The Aura Energy Self-Test & Aura Color Personality Reports for HSPs

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The Energy Bodies

Energy Depletion C. It is focused on the art of healing through physical and metaphysical methods. The contents deal with defining healing experiences and the history of scientific investigations of the human energy field and aura. The book is unique in connecting psychodynamics to the human energy field.

It describes the variations of the energy field as it relates to personality functions. The latter part of the book defines the causes of illness and these are based on metaphysical concepts which are then connected to the energy disturbances of the aura. The reader will, also, find here a description of the nature of spiritual healing as it relates to the healer and the subject. The book is written from the subjective experiences of the author, who was scientifically trained as a physicist and as a psychotherapist.

It is the work of many years of devoted effort and represents the evolution of the personality of the author and the development of her special gifts of healing. The reader will be entering a fascinating domain, full of wonders. Brennan is to be commended for her courage in bringing her subjective and objective experiences to the world. John Pierrakos, Md. First there was Dr. Jim Cox and Ms. Ann Bowman, who trained me in bioenergetic bodywork along with many others. I spent many years training and working with Dr. John Pierrakos, whose work in Core Energetics built the foundation for my healing work that followed.

Thank you, John. I am forever grateful to Ms. Eva Pierrakos, who initiated the particular spiritual path I practice, called the Pathwork. I wish also to thank my healing teachers the Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere. I would also like to thank all my students who, by coming to me to learn, have been my greatest teachers. In the production of the book itself, I thank all those who helped with the manuscript, and particularly Ms. Marjorie Bair for her editorial comments; Dr. Jac Conaway for use of his computer and Maria Adeshian for typing. I would like to thank Bruce Austin for final word processing.

I am deeply grateful to Ms, Marilee Talman for her invaluable help in text editing and guiding the entire production process of this book. I am grateful for the constant personal support given to me by Mr. Moira Shaw, who, when I most needed it, would remind me of my value. And most of all, I wish to thank my dear spiritual teachers who have guided me every step of the way and who have delivered most of the truth that lies in this book through me. She has studied with both American and Native American healers. Barbara is currently teaching courses and giving workshops on the Human Energy Field, Healing and Channelling.

Smith has contributed illustrations to Time, Newsweek and Harper's. He illustrated the book Witches written by Erica Jong. Here are a few of them, and their stories, who make the day in the life of a healer so f ulfillin g. My first client on a day in October was a woman in her late twenties named Jenny. Jenny is a vivacious school teacher about 5'5" tall, with large blue eyes and dark hair.

There were abnormal cells in her uterus where the placenta had been attached. Jenny was frightened and distraught. Now, there appeared to be no chance of that. She just said, "I need your help. Tell me what you see in my body. I need to make an important decision. I "saw" some abnormal cells inside the uterus on the lower left side. At the same time, I "saw" the circumstances around the miscarriage. The abnormal cells were located where the placenta had been attached.

I also "heard" words that described Jenny's condition and what to do about. What I heard was that Jenny needed to take a month off, go to the ocean, take specific vitamins, stay on a specific diet and meditate daily, spending at least'two hours a day alone. Then after spending the month healing herself, she should return to the normal medical world and be tested again. I was told that the healing was completed and that she didn't need to return to me. She blamed herself for the miscarriage. Her heart was breaking because she wanted a child so badly. In October, when Jenny came again, the first thing she did was to give me a big hug and a 3 4 Hands of Light sweet little poem thanking me.

Her medical tests were normal. She had spent August taking care of friends' children on Fire Island. She kept to her diet, took her vitamins and spent a good deal of time alone practicing self-healing. She decided to wait a few more months and then try to get pregnant again. A year later I heard that Jenny gave birth to a healthy baby boy. He is the father of Mary, whom I treated some time ago. Mary had had a class-three Pap smear precancerous condition that cleared up in about six healings. She has had normal Pap smears for several years now. She became interested in my work and regularly refers clients to me.

Howard had been seeing me for several months. He was a blue-collar worker but had retired. He is a delightful person to work with. When he first came to me, he was gray and had constant heart pain. He had difficulty even walking across a room without getting tired. After two months of weekly healings, he was dancing again.

Mary and I have worked together to combine healing by laying on of hands with herbal medications prescribed by a Naturopathic Physician to clear his arteries of plaque. On that day I continued to balance and strengthen his field. Another client I saw that day was Ed. He first came to me because he had wrist problems. The joints in his arms and wrist were getting weaker and weaker. He also had pain when he had orgasm during intercourse.

