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George's pure white steed. It is the last day of Easter celebrations, but not the end of Eastertide which is Whitsun, Pfingsten, and in Germany many of the trees, branches, wells and fountains decorated with colored eggs, together with greenery remaining from Palm Sunday, stay in place for fifty days until the end of the celebrations for Pfingsten and Pfingstenmontag. Und hin und wieder wundert's mich, dass wir uns fanden - sie und ich. Rosemarie Neie. Da bleibe, wer Lust hat, mit Sorgen zu Haus.

Ergreife die Fiedel, du lustiger Spielmann du, von meinem Schatz das Liedel das sing ich dazu.

The Prokaryotes

Und find ich keine Herberg', so lieg' ich zur Nacht wohl unter blauem Himmel, die Sterne halten Wacht. O Wandern, o Wandern, Du freie Burschenlust! Deutschen Bundestages am. September Dieser Trend setzte sich auch fort. Augen, Ohren, Mund. Nach Angaben seiner Agentin starb er in der Nacht zu 3. Februar in einem Krankenhaus in Innsbruck. Schell spielte an zahlreichen renommierten Theatern in der ganzen Welt.

Bremen and Bremerhaven: the city, the countryside and the sea Bremen: a regional capital and trading city with a long-standing maritime heritage. Bremerhaven: 1, years Bremen's junior but still steeped in history and with many tales to tell. These two cities together form Germany's smallest federal state — a world of experiences that is cosmopolitan, welcoming and full of pleasures, open to the new and respectful of the old.

Sightseers won't even need a map to find their way around. Once a tradesmen's alley, this narrow lane is now a centre for art and culture, and a jewel in the crown of European cultural history. The people here appreciate the finer things in life — internationally renowned coffee, chocolate of the highest quality, rare spices, tasty fish specialities and, of course, worldclass beers.

From its port, millions of emigrants stole their last glance at Europe before going in search of a better life in America. Many found it, others failed. By contrast, the Harbour Worlds complex is rooted firmly in the present day. Not far from the Maritime Museum is a fountain featuring a small gnome-like character known as the Klabautermann water sprite. According to folklore this barely two-foot tall imp is the spirit of someone who died and whose soul took up residence in a tree.

Should this tree become a mast of a ship, the spirit will transform into a Klabautermann, a welcome figure — in spite of all his bad moods and terrible jokes — because he watches over the ship and its crew. A charming legend — and a classic example of Bremerhaven's maritime heritage. You can find out about life at sea, and about the past, present and future of the entire region at the cen-.

Back in Bremen, another unusual exhibition building is the Weserburg, Bremen's museum of modern art. It is housed in four converted warehouses in the middle of the river and enjoys international acclaim as one of Germany's biggest contemporary art galleries and Europe's first collectors' museum.

Staying by the water, the very modern Schlachte is Bremen's newly regenerated promenade alongside the Weser.

Jerome Isma-Ae

There's always. If you find yourself heading back towards the nearby market square from here, don't forget to pay your respects to the Bremen Town Musicians, the world-famous characters from the Brothers Grimm fairytale. Touching the donkey's legs is said to bring good luck, but remember to use both hands. As far as the locals are concerned, using only one hand is simply a case of two donkeys shaking hands.

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And no visitor to Bremen deserves that! Maybe this braided yeast dough treat will become a tradition in your home. Mix the yeast mixture into the flour. Gradually add the milk and butter mixture to the flour mixture, stir-. Turn the dough out onto a floured surface and knead until smooth and elastic, approximately 8 minutes.

These steps may also be done with a mixer fitted with a dough hook. If the dough seems too thin to braid, knead a bit more flour into it. Cover the dough with a kitchen towel and let it rise in a warm place until doubled in volume. Punch the dough to deflate it and turn it out onto a lightly floured surface and knead once again.

