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Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Seller Inventory n. Publisher: Kendall Hunt Publishing , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Buy New View Book. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Published by Kendall Hunt Publishing New Paperback Quantity Available: 2. Many of them left him feeling zoned out, listless and mentally uncomfortable, and all the while the pain continued, poorly managed, becoming its own disease.

Finally a doctor listened to his life story and prescribed opioids, along with physical therapy.

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Over the following months his pain backed down, and his life was bearable, and he moved back into the world to participate with friends and family; to go for walks and camping trips that had become impossible to bear. And then we read of research, or lack thereof, concludes that opioids do not work on long term chronic pain.

How can you ignore the voices of patients whose lives have been transformed by opioids and have lived with them for many years? How can you place all chronic pain patients into one simple neat little box, wrap it up and throw away the key for a chance of happiness for intractable chronic pain patients? When dosing guidelines are implemented even if you acknowledge the exceptions simply from a legal perspective it will be a brave doctor that will prescribe above the guidelines because if anything were to happen to a patient under their care and they were not following the guidelines they will face an uphill battle in the law courts of this country.

And they know it, and so they will cut back, and patients will be abandoned. The thrust of all the current research is to come up with as many reasons not to prescribe while all the time avoiding the number one reason to prescribe, which is to manage pain. Hyperalgesia, low testosterone, constipation and the list goes on. Every drug on the market can have some pretty awful side effects. Just read the list on the information sheet.

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My husband experienced many of these first hand taking the non-opioid anti-depressants and anti-convulsants. And yes, our sex life may have diminished; we always had a great intimate relationship, kissing, cuddling and abundant laughs.

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But when his pain medication was abruptly taken away in pain became the overriding aspect of his life, it impacted our relationship so much more; pain overrode all desires. In my husband was diagnosed with a choroidal melanoma in his left eye. It states with Cancer-Pain Control;. Over time, people who take opioids for pain sometimes find that they need to take larger doses to get relief. This is caused by more pain, the cancer getting worse, or medicine tolerance.

He or she can also prescribe a stronger drug. No one disputes the effectiveness of opioids in the treatment of acute pain, hospice, palliative and cancer pain. My husband did not have pain associated with his eye cancer, so he could not be treated under their pain guidelines. Radiation treatment did not stop the tumors growth and he had to have his eye removed. No other cancer was detected in his body. In reality though the cancer had already spread and two years later by the time two large tumors were detected in his liver his life of suffering was almost over.

In the last five weeks of his life he was given the much needed drugs to manage the pain that was still throbbing at the base of his neck and had now spread to his liver. The last two years of his life were quite frankly miserable, and this sweet gentle man deserved so much more. Addiction is a serious concern and does need to be addressed. I believe training and education on opioid prescribing and a strong mental health component is absolutely essential in treating chronic pain patients to prevent addiction happening.

Researchers need to recognize that chronic pain encompasses a multitude of diseases, injuries and mental health issues and lumping broad groups together is poor science. Reducing overdose deaths is not quite as simple as reducing access to prescription drugs. If it were then there should be a correlation between overdose deaths within a state and the amount of opioids being prescribed. New Mexico ranks number two in overdose deaths but only 22 when it comes to prescribing 1 being lowest, 50 highest.

New Mexico ranks 49 th to 50 th for alcohol related deaths. We have a fragile population and understanding and treating chronic pain within this population requires careful management and better access to mental health care. At the same time we cannot and should not put limits on the use of opioids for treating pain patients but need another layer of education, safety and adherence to both patients and prescribers.

The hundreds of thousands of chronic pain patients living in America deserve better than what the CDC guidelines propose. As always, comments are welcome and encouraged! Her husband Bob Macleod lived with chronic pain for over 20 years before his death in October Where the vehicle I was in collided off our side of the road trying to get hit, but impacted ripping both axles off the trucks trailer.

I was 18 years old and spent more than ten years suffering from daily constant Severe Chronic Pain. Not only did I have a severe head injury that I was not conscious for a whole month and far from up to par when I first was trying to figure out things, but I also had to have a C1-C2 fusion, and multiple head, face, and upper body injuries and operations due to such.

I spent the first more than ten years trying to find something to ease my daily constant Severe Chronic Pain. Every day I had to live with Pain that ruled and ruined my life! All the other things- exercises, the other drugs than strong Narcotics that were tried on me, that did not work, and interestingly I swear if they had worked I could have requested a truck load to be prescribed and gotten it without any problem from the system, but as for the one kind of drug that did ease my spinal neck Pain, face Pain, eyes Pain, head Pain, shoulders Pain, upper chest Pain, arms Pain, and hands Pain, I was forbidden to use it- but for rare low count prescriptions.