In the first healing I gave him, I "saw" from his auric field that his coccyx tailbone had been injured when he was about At the time of the injury, he had a great deal of trouble dealing with the burgeoning sexual feelings he experienced at puberty. The accident diminished these, and he was better able to cope.

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His coccyx was jammed to the left and could not move in its normal way to assist in pumping the cerebral spinal fluid through its normal pathway. The next step in this degenerating process was a weakening of the lower back, then the middle and then the upper back. He started carrying a lot of tension in the joints of his arms, and finally they gave way and became weak.

Ed and I had a successful healing process over several months' time. First we worked with energy flow to unjam the coccyx, realign it, and then increase and balance the energy flow through his system. Little by little all his strength had come back. That afternoon the only symptom he had left was a little weakness in his left wrist. The last client I saw that day was Muriel, an artist and the wife of a well-known surgeon. This was her third appointment with me. Three weeks earlier she had appeared in my office with a greatly enlarged thyroid. I saw that no surgery would be needed.

She confirmed that she had already been to several physicians, who had given her medication to shrink the thyroid. They said the medication would reduce it some, but she would still need surgery, and that there was a chance it was cancer. Surgery was scheduled the week after our second appointment.

I gave her the two healings a week apart. By the time she got to surgery, there was no need for the opera- The Healing Experience 5 tion; the physicians were very surprised. She came back that day to make sure everything was restored to normal health. It was. How do these seemingly miraculous events take place? This energy field is intimately associated with health. High Sense Perception is a way of perceiving things beyond the normal ranges of human senses. With it one can see, hear, smell, taste and touch things that cannot normally be perceived.

It is not imagination. It is sometimes referred to as clairvoyance. For most of my life I have been in a dance with the living sea of energy in which we exist. Through this dance I have discovered that this energy supports us, nourishes us, gives us life. We sense each other with it; we are of it; it is of us.

My clients and students ask me when I first saw the energy field around people. When did I first realize that it was a useful tool? What is it like to have the ability to perceive things beyond the normal ranges of human senses? Is there something special about me, or is it something that can be learned? If so, what can they do to broaden their own perception ranges, and of what value is it to their lives? To answer these questions well I must go back to the beginning.

My childhood was a very simple one. I grew up on a farm in Wisconsin. Since there were not a lot of playmates in my area, I spent a great deal of time alone. I would spend hours in the woods alone, sitting perfectly still and waiting for small animals to come up to me. I practiced blending in with my surroundings. I could sense its state. When I practiced walking blindfolded in the woods, I would feel the trees long before I could touch them with my hands.

I realized that the trees were larger than they appeared to the visible eye. Trees have life energy fields around them, and I was sensing those fields. I discovered that everything has an energy field around it that looks somewhat like the light from a candle. This was not an exciting discovery to me. It was simply my experience, as natural as seeing a squirrel eating an acorn on the branch of a tree.

I never formulated these experiences into any theories about how the world worked. As I grew into adolescence, I stopped going to the woods. I began being interested in how things worked and why things are the way they are. I would question everything in a quest to find order and to understand the way the world worked.

I went to college, received a Master of Science degree in atmospheric physics, and then worked for NASA doing research for a number of years. Later I trained and became a counselor. It wasn't until I was counseling for a number of years and I began seeing colors around people's heads that I remembered my childhood experiences in the woods. Those delightful and secret childhood experiences ultimately led me to the diagnosing and healing of the critically ill.

It is 6 Hands of Light as if my life has been guided by some unseen hand that brought me to and led me through each experience in a step-by-step fashion, very much like going through school—the school we call life. The experience in the woods helped broaden my senses. Then my university training helped develop my logical thinking mind. There are many methods for doing this. Meditation can be practiced in many forms; it is important to find the form that best suits you. I will offer some suggested meditations, from which you may want to choose, later in this book.

I have also found that you can enter an expanded state of consciousness by jogging, walking, fishing, sitting on a sand dune and watching the waves roll in, or sitting in the woods, as I did as a child. The most important thing here is to give yourself time to listen in to yourself—time to silence the noisy mind that constantly talks about what you need to do, how you could have won that argument, what you should have done, what is wrong with you, etc.

