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A fortress city. A terrifying prison. A survivor determined to beat the odds.

His only true joy is for the animals mainly big cats he rehomes that have been abused at the hand of humans. In fact he feels honoured that he can take care of and protect his distant cousins. The only non feline at the centre is the tiara and tutu wearing chimp Lil Duke. Haven Carey has been given some important information on who and what murdered her twin brother Harper. She puts her life and career of being an exotic animal veterinarian all on hold to kill the man who killed her brother, and as a bonus, his team mates aswell.

She knows she's different, not fully human but what exactly she is, she doesn't know. She had been following the team for some time now, and after getting supplies she catches their scent again. Now following them to a animal rescue centre she waits it out for a bit, till it gets dark.

When inside it all becomes confusing for her, now starting to question what she was told, but carries on. Until she enters the room were she disturbs a card game and she comes face to face with man. All hell breaks loose, she shoots his team mates with a tranq gun, and before she knows it the man she wants to kill has her pinned to the wall.

Begging him to kill her and end all her pain what actually happened next was a total surprise, he kisses her like a man who has been starved. Boomer is confused by his reaction to this beautiful vixen he doesn't recognise the feelings he's having that she is his mate, but he just can't get enough of her, for Miles believes there is no mate out there for him. But it's not till it's spelt out to him it rocks him to the core. Not cause she's his mate but that she's also part vampire, and if you've followed the series you know the PSI boys can't stand vampires.

It turns out though that Haven is not just vampire but she has other were strains in her, in fact it turns out she and her brother were part of the Asia Project. Well that's all I'm giving you all. I've already given up a lot of spoilers and I don't want to do anymore, you'll just have to get the book yourselves. I know! I will tell you this though, there's a helluva lot more action to come before and after all of this some expecting and some shockers aswell. You don't want to miss this book! But whats more I can tell you, is, I was hooked!

As soon as I hit the first page, the day was lost to me, I just couldn't put it down. And with all Mandy M Roth's books there's the romance, the love, the angst, humour, fight scenes and steamy sexual encounters. It was just packed from front to back full of action. Everytime I finish reading one of the books from this series I think I've read the best one yet and then Mandy brings out another.

If your going to buy one book this year, then this HAS to be the one! Apr 09, Sue Riley rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Anyone who likes an action packed paranormal romance. Shelves: mandy-m-roth , reviewed. Act of Submission Mandy M. I couldn't put it down and can't wait for the next one. I love this book. It grabbed me on the first page and just wouldn't let go until I got to the end.

I was so involved in the story that I completely forgot about everything else. When I came back to the real world, it was dinner time, my partner was home from work and I was left wondering what happened to lunch. Thank goodness for slow-cookers, programmable ovens and salad. She has a mix of different paranormal DNA, but has enough Vampire in her cocktail to make her primarily a vampire but able to tolerate sunlight and eat normal food.

The Series Helper at the beginning of the book is invaluable here. Even I found it useful and I've read most of the books. Haven goes to Boomer's animal rescue centre to kill him and the rest of his team for the brutal murder of Harper, her twin brother, but when she gets there she is confused that the reality of the place and people is not what she expected. She disrupts card night with a tranquilizer gun and discovers two major things before she kills anyone, first, she has been fed a pack of lies, and second, the person she thinks butchered her brother is her mate.

She is confused about the connection to Boomer, but he is totally lost. He hates being touched, and despite his hatred of vampires, he can't seem to let go of Haven, even after she bites him. He's dumbfounded by the turn of events, but eventually rallies enough of his brain to work it out. I'm not going to give any more spoilers, you really need to read this book for yourself. I loved this book as much as all the others in the Immortal Ops World. If you've read the other Immortal Ops World books, most of the characters who appear won't be new to you, but as always with Mandy's books, there is enough background in the story that you don't feel like you've missed anything if you haven't.

