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The database is particularly helpful for the identification of anonymous arms, thanks to the 'esperta' search option, by 'figure', 'smalti', and 'partizioni'.

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Following the suppression of the religious houses in Rome as a consequence of the creation of the new Kingdom of Italy with Rome as its capital, the libraries of the suppressed religious houses were confiscated for the benefit of the newly created National Central Library The Appendix to her article is reproduced here, listing the 78 libraries confiscated, their size and religious affiliation, reference to surviving catalogues of the original collections, and reproduction of ownership stamps and labels from many of the collections.

Illustrated database of former ownership marks ex-libris, stamps, manuscript annotations, bindings, etc. This type of brand was used in the Colonial period, in New Spain, by various religious orders and institutions such as colleges or seminaries, and also by private individuals. This Website presents a collective catalogue, with digital images belonging to different institutions. Since it is a collective catalogue the number of libraries participating will be increasing in the near future.

Download the PDF file. Provenance information in the Bibliotheca Manuscripta. It is not possible to click through to the bibliographic records, but its is a finding aid for identifying relevant materials held in the KB The Hague. It is the first database of precious bookbindings from the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th centuries for this part of Europe. The library stores c. Many of them are covered with original bookbindings. Especially interesting is the rich collection of not widely known Polish bookbindings.

Two, richly illustrated, volumes with 39 papers on provenance marks. Many papers painstakingly identify provenance marks in use at religious, administrative and educational institutions in Poland. An account of the project in French can be found in the Nouvelles du livre ancien , no. Rudomino , ed. Zhuravleva, N. Zubkov and E. Korkmazova, Moscow, , p. Download catalogue as PDF file. The records have digitised images of signatures and other provenance marks.

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The search interface is available in Catalan , Spanish and English. They appear as a secondary entry in the bibliographic records and in the specific copy field. As part of its work on the history of the Royal Library, the Real Biblioteca is creating two databases of interest for provenance research. Encuadernaciones de la Real Biblioteca : a database of bookbindings with digitised images. Base de datos de Ex libris de la Real Biblioteca : a database of armorial bindings, stamps, bookplates and inscriptions of former owners of items in its collections, with digitised images.

The data range from the 16th to the 19th centuries. View the results of this search. Each entry offers as much information as possible including biographical dates and activities, ownership marks and notes, as well as bookplates and bindings, all with digitized images and bibliographies. View the results for this search. ProBok , a database of bindings. The left-hand menus have links to indexes of authors, titles, printing towns, printers, dates, and also provenance names Vorbesitzer. The entries have digitised images of title pages, etc.

The web site is temporarily unavailable January The British History of books, which started in the early Middles Ages and continues to date, comprises not only the establishment of printed books in Great Britain, but also the import and buying of them. The private ownership of printed books is up to now a barely investigated question. Margaret Lane Ford addresses herself to this task in respect of the private ownership of printed books in the late 15th and early 16th century. For a contribution to The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain she has gathered evidences of provenances for the time period in question from over printed works in the past, books in private ownership had a high practical value and were of importance for the professionalism.

Classical and theological texts were indispensable for the university-educated and the students, while technical works were needed by merchants and handcrafters. Search EBOB.

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It was therefore decided to confine the working group's activities to ten provenances Table 1. Table 1 : Provenances included in international provenance experiment of Sitka spruce. These were selected to represent the major physiographical regions of the species' natural distribution.

Each institute received a seed sample of each lot and agreed to follow the prescriptions of the detailed working plan drawn up by the working group chairman 4. The working plan laid down detailed prescriptions on all aspects of the experiment from the pre-sowing stage through to the forest stage.

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The plan aimed at ensuring that all cultural and management treatments were carried out uniformly at all locations. The objective of the international experiment was to study provenance by site interaction between countries, plus genotype stability under different ecological conditions. Evaluation was and would be based on three stages:. The experiment would have a life of twelve years from seed.

Details of assessments proposed are listed in Appendix II. In addition to the International Ten Provenance Experiment, each Institute drew up its own plan for the other provenances they had obtained. The experiment was successfully sown in all participating institutes in and the nursery stage was completed by either autumn or This allowed the forest stage to be outplanted the following year.

In addition to the traditional style nursery experiment, a phytotron study was also carried out at Petawawa, Canada. The report contains the results of each individual institute, presented as a separate paper. In addition it was also possible to have a joint analysis of the data carried out. The results of the phytotron study were included by kind permission of the National Research Council of Canada, to complete fully the report of the Working Group's activities.

Though the working plan stipulated a specific regime of assessments, it was not possible for all collaborators to carry them out exactly for varying reasons. These ranged from killing winter frosts, to lack of suitable facilities and staff, to an unfortunate accident with a herbicide. The parameter most commonly assessed in this section was that of seed weight.

The general consensus of the results indicated that there was a significant difference between provenances in seed weight, with generally the Alaskan provenances being heavier. There was however no significant correlation with latitude of origin, subsequent height growth or any of the other seed source variables suggested in the working plan.

Where length was assessed so also was width, both being measured by a high percentage of the participants. Seed length variation between provenances was generally greater than that for width. They were generally correlated significantly with each other but not with latitude. When variation within seed parameters was examined it was found to be greatest among the Washington, Oregon and lower Skeena valley provenances.

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The former may be due to the different ecological conditions under which the southern end of the species evolved, and the latter to the fact that the Skeena river valley is considered to be an introgression zone between Sitka spruce and white spruce. Assessments under this heading were germination rate, capacity and cotyledon numbers.

Most collaborators assessed at least one of these parameters. Results tended to follow a similar pattern at each location. Germination rate between provenances was significantly different but no clinal pattern of variation was apparent. Rate was not correlated with any of the seed parameters, latitude of origin or one year height growth.

Though there was a significant difference between provenances in germination capacity, there was no correlation between this parameter and latitude, or any of the seed parameters.

Fifty-One: Provenance

Capacity was found to vary inversely with mean annual precipitation and mean April through August precipitation. General trend was for northern and outer coast provenances to have poorer germination.

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Cotyledon number ranged from 3 to 8 with a general mean in the region of 5. It was not correlated with latitude. Degree of relationship with seed length and seed weight varied between institutes. It was however found to be positively correlated with July mean maximum temperature. The heritability value of this parameter was also extremely high. At germination some chlorosis and seed cap retention was observed. It was confined to only one or two seedlings per provenance and was in no way correlated with any of the variables used in the experiment.

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Height growth at any of three stages was the most frequently assessed parameter of the three listed under this heading. Most institutes carried it out at end of 1 and 2 years. Where climatic or accidental damage occurred, assessments were confined to end of 1 year growth.

At all assessment dates there was a highly significant difference between the provenances. The time of assessment of this parameter had a considerable effect on the degree of the relationship which height growth had with many of the other variables. At two months height growth was significantly correlated with germination rate but not with latitude.

A negative correlation with latitude had developed by the end of 1 year's growth. By the end of two years latitude was having a major effect as indicated by the high negative correlation coefficients obtained by most collaborators. Over this period the effect of seed parameters had decreased rapidly. It's a plane? No, I'm really asking. What is it?

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Fifty One: Provenance Fifty One: Provenance
Fifty One: Provenance Fifty One: Provenance
Fifty One: Provenance Fifty One: Provenance
Fifty One: Provenance Fifty One: Provenance
Fifty One: Provenance Fifty One: Provenance
Fifty One: Provenance Fifty One: Provenance
Fifty One: Provenance Fifty One: Provenance

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