Legend of the Giant Sequoias (Legends - Fantasy Book 4)

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Medieval Cornish people

The amazing baobab [wiki] Adansonia or monkey bread tree can grow up to nearly feet 30 m tall and 35 feet 11 m wide. Their defining characteristic: their swollen trunk are actually water storage - the baobab tree can store as much as 31, gallon , l of water to endure harsh drought conditions. Baobab trees are native to Madagascar it's the country's national tree! A cluster of "the grandest of all" baobab trees Adansonia grandidieri can be found in the Baobab Avenue, near Morondava, in Madagascar:.

Image credit: Fox-Talbot, Wikipedia. Image credit: plizzba [flickr]. Image credit: Daniel Montesino [flickr]. In Ifaty, southwestern Madagascar, other baobabs take the form of bottles, skulls, and even teapots:. Teapot baobab Image credit: Gilles Croissant. Baobab in Tanzania Image credit: telethon [flickr]. Baobab near Bulawayo, Zimbabwe Image credit: ironmanix [flickr]. Legend has it that the Tree That Owns Itself [wiki], a white oak in Athens, Georgia was given ownership of itself and the surrounding land by Dr.

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Image credit: Nomad's Land, main website. I'll be the first to acknowledge that this list is far from complete: there are many more magnificent trees in the world for instance, see the List of Famous Trees [wiki]. If you have any addition of noteworthy tree and stories about trees , please leave it in the comment section.

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Circus Trees As a hobby, bean farmer Axel Erlandson [wiki] shaped trees - he pruned, bent, and grafted trees into fantastic shapes and called them "Circus Trees. Basket Tree Image credit: jpeepz [flickr] The two-legged tree Image credit: Vladi22, Wikipedia Ladder tree Image credit: Arborsmith Axel Erlandson underneath one of his arborsculpture Image credit: Wilma Erlandson, Cabinet Magazine Erlandson was very secretive and refused to reveal his methods on how to grow the Circus Trees he even carried out his graftings behind screens to protect against spies!

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Baobab The amazing baobab [wiki] Adansonia or monkey bread tree can grow up to nearly feet 30 m tall and 35 feet 11 m wide. A cluster of "the grandest of all" baobab trees Adansonia grandidieri can be found in the Baobab Avenue, near Morondava, in Madagascar: Image credit: Fox-Talbot, Wikipedia Image credit: plizzba [flickr] Image credit: Daniel Montesino [flickr] In Ifaty, southwestern Madagascar, other baobabs take the form of bottles, skulls, and even teapots: Teapot baobab Image credit: Gilles Croissant The baobab trees in Africa are amazing as well: Baobab in Tanzania Image credit: telethon [flickr] Baobab near Bulawayo, Zimbabwe Image credit: ironmanix [flickr] There are many practical uses of baobab trees, like for a toilet: A toilet built inside a baobab tree in the Kayila Lodge, Zambia Image credit: Steve Makin [flickr] What about the Queen Elizabeth Oak for great trees?

Abusive comment hidden. Show it anyway. Thanks for posting Alex. I was about undertake some research into trees and your article has just provided probably most of the links I needed without having to do any work!!!! This simply told tale imagines a parent addressing a child among the Giant Sequoias of California, moving in stately fashion from the trees to the Cherokee genius who invented a written language for his people.

Simple, declarative sentences take on the cadences of legend as they outline the efforts of the man who, single-handedly and in the face of jeers and sometimes violent opposition, created a Cherokee syllabary. Rumford takes pains to emphasize that written Cherokee is not dead, despite references to the hardships of the Cherokee; as testament, the English text is accompanied by a Cherokee translation, done in the same typeface Sequoyah helped to develop.

The bright, textured illustrations take on the look of heavily outlined block prints, giving the whole the feeling of an old-fashioned children's history. The tall, slender proportions of the trim echo the sequoias that frame the story—a pleasingly appropriate design detail. An author's note details the difficulties of parsing fact from the legends that have grown up around Sequoyah, and includes suggestions for further reading. The Sequoyah syllabary and a timeline round out the package.

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Letters, e-mails, newspaper articles, and short-story excerpts piece together a haunting tale of three teens coping with loss and grief. Hard-edged Niki copes with her father's abandonment by believing she and her brother, Emmet, have the power to transform into animals. Classmate Doug sympathizes, and is drawn to the pair as he struggles with his own mother's recent death. After a disturbing incident Halloween night involving the three teens and enigmatic fantasy-writer Nicholas Slanger, Slanger mysteriously disappears and Emmet is inexplicably institutionalized.

Rumors that Emmet and Niki have an incestuous relationship begin to circulate; some speculate that their strange, animal-like behavior is a means to escape their own shame. While Doug vehemently denies this possibility, Niki's short-story excerpts seem to support the theory. Emmet, however, credits Niki with a vivid imagination and supposes that her writings are symptomatic of their father's betrayal.