It's written with Mandy's usual sense of humour, has twists and surprises, lots of action and steamy bits, and it made me laugh, a lot, but some parts broke my heart for the life Boomer had before PSI Ops. He deserves to be happy with his mate and they do get their HEA in the end. I loved Scar, the injured panther at the rescue centre and really felt for him, and I still love L'il Duke, the cross dressing chimpanzee rescued during the first PSI Ops book. I would happily recommend this book to anyone. I really couldn't put it down and can't wait for the next one. Feb 26, Nicole Henderson rated it it was amazing.

In this book Boomer gets a chance to meet his mate. But things could go terribly wrong and he could loose her right after mating. Haven is set on killing the men who killed her brother but when facing them things don't quite go as planned. I totally loved this book and I had some good laughs through out the book but plenty of times I was left sitting on the edge of my seat.

Boomer is my favour of the team at least for his looks and the fact that he's a big cat, I love my cats it would then be foll In this book Boomer gets a chance to meet his mate. Boomer is my favour of the team at least for his looks and the fact that he's a big cat, I love my cats it would then be followed by Striker for his smart mouth but al these guys are hunks and men I would totally love to meet. Would I recommend this book YES Jul 05, April Symes rated it really liked it.

I received an ARC copy from the author in exchange for my honest review. Haven Carey has gone on this mission to find who killed her twin brother and when she finds his killer, she will either bring their killer in or take them out. Plus she has to deal with th I received an ARC copy from the author in exchange for my honest review. Plus she has to deal with this weird allergy to the sun and this other feeling that she has inside of her. Haven gets info told to her the PSI group boys are the ones who were the ones that had her brother killed and she is out for blood now..

So she goes out seeking to harm whomever she can in make them pay for hurting her brother. Boomer is the one in the group who is the most like the loner. He is holding it at his home because his friends have mates and their mates are either pregnant or new mothers so he wants to relax, not have to worry about being interrupted by the women. Suddenly a female drops out of the sky and into his house and starts attacking them and winning, all Boomer wants to do is protect her-literally his beast wants to protect her.

WOW, his panther is in full protect mode leaving Boomer baffled. Boomer is definitely attracted to this woman-stop the presses. Here you have two scarred people who have had tremendous pain in their lives yet they meet and the instant attraction, wowza! The animal chemistry is great! Can Boomer have Haven in his life, especially since he cannot bear to be touched. Can these two people be together and let love in? Will they get their HEA?

You have to read this story to find out. Get the tissues ready. He was so lonely, wanting love but not thinking he would get love. Then comes Haven in his life. Haven was so awesome. She was fiery when she needed to be, soft when she could be and in the end, vengeance was hers. The sex was off the chain and the connection was great, the chemistry was immediate and I enjoyed this story-the main MC is what makes this story. The flow of the story is at a good pace which is what I like as a reader and there is a mystery to be solved which is somewhat different because we get to think who the murderer could be.

My rating: 4. Jul 09, Robin rated it it was amazing. As a fantastic writer of paranormal romantica the author has not disappointed, gifting us with an amazing story and addition to this series. I've loved Boomer as a Goth bad boy from the first two books, his traumatic past has yet to be revealed. Underneath all that tough guy rebel is a sensitive hero who has made his huge estate into a special retreat for animals, including large feli In this third book in the Psi Ops series by Mandy Roth, Act of Submission, we finally get to hear Boomer's story.

Underneath all that tough guy rebel is a sensitive hero who has made his huge estate into a special retreat for animals, including large felines and a funny cross dressing chimp. Haven is a young woman with all kinds of special powers and issues, she actually has no clue what she or her brother is. Her twin brother had displayed shifter traits before running away from their step parents home. Haven later learns thru the PsiOps that she and her brother had been part of an evil horrible secret project where human DNA was mixed with that of other species shifter, vampire, fey, etc.

Haven has been led to believe the Psi Ops has killed her brother and she is determined to get her revenge. Not all though is as it appears, the truth eventually surfaces along with the realization that Boomer is her mate. This is quite the surprise for Boomer as well, never expecting to be mated,especially to a woman with vampire DNA. The teaser chapter for the book four leaving you eager for more. I love the variety of the many different supernatural members of the team who vary from were,fey, vampire, and even mixed species.

