Relocating to India - A Step by Step Guide

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Why should you relocate to India?

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The best way of migrating to Canada from India is by acquiring a Permanent Residency PR Status which is valid for a period of five years and is a family visa. The benefits of PR status are very similar to the full citizen rights of Canada. Canada as a nation is always looking for skilled labour force so that the immigrants can contribute holistically in the economy of the country. Further, the most important requirement for migrating to Canada in this regard is that the candidate should meet the eligibility criteria proposed by the IRCC. The following paragraph will elaborate on the requirements.

Some of the basic requirements are:. In order to apply to Canada for a Permanent Residency PR status there are series of steps which you should follow:. Exact documents that will be asked will depend on your candidature and profile. But, enclosed below is a tentative list of documents which is definitely required. The Canada PR Visa immigration process is one of the most effective and immigrant-friendly in the world. This system has been designed to augment the provincial and national economies of the region by allowing the entry of skilled workers both from the secondary and tertiary sectors.

In addition, separate pathways have been appointed for students, entrepreneurs and professionals with work experience on Canadian soil. There are essentially 3 primary types of immigration programs in Canada:. Each of these programs provides a distinct means of entering Canada as a PR card holder and has their own set criteria which need to be met in order to qualify.

Here are the general minimum requirements of each of these programs. It is advised you visit their native sites or consult an immigration professional for further assistance in understanding the qualifications:. In order to apply for Canada PR , the first thing you will need to do is to understand the immigration procedure and how to access it in a manner best fit for your profile. This means that just like the Express Entry system, the PNPs will have you make a profile, grant it a certain score and place it alongside profiles of other applicants and issue invitations to apply to the highest ranked profiles.

Follow these steps to apply for a Canadian PR. Therefore, any applicant who is selected through this program is committed to spending a minimum amount of time usually 2 years living and working in the province. Only after the culmination of this time period will they be able to move freely within Canada and settle anywhere they like within its borders. Also, the QSWP is meant specifically for skilled workers within the tertiary sector. So tradesmen and vocational workers are not likely to be selected through this medium and are better off applying through the Express Entry program.

One added factor is that you can make the profile offline as well and receive the Quebec Selection Certificate for the same. Here are the minimum requirements for QSWP:. Once you have spent 3 months in the province you will be allowed to apply for a PR card whose issuance can take up to 9 months.

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When you have lived and worked in Canada for 3 years, you will be eligible to apply for full citizenship. The processing time for immigration to Canada has been reduced to 6 to 12 months all because of the Express Entry program, which was started in January It is a point based evaluation of the eligibility of the candidate based on his age, language proficiency, education and work experience.

After the ITA the candidate has the time period of 90 days to submit the papers. The points that are put forward in the draw depend on whether the Government of Canada is ready for more Immigrant intake or less in that particular year. There is speculation that Canada is looking for one million immigrants in the coming three years. However, these are all speculations and there is no real mode of speculating what will be the next score points.

Relocating to Canada?

When you are shifting from one country to country it is important to have funds in hand. Among the papers that are asked by the government of Canada, proof of funds is one of the most important document. A good consultancy will help you evaluate your options wisely and choose the best based on your capabilities.

Accommodation in Dubai

The fee for this is very less as compared to hassle free Immigration process. However, the tentative evaluation of the cost can help you arrange funds and accordingly plan your processing. Most of the professional packers and movers provide insurance to the damage and loose of items. This is only if the items are packed by them personally. If the packing is done by yourself, then the insurance is provided only to the lost items. It does not cover the damage items. Related: Best bank accounts for NRIs.

Moving to India is not an easy task. It is a factor that concerns every individual in the family. Now, what is that one important factor that concerns everybody? To be more precise, it is the financial factors. The primary financial concern for these families is to see that they are able to transfer and consolidate their investments to India.

Whatever money you have saved in the USA…. Do not have an NRI account? Create one soon. Also, I have seen my friends who had moved to India and they had kept some money in the US account for about a year just in case they want to move and come back to the US. Of course, you have to think of both the situations. What is a k plan? It helps the employees to save a piece of their paychecks before the tax is calculated. Some people believe that k plan is wise and useful for Green Card holders and citizens and has nothing to do with the H1 b Visa holders.

Travel to India Made Easy With This Step By Step Guide - Hippie In Heels

But that is not true. It is actually helpful for H1 B visa holders as well. It is tax-free and free money. And I am sure, many of my readers would have thought about the k plan and might have as well enrolled. Those of you have enrolled will probably enjoy seeing those savings increase each year. Related: Best personal loans for NRIs. Withdrawing the money before the maturity period would be a headache but if you are patient enough and ready to wait, you may get your money in a year. Also, keep in mind that this money does not go into your savings account but invested directly into stocks and bonds which might go down when you are looking to head back to India.

Hence you need to make sure you move back at the right time. General life in the US is pretty cool and comfortable. Things are not dirty and dusty as you may see in India. You will miss those clear and clean roads which had litter barrels on the roads and well-built rest areas. You will miss your social circle, those weekends, and long road trips with your friends which gave you complete cut off from the work. When we move to another place, people behave differently. It takes us time to get used to the new behavior.

