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Alexander the Great. Perpetual Motion. Frederick the Great. Lancashire Cotton Famine. Rabindranath Tagore. Matteo Ricci and the Ming Dynasty. The California Gold Rush. Wealth of Nations. Ashoka the Great. Behavioural ecology. Kafka's The Trial. The Haitian Revolution. Rudyard Kipling. The Battle of Talas. Hildegard of Bingen. The Bluestockings. The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Second Sino-Japanese War. The Tale of Sinuhe.

Richard B. Tristram Shandy. The Domesday Book. Strabo 's Geographica. Paul Cartledge , A. States of Matter. Weber 's The Protestant Ethic. Bishop Berkeley. Social Darwinism. Sources of Early Chinese History. The Battle of Tours. Plato's Symposium. Pliny the Younger. Hindu Ideas of Creation. Ordinary Language Philosophy. The Berlin Conference. The Book of Common Prayer. The Invention of Radio. Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Icelandic Sagas. Alfred Russel Wallace. Pitt Rivers. Decline and Fall. Romulus and Remus. Le Morte d'Arthur. The Cult of Mithras. The South Sea Bubble.

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Bertrand Russell. Fermat's Last Theorem. Caxton and the Printing Press. Gerald of Wales. The Ontological Argument. James Joyce's Ulysses. Clausewitz and On War. Battle of Bosworth Field. Early Geology. George Fox and the Quakers. The Measurement of Time. Moses Mendelssohn. Vitruvius and De Architectura. Lyrical Ballads.

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Islamic Law and its Origins. Cogito Ergo Sum. The Pelagian Controversy. The Medieval University. Free Will th programme. The Age of the Universe.

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The Taiping Rebellion. The Nervous System. The Battle of Bannockburn. Aristotle's Poetics. The Mexican Revolution. Random and Pseudorandom. Childe Harold's Pilgrimage. Consequences of the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution. Foxe's Book of Martyrs. Women and Enlightenment Science. History of Logic. Sturm und Drang. The Spanish Armada. The Delphic Oracle. Imaginary numbers. Pliny 's Natural History Pliny. The Neanderthals. Edmund Burke. Giorgio Vasari's Lives of the Artists. The Cavendish Family. The Great Wall of China.

The Rise and Fall of the Zulu Nation. William Hazlitt. Jonathan Bate , A. Grayling , Uttara Natarajan. The Scream and Edvard Munch. The Indian Rebellion. The Unintended Consequences of Mathematics. Ibn Khaldun. Silas Marner — George Eliot 's novel. The Frankfurt School — why no Revolution? The History of the Royal Society. Mary Wollstonecraft — the Vindicator of the Rights of Woman. The Samurai — from civil warriors to civil servants.

Pythagoras and the Pythagoreans — maths and mysticism. The Silk Road — from Dunhuang to Samarkand. Sparta — the anti-Athens. The Discovery of Radiation — from radio waves to gamma rays. Schopenhauer — the tyranny of the Will. The Geological Formation of Britain — our long journey north. The Death of Elizabeth I — plots, plague and politics. The Dreyfuss Affair — the scandal that tore France apart. Akhenaten — history's first individual. Leibniz vs Newton — who first calculated the calculus? St Thomas Aquinas — his profound influence on Western faith and philosophy.

Ediacara Biota — the first animal? Logical Positivism — or is it? The Sunni-Shia Split : after Muhammad. Elizabethan Revenge Tragedy — theatre of blood. The Augustan Age — art and propaganda at the birth of the Roman Empire. The Trial of Charles I — the original courtroom drama. Saint Paul — the first Christian. The Whale : A History. The Siege of Vienna — a clash of civilisations? Magna Carta — foundation of law or rich man's charter? The Vacuum of Space — a programme about nothing? Suffragism — the long march towards votes for women.

Brave New World — would Soma , free love and the feelies be so bad? Baconian Science — Francis Bacon and the birth of modern science. The School of Athens — picturing Greece in Renaissance minds. The Boxer Rebellion — "Kill all Foreigners!

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  • [Tischrede beim Festessen der Nation Associates, 1945] (Fischer Klassik Plus) (German Edition)?
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The Library of Alexandria — of all the books in all the world The Measurement Problem in Physics — Man is not the measure of all things. The Waste Land and Modernity — "I will show you fear in a handful of dust". The Observatory at Jaipur — Indian astronomy on the cusp of colonialism. The Destruction of Carthage — "Delenda Carthago! The Brothers Grimm : fairy tales , Grimm — but not as we know them. A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift — 18th century satire gets close to the bone. A History of History — how the writing of history has evolved.