You begin to blend in with your surroundings, as I did in the woods. At the same time your individuality is not lost, but enhanced. For example, consider the candle and its flame again. We normally identify ourselves as a body the wax and wick with consciousness the flame. When we enter a state of expanded consciousness, we perceive ourselves also as the light coming from the flame.

Where does the light begin and where does the flame end? There seems to be a line there but where exactly is it when you look more closely? It does. Where does the light in the room begin and the light from the candle end? According to physics, there is no boundary to a candle's light; it reaches out to infinity. Where, then, is our ultimate boundary? The more I expand my consciousness, the more my HSP expands, the more I am able to see a reality that already is there but was earlier outside my perception range.

As my HSP expands, more of reality comes into my view. As I became more proficient, I could see that the field reached further out from the skin but was apparently of a finer substance or less intense light. Each time I thought I had found the boundary, I would, at a later date, perceive beyond that line. Where is the line? I have concluded that it would be easier to say that there are only layers: the layer of the flame, then the flame's light, then the light of the room.

Each line is harder to distinguish. The perception of each outer layer requires a more expanded state of consciousness and a more finely tuned HSP. Most of these observations took place during my 15 years as a counselor. Having originally been trained in physics, I was rather skeptical when I first started "seeing" the energy phenomena around people's bodies. In contrast, a healthy person shows bright colors that flow easily in a balanced field.

These colors and forms are very specific to each illness. Many times the source or initiating cause of this process is associated with psychological or physical trauma, or a combination of the two. Since HSP reveals how a disease is initiated, it also reveals how to reverse the disease process. In the process of learning to see the field, I also learned to interact with it consciously, as with anything else I can see.

I could manipulate my own field to interact with another person's field. Soon I learned to rebalance an unhealthy energy field so the person might be returned to a state of health. This information seemed to be coming from what appeared to be an intelligence higher than myself or what I normally considered to be myself. This process of receiving information in this way is popularly called channelling. I would always be in an altered state of consciousness when doing this. I became proficient in receiving information in a combination of ways using HSP i.

For example, in one case I heard directly, "She has cancer," and I saw a black spot in her energy field. The black spot correlated in size, shape and location with results from a CAT scan taken later. I also receive information as to what self-help actions the client should take during the course of the healing process. The healing process includes rebalancing the field, changing the living habits and dealing with the initiating trauma. - HSP and Indigo

It is essential that we deal with the deeper meaning of our illnesses. We need to ask, what does this illness mean to me? What can I learn from this illness? Illness can be seen as simply a message from your body to you that says. Wait a minute; something is wrong. What is it? I have found that the source is the key. It leads us to that deeper part of ourselves that is sometimes called the high self or the spark of divinity within.

It presents a comprehensive view of a way of life towards health and growth. It is written for health care professionals, therapists, clergy, and all those who consider themselves aspirants to better physical, psychological and spiritual health. If you wish to learn self-healing, this book will be a challenge, for as outlined here, self- healing means self-transformation. Any illness, whether it be psychological or physical, will lead you on a journey of self-exploration and discovery that will completely change your life from the inside out. This book is a handbook for that journey, both in self-healing and in the healing of others.

I suggest that the student of healing answer them without looking back at the text. These exercises focus not only on healing and seeing techniques, but also on self-healing and self-discipline. This book is not a substitute for classes in healing. It should be used with a class or in preparation for classes in healing. Do not underestimate the amount of work it takes to become proficient in perceiving the energy fields and learning to work with them. Although each person's experience is unique, there are general common experiences people have when going through the process of broadening perceptions, or opening their channel, as it is often called.

These verifications will serve to encourage you along your way. No, you are not going crazy. Others are also hearing noises from "nowhere" and seeing lights that aren't there. It is all part of the beginning of some very wonderful changes taking place in your life in a perhaps unusual but most natural way. There is abundant evidence that many hu- 9 10 Hands of Light man beings today are expanding the usual five senses into super-sensory levels. Most people have High Sense Perceptions to some degree, without necessarily realizing it.

I did. So can you. This development in myself was a slow, very organic process that led me into new worlds and changed my personal reality almost entirely. I believe that this process of developing High Sense Perception is a natural evolutionary step for the human race, leading us into the next stage of development where, because of our newly gained abilities, we will have to be deeply honest with others. Our feelings and private realities will no longer be hidden from others.