Divide the dough into 3 parts and roll into long ropes about 20 inches long. Lay the dough ropes on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and braid the ropes together. The braid may be left as is or formed into a wreath shape. Press the ends to help them stick together. For an extra special wreath, a smaller wreath may be made and placed on top of the larger wreath. Cover loosely with a damp towel and let the dough rise until doubled in volume. Brush the braid or wreath with the egg whites and sprinkle with sanding sugar or sliced almonds for decoration, if desired.

Cool on a wire rack and wrap well in aluminum foil until ready to be eaten. Dyed eggs may be placed in the middle of the wreath. In , asparagus was again the vegetable accounting for the most cultivated acreage in Germany. As the German Federal Statistical Office stated, this accounts for more than 20 per cent of the total outdoor farmed acreage for vegetables.

The volume of asparagus harvested in exceeded , tons. Following asparagus, carrots place second in the German cultivated acreage rankings, requiring a total of 10, hectares, with onions next at 9, hectares, cabbage at around 5, hectares and cauliflower, which accounts for more than 4, hectares. Board meeting at pm. Singing at pm. All you can eat Montly Fish Fry. Doors open at pm. Food served at pm.

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Spring Dance. Doors will be open from 6 - 11 PM. Singing pm. Kulturkueche — Linsensuppe. Chef Mike from Borderline will instruct in the traditional Eintopf, one-dish meal, accompanied by warm sourdough bread. There are plenty of hands-on and tasting opportunities for students. Dancing pm. Kino Kaffee und Kuchen, pm — pm. Visit the "Lost German Chicago exhibit. Museum open Saturdays am to pm or by appointment. Free and open to the public. Doors open at om. Chapter Anniversary. Learn about German American cultural initiatives and programming.

Engage in discussions with the board regarding the current state of affairs and contribute your ideas to improve how everyone experiences the DANK Haus. Chicago IL. Visit the "Lost German Chicago" exhibit. Maitanz at Schwabenhof.

Rosamunde Pilcher

Music by Pieptone! For tickets contact Ron Kabitzke: May Dance. Music by The Phenix. Contact Anita at for more information and tickets. Greetings, I just received the recent issue of the German-American Journal and was please to see my article on the Germanic Museum. The journal itself looks very good and I like the new format. With 13 athletes in the squad, the German team was very successful. It returned home with 15 medals, nine of them Gold. In the giant slalom, mono-skier Schaffelhuber won her fifth Gold in her fifth race. Eskau took her second victory in the five kilometre cross-country race in the sitting category.

Andrea Rothfuss was delighted with Silver in the giant slalom in the standing class. Source: bundesregierung. The format is in English with some articles in German. That is a good balance for both English and German reading audiences. Additionally, the various topics covered and articles presented are quite informative and of interest to read.

Thus, it is certainly fair to say that the DANK Journal, in its current format, is a good publication. A thank you to all that work and contribute to its publication.


Neuschwanstein very popular 1. In other words, for the first time visitor figures topped the 1. The proportion of tourists who were Chinese speakers thus came to The number of English-speaking visitors amounted to All in all, the various castles in Bavaria last year attracted around 4. Source: schloesser. Indeed, it has been described as one of the loveliest castles in Europe. This northern Bavaria castle is privately owned, but the family opens its doors to tourists throughout the year. Taking a walk on the paths throughout the castle grounds is highly recommended by past visitors.

Bei uns ist diese Tradition seit dem Jahrhundert bekannt. The town, located in the Franconian Schweiz region, is home to only 1, residents, but holds the world record for the greatest brewery density and may also have the oldest brewery in Franconia. The brewery Klosterbrauerei Weissenohe was built with the establishment of the Benedictine monastery in AD, and is often described as the oldest brewery in the world.

The town proudly acknowledges its world record, offering hiking tours along a 13 km trail that brings visitors to each of its four breweries to do some sampling. The name formerly Ufsaze comes from "sitting on the rock" and describes the location of the castle. For more information, please visit: www. Behavior learned at the height of the Cold War continues in the herds that roam land that used to straddle the former Czechoslovakia and West Germany. The former guarded borders separating East from West today serve as popular summertime migratory destinations for the deer.