You will miss the beautiful parks and lakes in the US where you go to take stroll or jog in the evenings. There is more time for your hobbies and also good time can be dedicated to a healthy and fit life. Easy availability of everything will be greatly missed. You walk up to a store may it be Walmart, Costco, target or be it dollar tree you will find what you are looking for. The customer service is also exemplary. It is also necessary to know what you really want to do after returning to India. There are families who have been in the US for more than 10 to 20 years and wants to return with their second generations.

5 Reasons to return to India, no matter what

They may also have plans to start a business on their own in India. I am going to give some insight on that too. Starting your own company or business works out better if you have clarity on what you really want to do. If you have made up a firm decision to move back to India and accept India as it is, then setting up a company or business would ideally work out. If you are finicky about your decision and feel that you may have a double mind after relocating, then it is ideal to not lose your money and invest it elsewhere. Here are few things to be kept in mind before making a decision to start a company or business:.

Related: How to start your own company in India. Hence, it is not a bad idea to start your own company or business in India. The only thing you should keep in mind is that it will surely take few months for the business to catch up. You have to keep patience and select the best city wherein you can have the best results.

The main area for growth and opportunity is the internet sector. E-commerce, help-desking, multimedia, software developing have all proven success in India. This is something which I would also want to focus upon through my article. Why do you think you have made a bad choice in life? Why do you start hating your own mother land? These are just your notions. I would say that those who are thinking that relocating to India was a bad decision are those who do not know what they want in life.

In life, everything boils down to one thing — Happiness. You will never be satisfied if you cannot find happiness. Of course, going back to the US is not a tough task for a citizen or a green card holder. They would have got used to US luxuries so much that they will not be able to cope up with the nitty gritty in India. Everything in this world has exceptions and so are my views too. Many people told me that attitude is what matters. Because you may see things as good as it was back when you left the country and vice versa.

You should have the right attitude to accept the good and ignore the bad. First, one had an issue with the Visa and had to return to India. They had two children of age 6 and 2 years. They left to India for 10 days and settled everything in India like finding a house, school admission for her kids etc. The other friend relocated to India due to personal issues. He did not want his kid to grow in the US as he felt he was getting distant from everyone back in India. They moved with a purpose and hence they are also immensely happy. India is the country from where we all belong to. Even if we stayed outside the country for several years, we should never hesitate to go back to our homeland.

Relocate efficiently and with minimum stress. Deal with any transition without any hesitation. I would wish all the very best to those who are planning for a relocation. This post was written with inputs from Sruthi Menon. Sruthi is a travel blogger and she writes about her travel experiences — primarily about the places, food and travel tips.

Updated on : 1st May, An increasing number of young Indians are getting jobs and settling down in the US, where both the children and parents are forced to stay thousands of miles away from each other. Parents with the wish to spend more time Here's my full story. This blog is read today, by more than K people world over! Here's my guide on how you can start a blog like this. Visas Avenue is not associated with any government authority or department of immigration and we don't deal in any type of job or job assistance services.

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Visas Avenue does not have any branches in Ludhiana and across Punjab. Suite No. Noida Office Office no. Visas Avenue Pvt Ltd. Bangalore Visas Avenue Pvt Ltd. Suit No. Copyright Visas Avenue Pvt. All rights reserved. Please fill in the fields below. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Youtube Google. Chat with us. Immigration and Visa Enquiry Form. How to Immigrate to Canada from India? Why do people immigrate to Canada from India? Why Canada is the best place for Migration from India?

Why Canada is one of the best countries in the world to live and work? The Canada ranks among the top ten countries to live in the world. It is recognized for its high standards of living, low mortality rate, good and free school education, and excellent health care system. The crime rate in Canada is considerably low as compared to other countries.

It is known for its lenient immigration policies towards the immigrants. Canada offers work permit visa and student visa, which can be transformed to Permanent Residents in future. After being a citizen of Canada, one can easily travel and work in Canada, at any place and province. The Canada is considered as a multicultural country, i.

The environment is tranquil and it proves to be the best place to live in as an immigrant. The country has a very high rate of immigration in the world Canada supports English as main language of communication, French is the secondary language used mostly in Quebec.

How To Get Canada PR - Step By Step - Express Entry - Canada Couple

And being a global language English gives a wide span to connect easily with people around the world. How Visa Avenue is the best consultant to move Canada? Which PNPs are open currently? How to Get Job in Canada from India? What are the 6 selection factors of Canada Immigration? How many points do you need to Immigrate to Canada? How much money do you need to immigrate to Canada? How to apply Canada PNP without job offer in ? How to apply Ontario PNP in without job offer? How to obtain Permanent Residency in Canada from Bahrain? How long does it take to get Canadian PR?

How to apply for Tourist Visa in Canada from India? How to get Canada visa from Saudi Arabia? What are the key Canadian visa categories to apply? How to settle in Canada from India? Visa Assessment Form Please fill in the fields below.

Relocating to India - A Step by Step Guide Relocating to India - A Step by Step Guide
Relocating to India - A Step by Step Guide Relocating to India - A Step by Step Guide
Relocating to India - A Step by Step Guide Relocating to India - A Step by Step Guide
Relocating to India - A Step by Step Guide Relocating to India - A Step by Step Guide
Relocating to India - A Step by Step Guide Relocating to India - A Step by Step Guide

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