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And I tell all my friends about her as well because I was so impressed with her program. Marla M. This testimonial is a video of Stephanie used my Forever Love Formula tools and she is now in a relationship in Love.

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Click on the link below to listen to this amazing video. Kim has great tools! She empowered me to speak my truth and create more fulfilling relationships with my business partner, husband, and new friends. With her time management skills I was able to pursue my PHD, write my second book, start walking again, and have more peace and empowerment in running my business.

I also have more confidence in speaking at my conferences. Kim is an engaging speaker who is able to keep the attention of a room full of women. She was well-prepared and her presentation was packed with useful and practical information. Well done with lots of aha moments.

From Invincible Professional to Irresistible Partner

In working with Kim I was able to uncover some issues that were truly holding me back. I was amazed to see how the growth in my dating life actually helped strengthen all areas of my life not just my dating life. I first came to Kim to have a better relationship with my boyfriend. Well, not only did I get that, at the time in my current job I received a raise, and was looking for another job and received the dream one, starting working out and lost weight, took up dance classes that I always wanted to do, saved money, went to Hawaii on vacation, deeper intimacy with my boyfriend, and a renewed excitement and energy in my life.

Kim is a powerful coach where you feel safe to be yourself and explore areas to have breakthroughs. And boy do you produce results. I came to Kim for relationships and discovered how to understand and communicate with my husband better.


Kim helped me understand my dynamics in the relationship and how to shift things for a more peaceful and loving relationship. I really like her no nonsense approach but very patient and kind. She really helped me implement positive changes.

What was most helpful in working with Kim was she really help me dissect my day, weeks, and months which help me feel less stress, more focus, and productive. I redesigned myself and my life and feel less stress with her awesome tools that she has in her back pocket. Kim provided me with huge growth in all areas of my life. I came to Kim for work and did not know I was going to get an Alison over hall! I increased my business, created more intimacy with my husband, spent more quality time with my kids, lost weight, sent out Christmas card for the first time in 6 years, but most importantly really connecting to my authentic self to what is important to me and for the first time really seeing myself as an inspiring leader with more confidence and overall having more peaceful in my life.

Earlier this year I realized that despite trying to convince myself otherwise, I desperately wanted to create a loving, committed relationship. In her calm, grounded way she helped me explore what I truly want in a partner, but more importantly, she helped me explore who I want to be as a woman. Sign up for this training to learn the 1 Reason you and millions of women just like you are struggling to find quality dates… no matter how successful, smart or good looking you are…and fill your calendar with quality dates and have everlasting love.

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Stone Bridge Press. Retrieved December 10, Archived from the original on X Japan. On the Verge of Destruction

Forever, Love Forever, Love
Forever, Love Forever, Love
Forever, Love Forever, Love
Forever, Love Forever, Love
Forever, Love Forever, Love
Forever, Love Forever, Love

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