The truth is uncertain, creating a memorable read that allows fantasy, mystery, and realistic fiction fans alike to examine the power of love and its connection to vulnerability, loss, and fear. A young American army officer drives through the ruins of Hamburg in , remembering his childhood there, from his celebration with his best friend of the rise of the Nazi party until his flight with his family after Kristallnacht.

Daniel is appalled to discover that his mother is Jewish and that, therefore, he cannot join the Hitler Youth with Armin, but nevertheless the two remain best friends until history and ambition drive them apart. Chotjewitz tells his story deliberately, flashing back and forth from Daniel's post-war first-person narration to a measured third-person narration that moves from to Readers will feel Daniel's self-loathing upon learning that he is half-Jewish, his mother's growing hysteria as she realizes her blood damns them all, his lawyer father's increasingly desperate faith in the German capacity for reason, and Armin's conflict as he struggles to be both a good friend and a good Nazi.

There are many Holocaust books for children, but this one stands out in its careful dissection of one family's experience before the war, and in its nuanced approach to the complexity of emotions and relationships under stress. Ibbotson, master of the "poor orphan makes good" tale, offers another eminently satisfying example, this one wrapped in a valentine to Vienna, the author's natal city. Raised by servants to be "a person who was interested in doing things, not having them," or-so-year-old foundling Annika sees a dream come true when lovely, regal Edeltraut von Tannenberg appears at the door one day, joyously announcing that she's her real mother.

Blinded by adoration, Annika barely notices how badly in need of repairs is her fortress-like new home, or how poorly she fits in with her spoiled and predatory new "family. Creating suspense by letting readers into the scheme long before Annika and her friends, Ibbotson also paints a vivid picture of pre-WWI Vienna, from its delectable pastries to the famed show horses of the Spanish Riding School. Along with this beguiling atmosphere and expertly developed plot, readers will long remember the admirable Annika and cheer her eventual, well-deserved, triumph.

Illustrations not seen. Unfortunately, his great big, looming sister Tansy fills the teacher vacancy, and nothing—not a fire in the boys' privy, an adder in her desk, an exploding stove, or a fat lady stuck in a ditch—will deter her from bringing her charges to "the trough of education. Motorcars, telephones, all-steel threshing machines, Edison Victrolas, and the Monkey Ward catalogue all figure in this story that richly evokes a time and place.

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Laugh-out-loud scenes beg to be read aloud in this masterfully crafted ode to a strong teacher and a bygone era. Charlie, 12, can't read and doesn't even know his last name. He does know he's being punished because he's bad. Father who is plainly psychotic keeps Charlie locked in the basement, allowing him to scavenge for food only at night; his frightened mother does nothing to help.

From the Threatened Cultures series. Today, many of these groups of indigenous people are uniting in their efforts to protect the land, improve their economic status, and maintain their cultural identity. This book outlines their problems, citing Christian missionaries, army officers, and politicians as particularly culpable. Cooperative efforts as well as conflicts that have arisen with conservation groups are also cited.

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The full-color photographs illustrate the beauty of the area and the ugliness of its devastation. Sympathetic portraits of the people engaged in their daily activities enhance the presentation. Keywords: juvenile, children, educational. Hardcover with dustjacket Franklin Watts.

Examines the animal and plant life and coral reefs of the Red Sea. Keywords: marine, biology, ocean, aquatic, juvenile literature, children, science, educational. Reveals the mysterious, beautiful world of an ocean reef. Keywords: science, juvenile, oceanography, Reef Mobile. Glorious images unfold to reveal the mysterious, fascinating world of spiders. Keywords: arachnids, juvenile, Spider Mobile. Keywords: juvenile, educational, science, arachnids, web, spiderweb. Discusses the physical characteristics, habits, and natural environment of toads. Keywords: juvenile, science, biology, ecology, nature, garden, children, child, picture book, educational.

A young girl observes bees on a visit to her beekeeper uncle.

Many Are the Dead – All New Raven’s Shadow Novella

Keywords: vintage, retro, juvenile, hive, beehive, pollen, nectar, honey, insect, biology, ecology, nature, garden, children, child, picture book, educational. Gray; illustrated by Howard Berelson. Hardcover McGraw Hill. Keywords: juvenile, spore, fungus, fungi, botany, penicillin, penicillium, science.