All sharing back stories with some painful, traumatic events they are a close team who have learned how to strengthen and support each other. Reading the series in order is strongly suggested. Not wanting to put the story down I read it all in one sitting, happily indulging in the Psi Ops stories wonderful balance of action, suspense, mystery, lots of romance and hotness Boomer style, with major doses of fun and humor.

Jul 07, Dorothy rated it it was amazing. This book was amazing. I couldn't put it down. I love Boomer. His character tries so hard to keep everyone around him at a distance. He wears black eyeliner, silver bracelets, spiky collars, all black clothes and is covered in tattoos and piercings but he shows his heart in the way he cares for the animals that he rescues. He showed patience and respect to a jaguar that was severely scarred by its previous owner. He takes care of them all on his own. I loved the chimp Lil Duke. Boomer lets this This book was amazing. Boomer lets this chimp dress in pink dresses and wear tiaras.

He plays with him in his play room and lets him be a part of his poker night. This really spoke volumes about him. He is fighting the horrors of the things that were done to him in his past that were against his will. Haven Carey's world just fell apart after the murder of her twin brother. He was her only family and they were very close all their lives. He knew and understood things that she was going through because they were both different from humans but since they were adopted they didn't what they were.

She is determined to get revenge against the one that she was told that had killed him. But the when the time comes to exact her revenge nothing goes as planned. Boomer doesn't attack her even after she shoots tranquilizer darts into half his team but he kisses her. He shows understanding and wants to know why she wants to kill him and promises to help her. Then her entire world changes again as she learns more about the man that she had intended to kill.

His team helps him find out what is happening and why. Boomer and Haven are both broken but together they may teach each other what love is. I love the mystery and surprises through this entire book. The sex scenes are hot as you would expect. Boomer and his team are hilarious. I think that Boomer and Haven are the clear definition of mates. It is heartwarming. This is one book that I had to read twice.

The characters are so well written they could just walk off the page. I would definitely recommend this book. I received this book as a gift from the author for my honest review. Jul 06, Tiana rated it it was amazing. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. He's worked hard to overcome his past and now dedicates his time to his job and his rescue shelter. Though he works well with his teammates and fellow agents, he's always felt like a man apart.

But that's all about to ch I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. But that's all about to change. Haven Carey is a young woman on a mission. She knows who killed her brother and she is going to avenge him. When she finally locates the man responsible she realizes she may have bitten off more than she bargained for. I was so glad to finally read Boomer's story.

In the previous books he was so intriguing, quiet and stoic at times but then dropping some of the funniest one-liners at a moments notice. Always willing to help his teammates but somewhat standoffish at times. It was so good to get a better understanding of him and the experiences that made him the man he is. The things he went through were heartrending. It made me fall more in love with his character. And Haven's struggles were just as touching. She was really the perfect mate for him. He and Haven are so good together. Even though they didn't fully understand one another initially, they still fought for each other.

And the physical attraction was of course "off the charts" hot! The book was action packed, suspenseful, with more than a couple of sizzling scenes between Boomer and Haven. There were plenty of laugh out loud moments and a couple of tear jerker moments as well. As always the other guys on the team provided much needed comic relief, Duke and Striker are back, just as ridiculous as before.

We also finally get to know a little more about Malik, the teammate who's been on a forced leave. I really love these guys and can't wait to see who the next book will be about. This was by far one of my favorites. There were a few editing errors in the book but nothing that minimized my enjoyment of the story. Jul 06, Laura Greenwood rated it really liked it Shelves: 1-review-copy , july , , xsummer-coyer , xnew-release-challenge , xprequel-sequel-challenge.

Miles, otherwise known as Boomer, never thought that love and a mate could come his way particularly after his upbringing. But when Haven steps through his door with every intention to kill him, something changes in them both. I love this series! The male shifter characters and in this book the introduced members of the Fang Gang have a good amount of banter and camaraderie between them and it makes returning to one of their stories like returning to old friends.

