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Similarly, another enhanced version incorporated the text quoted above into a more detailed prophecy:. In the year of the new century and nine months, From the sky will come a great King of Terror. The sky will burn at forty-five degrees. Fire approaches the great new city.

In the city of york there will be a great collapse, 2 twin brothers torn apart by chaos While the fortress falls; the great leader will succumb; Third big war will begin when the big city is burning. The second quatrain is an entirely non-Nostradamian fabrication, and the first quatrain is composed of lines taken from two completely different Nostradamus prophecies linked together for effect.

The first two lines are from a verse describing events that would supposedly have taken place in July of not September of and has long since been associated with a wide variety of occurrences, both real and fictional. No proof has been presented for claims that milkshakes thrown during a political protest contained "quick-drying cement. A purported photograph of a hedgehog skeleton is often met with a mix of skepticism and awe. An image of an older man with a bloody face was widely shared, but video shows he was an aggressor in a brawl.

Readers questioned whether the outrageous framing of the poll questions was intended as satire. It was not. You could be forgiven for thinking so Wed, Feb 14, , So is there something bigger going on? Sponsored RDS members: driving change for good. Rediscover the joy of the train: Stories from an Intercity route.

Going Online in the Age of Conspiracy Theories

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But on Thursday, bomb-sniffing dogs were abruptly removed.

17 Years Since 9/11 Attacks: The 101 Most Iconic Photos

We had the ground covered. We didn't figure they would do it with planes.

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There is no way anyone could have stopped that. Rebuttal : Note that it is extra security in response to the phone threats that was removed. The standard level of bomb-sniffing dogs was still present, and in one case, a dog was crushed when the tower collapsed. And there is no indication that the security detail noticed anything unusual during the months leading up to September 11th. Rebuttal : This comes primarily from two miscommunications.

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  • The first was by the BBC, who broadcast an erroneous report that WTC 7 had collapsed while the building could still be seen standing through the window of their New York studio. Debris from the collapse of WTC 1, which was feet to the south, ignited fires on at least 10 floors in the building at its south and west faces. However, only the fires on some of the lower floors — 7 through 9 and 11 through 13 — burned out of control. These lower-floor fires — which spread and grew because the water supply to the automatic sprinkler system for these floors had failed — were similar to building fires experienced in other tall buildings.

    The primary and backup water supply to the sprinkler systems for the lower floors relied on the city's water supply, whose lines were damaged by the collapse of WTC 1 and WTC 2. These uncontrolled lower-floor fires eventually spread to the northeast part of WTC 7, where the building's collapse began. Although it wasn't completely obvious to the untrained eye at the time, WTC 7 had been seriously compromised by a story gash in one corner facing Ground Zero, and by the time the evacuation order was given was visibly sagging.

    Conspiracy theorists have also tried to claim that "pull" is standard jargon within the demolition industry to fire off demolition charges within the building; demolition experts have denied this; the usual term would be "shoot it" or "blow it.

    Our Lady of the Roses Predicted Attack Exactly Eleven Years Before to the Day

    Rebuttal : While the idea of a giant building toppling over like a felled tree is popular in fiction, in reality the structure is designed to bear its weight straight down and in no other direction; throwing a massive building severely out of equilibrium would cause it to fall almost vertically , no matter what direction the initial force was applied from.

    It is possible to fell a tall structure like a tree by selectively removing large amounts of support at one side or corner, near the base , but this requires a specific, well-prepared, and overt demolitions plan and either the intent to do so or a horse-doctor's dose of failure. In the case of the WTC, the upper floors detached and fell through lower undamaged sections, which can be clearly seen until they're obscured by dust and smoke.

    This falling mass would be too large for any one floor below it to stop or substantially redirect. NIST concluded that:. Based on observations of the collapses as they happened and hundreds of experts' analysis of the building site and materials, the NIST was able to consider and reject other possible explanations for large buildings collapsing in their own footprints. The first is the theory that damage to the WTC floor systems caused their progressive collapse, known as the "pancake theory.

    Neither theory matches the observation that each building appeared undamaged except at its top until it collapsed. The NIST concluded that damage to perimeter support columns initiated the detachment of the floors at and above the fire and impact floors, which subsequently fell into and through the towers.

    Internet rumors claim the French seer anticipated the tragedy

    The claim that a building damaged by metal fatigue cannot collapse vertically does not square with observations of the collapses as they happened, nor the conclusions of experts evaluating the effects of physical damage to and the weakening by unusually high temperatures of critical building structures. WTC 1, 2 and 7 were not the first steel-framed structures to ever collapse from fire. In addition, the buildings did not fall onto their footprints: they left substantial debris scattered across the entire WTC complex site, damaging or destroying almost all of the surrounding buildings, mostly with large pieces of the external aluminum cladding forced outwards by the descending mass of the floors.

    A controlled demolition would presumably try to avoid such behavior. Rebuttal : You can see flashing What you see is window glass popping out as the floors collapse and compress the air inside.

    Internet rumors claim the French seer anticipated the tragedy

    The sun is momentarily reflected in each pane of glass as it falls. Rebuttal : This is based on a few pictures of vertical beams that had been sheared off by recovery workers. Although a thermite reaction is highly exothermic, it is nearly impossible to effectively channel it sideways to cut a vertical beam, since it tends to pour straight down as it burns. Some creative truthers have suggested the use of "thermite straps"; given that thermite is generally a powder delivered from a cone-shaped cup, it's not clear that such a device is even possible, much less practical.

