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She is the author of the bestselling "Scarlet and the White Wolf" series of fantasy novels. This entry was posted in Giveaway , Malachite , Writing and tagged giveaways , Malachite , writing. Bookmark the permalink. January 2, at am. Kirby Crow says:. January 6, at am. Mell says:. January 6, at pm. Mikou says:. The idea that the toffs hated naziism was largely a lie. The point of National Socialism was the promotion of German state and ethnic power. It had nothing to do with the rights of the common people.

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Gays and the handicapped, as well as Jews and gypsies, were to be exterminated. Trade unions were, of course, banned and their leaders either imprisoned or guillotined. A rose, is a rose, by any other name. Most of the Political terms need to be seen through a Neo-prism now.

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The division is Totalitarians vs Liberals. Not that we have a real Liberal party can liberals be in a party? Good article Daniel.

Here come the Pirates!

I think the key issue is that to be eurosceptic is to be anti-socialist, and socialists, much like the religions, do not and will not accept any criticism of their core beliefs. Whereas someone like myself with conservative leanings, would happily accept a socialist point of view on an issue if I felt it was well reasoned and made good sense.

I am happy to adapt my own views and accommodate those of others, they are not. Socialists believe in the project because it is tied into woolly notions of internationalism, anti-nationalism, collectivism, etc. Agreed, they also seem to focus too much on what could be or was has been and so often forget what is. Despite their envious Socialist utopia, I wonder how does the author explain the near complete Judenfrei states of the Nordic?

When the EU dictatorship is finally brought down, there should be Nuremberg-style trials, with all the national puppets of the EU who have collaborated with the EU dictators, seeking to establish an anti-democratic dictatorship across Europe — like Cameron, Clegg and Millipede in the UK, for example — put on trial for their lives. These people should stand next to the Politicians in the Dock.

No trotters, you are the dog here….. Nazis right-wing are they? If so, then you have been indoctrinated, not educated.

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The Nazis were as left wing as you could get, pure evil, as is the left. You must be a really pathetic lost soul, i pity you. And that, too, is a step forward. Some folk confuse Nazism, a political party platform, with fascism, which is a particular structure of government. Fascism legally sanctions the persecution of a particular group within the country — political, ethnic, religious — whatever. So within Nazism there are elements of fascism, as well as militarism, capitalism, socialism etc.

To tar all socialists with the national socialist brush is as absurd as citing Bill Gates and Augusto Pinochet in the same breath as examples of free market capitalism. Economically, Hitler was well to the right of Stalin. Post-war investigations led to a number of revelations about the cosy relationship between German corporations and the Reich. No such scandals subsequently surfaced in Russia, because Stalin had totally squashed the private sector. By contrast, once in power, the Nazis achieved rearmament through deficit spending.

One of our respondents has correctly pointed out that they actively discouraged demand increases because they wanted infrastructure investment. Under the Reich, corporations were largely left to govern themselves, with the incentive that if they kept prices under control, they would be rewarded with government contracts. Hardly a socialist economic agenda! But Nazi corporate ties extended well beyond Germany. It is an extraordinarily little known fact that in a cabal of Wall Street financiers and industrialists plotted an armed coup against President Roosevelt and the US Constitutional form of government.

The coup planners — all of them deeply hostile to socialism — were enthusiastic supporters of German national socialism and Italian fascism. Fascism, according to the American Heritage Dictionary is A system of government that exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right, typically through the merging of state and business leadership, together with belligerent nationalism. No less an authority on fascism than Mussolini was so pleased with that definition that he later claimed credit for it. Very good Bengeo, give yourself a cookie.

I also am aware of most of that you have posted, but the fact remains, the Left are wrong to call the nazis right-wing, they are, in essence, left, and they do so to avoid the embarrassment of their own dogma being associated with the nazis. And Hitler stated that if you tell a lie often enough, it will be held as the truth. It does not sound like you are a Fascist, Nazis or Socialist. Sounds like you are a Libertarian in the American sense. Of course unfortunately here in a UK publication, that would be thought of as a form of European anarchic socialism.

Libertarian socialism also constitutes a tendency of thought that promotes the identification, criticism, and practical dismantling of illegitimate authority in all aspects of life. The EU has been a coup against the ordinary citizens of the continent, organised to centralise massive power in the hands of an undemocratic elite.

What of the next generation of political wannabees though. How will they gain their place in the new European court…. Exactly, and even they were only honing the ideals of an older federalist tradition… none of which has oft included democracy. Ah Daniel — you have mentioned deflation!

Beppe Grillo dislikes the Euro, not banksters? With all due respect, what on earth is going on in your head, Daniel? You are deliberately misrepresenting twice in one piece. I for one am too old for this. We have heard this tripe all our lives: the rise of the far-right. There is no rise of anything, they come and go as even a Monarch would confirm. The reason it has been used is because to highlight the common thread, as in anti EU, would most likely increase their votes considerably more than they will get anyway.

They command no such appeal, not at home and by no means abroad. What would they talk about with the loons of the FN or Golden Dawn? Some nice points, Mr Hannan, but this tendency to group all opponents together as though they are identical is also favoured by many of those anti-EU elements you mention.

Frankly this tendency to collapse all political and policy distinctions, even to the extent of ignoring whether a party supports ie. Labour and the Lib Dems or opposes ie. So the policy differences are miniscule, but are argued over and dress up as huge. The differences are minute. All the people to the right of Cameron say he is the same as Milibum. They say that everybody to the left of them is the same. The same is true of left-wing extremists. The tide is turning against centralism and federalism all across Europe, and the prospects of fundamental change in the way that the EU is constituted have never been better.