As everyone learns to perceive this information, we will see and understand each other much more clearly than we do now. For example, you may already know when someone is very angry. That is easy. With HSP, you will be able to see a red haze around the angry person. Under the red haze will appear a gray, thick, fluid-like substance that conveys a heavy sadness. By focusing in on the essence of the gray substance, you will probably even be able to see the childhood scene that caused the deeply rooted pain.

You will also see how that anger is harming the physical body. Using HSP you will be able to find the words that will help that person let down, connect to the deeper reality, and help her find a solution. Our lives begin to change in ways we never expected. We then find we can redirect our lives and our health. We find that we create our own experience of reality through this field. The HEF is the medium through which our creations take place. It can then be the key to finding how we help create our reality and how we can change that reality if we so choose.

It becomes the bridge to our soul, to our inner private life, to that spark of the divine within each of us. Once you see this, you realize you have the power to change the things you don't like and enhance the things you do like about your life. That takes a lot of courage, personal search, work and honesty. It is not an easy path, but it is unquestionably a worthwhile one.

The Dimensions of Being

Give yourself some regular private time to experience this new relationship. As you have been reading, this first section deals with the place of the auric field in your life. What does this,phenomenon that has been described by mystics for so long have to do with you? Where does it fit in your life?

Of what, if any, use is it? Case histories have shown how knowledge of this phenomenon can change the face of our reality. Jenny, for example, real- Haw to Use This Book 11 ized that she needed to take significant healing time for herself before she could bear children. Jenny took her health and her life into her own hands where it always was anyway and changed a possibly unpleasant future into the much happier one that she preferred.

From this information is developed a model of the HEF to use for both psychological work and spiritual healing work. Even though you may not have been interested in psychotherapy or personal process in the past, you will find this section very enlightening in terms of self-discovery. This information is very useful to those who want to go beyond the normal bounds of psychology and body psychotherapy into broader views of us as human beings and of our energetic and spiritual reality. Parts of this section are very technical, and the general reader may want to skip some of the material Chapters 11, 12, You may want to go back when you have more specific questions about the functioning of the HEF.

Part IV of this book deals with the whole issue of increasing our perceptual ranges—what that means on a personal level, on the practical level and on a broader level in terms of changing the society we live in. Part V deals with the process of spiritual healing. I call it spiritual healing because it is always linked to our innate spiritual nature. It clearly delineates techniques of healing on the different layers of the HEF.

It combines the information on broadened perceptions, given in Part IV, with healing, to enable the healer very effectively to initiate the healing process in self and others. Because most of these techniques are not simple to learn, you will probably have to study them in a class. You need to study and practice to develop your skills as in any other profession. I am sure that someday in the not too distant future there will be certified 12 Hands of Light training programs in laying-on-of-hands healing and channelling.

Part VI gives a detailed case study of the healing of David, in which the client takes an active role in his own healing. The personal developmental stages of becoming a healer are described, which then lead to the questions: What is health? Who is the healer? These other counseling methods are almost always combined with the laying-on of hands, either by the healer or other health care professionals who are working on the case. The healer must have some knowledge of these methods to understand how they dovetail to make a healing a whole one, and to be able to communicate with the other people involved in the case.

Various other health care methods may be indicated through the channel of the healer. The healer will need to know anatomy and physiology to help interpret the information she is receiving. Above all, the healer should be able to work with other medical professionals to help a client heal herself. My training included a normal B. I did research with weather satellite instrumentation for NASA for five years. People just made appointments with me. To become a healer is no easy task, just as it is no easy task to do anything well.

One needs spiritual as well as technical training. One must go through self-initiated tests that challenge the weak parts of one's personality and develop one's creative focus, longing, and intent. The healer may experience these tests as coining from the outside, but in reality that is not true. This energy and power must be used with integrity, honesty and love, for cause and effect are al- 13 14 Hands of Light ways at work in every action. You always get back what you put out.

That is what is called karma. As the energy flowing through you as a healer increases, so does your power. As my life unfolded, the unseen hand that led me became more and more perceptible. At first I vaguely sensed it. Then I began seeing spiritual beings, as if in a vision. Then I began to hear them talking to me and feel them touch me. I now accept that I have a guide. I can see, hear, and feel him. The nature of our relationship grows daily, as I am guided to new levels of understanding. At times, I simply call it metaphor. Throughout this book, I will share with you some of the more obvious examples of guidance and its power.

Heyoan says that if we just listened to this guidance and followed it we would rarely get sick. This discomfort can be in your body in physical form, like physical discomfort or pain; it could be on any level of your being- emotional, mental, or spiritual. It could be in any area of your life. How long have you known about it?

