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On the top turn right and run down the corridor. Shulk learns new art - Monado Shield. Visions become important part of the gameplay now. During battle the party will be able to see in advance the dangers that await. The Vision Tags show information about what will happen. Lower row is a Time tag, with timer ticking down as the attack is about to be executed. Color of the art name tells you what type of art will be used: white text are talent arts, red text are physical arts, and blue text are ether arts.

Press B near another party member to warn them about future danger before it becomes a reality. You must have at least 1 block in PG to do that. Warning a party member will allow you to select an art for them to perform. They will auto-target the monster that attacked in the vision. Warning another party member about the future and using their arts might change the future.

When the future changes, the vision tag is destroyed and a new future is born. Avoid danger by changing the future in your favor. A monster's talent art can only be blocked using Shield. For this enemy, when it uses Arachno Crush I talent art, do the following: - if leader is Shulk, activate Monado and use Shield to change the future - if leader is Reyn, tell Shulk to use Shield to change the future The future will change if you Topple time left until the future comes to pass will be extended or Daze the opponent time left will be extended and the monster will use a different art.

Using CA will pause the timer, postponing the future.

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After the battle you get Queen's Gut Fluid, which is used to dissolve a net blocking W tunnel. You can now set up skill links. Walk down the corridor to exit the cave and enjoy the majestic sized of Bionis and Mechonis. Jolly roger to Escape Pod Bay.

It's a lv18 UM, so you may want to come back later to smash it. I killed it at 11PM. Return to Sesame, then walk to commercial district entrance and examine the lamp opposite of Dunban's. Sesame is planning to blow up Colony 9 and must be stopped!!! Return to Sesame to wrap this up. Either give it to her or Andreas.

Once you complete this quest, the quest 'Romantic notions of a boy' disappears. Either give it to him or Monica. Once you complete this quest, the quest 'Romantic notions of a girl' disappears. I think that completing this quest is a better choice. Go up the path to run into trio of Homs. One of them has a shop, and another has some quests for you.

NE from here is a lake, and further E another one. At this moment to your N there will be a ledge above you. Follow the side of the ledge until you can go N to discover Sky Stage. From Sky Stage you can get on the higher ledge above Kamos Guidepost. Then check SE corner and climb down to lower ledge. Follow the path thru the tunnel into the cave, avoid the hox and collect Twisted Gun. Return back to slope leading to Daksha Shrine and keep going E. You'll find a giant lake to your S soon, but don't jump down yet.

Around here you'll find Batubatu - afterwards continue E and cross a series of platforms connected by bridges. Carefully steer between the high level Gogol to make it across. Once your progress E is blocked by a higher ledge, search along it for vines allowing you to climb the ledge. At 3waycross go E, and you'll reach a clearing with a stone pillar in the middle.

The pillar has a winding path around itself leading up to the exit blocked by rocks. S from Windy Cave is a cave that has an UM along with four pods, so nothing interesting in there. S from Zax Guidepost are several holes leading back to Windy Cave. SE of Zax Guidepost is a big rock - go around it and go N until you reach the edge. Jump off the cliff into water below and go S to discover Kasharpa Falls. Pick up Kasharpa Water from behind the waterfall. Path ahead leads to Colony 6, but we don't wanna go there yet.

To the E of Believer's Paradise you can find the stone pillar with winding path around it I already mentioned before. From here swim S as far as you can to find Tranquil Grotto. Enter it to unlock Kisk Cave. Exit the cave using the other tunnel to find an incline leading SE to a ledge overlooking Raguel Bridge S. Going SW will lead you to a camp, but you're not allowed to enter yet. Instead venture further W, keeping along the S edge of the map. Quite soon you'll be able to go S again - doing so unlocks Vollf Lair.

Near the ledge you can pick up Torn Paper. Whew, this concludes the tour of Bionis' Leg - head for your destination now. A scene plays in which Shulk and Reyn find a broken buggy, then Shulk gets a vision of person being in danger. Save your game and then hurry towards Rho Oasis. Win the event battle VS 2x Berserk Ardun. After Juju the boy you saved tells Shulk and Reyn to come to the camp he's from. The camp is located S from Kamos Guidepost. On your way you'll run into refugee with couple of quests for ya.

