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Its not that it was bad.

But the first book was better than it in every way in my opinion. That being said. This book definitely redeemed the series for me. The characters are mostly good. With some good development and believable personalities.

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But to truly enjoy the book take it for what it is. You wont walk away with alot of profound thoughts to ponder but your not meant to.

Werewolves and requiem : V - Skyrim

It's an adrenaline fueled action story and it de I'll be honest. It's an adrenaline fueled action story and it delivers in that regard. If you liked the underworld movies like i did, your bound to love it. My only complaint is i loved the whole vigilante theme of the first book. But that theme dint stick around for long. Other than that well worth the purchase. May 06, Joel rated it it was ok. Book one was fun, book two was interesting First thing, fire your editor. There were so many typos and grammatical errors in this book it was not even funny by the end.

When you have to back up and read a sentence two and three times to figure out which of the words was the correct one to be left both were , well Thanks for the entertainment, but I'm glad it is finished. Excellent read This was my first read by author Greg Hair and I was very impressed. Great storyline and I loved the characters.

Vivid details and descriptions regarding both werewolves and vampires. I didn't want this story to end!!!! Mar 16, Kim Abell rated it really liked it. By far the best of the trilogy! I didn't want it to end. Not the ending I was expecting, but a good wrap up to the trilogy. The series is only available on Kindle, but it is well worth reading. Looking forward to hearing more from Greg Hair in the future. Jul 15, Vivian Wagener rated it it was amazing.

Great book.

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Werewolf: Requiem Werewolf: Requiem
Werewolf: Requiem Werewolf: Requiem
Werewolf: Requiem Werewolf: Requiem
Werewolf: Requiem Werewolf: Requiem
Werewolf: Requiem Werewolf: Requiem
Werewolf: Requiem Werewolf: Requiem
Werewolf: Requiem Werewolf: Requiem

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