Haven was a good female lead. She was inexperienced but she wasn't completely naive nor did she make a big deal out of it. Rather she was determined and confident in what she could achieve. She was also a moral person. Even though she set out to get revenge, when it came to it it was much less black and white than she expected and she acted accordingly.

There had previously been a fair bit of mystery surrounding Boomer's past. And actually the true reveal of what happened actually had me welling up a bit. Even for it to happen to a fictional character had me at the point of horror. Unfortunately I can see how that could be how human kind could react to shifters. The chemistry between Miles and Haven was there, but there was also a softer side of their relationship, particularly when it came to things like talking Miles out of a major shift changes and other such situations. It worked well for them and made their relationship feel more real.

Jul 08, Cherri-Anne rated it it was amazing. Mandy really went the extra Miles on this one! It's the Cat-Man's meow!!! I love Boomer and his story! Haven is awesome too! The story moved at a great pace, had all the information you needed when you needed it, and it also gave you a glimpse into what poker night for the I-OPS guys is like! There's a ton of them, but some are not appropriate for a review or they give too much away. Either way, you will just have to take my word for it.

Of course there is lots of my favorite kind too - the naughty ones!! I can share this one though - "Ladies love time lords and vampires. Just ask them. They go on and on about the perfect romance hero. Mandy did a hilariously fangtastic job with all of the pop culture puns. Now the story is not all humor. I LOVE how this story played out! I love that we got to know Boomer, but WOW!

I was so not prepared for it! Let's just say that Mandy has once again used her phenomenal gift to craft a story, and series, that is utterly brilliant, pure genius and exceptionally exquisite!! Those are just a sample of why I absolutely adore her books and why she is at the top of my Favorite Authors list! She is quite simply The Best!

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I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Jul 07, Robyn rated it it was amazing. Miles is a loner. He chooses a life that will never let anyone, or anything get close enough to him. Keeping order and structure is vital to his mental stability. Going off the rails is not an option for him. All of that structure is going to change when his mate crashed into his life. Haven, a student of veterinary medicine struggles with her own identity.

She really does not know what or who she really is. Powerful and over the top and well worth reading. Set in medieval England and rish with mystery and atmosphere, this is a thought provoking fable about life and death, greed and betrayal, magic and secrets. Mercury by Ben Bova.

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Author lives in Georgetown, TX.

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  • Le prisonnier flamand: Le roman dune vie pendant la Grande Guerre (ROMAN HISTORIQU) (French Edition).

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Beyond the Pale by Savannah Russe. Beautiful vampire Daphne Urban has avoided detection for years making her perfect as a spy. But when Darius, a sexy vampire slayer, discovers her both are torn with desire. Daring, star packed original anthology now in paperback. Martin, Joe Lansdale etc. Thraxas and the Sorcerers by Martin Scott. Reprint omnibus of the fifth and sixth Thraxas novels.

With the blessings of the Oz estate this is the first of four brand new stories that blend the modern fantasy adventure with the classic story like Oz. A Rumor of Gems by Ellen Steiber. Steiber weaves her spell with all this and more, to create a beautiful, dazzling, magical novel. The Hidden Family by Charles Stross. Second Merchant Princes novel. Fun with parallel worlds. Reprint omnibus of the first two Videssos novels, The Stolen Throne and Hammer and Anvil, which had been paperback originals. Mammoth by John Varley. A tale with tusks. Modern archeologist finds an intact frozen wooly mammoth alongside a 12, year old Stone Age hunter wearing a wristwatch.

Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughn. Author's debut novel is a Paranormal fantasy romance and the first of a trilogy. Tong Lashing by Peter David. Sir Apropos 3. Treason Keep by Jennifer Fallon. Lost and Found by Alan Dean Foster. House of Reeds by Thomas Harlan. New Spring by Robert Jordan. Crucible by Nancy Kress. Earth Logic by Laurie Marks. The Child Goddess by Louise Marley. The Destruction of the Books by Mel Odom. Absolution Gap by Alastair Reynolds. Black Creek Crossing by John Saul. Dark Within by John Wooley. Psychic powered werewolf and his mate look into the kidnappings and murders of female Sazi.

