The Cinco de Mayo Reckoning

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She had a vision and work very hard to make that vision a reality. Putting on a production of this scale is no easy task.

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And though she had the help of many, much of that help would have been absent had she not worked so hard on her own end. Christine, a marvelous job by you! Monday, April 23, The Weekly Reckoning 4.

The Cinco de Mayo Reckoning (Paperback)

Image courtesy of teaching. As has been communicated to you, the DOE has made some strong recommendations to the district and as such the enforcement of all required guidelines must be observed. Be sure to make the most of this time, since I know your other time will seem lost. Document Logs Due on Friday, April 27th Look to upload the documents quality not quantity that best speak to the descriptions outlined in the graphic above.

You will receive these certificates either today or tomorrow. I know they were promised last week, but those certificates did not include the three hours you are expected to earn on Tuesday and Wednesday. So, thus the delay. I will still issue the hours in advance of the participation, so you can upload and account for them so don't make me look like a liar ; Should you be short of the required 20 hours of PD following the issuance of this certificate, you can then use Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon to complete some relevant webinars offered through MLP.

Upon receipt, you must upload the certifcate and submit it through MLP for final approval this step must be done from your end and cannot be initiated by me. For instructions on how to do this, consult the screencast sent previously on the process and contained in the Department Share Folder. Many will consider the measurement of the abilities of others to be odious myself included , but it cannot be denied that this is inevitable.

As Bernard Shaw's quote attests, the measurement of others is most accurate when it is done on a continual basis. Though we may not like the manner by which we are measured, the standardization of the process is the best means for equity.

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It would be imprudent of us to assume one's abilities without attempting to measure them first. These measurements are not completely accurate and predictive of all future outcomes, but they are a basis for identifying areas of strength and weakness which can be used to advance growth. Monday, April 16, The Weekly Reckoning 4. Welcome Back! I hope everyone had a restful and relaxing Spring Break! If you took this time to travel, I hope your trip brought you joy and fun experiences.

My furthest travel was to a conference hosted at Google Headquarters And I can say I had a fun experience and learned that mega-corporations can be structured creatively and thus allow creativity to flourish. If you did not travel, then I guess you know what it is like to experience Spring Break in Canada, because that's what our weather felt like at least it didn't snow.

Regardless, I hope you are ready to dig in your heels and begin to prepare for the final 10 weeks of the — school year. Here are some things to consider in the first of those 10 weeks:.

Cinco de Mayo celebrates a battle, not independence

Monday, February 12, The Weekly Reckoning 2. Good Day SuperStars! We have an abbreviated but busy week; here are some things for your consideration for the four days to come: Image Courtesy of Google Images Department Meeting — Wednesday We will meet in the C-wing Media Center I have set a goal for a minute meeting Please be prompt—The sooner we start, the sooner we end If you have an issue with attending, state your reason here do not send an email Team Meetings — Thursday After a month off, each team should be itching to collaborate.

SGO Forms should feature the following before submission Accurate headings e. Your spreadsheet if sharing via link, be sure to provide "sharing" privileges; "view "or "comment" Baseline Data Summary Strategy Artifacts just a copy of the rubric will suffice Strategies Summary brief description of techniques employed for instruction of mastery When satisfied; Hit SUBMIT Cycle 2 Observations — thru the month of March The good news just keeps rolling ; 2nd cycle observations will be hot and heavy this month and next.

I know that this brings a sense of anxiety to some. So if you had an announced observation during Cycle 1 you should expect to receive an Unannounced observation for Cycle 2. This is not an attempt to play "gotcha," it is merely complying with the law. Personally, I look forward to visiting with you and your students—even if the feeling is not mutually held Featured Resource — Grammar Dog This is a redo, but we think it's worthy of alerting you to it once more Visit the folder in our Share Folder for grammar activities that directly relate to content i.

This enables you to easily share them as "Kami Assignments" another featured resource through your Google Classroom Image courtesy of MemesHappen. You don't need any of my musings this week.

Just remember, when you make it through this week You get four days to recover! Monday, February 5, The Weekly Reckoning 2.

