MIND IT! A Crash Course On Mind Power

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Listen to this episode if you have ever set a goal and failed to achieve it! Find out how to trust, when to trust, what or who to trust and most importantly, why to trust. How this one trick of the mind thwarts your desire and blocks attainment. This week on Mind Power Shane Krider will give you the tools, tips and tricks to beat your mind a Could changing the way you think about a simple four letter word really change your life?

The biggest shifts that can happen to a person are also the simplest.

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This is one of those. Today on Mind Power Shane Krider and Rachel Krider talk about what self mastery is and how to achieve it in one step, right now. Self-mastery is being in control of the internal thought processes that guide your emotions, habits, and behaviors. It's the ability to respond rather than react.

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Our happiness depends on developing mastery over ourselves. Specifically men getting older, but obviously the concept is universal. Most people accept that they become weaker, less focused and less capable with age. This week Shane and Rach ask the question, "Should men do Yoga? Shane has a unique take on being a male in his Shane Krider flying solo this week on Mind Power as Rachel is recovering from minor surgury.

Shane Krider confronts the subject of Limiting Beliefs and how to change them once and for all! Changing your beliefs doesn't have to be an illusive and confusing process. It also doesn't have to be something that is dragged out. On Mind Power this week Shane Krider and Rachel Krider are joined by Dr Patrick Williams to discuss the power of authenticity and vulnerability to create more empowering relationships leading to greater and greater successes in life.

Focus is both a discipline and a skill that you can learn. Want to make more money? Want to get in the best shape of your life? Want to design a life that allows for greater freedom? Join Shane Krider and Rachel Krider as they reveal three simple ideas that will transform how you see everyone you know. Without even realizing it, people view each other through "filters" or "lenses". If you change the lens, you will change what you see.

See what you have been missing! Taking all callers Ask anything! What do you want to talk about? Have a problem you want clarity on? Call in! Shane Krider and co-host Rachel krider discuss how to train yourself to see opportunities. If you have the opportunity to play this game of life then you deserve appreciate and be on the look out for all the opportunities that are available to us all.

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On Mind Power today discover how to see opportunity when no-one else does! Shane Krider and Rachel Krider discuse how to attract abundance, while on a spiritual path. When you're "attracting" as apposed to "forcing" AND you manage to do this while developing yourself spiritually on your purpose path, life becomes more fun and exciting than you could possibly imagine.

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Making the most of the BEST years of your life? In this episode of Mind Power both Shane Krider and Rachel Krider will each speak from their personal experience as well as what they have learned by working with over one hundred thousand men and women collectively, in a high performance entrepreneurial business environmen Rachel Krider interviews Shane Krider to find out what does it really take to make a quantum leap in your life? This week Shane Krider is in the hot seat as we ask him the tough questions!

Hear Ella's true and shocking story of her times on the Romanian team and how she escaped her home country to become one of the fastest up and coming Yoga instructors on the internet today. Find out how she does it! Shane and Rachel Krider with special guest Dave Moore share critical insights to move beyond the past to begin to flourish in the now. We are all defined, to some degree, by our past. In some ways this drives us forward, but in other ways it holds us back. In this episode we will explore the question of how to keep the good and release the bad.

Shane Krider and Rachel Krider discuss the reason why so many driven men and women never achieve a fullfilling life balance. Project for. Try another. Forgot password? Enter your username above and click "Reset Password. Close Log in Reset password. Close Register.

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Perceiving is Believing - Crash Course Psychology 7. Consciousness: Crash Course Psychology 8. Altered States - Crash Course Psychology Remembering and Forgetting - Crash Course Psychology Monkeys and Morality: Crash Course Psychology Adolescence: Crash Course Psychology Sometimes they can seem a million miles away. But in reality, success and happiness are always only two words away. This week on Mind Power Rach and I are wrapping up our first season with maybe our most powerful conversation so far.

Image This topic is simple, underestimated and chalked up as a cliche by most. Cliche or not, its a game changer and you can put it to use right now. The reason I love personal development and the reason I have been talking about it every chance I get since is because of how quickly your life can change when your mindset changes. A degree shift in mindset brings an instantaneous degree change in results and the way you experience life.

Join us this week for our final Mind Power season one episode and allow us to say thank you to you for helping to make our first season such an amazing success!

The Power of Preattentive Processing

We will see you all again for season two in July in our new time slot and broadcasting from our new house in beautiful Phuket Thailand! Thank you, Shane Krider. The ability to positively influence others is the key to success in bussines as well as family. Does your presence in any given situation have people rise to the challenge and become proactive?

A Crash Course On Human Motivation

Or do people just seem to argue and never really move forward? If you want both happiness and success, Shane and Rach will share a new point of view that has the power to change everything. Click here to refresh the feed.

MIND IT! A Crash Course On Mind Power MIND IT! A Crash Course On Mind Power
MIND IT! A Crash Course On Mind Power MIND IT! A Crash Course On Mind Power
MIND IT! A Crash Course On Mind Power MIND IT! A Crash Course On Mind Power
MIND IT! A Crash Course On Mind Power MIND IT! A Crash Course On Mind Power
MIND IT! A Crash Course On Mind Power MIND IT! A Crash Course On Mind Power
MIND IT! A Crash Course On Mind Power MIND IT! A Crash Course On Mind Power
MIND IT! A Crash Course On Mind Power MIND IT! A Crash Course On Mind Power

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