This one can be a bit of a pain. Once you're on the island, keep switching the clock in one hour intervals until thunderstorm occurs, and the enemy will pop up for you to slit its throat. Hey, who're the boobs? Talk to Sharla and pick 'Listen' to advance the story. Afterwards Sharla joins your party finally some other girl comes into play.

You'll be briefed on buffs, debuffs and importance of both. Then get ready for a slew of quests. Collect Fixed Toy, give it to Kiroki, and talk to Satata. Location - Refugee camp Quest giver - Earnest, 9AM Objective - Leave the camp, head right and into a small cave where you'll supposedly find an ether deposit. The cave in question is Kisk Cave - examine the ether deposit there, and slay a handful of Fierce Vangs that appear, then return to Earnest.

Enter via Kisk Cave. It's accompanied by couple of Berserk Aduns. Nab 2x Tirkin Tail Feather from bow-carrying Tirkins. You can find a bunch of both in Tirkin Headquarters. Then return to Gorman. Receive Items from Ewan, and then give these to Matryona. Finally talk to Ewan. Collect Lake Drop from near Raguel Lake. You can find it opposite of the entrance to Tranquil Grotto, then return to Matryona. Completing this quest will remove "Spirits raised" from quest list. Warp to Raguel Bridge - N, turn S and go as far as you can along the ledges. At the end you'll see a red orb, that being Medicinal Herb.

Completing this quest will remove "Imaginations tempered" from quest list. That cave is Tranquil Grotto - go inside during the night, examine the ether deposit and report to Earnest. You can climb down via the vines and then sneak behind Tokilos' backs to snatch the egg. Return to Batubatu. Now warp to Believer's Paradise again, and collect Ether Wisdom near the edge close to the waterfall, then return to Batubatu at Traveler's rest.

Place these on the grave at the edge of the cliff N of Kasharpa Waterfall. Very misinformative, I might add. Warp to Spiral Valley and go all the way to NE corner of the map. Place the flowers on the grave, kill Arrogant Tirkin and return to Earnest. What path to take now During second round you can fully deplete its HPs and send it packing. Monado art Speed allows you to often avoid physical attacks.

I guess we should've known it won't be so easy. The party decides to pursue the mysterious Mechon. Before doing that, I went back to earlier areas to see if new quests popped up. The other way to complete it is by talking to Arnaut, then Narine, then Arnaut. Arnatu gives you two choices: "The time is different" or "The street lights are on". Choose whatever, then return to Kenny. There are two ways to complete the quest. First way is to toss the cylinder off the bridge N from central plaza, then return to Kenny.

Then return to Arnaut, and finally speak with Kenny. Seeing how I like to be a nice guy, I say go with fixing the lamp. Pick up 3x Juicy Brocolli from white orbs, while you're here. Return to Giorgio, who now wants Juicy Brocolli, which we have, so talk to him to wrap things up. Return to Paola, and then Giorgio. The party needs to sneak into the main via drainage outlet. Now dash directly S to the entrance into Colony 6, which is busted. Nearby is a nopon merchant selling stuff. After shopping, talk to Daza. Kill 6x Soft Hox on the path to Colony 6, during the day.

Kill 3x Water Upa close to entrance to Drainage outlet, only during rain or thunderstorm. Return to Daza. He gives you Gerugu's Letter. Be careful when navigating the path, as it's easy to fall down to your death. Enter the pipe to proceed. Follow directions liberally for the moment. Once you exit the control room, descend the stairs and go left to unlock Test Pit 1.

Turn around and then veer left to unlock Test Pit 2. Right and forward thrice to unlock Test Pit 3. What awaits ahead is twists and turns of tunnels - ultimately you should aim to go SE towards next destination, but you'll need to flip a switch first, so follow directions liberally. From Central Terminal follow the railtracks until you get to the point where they stop because the ground gave way. Turn right to unlock Test Pit 4, go downstairs and then turn around. You'll see six carts if you're in the right spot.

