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The Hit Factory

After meeting Spears in New York, he went back to Stockholm, worked on the song a little more to tailor it for Spears, made a copy, and mailed it to Jive. And yet the vocal hook, irresistible as it was, sounded odd. That was the furthest thing from the minds of the gentle Swedes, who were only trying to use up-to-the-minute lingo.

Baby One More Time. Although Martin may be sui generis, he is by no means the only disciple of Denniz PoP to go on to chart-topping success. Clearly, there is more at work here than individual genius.

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More than ninety per cent of Swedes speak English. But, while knowing English is clearly an advantage to songwriters and producers seeking success in the U. Swedish writers are not partial to wit, metaphor, or double entendre, songwriting staples from Tin Pan Alley through the Brill Building era. Finally, while Sweden has a strong songwriting culture, it lacks an equally strong culture of performing.

So you had these farmers out there who were good at writing songs but had no one to sing them. Songwriting was just a thing you did on your own when you were watching the cows, a kind of meditation. Which is really not the case in the U. By hooking up the two countries, musically speaking, Martin and his peers changed pop songwriting. Many K-pop songs are the result of collaborations between Korean and Swedish songwriting teams.

Songwriters are assigned different parts of a song to work on; choruses can be taken from one song and tried in another; a bridge might be swapped out, or a hook.

Blank Space: What Kind of Genius Is Max Martin?

Songs are written more like television shows, by teams of writers who willingly share credit. Lennon and McCartney wrote almost all of their hits with each other, and while they had assistance from others in their solo careers, the level of collaboration was nothing like their former partnership. Martin is their Obi Wan. What changes do they trace? Comment on Facebook. Need a hand with keeping safe and warm this winter?

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On Air Now:. Hold on to your Akubra! Posted 4th July, by Pam Howard.

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Some cold weather tips! Posted 4th July, by jess.

Max Headroom (character)

Put on your Blue Suede Shoes; the race to play Elvis has begun! Posted 3rd July, by jess. A French inventor is selling pills that make your farts smell nice!

Section Heading

Posted 1st July, by Pam Howard. Do Not Disturb! Posted 28th June, by Pam Howard. Panem hopefully not Forever Posted 18th June, by jess. Once again, over the whole interval, there's definitely points that are lower. And we hit an absolute minimum for the interval at x is equal to b. But this is a relative minimum or a local minimum because it's lower than the-- if we look at the x values around d, the function at those values is higher than when we get to d.

So let's think about, it's fine for me to say, well, you're at a relative maximum if you hit a larger value of your function than any of the surrounding values. And you're at a minimum if you're at a smaller value than any of the surrounding areas.

Worlds first

But how could we write that mathematically? So here I'll just give you the definition that really is just a more formal way of saying what we just said. So we say that f of c is a relative max, relative maximum value, if f of c is greater than or equal to f of x for all x that-- we could say in a casual way, for all x near c. So we could write it like that. But that's not too rigorous because what does it mean to be near c?

And so a more rigorous way of saying it, for all x that's within an open interval of c minus h to c plus h, where h is some value greater than 0.


So does that make sense? Well, let's look at it.

Blank Space: What Kind of Genius Is Max Martin? | The New Yorker

So let's construct an open interval. So it looks like for all of the x values in-- and you just have to find one open interval. There might be many open intervals where this is true. But if we construct an open interval that looks something like that, so this value right over here is c plus h.

That value right over here c minus h. And you see that over that interval, the function at c, f of c is definitely greater than or equal to the value of the function over any other part of that open interval. And so you could imagine-- I encourage you to pause the video, and you could write out what the more formal definition of a relative minimum point would be. Well, we would just write-- let's take d as our relative minimum.

This is Max This is Max
This is Max This is Max
This is Max This is Max
This is Max This is Max
This is Max This is Max
This is Max This is Max
This is Max This is Max

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