Das Antlitz der Vergangenheit zugewendet (German Edition)

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Although the past is lost and inaccessible to present experience, both figures wish to peruse-if only in an imaginative fashion-its scattered remains. Unlike the postwar Trummerfrauen working through the rubble of the Third Reich, neither author aims to clear the waste and remove history in order to create space for a new existence. Rather, Benjamin and Seghers each acknowledge the existence of historical debris and seek to preserve it.

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By locating former wreckage in the midst of their own culture, they raise awareness of lost and hidden moments of a vanished past. There is a remarkable confluence of thought in these two texts from the s. Seghers and Benjamin share not only a similar Weimar Marxist sensibility for social justice but also a fascination with aspects of Jewish mysticism. In these texts both authors reflect a belief in the continuity of human experience in which Splitter of Messianic premonition are passed from generation to generation.

By concentrating on the treatment of space, time, and recovery in both texts, the article examines how each author utilizes the trope of debris to engage in a related discourse of history.

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Moreover this discussion reveals how, in light of the quickly accumulating ruins of their time, both writers develop concepts of remembrance derived from a dialectic of debris and recovery. First the apparent photograph is a photo-montage, printed on fabric instead of paper. Secondly the seemingly documentary picture turns out entirely staged. Her combination of textual and formal complexity makes Macuga an heir of Hanna Ryggen who likewise by iconographic idiosyncrasies and technical sophistication draws attention to her mission.

This way both artists apply aesthetic means in order to illustrate political subjects in a multi-layered fashion. Such aesthetic rendering of non-aesthetic content must not be confused with aestheticisation. For rather than making content easy to grasp by pleasant forms, abstract phenomena become sensually perceptible and hence significant. Since the s the recognition of the private and the collective sphere's identity has prompted artists to programmatically reveal the suppressed on behalf of psychological and physiological liberation.

It's this very concept of transparency as a means of political emancipation that once occasioned Ida Applebroog to make drawings of her own vagina and turn them into an installation.

Brian W. Ogilvie: Life outside academe

Compared to this mould-breaking gesture, her publication of diary notes looks rather demure. Her aim though is not so much another transgression as, again, the integration of private and public sector. An analogous offer of transparency is made by art critic Lori Waxman, who during the show's duration would draft reviews on art works brought along by visitors.

This way performing art criticism in plain view, Waxman unveils a process that usually depends on privacy. A Mickey Mouse-head protruding from a mujaheddin garment patrols through Llyn Foulkes' posthumanist scenery, which allows for conflicting associations: buildings or ruins, primordial boulders or debris, past or future? His face is turned toward the past.

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Where we perceive a chain of events, he sees one single catastrophe that keeps piling ruin upon ruin [ This storm is what we call progress. The Janus-faced character of images belonging to past and presence at once continues in Mariam Ghani's synchronisation of the histories of Kabul and Kassel. Two videos arranged next to each other display the interior of a once and a still devastated hegemonial building. The refurbishment separating documenta's main building today from its ravaged state after WWII lies ahead in the case of Darulaman palace.

But despite the similarities of both buildings, which had been conceived as tokens of democracy, Ghani's camera captures signs of cultural identity that require individual ways of development. Down to Earth. In the past the invention of table painting mobilized the work, freeing it from its fixation to the winged altar.

Sopheap Pich reverses this historical development by emphasizing the work's ties to its place of origin. After having worked as an artist in the US for twenty years, he returned to South-Korea with a keen sense of the country's particularities, which occasioned him to craft the grid — the epitome of western minimal art — with domestic resources like bamboo, earth and beeswax. Compared to Pichs grounding of the transportable currency 'picture', Doreen Reid Nakamarra turns to the opposite direction by transferring her paintings, which, in keeping with Aborigine tradition, were made directly on the ground, onto canvas, so as to make them accessible to the market.

This transformation of earth to money corresponds with a range of works that deal with the relationship of abstract and concrete values, with the economic valuation and devaluation of the elements - earth, water, air and manpower - leading the way. The show's interdisciplinary orientation suggests that one reason for the failure of political programmes lies in the outplacement of individual segments from the political sphere.

Instead of making economic, scientific or cultural issues subject of political concern in time, controversial areas are ousted from the scene. Likewise art reduces its social impact by excluding 'everything else,' thereby self-limiting itself. Today's quest for synergy effects notwithstanding, the transgression of separations between departments is still of pioneering importance. The application of artistic means in favour of 'everything else's' ends hints at the difference between functionalisation and instrumentalisation.

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While the former stands for the implementation of specific methods to the benefit of superior purposes, the latter connotes the adjustment of those methods on behalf of extraneous aims. The show clearly leans towards functionalisation, meaning the dedication of artistic strategies to social, ecological and economic goals. With regards to further exemplary features, the plea for equality of age brackets and of art histories of different times and spaces makes certain conventions of the art world look anachronistic. Also the integration of various ways of perception can serve as a model since solutions of economical and ecological issues require an extension of the human perspective.

These principles — interdisciplinarity, application of artistic practises to non-artistic purposes and the abrogation of the human-centred worldview — not just open up the frequently invoked realm of possibility but stage it in intriguing manners. This way art does its best to be of use to 'everything else'. Politische Kunst: Unvereinbar oder unzertrennlich? Wiederaufbau und Heilung. Daher verdeutlichen viele Arbeiten die gleichzeitige Eskalation von veralteten Strukturen und den von ihnen provozierten Attacken.

Eine solche Wiederherstellung des Verlorenen aber ist selten das Anliegen. Das Vorher fungiert allenfalls als Lehre. Jenseits der Twenty-Somethings. Einzelne Aspekte der Ausstellung haben appellativen Charakter, wie beispielsweise die Anhebung des Altersdurchschnitts von TeilnehmerInnen und Exponaten. Neben dem Alter der TeilnehmerInnen steigt auch das der Werke.

Die Vermessung der Kunstwelt. Auch inhaltlich erweist sich die sich dokumentarisch gerierende Aufnahme als inszeniert und mehrdeutig. Nach dem Prinzip, wer seine Vergangenheit nicht erinnert, wiederholt sie, werden zahlreiche Beziehungen zwischen Vergangenheit und Gegenwart hergestellt.

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Er hat das Antlitz der Vergangenheit zugewendet. Das, was wir den Fortschritt nennen, ist dieser Sturm. Die Renovierung, die zwischen dem kriegsversehrten und dem heutigen Fridericianum stattfand, steht dem Darulaman-Palast noch bevor. Ja, aber.

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A little bit more about me and my interests outside academe. I live in Hadley, Massachusetts. When I am not reading, writing, and teaching history, I enjoy bicycling. My PBase website and my Flickr website have selections of my photography. We toured to several other local schools and even did a performance at the Kalamazoo Center in downtown Kalamazoo a desperate attempt to revive the downtown economy. I was on the 11 p. This was the beginning of my lifelong suspicion of broadcast media. Please feel free to send me any comments on this site.

Das Antlitz der Vergangenheit zugewendet (German Edition) Das Antlitz der Vergangenheit zugewendet (German Edition)
Das Antlitz der Vergangenheit zugewendet (German Edition) Das Antlitz der Vergangenheit zugewendet (German Edition)
Das Antlitz der Vergangenheit zugewendet (German Edition) Das Antlitz der Vergangenheit zugewendet (German Edition)
Das Antlitz der Vergangenheit zugewendet (German Edition) Das Antlitz der Vergangenheit zugewendet (German Edition)
Das Antlitz der Vergangenheit zugewendet (German Edition) Das Antlitz der Vergangenheit zugewendet (German Edition)

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