Go right, right again, and then forward to reach Observation Point. To SW is is depot access lever you need to operate to open storage depot gate. Retrace back to the six carts I wrote above. Opposite of the stairs is another railtrack. Turn left and follow tracks to now open storage depot gate.

Use the elevator to reach Central Pit - Level 1. Walk to the metal bridge and cross it over to gigantic machine in the middle of the cave. Be careful not to be thrown off by the metal parts that are circling around the machine. Use the elevator to reach Central Pit - Level 2. Ahead is a lift going up and down in regular intervals - board it when it's going up and step off to the N.

Board another lift ahead and take it down to Central Pit - Level 3. Ride it down, of course. We're nearing a boss battle, so I decided to check back to see if new quests are anywhere to be completed. I'd say go with the artist route. Return to Jackson. Now you'll need to time your jumps on the metal platforms, going in counter- clockwise direction around the machine.

At this moment you're on E side of the area, and you need to get to W side. Go into the tunnel and follow it to yet another elevator. Are you prepared? Take the elevator down and steel yourself. BTW, large monsters can resist Break arts doesn't mean they're immune, though. However, these enemies generally cannot defend against Break arts used in CA. Go up the slope and hop onto the elevator, thru the tunnel and upstairs. Now hop onto one of counter-clockwise metal platforms and jump off towards S to reach Freight Elevator.

Try to operate the button Take the bastard down. The current area map is Colony 6 - Dunban joins the party. Up ahead you'll see a couple of transporters in Pod Depot area, and further ahead is another entrance to Colony 6 also locked for now. Unlike Bionis' Leg, we're not exploring the marsh right now - first we'll proceed to other end for some storyline, and then we'll play tourists, k? Follow the trail S to reach Lacus Swamp, and group'll spot some nopons up ahead.

They offer a shop, and some quests. Once you make your way into the fortress, fight off a bunch of Ignas and talk to Kacha, then talk to Bokoko. Return to Bokoko. To get there, warp to Silent Obelisk, go N a bit to get to white trail and walk E, with camera pointing S until you spot a cave. Run thru the cave to get to Deluded Ignas, kill them, check the tree for Giants' Key, go to Exile Fortress and examine Wall of Sin behind the throne, go thru the corridor to emerge on top of the fort, examine the altar, return to Kacha.

If you're traveling at night, observe a lot of high-level enemies around you - fortunately they're not aggressive sans for nebulae, which will aggro if you cast ether. The trail ends in the river, so no choice but to enter the river and go upstream towards NE. Colony 6 reconstruction can now begin! But before we delve into that, we'll deal with events in Satorl Marsh first.

Talk to nopon merchant nearby for details on how to go higher. Swim towards right waterfall and collect Statue Water near it. Time for tourist trap, hehe. Follow the river, then go up short slope and cross the bridge to an altar with White Radiant. Back into the river, follow it W, jump down short waterfall and continue W to find Altar of Fate. There's an island with winding path around it - scale it to find Rainbow Radiant next to an altar. Warp to Nopon Merchant Camp and go E until you come to an elevation, then go around it, hop into the water and venture into dead for Zaldania Waterfall.

Directly S from Zaldania Waterfall is Poison Swamp don't loiter around too long in poison-colored water as you take damage in regular intervals. However, you'll need to eat some damage while hopping between islands in Dark Swamp. On the S- most island you can nab Dull Radiant. Final memento of Cheryl's son is found here - collect Nicked Knife. Go E from Dark Swamp and look for some vines along the cliffs. He has a few quests for you. Return to Zazadan. On the other side of the tunnel is Nopon Potion, return to Zazadan. Ascend it to locate Place of Judgement, then cross to the other side using one of three bridges to discover Soter Ruins.

One Landmark left! Warp to Sororal Statues and place the offerings you collected. Mark the Ancient Insignia in front of the elevator, for it will be important later. Go left from the lift until you find some vines which you can climb. Oh my gawrsh. I missed a quest on Bionis' Leg due to my negligence. I chose to go with soldier. Daza and nopon merchant have moved a bit further S. Talk to Otharon for a quest. After they're dead, 6x White Smoke Hox appears for killing. Now talk to Juju in Refugee Camp, and choose to relocate to Colony 6 we've completed all timed quests here, so it's safe to move onto Colony 6.

