for admission into the league. As the baseball season gets under way, spectators may notice that the varsity team has made a special connection, creating a bond that seems unbreakable. This is most likely due to the fact that much of the team has been playing the sport together since they were kids. This allows them to excel as a team in the sport they love to play. Palidar has played varsity baseball all four years of high school. Sklarek and Smith are second year varsity players. Palidar and Sklarek are the captains and leaders of the team, while Smith has contributed greatly in the past and put forth leadership qualities as well.

The bulk of the team though, is found in the junior class, who has put together an impressive record of , on JV and the Freshman team. As Edwards stated, they are not just teammates, they are all very good friends, and this is where the special bond between the players comes in.

They were kept together sophomore year on the JV team to allow them to gain. Some snapshots show highlights from the recent Suburban League game up against school rival Barberton High School. There were only two players from the junior class that were moved up to play at the varsity level before this year. Jordan Cutting was a varsity prospect before he stepped a foot into the high school.

His ability to control his pitches and his strength at such a young age allowed him to play at the heightened level of competition. Kyle Graydon shared some insight on playing for the team. He hit the ball well, and opened the eyes of the coaching staff, showing that he had the ability and skills, similar to that of Cutting, to play at the varsity level.

He is now a solid member of the team and continues to contribute this season. This meant that they were the number one travel baseball team in the United States for their age group. Not only. They still have the ability to have fun, but they have matured so they can get serious when the time comes. This year will allow the juniors to play at the speed of a varsity team and gain the skills needed to be a winning team.

So what should we Americans do in a situation like this? We could continue on the verge of betting, and risk losing muchneeded money. The other option would just be to stop betting on sports completely. Sports betting will never stop entirely, but some possible solutions to reduce this would be to reduce the amount of money used to bet with, or to bet only once in a while to save.

The Super Bowl is the cream of the crop when it comes to betting. Super Bowl XL cashed in over six billion dollars in online betting. The Kentucky Derby is a close second to the Super Bowl. The derby is considered the Super Bowl of horse racing and a mil-. Then comes the ever popular NCAA basketball tournament. Senior Marc Snodgrass favors sport betting. For others this has certainly been the complete opposite. The fan then roots for the Cavs to win instead of his favorite team, the Celtics. To sum it all up, sports betting is just damaging the love of the game.

It is not always about the money. Be loyal and stay true to your teams. With the economy in a recession, many believe that betting on sports will put us into an even deeper economic hole. Miss Reagan Dr. Manning Mr. Gilbert Mr. Frank Vargo The Kaufman Family. Shepherd Mrs. New advances in health care are hitting hospitals everywhere. Here are a few that are changing the lives of patients:. During the press release, Dr.

Siemonow and this board of surgeons, specially organized for this procedure, discussed what steps were taken. On Dec.

“American Woman” (June 14)

She wants just to go out and be invisible in the crowd. Jean-Michel Dubernard. Isabelle Dinoire, the patient, was mauled by a dog, contorting her face, Nov. We hope that one day we may be able to help the tens of thousands of patients who are quietly suffering. Though Dr. Zhang Hui led a triumphant surgery, Guoxing died in July. Laurent Lantieri performed this operation on a patient, named Pascal Coler, who suffered from a rare genetic disorder.

These three operations led to the famous procedure by Doctor Siemionow. The second face transplant surgery in the US took place in Boston on April 9, Doctor Bohdan Pomahac and seven other surgeons partook in this 17 hour operation. All the doctors considering to attempt this type of transplant agree that the mental state of the patient is an important factor. Being a recipient of a face transplant is not the same as being a recipient of a nose job.

Also, the patient is put through tests having to do with the mental stability of the patient. This is not the only obstacle for a face transplant to take place. However, for transplantees, receiving a face is more than just having a pretty mug. These people regain the ability to smell, cry and even smile. Siemionow and others are changing lives, against the surgical status quo. As tattoos have become more popular throughout many generations, two new tattoo parlors have recently opened in Wadsworth.

Absolute Tattoo and New Ink are both in or in close proximity to the town square. Their openings present more convenient places for the Wadsworth community to get body art. Kincaid started tattooing at the age of 14, and he knew that was what he wanted to do for the rest of his career. Taylor, who is from Barberton, went into the. With his expectations yet to be met, Taylor wanted to be his own boss. Taylor and Kincaid then decided to come to Wadsworth to open up a tattoo parlor because it seemed like a nice community, and it was a place that lacked a tattoo shop.

Wadsworth also appealed to them because it still has the little mom and pop shops around town. So far Absolute Tattoo Company has had a lot of support from the community and has received plenty of business since opening up. Absolute Tattoo prides itself on creating good vibe that people can feel immediately when walking in the door.

Kincaid and David Frentzel, one of the tattoo artists, want the recipient to truly like the tattoo. Whether you want to get a tattoo or a new piercing, Absolute Tattoo Company may be the place for you. Another new shop in town is New Ink tattoo shop. Fields has been tattooing for around 20 years. He also gets the joy of working with his wife Susan Fields, who is working on becoming a tattoo artist also.

Wincek has been tattooing around eight years, and he sees himself continuing in this career for many. Customers are in good hands at New Ink; their artists have been doing their job for a while, and they have enjoyed the perks of their interactive job. Having not just one new tattoo shop but two new tattoo parlors in the small town of Wadsworth shows that Wadsworth is growing larger and that the world is opening up to the concept of tattoos.

With another look at the tattoo shows on cable today, Wincek expressed a concern with the reality aspect of the shows.



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