    This was later amended to thermate, a variation which includes sulfur, and appeared when there were chemicals were found that matched what was found in the debris. However, such claims ignore the natural occurrence of these chemicals, do not match the chemical signatures that were found in the debris, and do not have corresponding traces of two major byproducts from thermate, aluminum oxide [note 7] and barium nitrate. Moreover, the thermite reaction is highly exothermic.

    Supposed evidence of thermite use is the presence of unreacted thermite in the WTC debris. This, however, comes as close to falsifying the hypothesis of thermite use as one can reasonably get: any place containing significant amounts of elemental aluminum and iron oxide unreacted thermite , yet not far higher amounts of aluminum oxide and elemental iron the reaction products , can be safely assumed to be not even close to where a thermite reaction recently occurred. This criticism has been "answered" by claiming that the unreacted "nanothermite" is indeed merely a trace residue.

    But this would require attaching some metric tons [note 8] of thermite to the WTC buildings' structure, in hundreds or even thousands of small packages, with nobody noticing. And even if that were true, the corresponding amount of reacted thermite has simply failed to turn up. Finding thermite educts yet failing to find the appropriate amount of thermite products turns the supposed "proof" of thermite use into a quite robust refutation of thermite use. In any case, "unreacted thermite" is composed in bulk of elemental aluminum and iron oxide.

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    • Commercial aircraft contain enormous amounts of aluminum, and the WTC was an aluminum-clad, steel-cored building. If an airliner crashes at high speed into a large steel-frame building, causing an enormous explosion, fire, and building collapse, we can expect to find aluminum and iron oxide, as well as aluminium oxide and metallic iron, in the debris without any thermite charges being required to explain it. A more recent truther claim is that traces of red-gray chips and iron-rich microspheres in the WTC rubble are best explained by thermite.

      This is held as their " smoking gun. Rebuttal : What happens when you squeeze a concertina? These side-jets of air and dust were not really explosions as such but debris being expelled from the buildings as the floors pancaked on top of each other. There is a lot of air in a quarter-mile-tall office building, and when compressed it has to go somewhere. Add to that, the Twin Towers were full of water in water mains, toilets, sinks, and beverage machines.

      Water heated to boiling temperatures expands violently, and if contained, it expands explosively. Water has a high heat capacity which usually precludes rapid heating to boiling temperatures, but the heat of burning jet fuel will force water to heat rapidly to boiling that causes explosions of such objects as unopened soft-drink cans or whiskey bottles. Such explains many of the explosions that survivors heard. Rebuttal : A pyroclastic flow is a movement of hot gas. In the context of a volcano, it is usually hot gases containing hot dust and other chunks spreading out.

      In the context of WTC, these flows were claimed to be the cloud of dust that dispersed during collapse and when the towers hit the ground. Aside from not being hot enough to qualify as a pyroclastic flow see volcanoes and shuttle launches , most claims try linking it with the controlled demolition theory. The only thing this debris flow indicates is a fast vertical compression that caused air inside the building to push dust outward over a large area. The same flows can also be seen during controlled demolitions but usually much smaller than what happened at WTC.

      It has been estimated that the total mass of sheetrock in the internal walls was on the order of tons US. An enormous cloud of white dust is, therefore, not entirely surprising or unexplainable. Rebuttal : There is no documented evidence of the presence of actually-melted steel at ground zero.

      Most of the reports of "molten steel" found at ground zero were merely references to obviously red-hot solid steel. In addition, the mix of jet fuel, plastics, rugs, curtains etc. This can be demonstrated by placing an empty aluminum soda can on top of an ordinary campfire. Meanwhile, molten steel is not typically found at the site of buildings that have actually been demolished using "explosives" to sever columns.

      Also, the first law of thermodynamics prevents even the super hot molten product of thermite charges from remaining molten long after thermite ignition. Therefore, whatever molten materials were observed at ground zero in the weeks following the collapses, that molten material was not originally present and molten at the time of the collapses it began to melt after the collapses, not before the collapses.

      That all being said, a Family plane can carry up to 90, liters of fuel in its hull. It is estimated the two planes had about 28, Liters left in their tanks which is spread all over the hull from the wings to the fuselage for ballast and balance control. The crash and shredding of the plane hardware caused the fuel to ignite almost instantly.

      Since it was not a controlled burn it is likely to hit the highest end of the combustion scale at its core, causing simultaneous ignition of anything around that was combustible and causing severe damage to load bearing pillars. This theory, proposed by Steve Milloy [19] , immediately accepted by Andrew Schlafly , [20] and also promoted by a Russian asbestos mine logo [21] holds that "Big Government," Nanny-Statism , hysterical environmentalists , lawyers and do-gooders had ensured that spray-on asbestos was not allowed in the WTC buildings, thereby ensuring they were not properly equipped to resist the fires that engulfed the structures.

      Rebuttal : This is moot: any fireproofing that was there was blasted or torn off the core by the initial impact and explosion.

      9/11 ten year anniversary in pictures

      Asbestos protection of any kind would've not only proven useless, but would have also been dispersed into the air when the buildings collapsed. Rebuttal : This contradicts the previous claim. The argument is that if Larry Silverstein had removed the asbestos from the towers in the proper fashion, it would have cost him a huge amount of money , and officially demolishing the building would have been nearly impossible under New York City laws.

      So when he overheard that the powers that be were plotting to crash a couple planes into his towers, like any good tycoon he sensed an opportunity asbestos removal paid for by the government! This is one of the few bases that truthers provide as a reason to plant explosives in a building that's going to be hit by planes: the towers had to go away completely , with no chance of being rebuilt. On July 28, a B bomber, because of poor visibility, crashed into the 80th floor of the Empire State Building.

      Some truthers seem to think that if a skyscraper survived a similar incident the towers should also have. Rebuttal : The two incidents were very different.

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