Dewey Decimal System, Part 1 Unit Study

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Students will be able to demonstrate basic understanding of the Dewey Decimal System and how to use decimal number order.

Dewey Decimal System, Part 2 Unit Study

Students should be able to look up a book in the on-line Destiny catalog and then find it independently on the library shelves. In this level, students will have expanded their prior knowledge, learned to figure out that books on the same topic are shelved together and realize that research is easier when you know how to navigate the Dewey Decimal System. Do a keyword search for candy. How many matches do you get?

How many books do we have on that subject?

dewey decimal classification: Topics by

Do another Visual search. This time, click on Science.

How many subjects are in the Science section? We are going on a scavenger hunt today. In order to prepare for this activity, please answer the following questions now:. If the numbers are the same, you will have to look at the letters, too. Directions:Please complete these questions. Walk and work quietly as you move around the library. Use the plastic markers to keep your place on the shelf if you pull a book out to look at it. Books with call number Look in a book with the call number What type of writing do you find in books with call numbers?

Is it a poetry book or an encyclopedia?

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Find one book with the call number Write the title of one book by this author here:. Find Goal 1: What information have you found that represents the type of information one might find in your particular section of Dewey?

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You may use books as props. Goal 4: Videotape your creation for presentation to be combined with other students work to introduce other classes to the Dewey Decimal System. The only surviving source is a microfilm, an incomplete and garbled document comprising a mixture of typewritten pages with pages of an early Dewey Decimal Classification the 4th edition?

In some instances the shelflist itself was the documentation: the cataloger was required to study it, deduce the system, and add new items accordingly.

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One thing that helped hold things together was undoubtedly that the same person would catalog in a subject area for many years and would "know" the system. On the other hand this also meant that inexplicable peculiarities errors really would go on for years, uncorrected by any authority-- for example, the single-letter "Cutter numbers" someone created for years in , and the mess of second lines someone else made of I have come to believe that English, French and German literatures were due for new call numbers for the 20th Century namely , , , and that personnel turnover wiped that plan from collective memory.

Much of the information about shelf order was passed on to me by Mr William E Carr, who worked in the Butler stacks from to , and as Stack Supervisor for about the latter half of that time. Bill's comments on order always matched the shelflist and the microfilm document that I only found while researching this paper, and his uncompromising training of a generation of shelvers was the principal force against the chaos that the peculiarities of Columbia Classification could easily have created.

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I hope that this information will be of assistance to the staff who will be dealing with the million books in Columbia Classification for years to come. Name and Locations. The main library collection at Columbia University has never had a proper name of its own.

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  • It is commonly known today as Butler, which is properly the name of the the building in which it is located, or else as Circulation or the Stacks. The term General Library, used in some library documents, is probably the best name to use in an historical account, since the library has been in other buildings, has not always circulated books, and has not always been shelved in bookstacks. The General Library is the collection that goes back to the founding of the university after the American Revolution, and was originally the only library.

    The library was therefore called the Columbia College library before the name change.

    The reader must understand that references to the "college" before usually refer to the whole university including the graduate schools. There are now two types of call numbers in the General Library.

    Dewey Decimal System, Part 1 Unit Study Dewey Decimal System, Part 1 Unit Study
    Dewey Decimal System, Part 1 Unit Study Dewey Decimal System, Part 1 Unit Study
    Dewey Decimal System, Part 1 Unit Study Dewey Decimal System, Part 1 Unit Study
    Dewey Decimal System, Part 1 Unit Study Dewey Decimal System, Part 1 Unit Study
    Dewey Decimal System, Part 1 Unit Study Dewey Decimal System, Part 1 Unit Study

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