What is it saying to you? What have you done about it? Following guidance on this simple level means to rest when you are tired, to eat when you are hungry, and to eat what your body needs when it needs it. It means to take care of or change a life circumstance that bothers you. How well have you been able to structure your life so that you can do these things? Not so easy, is it? This will bring more health to you. The practice of listening-in will also bring on the phenomena of direct or verbal guidance. There are two important points about learning to follow guidance.

The first is that you will need to practice receiving guidance for yourself before you are qualified to receive it for others. The second is that the information or directives that you get may be very simple and seem totally unimportant at first. In fact, it may seem like a complete waste of time to follow any of it.

I have come to realize that there is a reason for this. It may be, but most of the time this is the rational mind at work. Why has one event followed another? What have you used from each? It is no accident that I was first trained as a physicist, then a counselor, and then became a healer.

All this training has prepared me for my life's work. The training in physics gave me a background structure with which to examine the aura. The counseling training gave me the background to understand the psycho dynamics related to energy flow in the auric field, and also gave me an opportunity to observe the auric fields of many people. I would not have been able to bring this material together without those trainings. I had never heard of such a thing, nor was I interested in illness.

I looked everywhere for answers. What is your thirst? What is your longing? Whatever it is, it will carry you to what you need to do next to accomplish your work, even if you don't know what that work is yet. When a thing is easily presented to you, and it sounds wonderful to do and a great deal of fun, by all means do it. That is guidance. Let yourself flow free with the dance of your life. If you don't, you block guidance and your progress. One particular time was so beautiful and profound that it has carried me through many a rough time since.

At that point I was a counselor in Washington, D. During the sessions I was giving people, I began to see what might be termed past lives. I would see the individual I was working with in a completely different setting in a different time frame. For example, a woman who was afraid of the water had drowned in another lifetime. She also had difficulty in asking for help in this lifetime. In the lifetime when she drowned, nobody could hear her screams for help when she fell off a boat.

This personality difficulty interfered with her life now more than the fear of the water. However, I didn't know how to handle all this information properly. The answer came one evening when I was camping on the beach at Assateague Island, Maryland. In the middle of the night I heard someone calling my name and woke up. The voice was very clear.

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With a great sweep of my arm, I pushed it off and fell back in utter awe at the outstretched stars twinkling above me. I heard celestial music singing across the heavens from star to star. I took that experience as an answer to my prayers. Office space was readily available, and I wanted a change in my life, so I consulted my guidance through writing. I received a clear yes, and I went ahead. I was guided slowly to turn that counseling practice into one of healing. Then I received direct verbal guidance to stop that practice and focus on teaching and on writing this book to reach a larger audience.

Following these changes is not so easy. Each new change challenges me. It seems that each time I have a "secure" life established, if is time to change—and therefore to grow. What is next, I really do not know, but I do know that I will be guided each step of the way. There is within every human personality a child. Everyone can remember how it was to be a child, to feel the inner freedom of a child and to experience life in a simple way. This inner 16 Hands of Light child is very wise.

It feels connected to all life. It knows love without question. This inner child gets covered as we become adults and try to live by our rational minds only. This limits us. It is this inner child that must be uncovered to begin to follow guidance. We all long for freedom—it is through the child that it will be gained. It will help loosen your fixed reality and broaden your experience. This dialogue is a doorway into wonder. Find it in yourself and nurture it. These teachers are full of love and respect for us. At some point along the way, you, too, may be able to see them or directly communicate with them as I do.

This will change your life, for you will find that you are fully and completely loved, as you are right now in this moment. You deserve health, happiness and fulfillment in your life. You can create it. You can learn, step by step, the process to change your life and make it full.

There are many paths to this fullness. Ask for guidance as to where you need to go, or which path you need to follow now, and you will be guided. You can realign yourself with your deepest longing and the greatest good you have to offer yourself and others. Simply ask for help. Your requests will be answered. Chapter 3 Review 1. What kind of technical training does a healer need? And why? What is the simplest form of guidance in your life? Food For Thought 3. How often? We begin to pay more attention to aspects of experience that might have seemed peripheral before. We find ourselves using new language to communicate our new experiences.

Terms like "bad vibes" or "the energy there was great" are becoming household phrases. We like his "vibes " We can tell when someone is staring at us, and we look up to see who it is. We may have a feeling that something is going to happen, and then it does. We begin to listen to our intuition. We "know" things, but we don't always know how we know.

