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When you call down the Moon, be ready for it's power!.. This Rite may be performed for oneself or others, to help restore the natural youthful health of the body, mind and soul after injury, illness or trauma. Because this Rite implies that one is a "guardian of the Self-Cackling Egg" or Original Creator, it will have little effect unless spoken by one who has integrated the Invocation of Divine Identity listed above..

At the very heart of Egyptian Mysticism is a system of 'thought' and experience so primitive or primal in nature that it is virtually forgotten by the so-called 'civilized' peoples of the modern world.. While often derided by 'science' as superstitious nonsense, Totemism is so universal a part of our species' oldest spiritualities as to deserve a closer look. After all, why would literally all ancient peoples have 'believed-in' something that is completely without value?! The Neteru or "gods" of Egypt were and still are! Modern religions have tried very hard to deny or negate the value of this primal layer of Animistic or Totemic Nature-Spirits within us..

Egyptian Rite Mysticism is the process of discovering one's own personal Totems and invoking their assistance as well as the assistance of any of the other Neteru whose good services you might need at any given moment. In the listing that follows, look for yourself, symbolized as well as the many good friends you may wish to call upon from time to time. Recognized by theologians as the "prototype" or original upon which all later "Saviors" have been fashioned, Heru or "Horus" as the Greeks pronounced his name was the Neteru who finally vanquished Set after that enemy slew Heru's father Ausar..

Those of Horus' totem are thus successful activists, driven by an inner sense of DUTY to correct the social abuses left over from past ages. Adored at many Temples in Egypt including Medenet-Habu in the Sinai where Moses and the Israelites stopped on their journey briefly Hathor survives in Hebrew tradition as "the golden calf" of Exodus. Called Anubis by the Greeks, Anpu is the black dog-like creature who tags-along beside the Soul on it's endless journey through life; and naturally symbolizes everything we today associate with the dog as "Man's Best Friend.

Those born of this wise, loving and deeply loyal Totem are life's natural-born counselors, therapists and Spiritual Examples.. Bulls have been revered as symbolic of the power to sire children throughout history, as well as being the symbol of security, wealth and temporal power "as strong as a Bull" remains a part of our language even today. In all cases, the Bull features prominently in their dreams and soul-visionary experiences.

Called Thoth pronounced exactly like the English word "thought" which it in fact means by the Greeks and associated by them with their own diety Hermes the Latin Mercury, this Neter was in fact named "Tehuti" in Egyptian. Just as we in more recent times have called writing "chicken-tracks" especially if written by a beginner, the ancient Egyptians associated reading and writing with the tracks left on the beach sands by the Ibis.. That Tehuti should become known as the patron-Totem of Scribes, Teachers, Scientists and Messengers should be no surprise, therefore..

Those born of this Totem-lineage are thus note-takers, scribblers, archivists, librarians and "by-the-book" copyists. No Neter or "god" of the Egyptians has left so indelible a stamp upon the world as this First Father of the Gods. Originally a great, horned and horny! It is a well-known fact that Amun created the universe through masturbation.. Amen masturbated and drank his own seed from one hand.. There are only a few Neteru whose Totemic symbol is not a bird or animal, and Nut is one of them.

The goose was long-ago selected by Egyptians as the symbol of the good husband because the goose is a monogamous bird which breeds for life a 'widowed goose' who has lost it's spouse may live the rest of it's long life alone, out of loyalty to their Beloved. The Neter of the good husband, consort and loyal father is thus Geb, the Goose-Totem. Look for Geb wherever lifelong loyalty to the family is being celebrated; somewhere nearby you will find the Goose!

Geb is also depicted as a soil-colored man lying wrapt around the earth, with his erect penis aimed upward to the Sky where Nut his Beloved wife bends down to unite with him. Geb often also spelled Seb or Qeb is invoked for sexual compatibility as well as fertility. Another of the "gods" of Egypt more associated with symbols other than an animal is Ptah who represents God as "the Great Designer and Builder of the Universe.

Rope was a familiar symbol in Egypt, representing the ability to move large or heavy objects through the labor of many men much as the Pyramids convey to our minds today; and all those born of Ptah's Totem are organizers of men, envisioners of great designs and the building of durable monuments of industry and value. Ptah is the patron of modern Freemasonry. We all at times want "fussed-over" and comforted by some strong, serene and completely competent Care-giver.. Bastet is the patroness of childhood, child-rearing, education and "baby-setting services" such as nursing.

Invocation of the Godself

As well-known anciently as it is today is the Cat's constant mental "prowling" for something fun to do; and Bastet's Totem Members are likewise always out looking for someone's tail to pull, a ball to chase or some other Game to play with other young-spirited "cats" and "kittens. Perhaps the most familiar Neter to many modern westerners is "Scarabaeus" the Dung Beetle. Sometimes also spelled "Xeper," this Neter depicts God rolling the world around the heavens, while hatching-out his young in it's soil..

As a Totem, Ksheper denotes creativity and the caretaking of one's creations from beginning to end. Look for this Lineage wherever eternity is being served; for this Totem builds with eternity in mind ancient Egyptians strewed the path of funeral processions with images of the Scarab, to make eternal the Path of the departed soul. That "holy Spirit" or "holy ghost" familiar to modern Christians as the symbol of Providence, Miraculous Help and Divine Intercession in our behalf was also known to ancient Egypt, where it was called "Nephthys" the House Of Prayers-Answered.