Second of a new lighthearted series inspired by the charming children's author from Austin's Albert. No one is safe in the fourth book of this galaxy spanning space opera series. The Misted Cliffs by Catharine Asaro. In this sequel to The Charmed Sphere, Chime's daughter must wed the enemy in order to preserve the wary peace and struggles to embrace her unexplored mage powers. While a starship is being built to explore an alien artifact, a newswoman becomes a pawn in a conspiracy that could doom the project.

Scardown by Elizabeth Bear. Second well done novel in this hard-edged and inventive military sf series. Sequel to: Hammered.

Port in a Storm

Greetings and Other Stories by Terry Bisson. Includes crosswords included within the text of the story. Seventh of this lively series. Academ's Fury by Jim Butcher. Book 2 of the Codex Alera. Epic high fantasy from the author of the Dresden Files. Roc Fantasy hb. New series about a world where mysterious gods hold powerful secrets, knights walk in the shadows, and demons claw up from the darkness, as one man struggles to prove he didn't kill a god.

Undead and Unappreciated by MaryJanice Davidson. Hardcover debut for book three of this amusing vampiric chick lit amateur sleuth paranormal romance tale worth sinking your teeth into. Nylon Angel by Marianne de Pierres. This new collection is a wildly fantastic escape to alternate universes from one of the most imaginative writers around. Wizards At War by Diane Duane. Nita and Kit return from their wizardly holiday, in this eighth novel of their adventures, looking forward to getting back to their everyday routine.

But as usual there's trouble brewing. Heart of America by Warren Ellis. First novel by this acclaimed comics genius. Packed with his usual mind-bending style brings a surreal twist to the hard boiled detective novel. Mister Boots by Carol Emshwiller. Harshini by Jennifer Fallon. The dazzling conclusion to the Hythrun Chronicles Trilogy. And now time for something completely different. Fforde takes a break from Thursday Next and embarks upon a new series of Nursery Crimes loosely derived from Mother Goose. Should be quite entertaining. Curse the Dark by Laura Anne Gilman.

Retrievers go to Italy in search of a possessed manuscript. Whoever reads it disappears. The Divided Crown by Isabel Glass. Glass tells the fascinating tale of a young woman seeking justice and power in a magical world of wizards and royalty, court intrigues and magical battles. Deftly written and filled with delightfully drawn details, employed in the service of an intriguingly twisted plot.

Sequel to the fabulous Daughter of Exile. Cover by Kinuko Y. The Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. Every teenage girl must attend a special and learn how to become a princess. Miri soon finds herself confronted with a harsh academy mistress, bitter competition among the girls, and her own conflicting desires to be chosen and win the heart of her childhood best friend. But when bandits seek out the academy to kidnap the future princess, Miri must rally the girls together and use a power unique to the mountain dwellers to save herself and her classmates.

Dark Moon by Lori Handeland. Elise Hanover is a werewolf who has spent years trying to find a cure for her lycanthropy is interrupted by the man she fell in love with in college, now an FBI agent. Witch and former bounty hunter Rachel Morgan must stop an archdemon before he pulls her into a sorcerous ever after. Year's Best Fantasy 5 edited by David G. A selection of the best fantasy stories of The Dare by Susan Kearney. Dora, the sentient computer, wants a human body and uses 24th century technology to build a body specifically designed to appeal to a warrior pilot.

Sins of the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Dark hunters have a code of honor that even immortal vampires must follow. But when Alexion, the one the fearless fear, meets female Dark Hunter Dangereuse StRichard, something about her reawakens a heart he thought was long dead. Trio of paranormal romance novellas. Grave Intent by Deborah LeBlanc. When funeral home operators bury a 19 year old gypsy girl, they are not prepared for the consequences when gold is stolen from the coffin.

The Dark Mirror by Juliet Marillier. Book One of the Bridei Chronicles. First US ed. Compelling historical fantasy novel of Celtic mysticism in ancient Ireland. Long overdue fourth novel in this epic series. It has been on and off the publishing schedule for years was to ship by Armadillocon. But now it's been broken in two volumes to start in November. Crimson City by Liz Maverick. Crimson City, formerly Los Angeles, where vampires, werewolves and humans now exist in a fragile peace.