We sense that a friend is feeling a certain way, or needs something, and when we reach out to fulfill that need, we find we are right. Sometimes during an argument with someone we may feel as if something is being pulled out of our solar plexus, or we may feel "stabbed. Or it may feel like someone is pouring thick, gooey molasses on us.

The Empath, The Indigo, The Crystal, & The Rainbow (And Quizzes)

All these experiences have a reality in the energy fields. When someone has been "shafted" by a lover, the shaft is literally visible to the clairvoyant. It can be seen by the clairvoyant. I can see it. So can you, eventually, if you follow your intuition and develop your senses. It helps us remove the blocks from our brains that keep us from seeing that we, too, are subject to all the universal laws.

The Bioenergetics of Animal Healing

Modem science tells us that the human organism is not just a physical structure made of molecules, but that, like everything else, we are also composed of energy fields. We are moving out of the world of static solid form into a world of dynamic energy fields. We, too, ebb and flow like the sea. We, too, are constantly changing. How do we, as human beings, deal with such information? We adapt to it. And scientists are learning to measure these subtle changes.

They measure electrical currents from the brain with the electroencephalogram EEG. The lie detector measures the electropotential of the skin. This device does not even touch the body when measuring the magnetic fields around it. As medicine relies more and more upon these sophisticated instruments that measure impulses from the body health and disease; even life itself, are slowly being redefined in terms of energy impulses and patterns.

As early as , Drs.

What Does it Mean When Your Aura is Purple

Burr and F. Northrop at Yale University found that by measuring the energy field of a plant seed which they termed the L, or Life-field , they could tell how healthy the plant grown from that seed would be. They found that by measuring the field of a frog's eggs, they could discern the future location of the frog's nervous system. In , Dr.

He suggested that there is a field associated with the thought processes. He suggested that variation of this thought field caused psychosomatic symptoms. In , another scientist. Robert Becker of Upstate Medical School, Syracuse, New York, mapped a complex electrical field on the body which is shaped like the body and the central nervous system. He named this field the Direct Current Control System and found that it changes shape and strength with physiological and psychological changes.

Since this is a state distinct from the four known states of matter—solids, liquids, gases and plasma— Inyushin suggests that the bioplasmic energy field is a fifth state of matter. His observations showed the bioplasmic particles are constantly renewed by chemical processes in the cells and are in constant motion. There appears to be a balance of positive and negative particles within the bioplasma that is relatively stable. If there is a severe shift in this balance, the health of the organism is affected.

Clouds of bioplasmic particles, which have broken away from the organism, can be measured moving through the air. Thus, we have been plunged into a world of life energy fields, thought fields and bioplasmic forms moving about and streaming off the body. We have become vibrating, radiating bioplasma itself!

But if we look into the literature, this is not new. It is just that in our time the phenomenon is being rediscovered. How we learned to think and many of our self-definitions are based on the same scientific models used by physicists to describe the physical universe. This section gives a short history that shows the changes in how scientists describe the physical world, and how those descriptions correspond to the changes in our self-definitions.

The new theories are accepted as physical laws. The process of finding new ways to describe new phenomena is always one that broadens our views, challenging our current limited thinking about the nature of physical reality. We then incorporate the new ideas into our daily lives and begin seeing ourselves differently. But first let us review some of our history. Newtonian Physics Until recently, when the eastern religions began to have a greater impact upon our culture, much of our self-definition largely unconscious was based on the physics of a few hundred years ago.

This definition of the universe, as made up of solid objects, was held largely by Isaac Newton and his colleagues in the late 17th and early 18th 21 22 Hands of Light centuries. The enormous success of the mechanistic model made physicists of the early 19th century believe that the universe was indeed a huge mechanical system running according to the Newtonian laws of motion.

Everything could be described objectively. This view was very comforting and still is to those of us who prefer to see the world as solid and largely unchanging, with very clear, definite sets of rules that govern its functioning. Except for the electrical systems, our homes are largely Newtonian. We experience our bodies in a mechanical way.

We all have clocks. We need them to continue our lives as we have structured them—mostly linearly. Ask anyone what the universe is made of, and he or she will most likely describe the Newtonian model of the atom electrons spinning around a nucleus of protons and neutrons. A field was defined as a condition in space which has the potential of producing a force.