This completes the locations, and uncovers the whole map. Most people from refugee camp have relocated to Colony 6, and they have a bunch of quests for you! Afterwards go to Windy Cave on Bionis' Leg and traverse the winding path of spiral rock. Gorman did a good job of blasting away the rocks, thus allowing you to get behind UM's back and ascend the spiral rock. At the top remove the rock to get Divine Rock, talk to Gorman.

One stick is found in the tunnel adjacent to one leading to Glowmoss Lake, one stick is found in dead end tunnel S from Test Pit 3, and last stick is found in vicinity of six railcarts near Test Pit 4. I suggest you do this because lv90 UM is blocking the path you need to take. Satata; talk to Homs woman who understands medicine Olga; talk to stubborn old Homs man Gorman; talk to haughty young Homs girl Anna; any order is fine, talk to Ewan.

Nikita is not in the mine! Warp to Drainage Tunnel and exit the mine. If you go in direction of Satorl Marsh, warp to Sororal Statues. Take a look at the map and you'll see there's a ledge E from Glowing Obelisk - to get there, make your way past Place of Judgement, and kill Hungry Volff, then talk to Ewan. You can find it opposite of the entrance to Tranquil Grotto, then return to Matryona, get Beautiful Portrait, talk to Ewan, then Matryona. Go with Lake Drop. Following list of requirements was compiled by nonexistinghero from GameFAQs.

Take this to Gem Man in Colony 9 to receive Portable Furnace which allows you to craft gems anywhere. Furthermore, you can talk to some named NPCs and get them to move to Colony 6 in order to boost population. Here's the list of those people! Recruit other people and increase rebuild level, then try coming back again.

At this point I sent Werner to Colony 6. K, this about it at the moment, let's carry on!

Quest Script - Xenoblade Chronicles

Jump into the yellow goo and wait at the spot where goo shoots up. Nearby are three nopons - one has a shop, and one has some quests. Ahead of you is an island, which comes into play for some quests. Then follow the flow of the river NE examining beaches on the left and right as you go.

On one of the beaches to the right you can nab Ancient Document. Warp to Agni Tablet and cross the bridge for Bridge One. Once on other side, walk under giant log, and then turn right to be able to go SE up a slope ending at some branches extending further. Back to Bridge One Cross yet another wooden bridge further N to unlock Bridge Three now you're on E side of the river. A bit SE from Bridge Three you'll spot a pond below the waterfall. Kill off Makna Brog blocking an entrance to the cave - step into Sap Cave to collect 3x Algora Sap, then continue toward destination marker.

To negate this ability, Shulk learns new Monado art Purge, which removes foe's Aura and briefly prevents them from activating another Aura or Spike effect. Oh kewl! I now have two babes in my party. Game now introduces Spike ability, a very annoying part of battle. Spike damage cannot be lessened by increasing defense, but it can reduced via Spike Defense gems. Spike can be prevented with Monado's Purge. There are three types of Spike ability. Counter Spike can be neutralized by inflicting Topple. Spike damage taken is recognized by purple digits. Follow the dirt road and after going under second giant log, a lake opens to your left.

A wooden bridge extends from the ground to a platform above the tree, so use it. There's a wide network of bridges connecting platforms, allowing you to ignore most enemies below on ground. Also, some of the areas in Makna Forest can only be reached by making use of these bridges. Go a bit more W to find a river flowing from Clear Waterfall. Go S around it to unlock Hode Lair, as well as reaching a fence which is held in place by a bolt. Why not just shoot it away? Eh, we can't open it yet. First we're gonna make a round trip to locations and landmarks, then we talk to named nopon, and then we undertake the quests Go W from Nopon Tower and down the slope to reach Reservoir, hop into the water and search along E edge to find the tunnel leading to Underground Store.

