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The images have been sent to you manually. Thanks for your custom. Leen, Thanks for your incredible work. We are developing presentation tools for pastors, small-group leaders, and home-school teachers.

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I have purchased many of your illustrations for my own use as a pastor. Was it a retaining wall for the Temple complex? The almost 60m long wall is part of the m long western retaining wall, built by Herod the Great. Hi Leen, I am still a bit confused with the existence of a remaining wailing wall made of a nice array of large stones of the temple but The Lord Jesus clearly mentioned that not single stone will be left behind for the temple.

How do we reconcile that, please. Thanks for enlightening me.

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Greetings from Singapore! Kacang, In order to understand what Jesus was talking about, one needs to read the Bible carefully. They were not pointing to the massive retaining walls, but to the buildings plural that stood on this artificial platform. As indeed not one stone is left of these buildings, the prophecy was fulfilled completely. Dear Dr. Ritmeyer, I have a couple of questions.

How do you feel about the writings of Alfred Edersheim on the temple? Is the information still accurate?

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Also how many walls did Jerusalem have at the time of the Savior? Thank you! Mike, If we take into consideration that Alfred Edersheim lived in the 19th century, then his works are very useful indeed. His advantage was that he originally was a Jewish scholar and could read the Mishnah and the Talmud in Hebrew. He successfully combined these sources with the writings of the New Testament.

About the walls of Jerusalem, in the time of Christ, Jerusalem was surrounded by two walls, the First Wall that dates to the time of Hezekiah and the Second Wall that was built by Herod. Are you a Christadelphian if so for how long? If you are it is strange that only now I have discovered your world of exploration Looking forward to meeting you one day I am a Christadelphian and look forward to learning quite a lot from you especially since I am learning Hebrew ashraf.

May I ask the religious affiliation of the Dr Ritmeyer? Are you a Jew, a Christian, both or neither? Do you think your faith affects your interpretation of archaeological findings or vice versa? I try not to let my faith influence my interpretation of archaeological findings.

As I deal mainly with architecture, there is little chance of misrepresenting ancient buildings. Rob, No evidence whatsoever.

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In fact, the high bedrock levels preclude the possibility of a gate there altogether. Your drawings of the Fort Antonia show a pyramid-shaped roof atop each tower.

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Is there any evidence for this design, please? If so, might such roofs have been covered with lead sheets? Howard, Roman towers often had pitched roofs which would be covered with lead sheeting. Good luck with the building of your model. I am looking for any information regarding the Red Heifer Bridge… Have you, or could you direct me to any solid evidence in this regard….??? Hi Chris, There was no bridge, but a causeway built over arches. I believe that one of these arches was found in front of the Golden gate. See my discussion in The Quest pp. Leen—Trying to locate a publication you did on the Cisterns under the Temple Mount—is this still available?

I do not see this on your website, nor can I find a source for it through google searches. Can you direct me to a source where I can obtain this publication? The Quest is not available in pdf format, but for travelling purposes, the guidebook is more than adequate. Yes I have, but it is not published. Notify me of new posts by email. Skip to content Things are developing so rapidly in the world of Biblical Archaeology that I have decided to keep this blog.

Benjamin Mazar. Nahman Avigad. Post-doctoral researcher into the relationship between the Sakhra and the Holy of Holies of the Temple of Jerusalem.

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In Jerusalem. Grant awarded by the Rothschild Foundation in Geneva, Switzerland. Conservation Studies , University of York, Ritmeyer, The Temple and the Rock, Harrogate, Ritmeyer, Jerusalem in the year 30AD, Jerusalem, Ritmeyer, Jerusalem in the time of Nehemiah, Jerusalem, Feldman, Brill, Leiden Ritmeyer, L. Greetings from Bram van den Berg. Bram, Hartelijk bedankt voor de aanvraag, maar wij kunnen het ons niet veroorloven om onze illustraties vrij weg te geven, want dat is hoe wij onze familie onderhouden.

Beste groeten. Regards Leen. Please call at reception for details. Log in to Patient Access. Please keep your appointment. If you are unable to keep an appointment or your condition has improved, then please let us know as soon as possible so that some else can have your appointment.

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