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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Trevor has a few drinks and fesses up to wanting to be the 'scabbard', some questionable shenanigans ensue, which Adrian sufficiently beats himself up for and Trevor sufficiently logics his way around, and then slooooooow, sensual shenanigans yay alliteration ensue. Post S2. Trevor stumbles home in a bad way only to discover Alucard isn't well either.

Feelings are shared, some truths are set free, there's tears and sex eventually. Set way back in S5 Cas is tired of finding Dean in seedy motels, and Dean's tired of feeling out of control. Anyway, the weekend was a fantastic visit with Sue, Les and MOnique, good food and wine and conversation interspersed with two days of grindingly difficult work. The class was tough. The work was really above the skill level of several students in the class and that makes it hard for the teacher who wants everyone to be happy.

Of course that's something that is never going to happen so I don't know why I persist in trying to make everyone happy. Story of my life. I'm in the throes of the shortening daylight blues and thrown into that the September gardens just aren't looking too great this year. The terrace border is a disappointment right now. Normally the NOra Leigh phlox is blooming along with the rudbeckia and sedum. Well the phlox is just about finished, and one of the sedums in the front terrace is just barely blooming this year.

The heliopsis in the sundial garden got a terrible case of mildew and I'm going to cut it down and that is normally still blooming this time of the year. I know I'm whining but can't help it. Maybe if I run out to HD and tuck a bunch of cheap asters in the blank spots I'll be happier. Some friends of ours wanted some friends of theirs to come over and see the gardens and that will be Friday evening and I'm wondering why I let them talk me into this. They couldn't come in August and this was the earliest weekend in Sept that worked so now there is zip going on.

Kathy, thanks for asking, I'm not among the missing just not feeling like an upbeat contributor lately. I'm loving your pics especially that bamboo. What a beauty. Woody, I read your post to Doug and he asked me if I wanted to go to Canada to pick up a couple more Bengals. LOL How sad for those poor cats. I can't imagine what a challenge a Bengal that hasn't been socialized would be. I've got a couple in my East garden and they are real performers.

I'm thinking I'm going to find room for a few more of them as they always look great. Wendy, YES, now is the time to start getting any coleus cuttings you want to keep. I've found if you wait until the nights start getting any colder than this they become more difficult to root. Reminds me that I need to get on that myself. This has been one of those weeks that are at least a month long. On the positive side, 3 of the puppies have been adopted out! Two of them to the same family - I just love when that happens! And the big news, I got the name of a really good but reasonably priced landscape crew think multiple big burly guys!

I'm calling this week. Not the happiest of mornings, but amazingly the world goes on no matter what events -- I always find the resilience of the spirits of the Idylls to be that way as well Oddly, the sun is shining here and in the 70s -- cool cool weather. I hope we all get to enjoy that. Jerri - I think it's wonderful when plans come right and nice things happen -- I hope the rest of the pups get adopted very soon too.

Deanne - I cant imagine your garden not looking wonderful no matter what month or season it is -- heck, you have all those terrific birds in the dead of winter, even then - lots to watch. In fact, it might be hard to pick a favorite time? Altho I think you said you have a preference for July. I dearly hope to see them in person next Spring or summer - a promise to myself! Julie on your other thread -- Im envious of that fact that you mentioned you have free bricks -- that's fantastic -- I have to lug mine home from the local "Home Cheapo" in groups of 30 usually Are you planning on lining all your beds with the brick?

V - I meant to say earlier how very much I love how your Inta path has turned out -- it's really lovely and Im very envious.

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Michelle, I look forward to seeing all of your photos of Colorado -- as an easterner who's never been west, I know I'd be fascinated to see them all. Well, today is certainly a pause and reflect -- Autumn is definitely on its way - I think I may have to start beginning to bring some plants inside -- getting some of those agaves ready for their winter inside. We've had quite a bit of rain this week and I dont want them to rot at the last couple of weeks. Yoohoo Julie A brick project is familiar territory for me! I edged all the front beds and the living room bed in the backyard with bricks last year.