  • Time to Be Born, a Time to Die: A Study of the Age of Accountability.
  • King Arthur (tree) | Revolvy;
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  • Small hardcover Creative Education. Describes the physical characteristics, life cycle, and behavior of the wolf. Language: English; adapted from the French by Kitty Benedict. Keywords: animals, predators, pack, carnivores, nature, juvenile. Hubbard; edited by Herbert S. Zim; illustrated by Rebecca Merrilees and George Sandstrom. Uncommon title in the popular and beloved Golden Field Guides series. All the facts about the park are here, along with suggestions for sightseeing. Keywords: Sierra Nevada, California, nature, naturalist, environment, animals, rocks, geology, wildlife, reptiles, plants, trees, hiking, outdoor, vintage, retro, juvenile, collectible, children, educational, travel, guidebook.

    Illustrated by Justine Peek. Hardcover book for children, published by Little Simon. The cover has a hologram of the Medusa. This is a fun book for kids aged who are fascinated by the strange and terrifying creatures of folklore, legend, and myth. A small, slim book with only 14 pages, its main attraction are the 5 cool holograms showing a dragon, the Medusa, an alien from outer space, the Loch Ness Monster, and Bigfoot.

    The lively illustrations are quite attractive, offering plenty of eerie thrills without being overly frightening or gory although they are probably too scary for the youngest crowd. There are brief informative mentions of many other legendary beings from various world cultures; e. It preys on warriors, shooting them with invisible arrows and striking them down with a terrible club. Also currently in stock at BrainiacBooks.

    If you are interested in more particulars about the Book of the Day or any of our other featured books, search our store at BrainiacBooks. Tags: Abominable Snowman , aliens , baykok , Bigfoot , books , children , children's books , folklore , holograms , juvenile , legends , Loch Ness Monster , Medusa , monsters , mythology , myths , Sasquatch , Yeti Posted in books , children , fantasy , folklore Comments Off on For your Mini-Monster. The copy available at BrainiacBooks. This is an anthology of fairy tales and folk stories from the RAW Little Lit series, presented in comic-book graphic style.

    Suitable for ages ca. This is a cool book: cool in the sense that it is presented by 18 renowned cartoonists; cool in the McLuhan sense of comics as a medium that commands audience involvement through iconic forms; and cool in the sense of a marriage of form and content that is brilliant in concept. Comics and folktales have much in common. Both are interactive forms that depend on the audience to fill in the details with their own imaginations.

    Hubbard; illustrated by Rebecca Merrilees and George Sandstrom. Under the editorship of Herbert S. This is one of the more uncommon titles in the popular and beloved Golden Guides series. I have quite a few of these little books in my personal collection. I remember some of them fondly from my childhood, such as Flowers , Butterflies and Moths , Rocks and Minerals , and Trees. The compact size and bright colors were very appealing. I still admire the fine quality of the illustrations, and I still refer to the texts for field identification.

    How handy to have when you want to differentiate between the four kinds of squirrels to be found there! This is a nice selection of poems, suitable for children ages ca. It is something of a classic to readers who grew up in the s. Poems are meant to be read aloud just as songs are meant to be sung aloud. As you read a poem again and again, it becomes part of you.

    The rhythm seems to flow from you the way a song you love pours out as you sing. And you will want to enjoy it time after time. Piping down the valleys wild, Piping songs of pleasant glee, On a cloud I saw a child, And he laughing said to me:. Appropriate for children ages ca. A boy, Stone Turtle, uses creation myths and legends of gods of the Aztec pantheon to distract his younger brother, Two Rabbit Leaping Frog, in order to keep him out of trouble.

    Through these stories, readers will learn what the Aztecs believed about the founding of the city of Tenochtitlan; the creation and destruction of the first four suns; the creation of human beings; how maize was found; how music was brought to the world; the creation of the sun and moon; and the discovery of chocolate.

    Hardcover published by Dutton. Cover art by Maurice Sendak. Zelinsky , Steven Kellogg , and more. Equally useful for home, library or classroom — where more and more teachers are including units on peace — this thoughtfully written, attractively designed volume is a winner in every way.

    Legend of the Giant Sequoias (Legends - Fantasy Book 4) Legend of the Giant Sequoias (Legends - Fantasy Book 4)
    Legend of the Giant Sequoias (Legends - Fantasy Book 4) Legend of the Giant Sequoias (Legends - Fantasy Book 4)
    Legend of the Giant Sequoias (Legends - Fantasy Book 4) Legend of the Giant Sequoias (Legends - Fantasy Book 4)
    Legend of the Giant Sequoias (Legends - Fantasy Book 4) Legend of the Giant Sequoias (Legends - Fantasy Book 4)
    Legend of the Giant Sequoias (Legends - Fantasy Book 4) Legend of the Giant Sequoias (Legends - Fantasy Book 4)
    Legend of the Giant Sequoias (Legends - Fantasy Book 4) Legend of the Giant Sequoias (Legends - Fantasy Book 4)
    Legend of the Giant Sequoias (Legends - Fantasy Book 4) Legend of the Giant Sequoias (Legends - Fantasy Book 4)

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