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After reviewing hundreds of published papers, I was surprised to find few answers.

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Most of the studies are retrospective, looking back. A few are prospective, looking forward. Even then, they're not the gold standard, which are randomized, controlled, double blind experiments. And conflicting results make it difficult to draw meaningful conclusions. I learned, for example, that running injuries can be caused by being female, being male, being old, being young, pronating too much, pronating too little, training too much and training too little. Studies also indicate that the "wet test" doesn't help shoe selection, old shoes don't offer less cushioning than newer shoes, and leg-length discrepancies don't cause injuries but too-little sleep does.

How Running Changed My Life

Oh, here's good news: To get rid of blisters, you should drink less and smoke more. Clearly, the medical studies wouldn't offer much help. So I switched to Plan B: I interviewed nearly a dozen of the best running-injury experts in the world. They come from the fields of biomechanics, sports podiatry and physical therapy.

Like the medical studies, these experts didn't always agree. But the more I talked with them, the more certain principles began to emerge. From these, I developed the following 10 laws of injury prevention.

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I can't guarantee that these rules will prevent you from ever getting hurt. But if you incorporate these guidelines into your training, I'm confident you'll be more likely to enjoy a long and healthy running life. It's easy to get injured; anyone can do it. Just run too much. Your threshold is waiting for you to discover it. Of course, your goal is to avoid injury.

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Runner and sports podiatrist Stephen Pribut, D. Every research paper and every expert agrees that this--"training errors"--is the number one cause of self-inflicted running injuries. The body needs time to adapt from training changes and jumps in mileage or intensity.

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Muscles and joints need recovery time so they can recover and handle more training demands. If you rush that process, you could break down rather than build up. Running experts have recognized this problem, and long ago devised an easy-to-use percent rule: Build your weekly training mileage by no more than 10 percent per week.

If you run 10 miles the first week, do just 11 miles the second week, 12 miles the third week and so on.

What runners have to say about Mark Cucuzzella’s Run for Your Life

Yet, there may be times when even a modest 10 percent increase proves too much. Not only did I run faster and better, but I was able to complete my third marathon pain-free.

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Reading Dr. Cucuzzella is the most complete runner I know.

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He has studied every aspect of running from superior performance to injury prevention to optimal health. Most important, he aims to improve the fitness and well-being of all, from the uninitiated to beginners to veterans who still have new tricks to learn. Cucuzzella has long been a leading mind when it comes to healthy running and healthy living.

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  7. He understands the comprehensive physiology behind the simple act of running, but he has also mastered the art of applying both science and passion to help runners understand how to maximize their strength, endurance, fitness, and enjoyment in a healthy, sustainable way. I expect Run for Your Life to become one of the leading running books of this era and to serve as a guiding light to runners of all abilities.

    Runners of all ages and abilities will advance their knowledge just by getting this book in their hands.

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