I like the look and I hope never to have to trench edge the garden again! Did you use the metal edging between the grass and the bricks? I think that's a very important thing to do to keep the grass from creeping between the bricks. It took me from the end of May to near the end of October last year to do them all. I know what you mean about setting a quota of a number of bricks to do a day - I aimed for about 6 minimum - more on cool days!

Really hot days I was lucky to get any done We had a relatively productive morning today although we didn't really do anything - the new kitchen stove arrived it was supposed to arrive this afternoon , a tree service came and gave us a quote on pruning the deadwood out of the ash in the backyard and a contractor came to look at the patio - we need to have part of it removed and then they need to dig down to renew the waterproofing.

When they're done that, they will replace the concrete in that area with patio stones that match and are aligned with the stones of the ramp I built last year off the patio. They will have to shift the ramp over by about 6" to make everything line up. I expect it will all be a bit pricier that I'd like! It'll be a few days before we get their quote. OhOh, I didn't think about stuff getting inbetween the bricks, so, nope, I didn't put in that stuff between bricks and grass. But never too late, right? Next summer you may hear lots of moaning and groaning about having to inset that for every garden.

But my lot isn[t very big so I need a project every summer so I'll just save that one It was too nice to work today so I read instead. Kitchen is still not done. Dinner isn't even thought of yet. Woodyoak, your talk about the patio reminds me The big attraction for a patio in the back is that I could ask Deanne's advice and put big planters on it. Adrian planted a seed out of one of his lunch apples this Spring and of course it grew The seed was from a Royal Gala. Are they Hybrids? Could get just about anything Rex was able to practice is "good boy" manners this afternoon.

The "backhoe" guy showed up at 4 PM promptly and we did the "walk about" helpmeet was sailing. I went over what we had in mind, noting the questions he asked and I was unable to answer. The helpmeet arrived home while he was still here and we were able to answer those questions. The "backhoe guy" is terrific. We really appreciate that; he has been accomdating and very thorough and it looks as though Friday is the day.

Probably ought to make sure to take some "before" shots tomorrow, huh? I'm nearly finished with the big enclosure for the restaurant and aside from some unpleasant, "if it had been me" or "I KNOW we talked about this very thing" wherethehellistheworkorder? I can't wait until Friday.

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  6. It was a beautiful day today, but I confess I barely took notice of it. I'm just sad, and it's not the usual "endofsummer blues". I feel small, insignificant, and foolishly silly for lamenting my trivial woes. Thinking of Eden, Cynthia, Michelle, and others who have greater worries on their plates. Hoping, too, that they will "come out to play" again shortly.

    And who is this "Julie person"? OK, now I know who the "Julie person" is I'm all for inclusiveness but more importantly I'm all for another person who is has good sense of humor. We are finally getting some rain here! It's been cool and drizzly all day with more coming as we get the remains of Hurricane Ike on Friday.

    Sometimes this weather is really nice and it sure makes for good weeding afterward. The state fair starts here this week. We didn't go last year but I think we'll try to make it this year. I love going through the animal barns and the chance to sit and people watch. Chelone, I agree with your feelings. Quote: It was a beautiful day today, but I confess I barely took notice of it. Not much to add here tonight. I had a meeting after work, and although I was home by pm, there was precious little sunlight left. There were two deer in the driveway, though.

    Julie, I'm glad you found your way to the "proper" thread. What are you reading? Lots of us are dedicated readers. It's one I can live without! Not awful, but not worth recommending. Next up is "Oak" by William Bryant Logan, a non-fiction book. Chelone, I'm thinking those are some mighty big onions that you are digging if you need a backhoe! I think I shall make this an early night. We have a group of community college students coming tomorrow for a two-day hands-on experience program, and I have to be perky and inspiring in the morn.