Thus, the concept of a universe filled with fields that create forces that interact with each other was born. Finally, there was a scientific framework with which we could begin to explain our ability to affect each other at a distance through means other than speech and sight. We all have had the experience of picking up the phone and knowing who it is before any words are spoken.

Mothers often know when their children are in trouble, no matter where they are. This can be explained in terms of field theory. We are just beginning to admit that we ourselves are composed of fields. We sense another presence in the room without seeing or hearing them field interaction ; we speak of good or bad vibes, of sending energy to others or of reading each other's thoughts.

Both are intimately connected and form a four-dimensional continuum, "space-time. Furthermore, there is no universal flow of time; i. Time is relative.

Intuitive Assessments: An Overview

Both time and space become merely elements to describe phenomena. According to Einstein's theory of relativity, in certain conditions two observers can even see two events in reverse time; i. We have not yet integrated this part of Einstein's relativity into our personal lives. For example, when we get a psychic flash of a friend in trouble, say about to fall down the stairs, we check the time and call the person as soon as we can to see if she is all right.

We also want to know if such a thing happened in order to validate our insight. We call, and she has had no such experience. We conclude that it was our imagination playing tricks on us, and we invalidate our experience. This is Newtonian thinking. In other words, what we saw was a real experience.

Since time is not linear, it may have already occurred. It may occur at the time we see it, and it may occur in the future. Just because it didn't happen at the time we tried to correlate it, by no means proves that our insight about the possibility was wrong. It would be easier to validate in Newtonian physical reality. It is time to stop invalidating experience that lies outside our Newtonian way of thinking and broaden our framework of reality.

We all have had experiences of time speeding up or of losing track of time. For example, we see that time is relative when we experience a very long, frightening period just before our car crashes or barely misses another, oncoming car. Our experience exists outside the Newtonian system.

In regres- sional therapy, many people have experienced childhood events as if they were occurring in the present. We also find our memory has ordered events in a different sequence from someone else who has also experienced those events. The Native American culture, which didn't have clocks to create linear time, divided time into two aspects: the now and all other time. The Australian aborigines also have two kinds of time: the passing time and the Great Time.

What occurs in the Great Time has sequence, but it cannot be dated. It is similar to the Great Time. She must then refocus her attention to Clairvoyant Time. The rules that govern such movement from one time frame to another are not well understood. Some clairvoyants can simply focus on whatever time frame is requested.

Einstein's space-time continuum states that the apparent linearity of events depends on the observer. We are all too ready to accept past lives as literal physical lives that have happened in the past in a physical setting like this one. Our past lives may be happening right now in a different space-time continuum. But we rarely speak of how our future lives are affecting the one we are experiencing right here and now. Mass is nothing but a form of energy.

Matter is simply slowed down or crystallized energy. That is what this whole book is about! I have introduced the concept of energy bodies in this book but have not stressed that our physical body is energy also. Paradox In the s, physics moved into the strange and unexpected reality of the subatomic world. Every time physicists asked nature a question in an experiment, nature answered with a paradox. The more they tried to clarify the situation, the stronger the paradoxes became.

For example, one can set up an experiment that proves light is a particle. A small change in this experiment will prove that light is a wave. Therefore, to describe the phenomenon of light, both the concept of a wave and a particle must be used. Physicists call this complementarity. For example. Einstein postulated that all forms of electromagnetic radiation can appear not only as waves, but also in the form of these quanta.

These light quanta, or energy packets, have been accepted as bona fide particles. At this stage of the game, a particle, which is the closest definition of a "thing," is an energy packet! As we penetrate deeper into matter, nature does not show us any isolated "basic building blocks" as Newtonian physics suggested. The search for the basic building blocks of matter had to be abandoned when physicists found so many elementary particles that they could hardly be called elementary.

All particles can be transmuted into other particles. They can be created from energy and can vanish into energy. We are no longer bad or good; we no longer only hate or love someone. Within us, we find much broader abilities. We can feel both love and hate, and all the emotions in between, for the same person.

We act responsibly. It contains both, the white light and the velvet black void. In this system, the dualism is being used to propel us forward into unity. Beyond Dualism—The Hologram Physicists have found that particles can be waves at the same time because they are not real physical waves like sound or water waves, but rather they are probability waves. Probability waves do not represent probabilities of things, but rather probabilities of interconnections. This is a tough concept to understand, but essentially the physicists are saying there is no such thing as a "thing.