Nephthys was symbolized not by an animal but a picture of a Temple shaped like an altar-stone with a door leading into it; thus she represents "the Spirit dwelling within the Altar".. Those born of this deeply humble, devoted and sincere Totem-Lineage are the Temple servants, monks, nuns and ministers of mercy who caretake our species' spiritual needs. Whether found in a Temple hearing confessions and blessing the ill, or in the kitchen cooking dinner for their children, those of Nephthys' "kind" can be known by the aura of mercy which they exude like incense into the air.

Nephthys is the personification of feminine compassion, as her brother Ra is of male victory.. While little understood even by such Egyptologists as Budge, there are two Neteru whose lineages are necessary for us all to keep in mind. Those born of these Totemic Lineages may recognize themselves mostly from their innate tendency to "pilot" or "navigate" themselves and others through life's "rough waters. Lastly we will list that most ever-present Neter so important to Egyptians that virtually all their "good gods" were considered a "form" of him: RA, the Sun God.

Also sometimes spelled "Re" but always depicted as either the disk of the Sun or an Eagle-winged or Hawk-headed great Bird of Heaven, Ra originally simply denoted masculinity itself; the Power of a Man over the world he must govern. Look for this Lineage in the military, police, fire brigades, government offices and all other places where men overcome danger through courage. Wallis Budge. Once you have actually located your personal Totemic Nature from the list above or other researches into the "gods" of Egypt, you may wish to actually become that "full-time" rather than experiencing it only during short moments such as during dreams and meditations.

That Totem-Integration can be stimulated by the Rite which follows, which is addressed to the goddess "Nut" and her Four-Horned "spouse" the Bull Of Eternity symbolic of the Four "Worlds" in which we dwell. Please note that this Rite requires you to insert your own personal name at birth, in several places, plus the name of the Neter or Archetypal Totem which you have found yourself to be.. Once actually affecting you, this Rite should help your Totemic Spirit Nature to emerge quite fully into your daily life as well as your dreams and other inner states Not all of the Neteru participate in healthy human society, however..

Many who first discover the spirit of Egypt are led by the sheer frequency with which they are mentioned to include the famous "Osirians" in their Rites. Experience teaches that this is a capital mistake! The Neteru named Ausar but more commonly conventionalized as "Osirus" is the "god" of the Afterlife and none of the living have any reason to invoke him. Isis is rightly to be viewed as the original "type" of Mut the Vulture Goddess, depicting the Great Mother as custodian of the Funerary Temple. Any invoking of Isis or Mut involves one with funerals and the survival of the Soul after death.

The "gods" and "godesses" of spiritual "punishment" and "purification" are likewise very dangerous to invoke, and should not be called upon for the same reasons given for Isis, Osirus and Set the "Osirians. The Crocodile-goddess and all the other "hell-fire totems" are important teachings for us all to learn from..

Likewise to be avoided by most of the Living are those "Nether Regions" of Limbo, Purgatory and worse yet, placed by the Egyptian Cosmology in a dark region known as Tuat or " the Other Side. While certain specialized humans for instance, Shamans, Spiritualists and other "seance-workers" as well as those Ministers who seek to help the "Houseless Souls" wandering the Nether Regions may wish to journey there at times, most people will wish to give a wide berth to all those places that lies in-between this Sunlit World and that Blessed Abode Seket-Hetep and the Elysian Fields Of Peace Seket-Aaru which surround it and which are those same "Happy Hunting Grounds" beloved by all other tribal peoples of the world.

There are two primary methods of invocation, the first being the traditional Western method that is devotional and the second being the Egyptian method whereby the personality of the god form is awakened from the beginning by the invoker. We must learn to recognize the connection and not create it. The connection is always there; we are just unaware of it most of the time. Day-to-day issues and concerns distract us from feeling the connection. Mastering invocation takes time and practice, and everyone has the ability. Once you get to the point where you do recognize the connection to Deity, make your mind perfectly still and open to the divine, call out to the god or goddess you wish to invoke, and feel a shift in the connection when he or she answers.

Reward Yourself

As Ken Biles rightly says, "When you invoke a god or goddess, you are invoking part of yourself. You are communicating with that part of you that is divine. Invoking the Egyptian Gods is only the tip of the pyramid, as so much more has yet to surface. A lot of rituals and invocations are purely ceremonial with no intent of reaching out to the god. Our work is an elegant way to approach an Egyptian god. It is also to the point, and truthfully written.

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We have held nothing back. We have attempted to understand the spiritual and aesthetic aims of the ancient Egyptians. In short, we have endeavored to reconstruct their creative process. Clearly, it is possible only partially to succeed in doing so. We may have an idea of what it may have been to perform invocations to the ancient gods, but as much as we try, we must accept that these were people working against a background very different from ours. We cannot put ourselves in their place, even with the help of the knowledge we have collected about their civilization.

As you utter the names of the Neter, invoking them into your space, be mindful that you will be contributing to the ever-rippling waters that will serve as a free-flowing river for others to immerse themselves into. Let us leap directly into the powerful undercurrents of Egyptian magic and be changed forever. Let us venture into a hidden realm where true gnosis and healing can be found.

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Invoking the Egyptian Gods Invoking the Egyptian Gods
Invoking the Egyptian Gods Invoking the Egyptian Gods
Invoking the Egyptian Gods Invoking the Egyptian Gods
Invoking the Egyptian Gods Invoking the Egyptian Gods
Invoking the Egyptian Gods Invoking the Egyptian Gods
Invoking the Egyptian Gods Invoking the Egyptian Gods

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