Go as far E as you can to locate Nopon Kitchen. Go back to Reservoir, turn N and go down short set of stairs. Search the ground level directly below the bridge for red orb, that being Flower Bracelet. Warp to Sacred Altar - to the E is armor shop. Still going up This unlocks the whole map. Jump into the lake and swim SE to nab red orb Deinos Hook. That's all for now, go to destination marker on 7F, then go to Central Plaza.

Now it's questing time! You need to fix mushrooms releasing spores by getting close to them and hitting the 'Examine' prompt, then talk to Migaga. Sell off any Walnut Grape that you have! Talk to Kofuko, which initiates a quest "Ingredients for a brew" Initiate "Sweet seduction" quest in order to get this one. Whatever you get first, return to Kofuko afterwards. Collect all materials for the mixer, then go to weapons lab in Colony 9 to get Special Mixer. Finally, talk to Rono. Or trade with Minana on 1F in Frontier village. Return to Leku. Go to the fence in Hode Lair that was bolted before - now you can open it!

Proceed thru the tunnel and kill everything that moves on the ledge, go see Leku. Personally I think Lupa's better choice. Complete those 2 quests, and then return to Tati. It is here that you'll nab Monster Egg. Give the egg to Gagada, go see Bana. Give the water to Cherri, return to Rasha.

Then you have to pick between Gadada or Cherri. I suggest you choose Cherri. Return to Modamo. Warp to Agni Tablet in Makna Forest, and talk to nopons. When birds stop chirping in the background, you'll know it's a hot day. The objective is to hunt down the Telethia and off it, so it doesn't cause anymore ruckus. This is gonna be a huge undertaking to cover the area - note that you can only get on a few islands in the sea at this moment.

For floating islands and a couple of islands on the sea you have to use teleporters, which are available later. We shall start by swimming W from Latael Shore keep N edge of the map to your right to the island you'll in the distance. Swim SW from Hode Refuge to unlock Bionis' Occipital - this is not an island or anything, it appears as a tree on your map.

Going NE will lead you to a tunnel, which opens up into Anu Shore. From Hovering Reef 4 warp S to Hovering Reef 5 here's a hole from which you can drop to an island below, which cannot be reached otherwise. These are all locations you can unlock at the moment W teleport on Hovering Reef 4 is busted currently. Guess what time it is? Once you have the sword, talk to Emmy. I went with shield option. Completing this quest will erase "A little brother's fight" quest from the list, so choose wisely!

I suggest you give it to Jiroque. Completing this quest will erase "A big brother's fight" quest from the list, so choose wisely! I was able to send Hoko and Pokapoka to Colony 6 at this point in the game. Return to Pipiki. Stand close to red "! A nopon will pop out! Talk to the sage, and then return to Pipiki. After you kill it, you get Cloth Shred, then return to Rasha, talk to Cherri, and again return to Rasha. Go see Ababa, then Deki. Oops, arrested! You control Melia for the moment, and we shall continue with the story for a while before attending to quests. Talk to everyone in the room to proceed the story.

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He informs you that the worker needs some ether crystals in order to fix the W teleport on Hovering Reef 4. From here warp S to Hovering Reef 8, from Hovering Reef 8 warp W to Hovering Reef 9 this is another of the reefs with holes in the middle, allowing you to reach an island below. This completes the locations and uncovers entire map. Hoppalongcassidy to Alcamoth. Warp to Imperial Palace Imperial Palace is easy to navigate, but Melfica Road is not so. So basically I'll mention four distinct map points on area map that we can go by when making directions: N pathway, NW chainbridge, SW chainbridge, S pathway.

Here's already an example - take N pathway to find Mother's Necklace. Another point of interest is station booth SW from NW chainbridge - you need some sort of secret pass to enter. The remaining locations remain off-limits at the moment, so it's questing time!

Be advised, many quests here are timed due to certain events later in the game. Therefore, don't take too long in completing them. Remember to find all named NPCs first and talk to them twice! At this point I sent Ma'crish and Talonyth to Colony 6. Return to Lecrough. Return to Galdo. Return to Zain. Complete them both, then return to Jarack. Immediately afterwards quest "Hode attack" triggers! Go to far W turbine and mend the access panel, return to Jarack.