Germany's Bavarian Forest National Park and the Czech Republic's Sumava National Park established a trans boundary wilderness area where animals like the red deer could find refuge. But as it turns out, the deer populations on either side of the former Iron Curtain roam along the border and remain reluctant to cross. Using GPS satellite collars, Czech zoologists, in cooperation with their German colleagues, monitored the migration patterns of red deer on either side of the border between and Researchers have found that the migratory patterns of the approximately 1, deer that live in Sumava have varied little from those followed by the herds de-.

So, more or less, the behavior of the mother [determines] the area which is used by the deer in later years. The 11 participants usually come from art and design schools or have won some prize or award before to qualify for a starting place in the Oktoberfest poster competition. The jury chooses their favorite, without knowing who designed which poster. Compared with the previous years, the pay gap between women and men remained unchanged in Women in Germany make an average of The beer producing and storing establishments in Germany sold That was a decrease of 1.

Bavarian pretzel given EU protected origin status The Bavarian pretzel has joined champagne, Parma ham and Cornish pasties on the EU's protected origins list, which means only pretzels produced in the southern German state can be sold as Bayerische breze, or Bavarian pretzel. In a statement the EU commission said these are "characterized by a doughy taste, combined with a short, crisp crack and a soft, fluffy texture".

It said the protected geographical indication status applied to the "typical Bavarian lye pastry whose shape symbolizes arms folded in prayer", be it "topped with coarse salt, cheese or poppy, sesame, pumpkin or sunflower seeds". Products made and sold outside the EU, such as Bavarian pretzels in the US, are not affected by the decision. According to the Mercer Quality of Living Worldwide City rankings Vienna has the best quality of living globally. In Europe, it is followed by Zurich 2 , Munich.

Healthcare, infrastructure, and recreational facilities are generally of a very high standard. Political stability and relatively low crime levels enable expatriates to feel safe and secure in most locations. Mercer conducts its Quality of Living survey annually to help multinational companies and other employers compensate employees fairly when placing them on international assignments. Two common incentives include a quality-of-living allowance and a mobility premium.

The family fled their home of Salzburg in Austria when the Nazis arrived and ended up performing around America where this story eventually inspired the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical hit. Maria Franziska, who was the last of the seven brothers and sisters from the von Trapp family who was still alive, died in her sleep aged Family friend Marianne Dorfer who runs the von Trapp Villa Hotel in Salzburg said: "It was a surprise that she was the one in the family to live the longest because.

It was the fact that she suffered from this that her father decided to hire Maria von Trapp to teach her and her brothers and sisters. That of course then led to one of the most remarkable musical partnerships of the last century. The Sound of Music which told the story of the musical family every year attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to Salzburg even now, almost 50 years after it was made. The opulence of the artifacts suggested that they were owned by someone of wealth and standing, possibly a prince. Archeology New Network stated according to Nieblung legend, the warrior Hagen killed the dragonslayer Siegfried and sank his treasure in the Rhine River.

The Rhine has shifted its course many times over the centuries, so the treasurer may no longer be under water. The haul, which was found near Ruelzheim in the southern part of the state, is now at the state cultural department in Mainz, but officials suspect they may not have all of it.

The unnamed treasure hunter who found the haul was promptly caught after trying to sell the rare items on the black market. Rhineland Palatinate boasts the most famous stretch of the Rhine, dotted with castles and steeped in legend that has inspired German poets, painters and musicians.

Baseball in Germany It may seem surprising since baseball is thought of as a prime sport played in North America, Latin America and Asia, but organized baseball in Germany goes back to Baseball is not a major sport in Germany but a small but loyal group of baseball players and fans exists in Germany. Baseball made its debut in Germany at the Berlin Olympics as a demonstration sport. No medals were awarded, but 90, German fans went to Olympic Stadium to watched the game being played. In the American region, baseball was officially taught to the young people as part of the German Youth Activities program.