Our voice needs to be heard, and heard loudly. We have watched 50 years of this crisis building, with warnings at all points. The EU bureaucracy is now ensconced and has pulled up the drawbridge. They will sit in their castles, reject all reform and die there. Oh, and the UK has NO influence at all over this. Never has, and never will…. Yes, grasping monkeys, the lot of them. Dogmatic ones to boot. DH should really force this point home to DC. I seem to recall that a Greek man who was murdered by two Afghans in the hospital car park while he was visiting his pregnant wife had a lot to do with it.

The English, of course, do not even bat an eyelid when an English girl Charlene Downes is raped, murdered and turned into kebabs… and the killers are not only freed but presented with thousands of pounds compensation because of police incompetence. For some reason, the Greeks do tend to get upset when this sort of thing happens.

They will never admit that membership of the EU is a mistake. They are not Eurosceptics, they criticise a criminal banking class. Two entirely different things. Well done, matey. Now refute my undeniable intelligence if you can. That is the first hurdle many fail to take.

The next is to hear what they are actually saying.

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It is vital that the notion of European cooperation is not lost in the debate. Thankfully this is an issue that Farage repeatedly raises. Being anti EU is not to be anti close cooperation with our friends. By intelligence do you mean the things you know or your hat size and the way your head sticks out at the back? Anyone who ever read the Beppe blog will know who and what he criticises. I am willing to reproduce that here in a nutshell. A simple thank you will suffice. The fact that every single Tory MP signed this piece of pure deception should remind people than these fake eurosceptics have been maintained in the Tory party for the last 40 years, continuously — because they are very useful in attracting eurosceptic votes from the suckers — while for the last 40 years, the Tories have been signing treaty after treaty to the EU at the back door.

All the rest is just the same smoke and mirrors that they have been using for the last 4 decades. The other point, in an otherwise exellent article, Daniel is that you miss the doctrinaire nature of the federal social market model that all pro EU people hang the rest of their politial ideals on. That is right and left federalists end up becoming the same. They cannot see their other differences, as the few they have in common vastly outweigh their differences.

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With a few notable exceptions, the sad reality is that the Conservatives are part of the EUsocialmarket model party. Name-calling is easier than presenting ideas methodically. He may be right about the ovens if you read the technical studies on the oven manufacturers and the installations at Birkenau. That is why they used huge pits and railway sleepers to stack corpses on and burn them with such a glow that they could be seen from aircraft overhead. How that invalidates the fact of mass-slaughter requires a particularly nuanced form of French which signifies the speaker to be of a particular and somewhat unique social stratum.

Hi, Watch out Eurorats. The European democratic establishment is living up to its old name the European Union. I have lived outside Britain all my working life reading and writing in silly foreign languages at the moment feeling to develop throat cancer by tying to learn Dutch. I have never once received any papers to vote in a European election.

I have always been registered with the municipalities of my residence but never any form of democratic representation. Asking around I found this to be very common. Is the European parliament a place of honour without virtue, as a honest man nearly always thinks justly I expect no answer.

I question the democratic legitimacy of the European Parliament. The main problems with the European Union are the European Central Bank and the European Commission,actually, neither of which are elected or accountable to voters. The European Parliament has some democratic legitimacy, but it lacks the power to initiate new legislation-it can block it,though, and importantly,it can block the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership TTIP.

Search on google for details of that proposed agreement.

Here Come the Desert Pirates! The Men Who Live Free

By , when Cameron suggests we might have a Referendum on the EU, there will be nothing left of Britain. The rot — green energy policies, over-regulation, crazy immigration and welfare rulings, ECHR — will have taken hold. And Cameron was elected to stop the rot Labour were creating. But carry on muddling through, this PR substitute for doing something.

UKIP will pick up what the conservatives have dropped. He would have us believe that the tide of history is on his side and that the people of Europe are uniting around the need for division. Hannan has no time for the likes of Barroso and Van Rompuy. But I suspect, as he suggests, that he would be even more uncomfortable in the company of the protest movements that have sprung up across Europe in the face of the ongoing economic crisis.

The EC is not elected by the people; only by their own Elitist Class! He has a history of saying whatever his EC masters tell him to say. In a way, Barrosso typifies how out of touch the EC is; are the plebs going to revolt? Another Revolution in Europe, exactly years from the last one? I think Peter Oborne gave the best possible explanation that the EU Federalists are so fanatically wedded to their idiot ideology. In Britain, empiricism — most closely associated with Hume, though its roots can be traced back to William of Ockham and others — is the native inheritance.

Empiricism insists that all knowledge of fact must be based on experience. Most European schools of philosophy claim the exact opposite, namely that ideas are the only things that truly exist.

Kom an, kom an pirater (English translation)

This school of metaphysical idealism can be traced back through Hegel for whom history itself is the realisation of an idea and Kant to Plato. Anglo-Saxon empiricism and the idealism found on the Continent therefore prescribe directly opposite courses of political conduct. Empiricists are trained in scepticism and caution: if you put your hand in the fire once, you will not do so again. Idealists, by contrast, are much less likely to renounce a course of conduct or set of beliefs because reality gets in the way. So they concentrate on specific rules — honesty, decency, accuracy, compassion to friends or care for a particular community.

Idealists tend to embrace grand plans for social reconstruction or for general human salvation. They are much less worried by rule-breaking, especially if they believe that it serves the greater good. It is this underlying philosophical disposition that explains the continued reverence felt by the European political class for the euro, when empiricists would have given up long ago.

Indeed, it is impossible to avoid a certain grudging respect for the imperishable optimism of the single-currency enthusiasts, their absolute refusal to be deterred by adversity and contrary evidence.

Here come the pirates! Here come the pirates!
Here come the pirates! Here come the pirates!
Here come the pirates! Here come the pirates!
Here come the pirates! Here come the pirates!
Here come the pirates! Here come the pirates!
Here come the pirates! Here come the pirates!

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