    OK, at the very least I have to be lucid! I see that Julie has wandered over here and settled in. Julie, be cautious about asking Deanne for container advice, as she is a known addict what was that count? As we continue to hear about the mysterious garden with brick edging on a small lot with a wine-deck we will become more insistent about photos!

    Lol Saucy, V and I secretly discussing politics! Only if the Cubs and the Dodgers are running for Pres. But why do that? I will try lasagna-ing the next time I want to create a new bed. Not here though. Hi Deanne.. I say go for the cheap aster solution- or maybe some mums. I know how you feel, I have some pretty crummy looking areas too, and I cut back a whole bunch of stuff last weekend because it all looked so bad! Your visitors will probably be wowed by it anyway-your garden looking sad is probably leagues better than most peoples looking good..

    Jerri, you just amuse the heck out of me with your little offhand remarks. A week that is a month longto that I can relate. And its usually the week before vaca! The helpmeet fired up the weedwacker last night and buzzed the overgrown areas so we'll be able to put down day-glo marking lines for Mr. I can't wait to get to work and finish the big restaurant enclosure. Closure on enclosures is a great feeling. But I really can't wait to get home and just be outdoors with the huge one who has obliged me when I've felt the need to kick something and the squadron of kitties.

    Julie, listen to Kathy's words regarding Deanne. She's the container "pusher" I'm distracted this morning, a full day on the docket and this is the sort of day that makes me grateful for my work. My hands are occupied, the routine and procedures are well established, and my mind is free to roam and sort things out. I don't know what the temperature is outside, but a quick look shows everything still standing Yes, Saucy got an orchid to rebloom mind you it only has 3 leaves I am currently reading The Shack.

    All I can tell you at this point is that the foreward was well written, but it put me right to sleep. Magic did not happen. No one came. I knew when she wrote SunnyD and I down in her appt. Actually, in a funny way, magic did happen because my family has had to pick up after themselves twice and the house looks pretty nice I bought all new brasierres yesterday The ladies will stand at attention a little better than they did yesterday.

    ATXXX - Effizienz (Japanische Kampfhörspielen cover)

    It's amazing what the foundation garment does for the outside, isn't it Chelone? Wishing a backhoe was coming here Off to New York today and I've decided to drive in but was darn sure I could get guaranteed parking, first. Lots of activity in the city today, I'm sure, but business beckons so will do what I need to do then get outta "Dodge". Last of the heirloom tomatoes devoured last night and with the rain this year they were few and far between and really enjoyed.

    Moved a bunch of the tall marigolds out of the raised bed and on to the south side of the house with the hope they'll survive. One more word of caution about Deanne for Julie: If you even think you might like fuchias and need a recommendation, get specific or you'll end up with ten varieties Talked with Ky a little longer than usual last night and Rich talked with Jen and we ended up making Holiday plans.

    Early, yes, but comforting I spent the day yesterday crying off and on because I heard some news about a friend that just shocked me, it was so sudden and unexpected. I was surprised at how much this effected me because I haven't known this friend long. But she has shared so many personal stories about her life, that I guess I feel a connection with her and her family that surprised me.

    I don't really want to share the details about my friend's crisis here and I don't feel much like making small talk, but I thought you all would understand how I am feeling. Welcome to Julie I promise to offer a more enthusiastic welcome at a later date. Jeesh, Julie, don't listen to any of these people here. I'd give you perfectly reasonable and rational advice on getting some HUGE container gardens going. He, he Deanne rubbing her hands together here. Containers and patios just go together. Kathy, it's actually closer to this year. I had a few add-ons. They can do a drive by of the front containers but the perennial borders are off limits for viewing.

    I'm really surprised that so much of the foliage has gone dormant earlier this year than in previous years. I didn't believe Saucy but tried it and it makes a great bed, doesn't lose all that green material and soil the grass provides once its composted. Saucy, nothing more 'uplifting' than a new foundation garment. I'm in need of some myself. The Rajii totally cracked me up this morning. I did my usual door duty at 6 and he promptly ran outside then stopped dead in his tracks, hunkered down, pouffed up his fur then ran like h e - l back into the house.

