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2. A Thankful Miracle Prayer

I truly believe these words. For all of our petitions. Friend, I admit to not asking for prayer very often. But I should. We all should. If you have a need, please approach a friend and ask for prayer. Be as specific as you can be, too. I know that I appreciate when friends can tell me the first name of the person for whom I should pray. I appreciate knowing the general need, whether financial, relational, physical, or emotional. Do I need to know specifics? Absolutely not.

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Is it even imperative that I know first names? Of course not.

5 Please Pray the Rosary

God knows all situations and needs before we even utter them Matthew But when I can zero in on a situation and pray to the God of heaven and earth about it, naming names and expressing situations, I feel somehow more directed. More succinct. More focused. And strangely, I feel as though those prayers deliver more of a punch. Please pray for us we have been having problems with manager at our apartment. We got sick there and need to leave and get our money back. Please pray that we will get our money back for deposit and everything we should In Jesus Name and God's hand upon this situation and be resolved Thank you.

I am going to a parade tomorrow with some of my family members. Please pray that it all goes well, and that my diabetes will be under great control and remain good throughout the day. May I not gossip at all too. I thank and praise God for helping my family and I through all our concerns. I thank and praise God for making a way for us when there appears to be no way.

I thank and praise God for healing and delivering us and giving us His Perfect Peace. I thank and p. God Bless You.

Please pray The Rosary TVC

Wife has left the home without notice. I think she is suffering from severe depression. She was angry at me and now she is angry at God. She has not mentioned divorce and said she needs time to 'figure her life out". Please pray, her name is Karen. I know God's got this and all I can is pray. God, I'm tired of fighting for love, the man I love is not certain about anything. Please give Robert the desire and willingness to Marry me.

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I never wanted to roam this earth not being a wife and alone. Please win his heart over and give him a heart to Love me unconditionally and to commit to me. Thank you for your prayers. Would you please pray for my daughter Gabrielle and her manager Stacy that the war would give them favor to keep their jobs. Please pray for God's direction in mine and my son life.

We need know if we our suppose to stay in California or move to Texas. Please ask God to give us clear direction and to open the right doors and closed the wrongs ones and the fianances we need In Jesus Name Thank you. Abba Father, Thank you for Your Mercy and Grace for the opportunity to have a few job interviews coming up. I pray that I get a job offer in within two weeks so I dont end up homeless and I can have the surgery that I need to have before is too late! God is my Defender and Restorer! In Jesus name. Met and dated the perfect woman for me recently.

Would have married her years ago if we had met then. Prayers for wisdom. Dear siblings in Christ Jesus, Please pray God give me all desires of my heart and make all my dreams come true according to His will. Pray God touch the heart of people I love and fill their hearts with my love. Please pray for healing of heart , liver and kidneys. Pls pray for healthy cholesterol levels and blood circulation, protection against kidney stones and gallstones.

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  • Please pray for my son Jake he needs healing in his body and God's peace and Joy. We been staying a apartment that made us sick We need God direction what to do now and where to live. This is an emergency prayer I need prayers for my furry best friend who is ill with bone cancer we need a miracle she is in pain please help pray for her health for her recovery thank you. Good Afternoon Prayer Partner! I am requesting prayer that God will plow up my thorny heart and give me a heart again for Him.

    I have allowed circumstances and situations to impact my relationship with him. I do not want to be stubborn or prideful but I want a heart of humility so I can serve the the Lord. I want to be free. Pray that I will have self-control in not being in the TV lounge at my home more than 1 hour each day. Prayers for God to give our family minds stayed on Jesus and sound and peaceful minds. Thank you so much God bless. My grandson is He lives in a group home for young men that does not know how to deal with life challenges.

    He is angry and very depressed. I don't know how to pray for him. He is so alone. Away from family. He has no spiritual influence in his life.

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    How do I pray for him? Please pray for healing of ear, sinus, and tonsils. Pray ears and sinus drain properly. I am meeting with my Psychiatrist tomorrow to talk about changing some of my medications.

    Please pray for “Tina”
    Please Pray Please Pray
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