Berties Home or, the Way to be Happy

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Thus when the opportunity to explore arrives, he follows a little blue butterfly out into the world. But then he begins to feel sad and miss home quite a lot. The book also celebrates differences within a family which is really lovely too. On top of all of that, the illustrations are wonderful and easy on the eye with light pastel colours used throughout. Overall, I found this book to be very enjoyable and absolutely adorable. I am certain that it will be loved by lots of children as they follow Bertie on his adventures both inside and outside of his home.

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I would definitely be happy to read more books with the main character of Bertie at the centre! Jones lives in Scotland, and her police procedural series featuring Detective Inspector Shona McKenzie, is set in the beautiful city of Dundee, Scotland.

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Wendy has led a varied and adventurous life. Her love for adventure led to her joining the Royal Navy to undertake nurse training. After six years in the Navy she joined the Army where she served as an Officer for a further 17 years. He saw all the children opening their presents, and the huge feast on the table. Bertie felt a little tear in his froggy eye as he thought of all the lovely Christmases he had enjoyed when he was a prince, opening hundreds of presents, and stuffing himself with chocolates, mince pies and cake until he felt quite sick.

Bertie Jo Stoten Moore

He remembered how in the afternoon, when he had taken his nap, he would go out onto the balcony of the palace and make a special Christmas speech to all the crowds of people who came to see him. So Bertie sat on the window ledge remembering all the happy Christmases he had spent in the past. Then he remembered how he had been turned into a frog, and how the lovely Princess Beatrice could no longer marry him. He would never spend another Christmas with Princess Beatrice now.

Just then, as Bertie was crying some more froggy tears, the door of the palace opened. The noise startled Bertie, and he fell from the window ledge onto the ground. She picked him up in her hand and carried him back to the pond. Bertie felt very happy to be so close to Princess Beatrice again, because he loved her so very much. How he longed to be a prince again! Princess Beatrice just laughed because she could not understand any of his croaks.

Then she put him down by the side of the pond, and she took a mince pie out of her handbag, where she always kept nice things in case she saw a little child or a furry animal to whom she could give a present. Colin the Grumpy Carp wanted to look out of the water at her, but he banged his head on the ice.

I think we should celebrate it every year on the pond from now on.

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Then the royal couple will come down to the pond and bring lots and lots of mince pies and Christmas Pudding and fat juicy flies for the pond life to enjoy a super duper lunch. So tell all your friends to go to Storynory. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hello Bertie, It is a wanderful story………. Please write more stories on Princess Beartirce. Bertie — November 10, Now, this morning […]. Bill — June 18, Lib — October 1, Hello Answer Me! Once upon a time there were two sisters called Nooria and Maria.

They went down to the pond and saw a frog. He turned into two princes. Bye Bye! Bertie — December 23, Bertie,how in the world do you come up with these fabulous stories?! You should go on TV one day!!!!!!!!!!! Bertie — July 29, Bertie — July 31, Dear Kevan, thanks for the suggestion.

Bertie’s Christmas Storynory

Bertie — October 9, Kevan — October 9, Hi Bertie, I had told many of my friends to come and listen to your stories, they said they like some of your stories. But sometimes they feel a bit sad when they here some your stories like how you turned into a frog. Dear Dena, Thank you for letting us know. If they feel sad, imagine how I feel! But tell them not to worry. Bertie — November 22, Keaton — February 8, I have downloaded some Bertie and Katie stories. Bertie — March 2, Thank you Sofia.

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Bertie — August 30, Awesome — August 4, This was great but I have read a better story on this website so I have to say it was not so good. Hi Bertie! I love this story! Please make another story about the life on the pond, I like them better than the ones about Bertie as a prince. Love Storynory fan. Chloe — March 22, Bertie — March 26, Hi bertie check out this story that my sister chloe that wrote to you about using the word Jolly she is a brillant atour infact thats here dream to become one my sister recomended it to me and i just copied it down here it is.

In a building, not a big, big building, though not a small building it was a Normal sized building. Well any way back to the story. After scoffing about 16 chocolate bars, the new invention caught his eye, He strolled up to it but checking no one was watching him he decided to try it out. He reached in his pocket for the last chocolate bar; he placed it directly opposite the Machine and was just about to hit the button when he started to have second thoughts.

So he reached forward with his chubby arm and pressed the button.

Bertie's Christmas Storynory - Storynory

As the show establishes its world, this cartoonish flexibility begins to feel like the malleable fragility of female bodies, and how uncomfortable the world can be for those who inhabit such bodies. Solemnly, she eats it for breakfast. Bertie, meanwhile, is beset upon by this roiling landscape of sinuous plants and talking animals. She goes for a jog but has to cut it short, fleeing catcallers while trying to cover her body.

At work, a male coworker steals her ideas; another keeps invading her physical space. Hanawalt wants to show us that women are gross—but she shows us too that the world is gross, finding new ways to depict the reality of our squelching, gloppy, sticky bodies in an often uncaring universe. Tuca and Bertie has teed itself up to be my replacement for Broad City, which just concluded its five season run. The Comedy Central show similarly contrasted two female characters in an occasionally psychadelic New York City—and even experimented with animation that one time, to great effect.

Tuca and Bertie is similarly messy, weird, and loving—and has the advantage of living in a world without rules. Give Tuca and Bertie some time. Read More. By Laura Bradley.

Berties Home or, the Way to be Happy Berties Home or, the Way to be Happy
Berties Home or, the Way to be Happy Berties Home or, the Way to be Happy
Berties Home or, the Way to be Happy Berties Home or, the Way to be Happy
Berties Home or, the Way to be Happy Berties Home or, the Way to be Happy
Berties Home or, the Way to be Happy Berties Home or, the Way to be Happy
Berties Home or, the Way to be Happy Berties Home or, the Way to be Happy
Berties Home or, the Way to be Happy Berties Home or, the Way to be Happy

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