    I guess he wasn't expecting 47 degrees. Silly boy. I told him it's time for him to put on a bit more of his winter coat. Yes indeed, the cold weather is coming. Beautiful morning in Eastern Ontario this morning - Ajax the pup thought so too and got up at 5 a. DDS leaves for work at about that time so the dog must have heard him You will note that sometimes I refer to my men as D something or P something. I wouldn't want anyone to think that I am a saint for living with six guys when there are really only three :.

    It's gonna rain here for the next three days. Of course it's a week-end. Of course, DS who works outside is scheduled for all three days. Of course DH has his final all day golf tournament on Saturday. And of course there is no school on the week-ends. I had kind of hoped to get this done this week-end, but with everybody in the house, I won't be able to throw anything out - you know - we might need that dried up polyfiller sometime I thank you all for the Deanne alerts - but I know about her addiction problems from another forum I thought I was safe, but then I went to a seminar this Spring about container planting and tried a large one on my front patio and it really worked well and Saucy - I am an orchid lover!

    I have about a dozen, and I get most of them to rebloom. They got kind of roasted in my solarium window this spring because I forgot to open it, but they have revived very well sitting outside under the patio table on the deck - shady but breezy there, and we have had lots of rain this year so the humidity level has been good for them.

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    Those are the guys who have to spend the winter under lights in my junk aka plant room. Chelone, are you going to open a restaurant? I specialize in P food - meat and potatoes, a few veggies, dessert only if it has chocolate in it. You don't want my advice.

    I've been reading a lot of James Patterson lately but now I'm getting tired of him. I tend to binge on authours - find a book I like and then ready everything that person has written. I usually find that the first several books are pretty good and then either I become jaded or the authors start to get a little carried away, so then I have to find a new one We have a good library here in Hicksville Perth Ontario. Well, I had better going or there will not be any new bricks.

    Hopefully I will get the photo thing organized. DD is coming over on her bicycle today - 90 kms. She has her own set of challenges but technology is not one of them :. Deanne, that's too funny about Raj! I can just see him now. The dogs always love it when the weather turns cool.

    It's so fun to watch them ramp around. Julie, how old is your DD? That sounds like a fun bike trip. I'm ashed to admit I have to look up the conversion for kms. LOL There's a lot to be said for Idyll diversions during tragedies. Hugs to all. LOL Julie. My motto? I am well known in "these paHts" as someone who hates kids and dogs and our's is a household that has long championed regular beatings for both.

    I do not cook. I clean up the trail for the helpmeet who is a good cook. I am now going to rant about the necessity of maintaining capital equipment because my generally glum mood has made me more cross than I usually am and Wrecks has taken quite a hit in the past few days scroll down to by-pass. I have worked very hard over the years to purchase equipment that makes my work easier to perform.

    I know how much it costs to invest in capital and being "anal" Hi Sue, Hi V. I take good care of it and get very cross when it's appropriated without my permission and ESP. ALL my machines I have several are oiled, timed, and adjusted properly, and in good working order in spite of their age some are nearly yrs. I clean them regularly and when they operate poorly I have the mechanic look them over.

    The "workhorse" machine at work has been operating poorly for over a month now and nothing has been done about. I had to rethread the machine at least 3 times each for the 6 stitching runs required of my latest project. I have tried repeatedly to correct the problem, but know this is job for the mechanic. I've mentioned it frequently and have been told, "the machine doesn't like you". It shouldn't have taken more than 1 hr.! I did not have the luxury of moving to another machine because I needed the tabling to support the runs that were over 12' long.