Terry Money (Author of The Cinco de Mayo Reckoning)

Welcome to Super Monday! I'm sure many among us were up late watching last night's Super Bowl. Some watch for the game, some for the commercials, some for the halftime show, and some for the sheer spectacle, but I'm sure many-to-most watched and stayed up quite late to do so. I've still got a few, so pay me a visit The raffle will be drawn this Thursday at 2 pm Mr. Now is the time to plan for continuity.

If you are not making book requests for unit 3, you should still submit a Form for pickup of your Unit 2 books. Don't let them lie around the classroom unnecessarily. They did so by embracing the role of "underdog". They earned the underdog status, despite having the league's best record, when their starting quarterback, Carson Wentz, went down to injury late in the season. Stepping in to take his place was a journeyman quarterback that had done nothing of note for the previous four years.

That afterthought of a player, who spent most of the season making zero contributions to the team's winning ways, was Nick Foles and he is now a Super Bowl Champion and the game's MVP. He achieved the highest level of football success after contributing almost nothing to his team for most of the season. Within your classes right now, you may find students that have contributed little and have done even less.

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However, yesterday's Super Bowl should show us that it is never too late for someone to step up and achieve greatness. I encourage you to find the "backup quarterback" in your classes. See if you can identify the students that posess strong talent, but perhaps have not yet matched these talents with success. Look to encourage and assist them so they can feel the sense of confidence that will elevate their "game. Monday, January 29, The Weekly Reckoning 1.

Well, we have hit the halfway point of the school year. That's right; 90 days down, 90 more to go! A pessimist would say "the glass is half empty. So here are some things to consider in the week ahead: We can fill this cup! Apex Learning Training — Tuesday, January 30th All Freshmen-level teachers will report to FX for the second of two training sessions The training will be a full-day event and coverage will be provided for ALL of your classes. If you have not yet issued a benchmark assessment; you should likely do so to assist you in this process You will need to submit your SGOs by the 15th Influenza Abounds!

We have had a number of members of our community fall ill with the flu in recent weeks. If you do not have a couple of bottles of hand sanitizer in your classrooms, be sure to request it 9 through the Department Site and encourage its use aggressively Groundhog Day — Friday, February 2nd It has been a crazy winter thus far; with subzero cold spells followed by degree spring days I don't know about you, but I personally feel sorry for Punxsutawney Phil; he's likely to be wrong no matter what happens with his shadow I'm sure you all are rooting for an early spring In our classrooms, we might sometimes feel as though we are reliving the same day over and over again when students make the same errors time and time again.

You could view this as a frustration, or you can view it as an opportunity. In the film, Murray's character is initially frustrated, until he begins to pay attention to the little details of the day. So rather than view repetitive errors as a frustration, you should view it as a focus. Don't just go over the concept in a tangential manner, look to construct a lesson, or series of lessons, designed to focus on the struggle and approach it from a different angle.

Allied with a bitter enemy of the United States, he is bent on destroying as much of the United States as possible.

The Cinco de Mayo Reckoning

Despite gunfights, exploding houses and an embarrassing pair of wounds, Grace is tasked by the president to put an end to the madness — a war that should never have happened. She readily undertakes the task, but runs into trouble when escaping with a wounded comrade. She couldn't resist snatching the man she considered responsible for enabling the war.

And causing the death of a best friend. Help me in, please, so I can check it out. The pain was excruciating. He asked for something to staunch the flow of blood, and Grace reached in her bag, bringing out a hand towel. Grace let him work for a few moments before letting him know she had a gun trained at his back.

They looked at one another, and he acquiesced as she reached to retrieve his pistol.

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  • She pushed the car for all the speed she could control, and soon they came to the main road. She slowed at the stop sign, looking both ways, then floored the accelerator turning right toward town, leaving tracks in the rock and short black skid marks on the highway.

    The Cinco de Mayo Reckoning The Cinco de Mayo Reckoning
    The Cinco de Mayo Reckoning The Cinco de Mayo Reckoning
    The Cinco de Mayo Reckoning The Cinco de Mayo Reckoning
    The Cinco de Mayo Reckoning The Cinco de Mayo Reckoning
    The Cinco de Mayo Reckoning The Cinco de Mayo Reckoning
    The Cinco de Mayo Reckoning The Cinco de Mayo Reckoning
    The Cinco de Mayo Reckoning The Cinco de Mayo Reckoning
    The Cinco de Mayo Reckoning The Cinco de Mayo Reckoning

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