Thoreau and the American Idyll — America in the Wilderness. The Consolation of Philosophy — a new year's message from Boethius. Grayling , Melissa Lane , Roger Scruton. The Physics of Time — does time even exist? The Great Fire of London — London's burning, fetch the engines Heat : A History -from fire to thermodynamics. The Great Reform Act : reform — but was it great? The Baroque — - the misshapen pearl of Europe. Blanning , Nigel Aston, Helen Hills. Neuroscience — does the brain rule the mind? Aristotle's Politics — a perfect society? Simon Bolivar — the liberator of Spanish America. Dante's Inferno — to Hell and back.

Vitalism — the spark of life. Marcus du Sautoy , John D. Barrow , Philip Welch. Miracles — will they never cease? Tacitus — The Decadence of Rome. The Metaphysical Poets — sex and death in the 17th century. The Arab Conquests — the 7th century new world order. Kennedy , Amira Bennison, Robert Hoyland. The Music of the Spheres — a dose of heavenly harmonies. The Riddle of the Sands — how Britain learned to fear the Germans. Richard J. Trofim Lysenko — Joseph Stalin 's chief geneticist. Probability — heads or tails? The Black Death — a plague on all our houses. The Library at Nineveh —.

The Brain: A History — history of ideas about the human brain. The Enclosures — dividing the country. Materialism — are we living in a material world? Yeats and Irish Politics — "a terrible beauty is born". The Norman Yoke — and all that. Newton's Laws of Motion — they put a man on the Moon. The Dissolution of the Monasteries — religion in ruins. The Greek Myths — soap opera of the gods. Ada Lovelace — prophet of the computer age.

King Lear — Shakespeare 's finest fairy tale. The Multiverse — the universe is not enough. The Statue of Liberty — From France with love Plate Tectonics — the day the Earth moved.

The Fisher King — the wound that does not heal. Albert Camus — Rebel with a Cause. The Nicene Creed — when Christ became God. The Four Humours — yellow bile , blood , choler and phlegm in the original theory of everything. Jews were increasingly cast as a disruptive and even dangerous presence within Christian society and public life, although the relationship between this literary topos and social reality remains a vexed question in modern historiography.

Yahalom ed. Shapira, O. Herzog, and T. Hess eds. Reinink and H. Vanstiphout eds. Dagron and V. Fredriksen and O. Katz ed. In his well-known account of the civic vio- lence that erupted in Antioch in ce during the reign of the emperor Zeno r. Dohrmann and D. Stern eds. Scott trans. After this, they dragged him along the main street and killed many landowners and burnt them.

Translated in C. Mango and R. Frendo sought to explain the literary dynamics by which the Jews might have become associated within the chronographic record with an event in which they had not earlier been implicated. Whitby and M. Whitby trans. Compare the parallel accounts at Nikephoros, Chrono- graphikon 1. Hakkert, , pp. I will argue here that Jewish writers in the early Byzantine period enhanced the more conventional critique of Rome as a wicked king- dom with vivid depictions of Roman emperors being subject to retrib- utive punishment.

Den Boeft and A. Hilhorst eds. On the re-emergence of Jewish apocalyptic writing within the con- text of Byzantine Christian culture, see A. Joshua Levinson has brilliantly demonstrated the ways in which this intricate narrative tradition subversively mimics the Roman culture of spectacle. For a contrasting interpretation, see M. Eleazar b. Yose saw in Rome, see R. Gardner and K. Oster- loh eds. I cite only the section concerning Titus: Onqelos the son of Qaloniqos, the son of the sister of Titus, wanted to convert to Judaism.

Cannadine and S. Price eds. Insofar as the Christian discourse of empire that emerged in this period was depen- dent upon the productive fusion of ecclesiastical authority and Roman imperial power,73 the long-standing Jewish traditions of anti-Roman rhetoric could be retooled in the service of expressing anti-Christian sentiment. Yet, the intimate juxtaposition of Titus and Jesus in hell in the Gittin passage is relatively unusual for the way it updates and, implicitly, Christianizes the Jewish image of imperial Rome.

Other- wise, Jewish anti-Roman discourse in this period has a peculiarly time- less quality. Perhaps the most fully realized—and vio- lent—caricature of the Roman emperor and his imperial court found in any branch of late antique Jewish literature appears in the composi- in Traditional Societies Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, , pp. A few further words of introduction are necessary in order to place this complex text in literary and historical context.

In this adapted form of the martyrology, the ten rabbinic martyrs—here cast as members of a mystical fellowship—escape the death-sentence that has been decreed against them. For an overview of Heikhalot literature, see R. Fonrobert and M. Reeg ed. All ref- erences to this text refer to the chapter and paragraph numbers in this edition.

In the conventional martyrology, he learns that this is indeed the case. By contrast, in the version in Heikhalot Rabbati, R. Brilliant as ever! Used more laybacking this time and it actually felt like a pretty pleasant climb. Nice climbing but megga pumpy, particularly after my previous epic lead on Lorica. Stevie started to lead it but was proper dogging it so came down so I went up on his gear.