    I did as much sewing as I could stand then cleaned the floor area where I will have to do the layout tomorrow morning. I just picked up my next book at the library. I have ready nearly all Ms. OK, probably time to don the "thinking cap", wrangle the garden hose to set a pleasing curve, and break out the day-glo paint. Thoughts to Eden today, hoping you're holding up as well as can be expected, and wanting you to know I think of you and your family every day, too.

    Hello all. Twins are down for a nap and I feel that I could use one, too. I went shopping with the two of them for the first time. They were as good as a two year old could be, I was very proud of them. No nagging for things plus they said 'thank you' to the cashier when she rang up their HotWheels cars and handed the cars back to them to carry out of the store.

    I'm not sure how much was luck in that they weren't use to being in a store with Grammie, thus they weren't sure what they could get away with ;o and how much was that they are still not completely in the terrible two stage. I also took them over to my mother's house for a visit.

    My other two grands arrived with their mother my oldest daughter so all 4 grands were able to play together for awhile. James is almost 5 years old now, the twins are two and Thomas is 15 months, so their ages are sufficiently apart that they seem to have their pecking order sorted out for now anyway. We picked apples from mom's trees so that we can make some apple crisp later today. I had just been thinking a few days ago about how long it has been since I've had fruit directly off of a tree I miss that.

    Mom's Italian Prunes aren't quite ripe yet, but I did eat one and look forward to those being ripe next week. Our weather here has been warm and dry. There is no rain in the forecast for the next 7 days.

    Nuts in May

    I absolutely love having the deck coveredwhich is great as as soon as we started the project I realized that I was loosing my view of the trees in the upper back yard, from the kitchen and dining area. No longer would I be able to stand at the kitchen sink and watch the elk grazing nor see the tree line. Thankfully the deck roof looks very nice not the ugly 'add-on' to the back of the house as we feared along with shading a portion of the back of the house it faces east and keeping the deck dry.

    I think Deanne asked about whether we were going to enclose the deck with screen or windows? Yes, we do hope to do that next year and also install lighting along with ceiling fans. The house makes a little 'L' shape around the deck and we have a little concern about whether in the heat of the summer we may have dead air space therethus the ceiling fans. It has been a great project so far. Next on the list is to put up the fishscale siding on the peak of the family room next to the new deck roof.

    It has only been 18 years since we put the siding up and meant to do the peak groan!!! I do not care I just want it done. Just get it done -- pretty please?! My mind has been flying all over the place these past few days I spent the entire day yesterday with my mother at the hospital.

    She was getting an IV infusion that took hours, I sat in the waiting room for Day Surgery and it was heartwrenching to see families coming with loved ones for chemo, for small surgeries that turned out to be big problems thus tears and phone calls on the waiting room phoneno privacy for them unfortunately , hearing the life flight helicopters arrive and leaveimagining the many tears that fall in a place such as that.

    Idyll 416: Idyll Light

    It is impossible not to have your heart ache for their heartbreaks, but also impossible not to mentally count my many blessings when I see what others have to contend with. I have absolutely nothing to grouse about in my own life in comparison to so many others. Oh man! I have never had anything like this happen to me! I was mowing the lawn and encountered a yellow jacket's nest.

    They got me on both hands, on my right ankle, and inside my t-shirt on my upper right chest. I jumped off the tractor and made a mad dash for the back door. Two came in with me OW ow ow! I dabbed meds on all the stings and took two antihistimines and two pain pills.

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    4. Las Lenguas En LA EUROPA COMUNITARIA. Vol. 1-3 (French Edition)!
    5. My company is coming tomorrow night. They may be taking care of me! Nolon took spray out and sprayed them enough to get to their hole with gasoline. I did not get all the mowing done Oh Marian, that is terrible! I hope that nothing but healing developes. While I love my bees, I have a healthy fear of ground nesting wasps and bees!