Once found, she auto-migrates to Colony 6. Return to Ma'crish. Return to Hoko. Second approach is to talk to Ricoth, then Rozeal, finally Scarlen. I went with Ricoth. Return to Miriall, receive Miriall's Telescope, talk to Elior. Talk to Caul, and then Mir'leiz.

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This is because our items are shipped from different locations. Please contact Customer Services and request "Return Authorisation" before you send your item back to us. Unauthorised returns will not be accepted. But why? How could she pick Erik? She doesn't know what he's really like! He's just using her Monica Just a little longer, Erik! Soon we will be together! Is there something you'd like to tell me? If not, I suggest you be on your way.

Monica Tephra Drops are in Tephra Cave. Obvious, don't you think? Just look where the light points to in the night. And make it snappy! Otherwise my Erik will get stolen by some hussy! Andreas Oh no I'm running out of time. Why won't she listen to me?! Andreas Thanks. I'm really in a bind here. There's nothing else I can do. Please, hear me out. I'm in love with this girl, Monica. But she's obsessed with Erik! Reyn If Monica's got a thing for Erik, maybe you should call it quits. Andreas You don't understand! It's Erik that's the problem! He's no good for a girl like her.

But Monica doesn't know what he's really like. You've gotta help me! Andreas Then I dunno what to do. She's slipping away from me as I speak! Andreas You're really gonna help me? I mean You're doing the right thing! Monica thinking Why on Bionis did I ever marry that Andreas? It felt right at the time So why not now? It's too late to question it. I just wish I felt happier than this. Andreas Not long now, Monica What's wrong?

You look worried for some reason. Don't forget that Tephra Drop. You've gotta hurry! Or else Monica's in for some serious unhappiness. Monica Have you got it?! Oh the wait was worth it! Monica Oh Bionis! I take it as a sign that Erik is truly to be mine. I'll try it out. Wait here. I'll reward you, IF it works! Monica shouting It worked! We're going to be together! He said 'yes'! He's all mine, at last! Monica Thank you! I'm just so happy! Here's the reward I promised.

You'll always be close to my heart. Just not as close as dear Erik. Andreas You got it?! Time for me to make my move! I just need to give her this and tell her how I feel! Well, here I go! Hold on a sec. You'll get a reward if it works! Andreas It worked! The Tephra Drop really worked! I can't believe it! Andreas Thank you so much. Here's your reward. This is great. I'll keep her happy for the rest of her life! Colony 9 Resident Romantic ether lamps! Get yours before it's too late! Leopold I'm used to being in debt, but never this badly! I'll never be able to pay the whole lot back And the total keeps growing bigger and bigger and bigger!

The worst part is, it's affecting my ability to write anything decent. So I barely have any kind of cash flow coming in at all. King Squeeze shouting Listen here, sonny! You'd better pay me back! You do realise what'll happen to you if you don't pay, right?! Leopold B-but Y-you can't We agreed on two months. I can't get it that quickly King Squeeze shouting Well the deal's changed! If you don't pay up, I'm gonna seize everything you own!

Leopold The bloke who lent me the money is really turning the screws.

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I dunno what I can do, but I have to keep up payments somehow Leopold I guess there's nothing for it but to work twice as hard. I can't let my girlfriend down. Her smile is all that matters to me. King Squeeze You think I'm pressing our good friend Leopold for too much? For money he doesn't have? I can't deny it. But I'm not an unreasonable moneylender. I just want him to pay back the money he owes me. Is that too much to ask?

He could do it if he just stopped splashing out on his girlfriend. Then his wages could go to paying me back instead. And then we'd be square. I'd gladly call the whole thing off. Sylviane Of course. It's child's play getting men like him to spend all their money. King Squeeze Good work, my girl. Here's your new orders. Sylviane This much?! Are you nuts? Why do you need him to get into this much debt? King Squeeze I think it's about time I got out of this game for good.