Rested a couple of times on gear due to pump and a failure to work out what I was doing. The climbing is not tecnhicallly hard, just steep and sustained and i need to get better at resting on jams. This felt really hard compared to when I lead it when it felt fine for VS Guess I was tired as it was the end of the day! Straightforward but tiring! With rests with ashtond6. Finished on second. Great fun - can we climb this one again next visit? First pitch only 4c with andybirtwistle. Led half of it P1 , then lowered off due to wimpy exhaustion.

Seconded Alex. OK climb as long. Mine and Bills first pitch of the last climb of It felt more like a Hvs tho as we were freezing to the bone! But all in all we stuck in there and it was a good day.. P1 with gazfellows. Grrrr with Neil. P2 only. Had to rest on gear at half height. I'll be back soon to do it clean with mike.

Awesome route! Fell off it few weeks back. Guy ahead had backed off and left 3 piece of gear. Dispatched first part of climb smoothly. Then got knee stuck in big crack while trying to remove the last piece of gear the previous leader had left. Got it back out, but not without some initial panic.

Lace the rest of it, but made it up clean just about. Ill take that as a win. Utter thrash-fest. Great route! Painful feet at the end of the day! Good fun with onlyfoddington. Bloomin' strenuous - took rest, probably over-gripping. First VS Lead - getting back into it Clean onsight but certainly moments of feeling like I was wrestling the wall! Climbed in the drizzle so was a little greasy.

Foot jams are painful on this one. Si did P1 and I did P2. Lead fall, rested on gear twice. Finished it. Wear non flex climbing shoes for jamming as 5.

Table of contents

P1 only Think my jamming is improving. Found it fairly strenuous but all the moves felt really secure. Great gear. Adam led P1, avoided P2 by scrambing off to side due to rain with James Hulme. Lead second pitch with mikehenesy , Mattzx6r. Bit of gibbering but did it with encouragement from James.

Top pitch actually excellent, bit easier than below but not sure it's 4b. Tried the e1 version, nicer than the vs but not strong enough! Much easier than the first time, now that I am equipped with jamming skills. Should have tried harder. Only did the first pitch. Led P1 with Gudge. After having fallen off of this last time I got the first pitch clean still a bit of a struggle though. Made the mistake of doing the second pitch! No way is it 4b!!!!!

It should carry a health warning. Although the gear is good it's a strenuous layback all the way. Got to the top first time and couldn't find any decent hold to grab, fell from the top almost to the ledge. Got it second time clean with ciderspider. Tried to layback all the way on the first pitch - all fine but stuck cam forced me to weight rope to get it out. Tough move on exit of second pitch. Good route, straight up the crack, found the second pitch harder than the first.

Two rests this time but crack technique definitely improving, aim for no rests next time. Just first pitch. Attempted right hand crack e1. Got blown sideways by the wind so went back down to do this one. Still struggled with the wind!! Nice to be doing a bit of trad again.

Layered this one with gear with Jake Young. I hate Crack with Matt Marsh. RD P1 only with GarethHall. First pitch was brilliant, second pitch also very good. All in all a great introduction to nice crack climbing. Tim had a mare, got pumped out and had to bail, so Will lead the rest of it and I seconded. Twice, to try and hammer in the dark art of crack climbing with Paolo Fubini.

Did the first pitch as a warm up, not really recomended as it's quite taxing!! But it's an exellent pitch! First pitch warm up with Peter Staves. First route on first visit to crag on first day of Yosemite training weekend. More technical and harder than I was expecting. Welcome to Millstone! First pitch with yarrow. A lot harder than it looks, wasn't expecting a strenuous layback with slippery feet! Got pumped placing gear and struggled to top of 1st pitch with a few rests.

Led 2nd clean which was actually quite nice climbing. Harder than it first looks. Very physical or maybe I got the technique wrong? Went with the principal of using 1 crack is better than 2. Just the first pitch, climbed the wide left crack, used thin crack for gear, pumpy on the arms and sore on the feet, great lay backing though. Did P1 with several rests on gear. Not technically difficult but very hard and sustained, no nice places to rest.

Need to go back and try again properly! My favorite route of the holiday. Super fun crack climbing and more variety for pitch 2. Gets HVS in my guide Harder than it looks, and more painful, too :- with Steve Cousins. More powerful than Embankment 4 and it felt harder to me somehow! Only pitch 1 then abseiled from the ledge. Painful, hard work. Much easier now I've watched crack school, nice one Tom and Pete with mark Really need to work up to finishing that climb with Colin Wear soft shoes!