Southern Fire by Juliet McKenna. The American hardcover debut of a writer who has already gathered many fans with the five volumes of her Tales of Einarinn, Southern Fire is an engrossing new epic of magic, intrigue, culture, and politics, in a fantasy setting in a colorful south seas archipelago. Collection of short stories, including an original novella set in the world of the Sabriel series. Book four of the Children of the Red King. Charlie must continue to outsmart wicked teachers and help his friends in this entertaining Canadian response to Harry Potter.

Lord of the Libraries by Mel Odom. A Princess of Roumania by Paul Park. Well done contemporary fantasy of a world were Roumania was a great power. A truly complex, elusive, haunting magical tale, full of strangeness, terrors and wonders. Willie likes. Excellent John Jude Palencar cover. Dutch Uncle by Peter Pavia. Noir novel set in Miami Beach. Fifteen stories of strong, well-rounded female heroes. Strange Itineraries by Tim Powers. This is a collection of the complete short stories of this wild and crazy guy. For the many people who couldn't afford the Subterranean Press collections.

The first Johnny Maxwell teen novel is finally published in hardback in the US. Teen fantasy adventure with contemporary appearances by various Greek Gods and a summer camp for demigods on Long Island. Should be a crazy good time. This sixth book of the series is available on line everywhere cheaper than I can even buy it from my wholesaler. I've included it for completeness, but if you really want me to get you a copy I'll be more than happy to. The UK edition is simultaneous and if you'ld rather follow the flag and get UK editions I can provide this as well.

Lady of Mazes by Karl Schroeder. Returning to the same distant future in which Ventus was set, but employing a broader canvas. This will be THE hard science fiction novel of the summer. Killer Swell by Jeff Shelby. Surfing and murder come together in this thrilling first novel featuring San Diego private investigator and surfer dude Noah Braddock.

Sequel to last year's delightful Safe Keeper's Secret. Olympos by Dan Simmons. Followup to Ilium. Inda by Sherwood Smith. Epic high fantasy from this popular young adult writer. A Brother's Price by Wen Spencer. In a world where males are rarely born, they're a commodity, traded and sold like property.

Accelerando by Charles Stross. Expanding upon his award winning short story cycle from Asimov's SF Magazine. Greatly anticipated novel from this year's Armadillocon Guest of Honor. The Bright Spot by Robert Sydney. Clever novel of science fiction suspense is an engaging, near future whodunit that is as funny as it is insightful. When Dr. Frankenstein's neice Clair enters a castle in Regency England in search of vampires she finds a paranormal romp with more love bites than she knows what to do with. The Charmed Sphere by Catherine Asaro.

Helmsman: Galactic Convoy by Bill Baldwin. Revised reprint. Dead Lines by Greg Bear. Forge of Heaven by C. Parting the Veil by Jay Davis. Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde. Reprint of the fourth of whimsical Thursday Next novels.

Her Sanctuary (Psi Adventure Series Book 3) Her Sanctuary (Psi Adventure Series Book 3)
Her Sanctuary (Psi Adventure Series Book 3) Her Sanctuary (Psi Adventure Series Book 3)
Her Sanctuary (Psi Adventure Series Book 3) Her Sanctuary (Psi Adventure Series Book 3)
Her Sanctuary (Psi Adventure Series Book 3) Her Sanctuary (Psi Adventure Series Book 3)
Her Sanctuary (Psi Adventure Series Book 3) Her Sanctuary (Psi Adventure Series Book 3)
Her Sanctuary (Psi Adventure Series Book 3) Her Sanctuary (Psi Adventure Series Book 3)
Her Sanctuary (Psi Adventure Series Book 3) Her Sanctuary (Psi Adventure Series Book 3)
Her Sanctuary (Psi Adventure Series Book 3) Her Sanctuary (Psi Adventure Series Book 3)

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