Men on Their Knees: Fem Dom Fiction

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Beauty and Tristan copulate as Nicholas watches behind a one-way mirror. Suddenly, Arab soldiers raid the village and several naked slaves, including Beauty, Tristan and Laurent, are kidnapped. The book closes as they are sent across the sea to serve in the palace of the Sultan. The third book begins with the captured slaves' journey on the ship to the Sultan's realm. While being imprisoned in a cage, Laurent contemplates the recent punishments he received as a runaway on a wooden cross, recalling its pain, degradation and undeniable pleasure.

After their arrival at the exotic land of the Sultan, the captured slaves are groomed by a group of young boys and examined by Lexius, the Sultan's steward. Beauty is taken to the harem and is mounted on the phallus of a bronze statue.

Onto the Femdom Ideas!

She is then greeted by Innana, one of the Sultan's wives, with whom she copulates and is shocked to discover that Innana's clitoris has been surgically removed. Laurent and Tristan are taken to an all-male sadomasochistic orgy, being mounted on a cross and whipped. However, in private, Laurent overpowers Lexius and rapes him.

Afterward Laurent and Tristan are taken to the Sultan, made to perform a mutual fellatio on each other in his presence, and then the Sultan anally copulates with Laurent. Laurent and Tristan retire from the Sultan's bedroom and when they are beginning to train Lexius as their secret slave, a rescue team led by the Captain of the Guard arrives and Laurent takes Lexius with him to their ship along with Beauty and Tristan.

During the last leg of the voyage, the Captain tells Beauty that she is to be released from the servitude because of her parents' demands and, to her great dismay, sent back home to get married—she hysterically protests, but to no avail. Back at the castle, the Queen takes Lexius as her slave and sends him to the merciless kitchen servants who trained Prince Alexi earlier in the first book. She then sentences both Laurent and Tristan to the village stable for Laurent's rebelliousness and Tristan's failure to become a good slave.

They are made to live and work as ponies, pulling all sorts of carts and drawing plows in the fields during the daytime, and having homosexual orgies with other human ponies at night. Tristan, as a pony, reunites with his former owner Nicholas on a temporary basis. However, Laurent's father unexpectedly dies and he is summoned back to his own kingdom against his wish, to become the new ruler.

The book ends as Laurent marries Beauty, saying that they shall live happily ever after, or perhaps "a good deal happier" than anyone else could ever guess—hinting that they will continue the pleasure of dominance and submission with each other. The fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty has been analyzed by folklorists and other scholars of various types, and many of them have noticed prominent erotic elements of the story. Some versions of the tale have Beauty raped and pregnant while sleeping, and only waking up after childbirth.

Anne Rice literalized these symbolic sexual elements—particularly, the passive sexual awakening or rape of Beauty that has been denounced by feminists—in the story by rewriting it into an explicit sadomasochistic erotica. However, Rice's cross-gender identification with the submissive male characters with receptive capacity in the trilogy—Alexi, Tristan and Laurent—enabled her to circumvent the equation of the female gender and masochism and, via their homoerotic interactions with the dominant male characters, she could exploit the erotic potential of phallic power while at the same time going beyond its boundary and "turning it against itself".

Another foremost difference in Rice's rewriting is that the story takes Beauty to a series of far harsher trials after her period of extreme passivity in a coma-like sleep. However, this unconventional education in sexual hardship and liberation ends in a monogamous, patriarchal marriage between Beauty and Laurent. In the issue of Feminist Review , Professor Amalia Ziv of Ben-Gurion University described the trilogy as "definitely more of a comedy " when compared to darker BDSM novels such as Story of O , and commented that "like all comedies, it ends in marriage".

The trilogy was a commercial success and gained a significant cult following. Professor Linda Badley of Middle Tennessee State University wrote in her book Writing Horror and the Body on the trilogy, that rewriting the myth of Sleeping Beauty as sadomasochistic fantasies enabled Anne Rice to explore "liminal areas of experience that could not be articulated in conventional literature, extant pornography, or politically correct discourse".

It was announced in September that Televisa U. Please stick to the topic of the entry. Forthright disagreement is fine as long as it is civil. My thanks, Richard. Email Address never displayed. Remember info? Comments: you may use HTML tags for style. Down On My Knees Tentative speculations on power exchange and sadomasochism by a pansexual polyfetishist.

COM No popups. Nothing to pay. I do this for fun. Elise Sutton - sigh - shows the advantage in being early in the game. Making my slave to sniff my feet - for sure, lick them as well. Female supremacy Female superiority Um, yeah. LFA often loops back to femsupremacy. Comments Female supremecy is growing in popularity all the time. SADO: No! While she waits. And times me. My bf likes orgasm denial and feet. I deny or allow him orgasms.