Voices from the past: ancient views of pain in childhood.

All the emergency room visits I was treated like my Pain was nothing, as if all in my head, and as if all I wanted such Medicine for was as if I was as good as a drug addict! Treated that way, for suffering daily Pain that would escalate at times so bad that my whole body was a Pain and I would vomit from the neck Pain that would spread like to my whole existence it was so bad.

I suffered, daily constant Pain, and was never compensated fort it, thanks to Severe Chronic Pain being non existent at the time in the Medical world. Treated like it was all just in my head and not real. After more than ten years of this Hell, Hospitals, Doctors, Specialists, different States, and NO answer or help for my suffering that was slowly killing me besides the suffering, and that had ruined my life, I was finally starting to lose my mind from the Pain.

As all hope was pretty much gone and I was suffering daily!

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Just at this time I was recommended to a Pain Clinic. Well it turned out that nothing worked, but yet the Pain Doctor actually I believe saw the extent of my Pain. How easily it could just get real bad from doing very little. My fusion was also found to be NOT exactly in place as it should be, but is too dangerous to mess with.

Another thing the trucking company got away with, as it is not so easy a process to do. I could have been killed from the operation. My Odontoid bone at top of my neck that does not fuse once your body is done growing, had been broken right in two. If it had moved it shuts my respiratory and I die!

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Well anyways the Pain Doctor started treating me with strong Narcotics, it was a life saver! It saved my life, i. I finally after a while got to a dose that worked. A dosage that is considerably higher than the mg State of Maine law that has ruined my life! For all I have gone through and lost, and all I did in a proper Medical way to finally be properly treated and finally have my Pain eased after more than a decade suffering every single day, the State of Maine now after 37 years of daily Severe Chronic Pain and having responsibly used Morphine for more than 25 years with NOT one problem!

They are as good as treating me like I am a drug addict and should be punished, as if there is nothing wrong with me and I do NOT have Severe Chronic Pain.

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  • As if Severe Chronic Pain is nothing, as if suffering means nothing. As if it is okay for me to suffer. As if it is all okay to make me suffer. As if I am less than a person and it is okay to treat me like this right here in the United States. As if the United States is a communist country and it is good to do this to people like me with Severe Chronic Pain. Even though all I have gone through and my sickness of Severe Chronic Pain is real.

    Why are they doing this to me? My life that took years, two decades just to finally have my Pain eased to a point of decency, though I still have to suffer, but now the State of Maine just takes it away from me!

    A Talk: Voice Acting, and PAIN'S VOICE IS SO FLIPPIN' GREAT

    What did I ever do to deserve this? I am advancing weekly closer to the Hell I fought to get out of. Why am I treated like this? Why do I have to keep fighting for a life here in the United States, a life that I once again NO longer have, thanks to my Medicine that saved my life and gives me a life that I do NOT have without the Morphine Medicine, yet the State of Maine has just taken my Morphine Medicine away from me- I am treated worse than a criminal!

    For now I have to suffer in torturous Pain! Right here- I am the proof of it! They are taking my Morphine Medicine away from me- for nothing I have done wrong nor deserve to be treated like such! Making me suffer in great Pain again! I use it responsibly for more than 25 years, due to some strangers illegal wrongs, and this is what I get for it.

    Dr Jeff P, I appreciate and love all your advise, and concern for us all here, in severe pain, and not being treated right at all as humans with pain! I am in Bloomington , Indiana. One of the Drs here in the center, was caught trading Sex, for Prescily Dr, who is referred toriptions. Since this action, and because of this DR. I have been tossed around, my spinal and neck pain, is not being treated right. I have spent months in bed, I have no idea what to do next! Please, if you can refer me to a good pain specialist in Bloomington, Indiana, I would so appreciate so much.

    I am 59 yrs old, I have 7 grandchildren. Ive tried all I can ,,please write me, or call, at My family DSr. I am a chronic pain sufferer. I was diagnosed first with small fiber neuropathy, then CIDP and just last week fibromyalgia. I cannot stand or walk for more than 2 minutes without excruciating pain in my feet feels like someone beat them with a bat. I am bed ridden because of that.

    I have two teen girls, that I can no longer physically be there for. I can no longer cook, clean my house, take showers, dry my hair, do laundry, go to the mall or super market, work I was an actress. But thanks to them by last September I had gained almost 40 lbs. Walking was difficult at lbs, at it was nearly impossible. I am always in pain. My quality of life is barely a 1. So, at 49 years old, my life is pretty much over.

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