I want that boy's house. It's in a nice area; worth quite a bit. Sylviane The infamous King Squeeze is packing it all in, huh? All right, you've got a deal. Expect a sizeable contribution to your retirement fund. King Squeeze Make sure you don't screw this up. And make sure he doesn't find out! Sylviane thinking You would say that. You're the one who's looking to cash in. Leopold would never blame me, anyway. He loves me. King Squeeze What? What d'ya want? You can wipe that suspicious look off your face for a start! There's nothing going on here.

King Squeeze You honestly think I'd make lovely Sylviane do such a thing? Tsk, tsk, tsk. You better watch that imagination of yours, kid. Not everything has to be some big conspiracy! Sylviane Me and King Squeeze? Have we been rumbled? Sylviane I suppose I should spill the beans now the cat's out of the bag.

He's been squeezing his 'clients' really hard lately. I don't want to work for him anymore. If you want to confront him though, I know just how to do it. You could order his Top-Secret Orders I chucked away! I threw them off the Central Plaza. Hopefully the orders aren't ruined by now and you can still find them. Sylviane You can do whatever you like. Leopold's good to me. You can't stop him looking after me.

If you're in luck, you might still find them down in the water. They then talk to King Squeeze. King Squeeze Me and Sylviane aren't up to nothing! You can't prove it even if we are! That imagination of yours is gonna get you into trouble! King Squeeze I can't believe it! These are the orders I wrote for Sylviane! What's wrong with her? She should have got rid of it properly! I have a business to protect and she just leaves this lying around! All right, fine. I won't keep hounding Leopold for money.

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I'll tell the girl to stop bleeding him dry of all his money, too. And as a show of good faith, I won't let you go empty-handed. I'm a nice guy, what d'ya expect? King Squeeze But I'll need something in return. Keep this incident to yourself. After all, it's not my fault he borrows money recklessly. He spends, he borrows. He's got no one else to blame but himself. Leopold Hold on You say Sylviane's been working for King Squeeze?

Right under my nose, this whole time?! So what was their plan? Make Sylviane spend all my money so I have to borrow more? Then hit me up for the repayments?

The Mapmaker Chronicles tiny teaser

Leopold Nah, it can't be. That girl's been a big spender since the day she was born. She would never spend my money to line King Squeeze's pockets. Leopold But If King Squeeze's business falls apart Wouldn't that mean my debts'll disappear with him? What a plan! It's brilliant! Leopold Sorry this is a bit out of the blue, but I need a favour from you. Can you get your hands on some Caterpile Poison for me? Then, distract King Squeeze and secretly slip it in his pocket.

I intend to arrange an interview with him for a fake article. Something like, 'Colony 9's Top Earners of the Year. He gets incriminated, loses face, and his 'business' is finished! He'll never show his face around here again! Leopold Five lots of Caterpile Poison should do the trick. Then chat to King Squeeze and slip the poison in his pocket. King Squeeze Oh, you again.

I'm a busy man, you know. Time is money. Oh I know. Leopold's too chicken to come give me my money! King Squeeze Hello? Anybody in there? Cat got your tongue or something? If you don't have anything to say, get on ya bike! Go on, hop it! Leopold You hid the poison in his pocket? Right then, it's all set. I'll go and 'find' it and make a big, ugly scene in public. And then King Squeeze is finished! Leopold You should have seen his face! Now he'll be off my back forever! I reckon things'll be OK with my girlfriend too. Now I'll be able to write without worrying about my pile of debt.

At some point after A Curry Conundrum , the party talk to Giorgio again. Giorgio Must Keep focused. I'm in the zone. Can't slow down for a second! One plate for you? Or maybe five? Giorgio What? You think I'm looking a bit funny? You think I'm I mean, I am feeling worn out lately. Times are a bit rough But that doesn't matter.

Not when I think of my cute little daughter!

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  • Giorgio Listen, I'm glad you cared enough to ask. Giorgio I can take it. This and more. I'm a big manly man! Work ain't gonna beat me. Giorgio Well, if you really want to help I could do with some Fresh Armu Milk. It's very nutritious. It should keep me going for a bit longer. Giorgio Wow, mate, you really got me some. You're a star. Now it's back to full speed ahead! OK, OK, I'll slow down a bit. Giorgio The thing is, tons of people love my curry. I can't let them down.