      Today was the anniversary of my grandmother's passing. I thought about her a great deal. I miss her letters dearly. She used to have a habit of "saving paper" and would write you a letter on any old thing, lol! The really good ones came on the Kipplinger Letter, where she would underline and write things in the margin like, "you should get into this line of work, Lisa. She was truly a pioneer of her time Had her first home, car, and business before she got married I thought that today would be best spent on manual labor and began to dig out the path for the Goddess Garden Julie, I recently purchased statues of the Goddess' of the Four Seasons - lest you think I'm some weirdo with a G.

      Garden : and I made it about 15' or so. I turned the sod soil side up on to the future garden area, and placed a layer of shredded paper in between browns So my path will be lined with brick, LOL! I'm going to do a decomposed granite path lined with brick I don't know where I got the idea : Actually, I'm copying Tower Hill's pathways, and they get more traffic than my ladies will ever see. I have so many undone projects around here I feel downright giddy to know that you're getting something wrapped up!

      Oh, Magic was in the hospital! Gall bladder You mark my words Gall bladder problems are on the rise because of the new not so new anymore acid reducing meds! Your gb has to work harder because there wasn't as much acid to break foods down. I read the tiniest snip-it somewhere, and I think it makes sense.

      Anyway, someday you'll say you heard it from me, first. Just like the drier sheet advice, right V? I was thinking today how important my friends here met and unmet! Kindness, respect, humor, camaraderie and knowledge all offered readily every day in every season. Julie, assuming all guys in your household were named Phil there for a moment-thanks for the clarification! So whats the deal with this wine-making operation you have going on in the basement? Sounds vaguely disreputable, but Im confident its all above board. Chelone opening a restaurant?? Are there restaurants that serve only gin and tonic?

      I think thats her specialty. Marian, hope you are feeling ok! We had a story from our hostess at one of the IU gardens that sounded quite a bit like what happened to you! Thanks goodness you dont have allergies. Do the stings swell up? I have never been stung by a yellow jacket and my last bee sting was when I was a teenager. Saucy, what progress youve made! Those Goddesses will shower you with favors for your diligent attention to providing them with a place of honor.

      Rhymes with Anal -

      Poor Magic! I guess she had a good excuse. I liked some things about it, mostly the art direction-I liked that the interiors were darkish and didnt look as though Henry was burning watt bulbs in all the rooms at the castle. Ending scene showing Liz 1 as a child running through a field, dead rip-off of the end of Anne of a Thousand Days. Liked Natalie Portmans performance. T , so glad to see you come by!

      Denise and I have been doing our best to hold down the fort for the Pacific Time Zone. I love fish scale shingles of any kind-are yours wood or a composite of some sort? It sounds like youve had a very productive summer in spite of the visible house wrap. Deanne, I do remember you saying you had some empty containers behind the shed awhile back.. I was resolved to keep most of mine empty with the alleged move and all but they have slowly trickled out to position filled with Plants I Must Not Buy.

      You may wish to review your last post, as I was wondering why V had stud-ets coming to her house. Is this similar to a dudette?? I can see why you asked what sort of hands on training her Studettes were receiving. It has been over 4 hours since the stings, and the pain is constant even yet, dispite all the pain meds that I have taken. It is one of the worse pains I have experienced, and most of you know I live with pain daily. The one on my chest isn't bothering me at all, but my ankle and hands are excruciating!

      The swelling isn't bad. I was afraid to try to get to the tractor to mow some more, because there were still yellow jackets flying around the hole, so Nolon moved it and I went ahead and mowed a lot more. I may not get any inside work done before the kids get here, but at least the yard looks pretty good. Marian-sorry I haven't read above but have you tried a baking soda paste? That draws out the 'venom' and might help some with the pain. Amazingly straight ammonia will also neutralize the bee's saliva.

      Sorry you are hurting. I do know that pain after whacking into my hedge with the lawn mower and suddenly I was face to face with a hovering posse of white faced hornets. I probably looked comical when I screamed and ran for my life. Honestly I'm amazed I only got stung by one but it hurt like the dickens. Students, they were students! And they were at work, not at my house. They got to see all aspects of whatever it is that we do at my mysterious workplace. Saucy, I didn't realize Cleaning Fairies had gall bladders. If it's any consolation, my current really good cleaning lady missed her first date because she was in the hospital, but it all worked out.