A year and a half on from my first ever out door lead I tried this route and lay-backed it to the top which led my foot to slip this time round I used the second thin crack this time not just for extra gear but with finger locks this time I must say I have improved. Pitch 1 is a pig at VS but probably the right grade.

Well hard! Pitch 2 is short but quite good I thought, bit loose on the easy bit after the finish, just take a bit of care. Really wish we hadn't done the 2nd pitch as it spoils the 1st pitch. Actually performed better the first time around. Great learning crack though! P1 only - Started off really well then my fingers just got colder and colder which made the last couple of meters feel really desperate Jack's lead, Charley 2nd.

First pure crack climb. Early morning and oh so cold. Was very very close to falling off the top but managed to stuff a limb in and collapse onto the ledge. First people at the crag, first route of the day, absolutely freezing! Jamming in frozen hands was unbearable, then the hot aches kicked in, the worst I've ever had.

Bad start to the day! Wanted to climb this with grace and panache Need to work on crack climbing technique - just ran out of steam on P1. Good protection. Lead second pitch, dampness on the rock made it trickier with Stoff. Abbed after pitch 1.

Ebook and Manual Reference

Crack technique was entirely lacking at the offset, things improved with height, until I almost looked like I knew what I was doing. Pitch 1 with Duncan Bell. P1, layback on 2nd would've used jams on lead with BenL. P1 only with Bruce. Foot jam came unstuck the first time! First trad lead fall? Slipped off on lead, then seconded it clean. Need to learn to jam! Lead pitch 1, seconded pitch 2 with MarkRoe.

Lead second pitch. Bens first VS lead! Started of just on the left crack then quickly decided to envolve both, great climb! Found some of the moves tricky. No particularly hard moves, just pretty sustained. Accidentally finished up Embankment 3 for the second pitch. Thought it felt hard, but had put that down to it "being Millstone. Crack climbing is HARD. Good lead by Tom after taking a decent fall to the ground. I found this hard and strenuous, probably due to laybacking it: need to improve jamming skills Easy, a ladder of fist jams and finger locks with tgeh.

First proper crack lead. Managed to get Bryans' huge number 6 cam stuck in the wide left hand crack. Got my hand stuck after blindly reaching for the layback and finding a cam my mate had forgot to remove. Ohwell, nice climb! Brilliant climb but tough for the grade.

zeno art 26 whimsters 13 Manual

First pitch only, amazing line Pitch 1 - VS 4c with Dik. Howling with laughter at Dave leading this. Boulderer trying trad : with Dave Bone. Sore left ankle caused a bit of a problem when there's a left hand crack for your foot! Fell off two thirds of the way up first pitch. Killed dragon cam 5 with ciderspider. Fantastic climbing, best line I've done. Will take loads of gear! Very loose at top with ggflett. Made my feetwell, my left foothurt a lot. Loved and hated every second.

A toughie! Thougher that I thought it'd be. Got a bit of a layback going off the left hand crack higher up. Roped solo. Previously dogged the first pitch. I'll be back! Strenuous but well protected if you have a lot of cams! Strenuous and slightly repetitive the way I did it, but glad to get to the top with Jake Lodge.

Went for the righthand crack only E1 but fell off and my cam popped out. Luckily the other piece solid wire held, but it psyched me out so I just used both cracks together. Still a great route though! Even better when dry A bit too hard for my puny arms, great fun though with heist Only did first pitch. Sustained but steady. Was harder than anticipated, leading to a very pumpy "warm-up". Lovely laybacking but I had issues trying to get gear in from a layback position and consequently rested on gear.

When I started climbing again I just ran it out. Climbed first pitch, the twinned cracks my left ankle hurt. Shocker, not with it at all.. First pitch only with Jim Malo , TimG. Laybacked the LH crack. Quality route. Pitch 1 with Andy Hardy. John P1, Me P2. Just climbed the first pitch. I led P1, Martin led P2. Lovely climb, not that taxing for a VS, lots of opportunity to rest on footjams and loads of gear. Much better than the first time! Led the 1st pitch with rd Took over Paul's lead.

SCP Classes (The known and unknown) 1-30

I still had to rest once on P1. RD P2 with GarethHall. Right hand crack- painful with gcap.

ZENO ART 26: Whimsters 13 ZENO ART 26: Whimsters 13
ZENO ART 26: Whimsters 13 ZENO ART 26: Whimsters 13
ZENO ART 26: Whimsters 13 ZENO ART 26: Whimsters 13
ZENO ART 26: Whimsters 13 ZENO ART 26: Whimsters 13
ZENO ART 26: Whimsters 13 ZENO ART 26: Whimsters 13
ZENO ART 26: Whimsters 13 ZENO ART 26: Whimsters 13
ZENO ART 26: Whimsters 13 ZENO ART 26: Whimsters 13

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