    My customers are really important. The trick is to strike up a good balance between work and family. Paola What?! Daddy's working himself to death?! I told him to be careful! Paola I don't want him to die! So please I don't have a mummy, so I can't lose my daddy as well! Paola I used to give him a shoulder massage every evening. He said I was good at it. I bet that's why he gets tired now! He should at least go home and sleep once in a while. Paola But he never does. It's just work, work, work, all day, every day. It's OK though! I have a plan! I'll pretend I've fainted, and you can call Daddy to help me.

    It'll look convincing if I eat a few Insanity Mints. Could you go to Tephra Cave and get three of them for me? Paola I just need three Insanity Mints. You can get them in Tephra Cave! Paola You got them! That's really cool, you guys! Wow, they stink! I almost feel like I might actually pass out! Anyway, these should do nicely. Go and tell Daddy I've fainted! Leave the rest to me. Paola Hurry up! Go and tell Daddy! Come on, pick up the pace! Giorgio What?! Paola fainted?!

    Oh no, my poor little girl! I'll be back later. Thanks for letting me know what happened! Giorgio Turns out she was just pretending. I gave her a right old telling off. But I know why she did it, and it's all my fault. I haven't been spending enough time with her. I'm a bad daddy! But I'm gonna fix it, even though it means making less curry. Later, after having convinced Giorgio during Overworked and Underpaid , the party talk to Giorgio again. Giorgio Glad you're here! Could I bend your ear for a minute?

    I have a favour to ask. Giorgio I bet you can guess. Come on, isn't it obvious? It's Paola! She seems so lonely. Could you go and play with her? Giorgio Now come on, that's not fair! Paola likes you guys. Don't you think she'd rather play with you than on her own?

    Giorgio No worries. I can see you've got a lot going on at the moment. Giorgio Nice one! I think she'll be really happy to see you. Paola Huh? You've come to hang out with me? Oooh, thank you! Paola Oh, I see! Daddy must have asked you! Like, as a favour.

    Paola Why won't Daddy come and hang out with me himself? Maybe he wants me to be a better daughter! That must be it! Hey, what if I helped everyone by beating up some monsters? Then he'd see how good I am! There's this Fiendish Bunnit around the hill at Cliff Lake.

    It's such a terror! I'm just a little girl. Could you defeat it for me? Paola If I do something good, Daddy will see what a good girl I am! This kind of thing is a breeze for you, right? Please help me out! I hear it's pretty tough. Watch out! Paola Wow! You beat it!

    The whole colony will feel safer now. I can hold my head high and say My friends beat the Fiendish Bunnit! Paola I think everyone will be grateful. Thanks for hanging out with me! It was the most fun ever! Giorgio You can hang out with her again sometime, you know? Wait, no! I need to stop doing this. I'm the one that has to spend time with her. I'm being selfish. Thanks for today, anyhow! Later, after having consulted Paola during Overworked and Underpaid , the party talk to Giorgio again.

    Giorgio I hate having to say this, but Since I started spending more time with Paola, my curry's got worse. People keep saying it's not how it used to be. They can't finish it! My home life is more fulfilled, but work's gone to the dogs. It's safe to say I've hit a slump. Giorgio It's seriously life or death, mate!

    Linadas Quest: Book One of the Pandor Chronicles Linadas Quest: Book One of the Pandor Chronicles
    Linadas Quest: Book One of the Pandor Chronicles Linadas Quest: Book One of the Pandor Chronicles
    Linadas Quest: Book One of the Pandor Chronicles Linadas Quest: Book One of the Pandor Chronicles
    Linadas Quest: Book One of the Pandor Chronicles Linadas Quest: Book One of the Pandor Chronicles
    Linadas Quest: Book One of the Pandor Chronicles Linadas Quest: Book One of the Pandor Chronicles
    Linadas Quest: Book One of the Pandor Chronicles Linadas Quest: Book One of the Pandor Chronicles
    Linadas Quest: Book One of the Pandor Chronicles Linadas Quest: Book One of the Pandor Chronicles

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