Concepts like "elementary particle," "material substance" or "isolated object" have lost their meaning. If the universe is indeed composed of such a web, there is logically no such thing as a part. Thus we are not separated parts of a whole. We are a Whole. Recently, physicist Dr. He has written of an "implicate enfolded order" which exists in an unmanifested state and is the foundation upon which all manifest reality rests. Bohm states that the holographic view of the universe is a jumping-off place to begin to understand the implicate enfolded and explicate unfolded orders.

The hologram concept states that every piece is an exact representation of the whole and can be used to reconstruct the entire hologram. In , Dennis Gabor received a Nobel Prize for constructing the first hologram. It was a lensless photograph in which a wave field of light scattered by an object was recorded as an interference pattern on a plate. Every piece of the hologram is an exact representation of the whole and will reconstruct the entire image. The information is distributed throughout the system, so that each fragment can produce the information of the whole.

It then transmits that energy to all parts of the body. The Layers of the Auric Field Each layer of the aura can be simple or complex, depending on where the animal is in their level of evolvement. They will also differ from horse to horse, depending on what is happening in their lives at that time. For those that are working horses, the physical or first level will be stronger and show a lot of physical ailments, both past and present. Others, who are more sensitive and highly strung, will have a denser emotional level. As it is very difficult to illustrate all that happens in the energy field, we have generalised the information and colours for easy understanding.

In general, the colours around horses are shades of pastel - the pale blues, greens, purples and warm yellows like caramel yellow. Even when the colour is saturated, it has a shimmery colour to it, almost sparkling. Physical Level In the human auric field we would call this the etheric body. It validates that energy is moving through the physical system and indicates the general state of health of the animal.

This is also the area where you can feel the age of the animal. Fairly young animals have a lightness to their energy, whereas much older animals have a heavier, denser feeling to them. I always do a scan of this layer of the aura. I hold my hands about 10 cm above the physical body, working around the outline of the layer to check if there is anything there I need to pay attention to. I look for hot or cold spots, and notice any sensations in my body, for example, if my stomach suddenly feels sore. This layer is also where I Level Colour Physical Creamy white Neutral reddish, pink or caramel Emotional Mental Ranges of yellow and caramel yellows Soul Light pastel blues and greens, sometimes purples and pinks, with a shimmery quality - the final line seen against a background is a silver grey colour pick up past or present issues, which may feel like scar tissue or inflammation respectively.

Once I have identified an area where they may be a problem, I then try to see inside to give me an idea of what is going on. This is called High Sense Perception and is covered in chapter 6. If you are a physiotherapist, hydro therapist, body stress release practitioner or kinesiologist, or you read animals or work with them physically in any other way, this is where you will be able to pick up a physical condition, sometimes even before it manifests in the physical body In my experience, if you are trained in a medical field, for example as a nurse, doctor or vet, or you simply have a background in anatomy, then the etheric layer will be the one from which you can most easily pick up information.

Animal Communicators read this level naturally, because we connect to animals through the heart chakra. An Animal Communicator may feel an emotion but not be quite sure what it is. Sometimes an animal mentions an episode in their life, but does so very briefly. They are only willing to tell you that something happened and that it scared them emotionally.

This is the way I pick up emotions and I then have to try and put into words what I am feeling. That can be extremely difficult, and I often get a range of emotions that are so deep and intense that I battle to associate the feeling with the correct word. The emotional level shows the emotional health of the animal.

A light colour shows a positive attitude, and a dark colour, like grey, a negative or depressed emotional space. Usually the darker the colour, the more intense the emotion.

The Aura Energy Self-Test & Aura Color Personality Reports for HSPs The Aura Energy Self-Test & Aura Color Personality Reports for HSPs
The Aura Energy Self-Test & Aura Color Personality Reports for HSPs The Aura Energy Self-Test & Aura Color Personality Reports for HSPs
The Aura Energy Self-Test & Aura Color Personality Reports for HSPs The Aura Energy Self-Test & Aura Color Personality Reports for HSPs
The Aura Energy Self-Test & Aura Color Personality Reports for HSPs The Aura Energy Self-Test & Aura Color Personality Reports for HSPs
The Aura Energy Self-Test & Aura Color Personality Reports for HSPs The Aura Energy Self-Test & Aura Color Personality Reports for HSPs
The Aura Energy Self-Test & Aura Color Personality Reports for HSPs The Aura Energy Self-Test & Aura Color Personality Reports for HSPs

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