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Why drivers in China intentionally kill the pedestrians they hit.

Love songs are where we get our passion, our soul — and most of our worst ideas.

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Retire later. Refinance home. Come out of retirement. How Parents Support Adult Children The financial support goes beyond paying for college—and the daily costs of living in the big city, for example, can be far higher than costs incurred when life revolved around campus.

Some support. Paid in full. Car expenses. So, they grabbed the backups, went to work and restored the show. Within a couple of days they had what they thought was a completely restored version of the files for TS This would effectively pull on every resource involved in the film because those stills would need all of the models, lighting and textures in order to render properly. Everything looked fine. Fast-forward to the end of that week. The crew has been back at work using the newly restored files for many days now.

But, over the course of that week, there had been a few oddities. An attach is when a character, like Woody for instance, takes off his hat. By the end of that week enough things had broken here and there that the team realized there was a problem. In addition to the attaches, some people working on a version of their shot noticed that the current version was far lower than where they had left off.

They were working on number and now it said it was version Something was up. If only 10 percent of the show is not on the tape, which 10 percent? Oh my God! Susman, the Supervising Technical Director on Toy Story 2 pictured below , had given birth to her son Eli shortly before, and had been working from home. This meant that she had a Silicon Graphics workstation at her house. It was either an Indigo 2 or an Octane, pictured right, and it was loaded up with a full copy of the movie. In order for her to work on the movie while out, they had plugged the machine up to the local network and copied the whole file tree over.

The last update that her machine had gotten could have been as old as a couple of weeks, but at this point the Pixar team had an incomplete backup and a corrupt tree full of files, and they needed anything they could get their hands on to fix the problem. This was the difference between rebuilding every missing file from scratch and, well, shipping the movie on time.

So Jacob and Susman hopped into her Volvo and shot back over the bridge from Richmond to her house to retrieve the computer. They hauled it out to the car and carefully placed it in the back seat, wrapping it in blankets and strapping it in tightly with seatbelts. There was 30 of us, all the biggest brains Pixar can bring to the problem. Drove at like 35 with blinking lights on, hoping to get a police escort.

They made it back to Richmond in safety. It booted.

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They managed to verify about 70, files, leaving 30, files to check, and they had to be done by hand. Start running xdiff commands. Go for it. Close them all, 20 deep. Close them all, so you could look at them really fast. They all had to be looked at with human eyes, to see which ones were shorter or more current. They did it over the next few days. The feeling of sympathy and support are what Jacob recalls most vividly. The whole community, whether that was supporting people who were working late, or on the keyboards who typing, or folks sending us food by messenger pigeon.

The insane amount of focus needed to pull off comparing those files shows just how deep the dozen or so people on the project had to dig. The experience transcended employment and moved into the realm of true dedication to the movie, to their digital friends and to each other. Some other person happened to work at an emergency shelter and brought in blankets. They then rebuilt and tested the project and it ended up working, sort of. The fact that it still worked without them is totally unexplainable. One of the big questions that I wanted to pose was whether or not it was ever discovered who was responsible, and whether they were punished.

But, number one is, just get the movie back and work on Buzz and Woody again. With this many man-years, or even man-decades, worth of work on a project, the temptation to find someone to blame, to expend effort on hunting down the person responsible, is intense. They bought the team Pizza that weekend, got them anything they wanted and were generally supportive.

Black Swan events do occur. After the deletion and restoration of Toy Story 2, the team was likely hoping for an uneventful path to release, but it was not to be.

Don't Wreck Twice

It was not a good film. They dedicated the winter vacation to re-writing the project almost entirely from the ground up. Lasseter and Lee Unkrich ended up co-directing the film along with Ash Brannon as it was seen in the theaters. Among the things that stayed? The main characters, of course. Effectively all animation was tossed. Effectively, all layout was tossed. So all camera work would start from scratch. Lighting was in the film a little bit, but that was tossed as well.

We had to build new characters. So at that point, Buster showed up at that point. And that character went from being out to being in the screenplay to in the final screen in nine months. And most of the humans in the film and show.

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They were all built and assembled then. And all the effects work was added to the film. The opening of the film, which is Buzz, Buzz playing with the robots, which I spent a lot of my time working on, where Buzz blows up a quarter-million robots with that crystal…that explosion. That was all added in that pitch as well. It started from ground zero in January. So the story, effectively. And the film. And that was probably one of the biggest tests of what Pixar was as a company and a culture we ever went through.

The big deal about re-building the movie? It had a hard-set release date of November 22, That date was set in stone.

Dont Wreck Twice Dont Wreck Twice
Dont Wreck Twice Dont Wreck Twice
Dont Wreck Twice Dont Wreck Twice
Dont Wreck Twice Dont Wreck Twice
Dont Wreck Twice Dont Wreck Twice
Dont Wreck Twice Dont Wreck Twice
Dont Wreck Twice Dont Wreck Twice
Dont Wreck Twice Dont Wreck Twice

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