What are some clever ways to do this when we camt play? I know you are better. I want with all my soul to submit to you. But I am afraid that you will dump me. I want to be ruled but also loved. My husband really enjoys ass play and pain. The rougher the better. The only way to figure out what kind of pleasure and discipline your sub requires is to have a conversation usually in a neutral area.

If you are a woman looking to become a Dom one of the easiest ways to break that barrier is ass play. Make him experience what a woman experiences when she submits and gives her body. Face down ass up bend over boyfriend is the easier way to accomplish that, also easy way to control him I. I want to hog tie my bf and pull him to the edge of the bed where his head is slightly off of it and be dressed in sexy burlesque style lingerie and somehow design a contraption where he cant move his head unless I want or allow him to and have him give me oral sex until I combust!!

Woman knees reporter in the groin (Welcome Home / Bienvenido A Casa)

Men do it to woman all the time. Skull fucking. Rather we lay flat on the bed with our head slightly off as he gives his cock as deep as it can go. Or we lay down on our backs as he fucks our mouths. I am a giver. I get off when my bf is turned on and most definitely gets off hard!

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So why cant I have my fantasy? Which i love i do not like some porn out there who is very disgusting because i am sure real femdom experiences are personal and i do not want having only that perspective of the femdom world. He likes pain, and asphyxia too. Or at least please give us some links to start reading better. And actually use Hypnotic and different brainwashing techniques to start making the natural attraction his own genders manhood. Come to surface and increase exponentially.

What happens too the once king if the circle the revealing reliever. Who helped all who had not been proven wrong. The marathon sex once multiple orgasmic penis gets turned into a property like ownership status to with his closest love now her personal man meat say he had a weird humiliating golden shower devouring fetish which shed per in a cup sometimes and had it to him in front of anyone and say a humiliating give away in simple dominance ensuring an utter submission she made him king of her shit.

Of course gradual progression as all professions take but in thought of as all situations as extremes. Say the female lover may have lived the entirety of her life next to her alpha man. Every moment or be away a third or half of the time. Perhaps away for extensive short times. Consider a sexual premise never needing anything more because he helped push most of her limits to his limit now say a the second couples female notices more men and works the situation to experience such different men.

Then the third couples female had week long girl sex parties discovering her true desires and witnessing the pleasures of real monster cock and porn star whores. Just meaning was naturally self serving while was away in first attempt. Now add a col that are together completely loyal never cheated or let one even start to be curious. Into the group 3 out of 4 fuck it to be excuse compensating lets say only 5 out of 7 woman cheat on there man in my personal experience as would be my guess give or take. And still have him protecting home.

So say. Well before its even released. The righteous alphas became such for the greater good of humanity who ironically defeats them. Is it wrong if the woman empowered by such men each with different extremes. Dominant women are not just the costume. This is the first lesson. Hello, I recently got into the Dom scene with my boyfriend.

He loves having a woman control him. The more humiliating the better. What other things can I do to control him?? I make him wear his cock cage which he likes to wear anyways. But I need more humiliating ideas. He likes to be humiliated and controlled completely. This is all quite new to me but has always been part of his sex life.

Gender Follies : - Down On My Knees

I even get embarrassed sexting!! Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated. Check out the guide on how to be dominant for some great tips. Your email address will not be published. I would like to purchase this outfit, where can I find it. Thank you in advance. Agh, I wish I could help, but truth be told, I have no idea where it came from. But Im still put off by playing a role and saying lines and thats what hes really into… So I guess Im asking how do I get past being bored with playing a role and feeling that it a childish waste of time.

Stressed out. Talk to him. Relationships are based on give and take, what you want and what your man wants. Dear Sam, Try not to make it a script. Give him tasks that he needs to perform every day. Hi my Goddesses I am going to tell you as a man. You women are so much superior.

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  4. Stupid thing to say. How can I make it painful and humiliate as my partner want me to make it kinky and humiliate.

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    You need to explore yourself and learn what gets you off. Name calling? A collar?

    Men on Their Knees: Fem Dom Fiction Men on Their Knees: Fem Dom Fiction
    Men on Their Knees: Fem Dom Fiction Men on Their Knees: Fem Dom Fiction
    Men on Their Knees: Fem Dom Fiction Men on Their Knees: Fem Dom Fiction
    Men on Their Knees: Fem Dom Fiction Men on Their Knees: Fem Dom Fiction
    Men on Their Knees: Fem Dom Fiction Men on Their Knees: Fem Dom Fiction
    Men on Their Knees: Fem Dom Fiction Men on Their Knees: Fem Dom Fiction

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