The Baseball Bundesliga was formed in and led to the first German baseball championship. Since then the names of the leagues and teams have changed but baseball continues to be played in Germany. The Paderborn Untouchables have won six titles since German-born players have gone on to the major. Mike Blowers had an year career in the major leagues, playing primarily for the New York Yankees and Seattle Mariners. Blowers had a. Pitcher Craig Lefferts was a dependable left-handed relief pitcher for 12 years. He pitched primarily for the San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants and was known for his ability to get left-handed batters out.

Ron Gardenhire had a five-year career as a reserve infielder for the New York Mets; he has since established himself as one of the top managers in the games with the Minnesota Twins. Gardenhire was named manager of the Twins in and he remained in that position through the end of the season. Gardenhire has led the Twins to six first-place finishes in the American League Central Division during his nine years at the helm of the franchise. Kulturkueche — Rahmschnitzel. Meet at Fernwood. For more information:. Rumage Sale. Doors will be open from 8 AM - 6 PM.

May June 1 Chicago, IL. Maifest in Lincoln Square. Live German music, German food and drinks. Thank you! We would like to thank the many generous members and friends listed below who have supported the works of the German American National Congress through their donations.

Helen Nora Hartung nee Brashinger age 88, passed away on February 17, Beloved wife of Walter G. Proud great grandmother of 5. Fond sister of Adeline Bredlau of East Ha-. When they had to trim away a portion of the backyard apple tree, her husband said, the incorporated cut rounds of the limbs into a decorate plaster half wall in their dining room. They also remodeled the kitchen, bathrooms and basement. Another area has a Japanese theme. And, of course, there are German mementos displayed everywhere. Two German-made cuckoo clocks are mounted side by side on a living room wall.

There is a seven-hour difference. Helen retired in as the owner of the Flossmoor Bakery. Paul Lutheran Church in Chicago Heights. Helen was also a member of D. K Chapter Chicago South. The Kramers also installed bricks imported from Germany next to the driveway to provide additional parking space. It came from a lakeside home near Eagle River in northern Wisconsin, said to have been a retreat used by Al Capone. American Impression of Germany Continued from page 5 Overall, the study reinforced the fact that most Americans view Germany in a positive light, and US interest in Germany — whether in tourism or history — remains particularly high.

Germany is viewed as the best-suited country to lead Europe out of its debt crisis. After his discharge from the Army they moved back to the US, settled for a few years in the St. Louis, MO area before settling down in St. There both Bud and his wife Thea worked at the St.

In St. Charles Bud and his wife were active members of St. Patrick Catholic Church and later St. John Neumann Catholic Church where Bud served many years. Helga Laibacher, 68, of Youngsville, passed away September 24, at the Cleveland Clinic due to complications from heart surgery. In her heart though, she was truly a German, who loved her German heritage. Helga loved her flowers, and photography. She made her own birthday cards, and loved the outdoors.

The Reverend Traugott Vogel, 83, passed away on January 16, He was born in Heidelberg, Germany, on January 20, He was a retired pastor, evangelical speaker, and missionary. Afterwards, he became a missionary with the Eastern European Mission, serving as missionary in Belgium. In , Rev. He later served as pastor to churches in Phoe-. Unfortunately he lost his wife to illness in Bud was known to most as a kind and loving Gentleman with a love of life, dancing and positive outlook with an injection of humor. Oktoberfest time was his favorite time of the year and many will always remember him in his Lederhosen.

Helga was a member of DANK since ,. She was actively involved in the ROY Revitalization of Youngsville organization, where she volunteered countless hours to help make Youngsville a better place. She was also involved with Youngsville's Corn Fest. Box , Youngsville, Pa.

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Since accepting Christ as his personal savior, he shared his testimony often and devoted much of his ministry to the theme of reconciliation with others and with the Lord. He is survived by his wife of 57 years, Holdine Vogel. The family of Pastor Vogel has requested that gifts in his memory be given to the Billy Graham Association. Whoever invented work must not have had anything to do.

