Three Months in Florence

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  • Three Months in Florence.
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    Then, Alex takes a teaching job in Florence, Italy and Lena uncovers a horrible secret of betrayal. Italy is where she dreamed of honeymooning and now, Alex is apparently experiencing the romance of the city without Lena. She is devastated and she decides to take matters into her own hands. Three Months in Florence speaks of the potential disaster of a single, impulsive decision in a marital relationship. It explores the feelings of the partners with depth of understanding and raw emotional experience.

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    Mary Carter makes Lena's ruminations so real that they jump off the page and threaten to enter the heart of the reader. The thoughts and emotions are poignant and they speak of the promise and the limitations expressed in the marriage vows. The characterizations of Lena, Alex, and their teenage daughter Rachel are right out of today's world. They think, act, and feel their parts such that readers will try to put themselves into the story and figure out how they might have acted under the same circumstances. Just when you think a decision is made, another possibility surfaces and you ponder to the end what really happened in this story.

    This is a marvelous interweaving of the problems of today and how they affect and change the people who experience them. Kindle Book Giveaway! School, Library or Charity? Free books for your school, library or charity. Become a Reviewer Share your opinions to help authors and readers.

    Three Months in Florence Three Months in Florence
    Three Months in Florence Three Months in Florence
    Three Months in Florence Three Months in Florence
    Three Months in Florence Three Months in Florence
    Three Months in Florence Three Months in Florence
    Three Months in Florence Three Months in Florence
    Three Months in Florence Three Months in Florence

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