      And I don't use anything stronger than Tums. Marian, my DH had a similar experience about two weeks ago, but he got away with only one sting. Nasty things! I never had a sting of any kind until my 40th birthday, and then I got a yellow jacket sting - yowzers! Almost as painful as trying to solve my DD's cellphone problems. Her phone died, and I am having a dickens of a time getting the phone replaced. The cell phone company wants me, her and the phone in the same place.

      Can't happen And then they tell me telesales is open until 10, but they close at 9. Sorry Marian about your run in with the yellow jackets. Definitely very painful. I did the exact same thing when in my twenties. Ran over a ground nest with the mower. Only time I have ever been stung that I remember. I hope one of the remedies offered might help with the discomfort and that it feels a whole lot better tomorrow.

      I didn't get a chance to say how much I enjoyed the photos of the area near your Mom. I am so glad she has such a beautiful area to look out on. My favorite was the one with the lighthouse. I was just thinking today that I basically started posting here right after Christmas last year. It feels like a longer time than that.

      I guess I am not the new kid on the block any more either. Anita and Julie I think get that distinction now. Most people here have known each other a lot longer than that. Nice to see 'T' again! Your post reminded me of why you might not be posting too often! Wow, what a busy busy life you have. Other than that, I am hopelessly behind and hope I will be forgiven for just picking up where I am Well after working on sprucing up the gardens all week to get ready for my garden tour tonight it looks like its going to rain. Go figure?!

      I did pick up a few cheap asters for some color and it made a huge difference. I also moved one of the larger containers into the middle of the second tier and that filled a gap there. So now that all is looking as good as it can for this time of the year it will rain so we can't do a walkabout. Julie "Deanne alerts"!

      LOL Glad to hear you did a nice large container for your front patio. PHotos please???? Chelone, I don't think there is anything more annoying than a sewing machine that doesn't work properly. I used to sew in a past life and it made me crazy when I had to re thread the machine because I couldn't get the tension right. I can't imagine having to work with machines that aren't working right. I'd be ripping my hair out and cussing. Marian, so sorry about the yellow jackets I got stung in my mouth last fall and it was excruciating.

      Hope you're feeling better today. I've been typing in Notepad instead of Word so it doesn't catch my typos. OK I've got to go and water the containers then clean the house up then go to the grocery etc. Let's all hope that that storm lessens in intensity before it hits the Texas coast. The National WEather Service has told people to evacuate or they are taking their lives in their hands.

      Marian - how are those stings this morning? I was stung by a wasp or hornet not sure which It hurt like the dickens for days and it was only one sting! Multiple ones must be agony. I'm impressed that you could still mow shortly afterwards! Whatever it is that has set up housekeeping in my deck box is very protective of their space so I haven't been able to use the lounge chair lately.

      We will not attempt to do anything about them until deepest winter when hopefully they are solidly dormant! Nolon is either brave or foolish or both Re bricks Julie, and others - one disadvantage of putting the metal edging between the bricks and the grass is that it would make changing bed shapes much more work. As soon as I finished the brick around the beds in the front last year, I thought of some changes that would be good - but it's not going to happen because I'm not taking it all apart again!

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      Without the edging, Round-up may be an essential maintenance tool I think. Actually, even with the edging I'm keeping a close eye on the grass as it tends to flop over the edge of the bricks and I'm concerend that some of the creeping sorts may still be able to flop and root into the beds, so I keep watch for that. Damp morning here so far. I needed to do some deadheading but it's not going to happen this morning! Chelone, you posted something about finishing something for a restaurant enclosure so I thought you were opening a restaurant! Now I get it - it has something to do with the work you do Oh well, I'll learn!

      My DD is thirty years old and is very independant.

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