Volume 62 Issue 2 German American Journal. Fifty-seven percent of Americans called Germany an important player in international politics and believe Germany holds an important role in the United Nations. David Carpenter provided the funds for the foundation and base, in memory of his wife Dolores, who owned the Lindennoll Gift Haus in Mainstrasse Village, Covington. Some "Burschenvereine" have specialized in stealing the maypoles that are most closely watched by the strongest security. We were excited to have quite a few children little Dalmatian, Bumble Bee, Cleopatra, and a Werewolf , since they each were so cute- all of them won prizes for the best costume.

Dabei verliebten sie sich in den lustigen und wahnsinnigen deutschen Schlager der 50er und 60er Jahre und den exotischen deutschen concert at PM, dancing at PM. Join us for this fun sea- sonal treat! The following Thursday is Maundy Thursday, Gruendonnerstag Green Thursday, celebrated since the 13th century and originally with no connection to green but stemming from an old German word, greinen to groan, mourn or weep, as it commemorated the Last Supper and the betrayal by Judas.

No church bells are rung and children are told they have flown to Rome to be blessed, while in France and Belgium this story goes further so young children believe it is the church bells, Easter bells, that drop their Easter goodies wherever while they are flying back from Rome. A family day when often the entire extended family meets for lunch, which once was lamb but this tradition is no longer as strong as it was, followed by egg rolling competitions or visits to the countryside and sports events or festivals.

Deutschen Bundestages am Just 60 kilometres downstream lies B re m e r h ave n , first established in Gradually add the milk and butter mixture to the flour mixture, stir- Asparagus ring constantly. Proghouse Vol. Enjoy House! Galore Music. Often Gruven Recordings. N-Joy Progressive House. A Monster In My Closet. Jerome Isma-Ae , Weekend Heroes. Cult Of Snap Remixes. A Journey Into Progressive House 2. Jerome Isma-Ae , Snap! Proghouse , Vol. Flamingo Beats Miami Ibiza Lounge Classics.

Nicky Romero , Nilson , Starkillers , S. Progressive Tunes Volume 7. When Techno Meets Progressive House. Unreleased Digital. Progressive Nights Vol. Global Clubbing Excursion Pure House - From Ibiza 2 Miami. Zimmer , Idriss Chebak. Twisted Disco - European Version. Hed Kandi Records. Tenor Recordings. Trance Trip Vol. Reality Bites Records. Toolroom Records vs. Pilot6 - Best Of Pilot 6 Armada. Biggest Vocal Trance Tracks Of S Recordings - Best Of S Recordings. United Colors Of House Volume 2. In House We Trust — Vol.

Rosamunde Pilcher - Ruf der Vergangenheit - 2000 - Daniel Morgenroth

Down Under Summer Season A Decade Of Trance Part 9: Zimmer , Stanley Ross. Nero Bianco - Best Of House Tokyo - Coast 2 Coast. Maxi House Volume 2. Zimmer , B. Progressive Tunes Volume 5. Follow Following Unfollow. Type Reset Album Release Jump to page. Results per page 25 50 Title Artists Labels Released. Dream House No. Plusquam Records Jee Productions Zimmer , Idriss Chebak Nero Bianco Series

Nora Morgenroth: Der Hüter (German Edition) Nora Morgenroth: Der Hüter (German Edition)
Nora Morgenroth: Der Hüter (German Edition) Nora Morgenroth: Der Hüter (German Edition)
Nora Morgenroth: Der Hüter (German Edition) Nora Morgenroth: Der Hüter (German Edition)
Nora Morgenroth: Der Hüter (German Edition) Nora Morgenroth: Der Hüter (German Edition)
Nora Morgenroth: Der Hüter (German Edition) Nora Morgenroth: Der Hüter (German Edition)
Nora Morgenroth: Der Hüter (German Edition) Nora Morgenroth: Der Hüter (German Edition)

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