Drive across America on $10 a day!

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Trip Overview

China is a huge country and therefore, moving around quickly and on higher classes of train can add up quickly. The cheapest option for accommodation is jjimjilbang. Nestled between Russia and China, Mongolia is a country with more horses than people. Southeast Asia is among the cheapest regions in the world to travel through. Transport: Air Asia. A favorite amongst backpackers and luxury vacationers alike, Thailand is the cheapest in the north and gets more expensive in the islands to the south.

If you stick to the delicious and usually very healthy and fresh street food and the hostels in Vietnam , you can easily get by on less than in Thailand.

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Indonesia is another place that can be dirt cheap, or pretty good affordable luxury value if you want to spend more and have more comfort. Beer is, thankfully, also pretty cheap and delicious at as little as 75 cents during happy hour. Islands are farther apart and require a lot more planes and ferries.

What Can $10 Get You in IRAN? (Budgeting in Iran)

After spending a solid month backpacking through Peninsular Malaysia, I attest that a Malaysia travel budget does not have to break the bank. Borneo, on the other hand, due to the exclusivity of activities, can be much more expensive to travel in. In general, South Asia is one of the cheapest regions in the world that you can travel in, with a few exceptions. India and Nepal are amongst the absolute cheapest places in the world to eat, get around, and sleep in, while Bhutan and the Maldives can cost upwards of hundreds or even thousands of dollars per day.

Prior to going to India you will have to apply for a visa. You will be hard pressed to find cheap gems in the North but the South with its gorgeous beaches may prove more fruitful when it comes to budget accommodation. Expect to pay rupees depending on your haggling skills. The best trick is to look up these hotels then go there and try to negotiate a price directly with them. Travel by train in India is absolutely dirt cheap, but book your tickets yourself! When you book trains you will be asked which class you want, and while the AC 2 tier might be a little pricier, for the overnight journeys it is well worth it.

Buses and metros are fairly good and reliable, especially in New Delhi and Mumbai. Sri Lanka is a cheap country in some ways and in others, can be quite expensive. Tourism is one of the biggest and fastest growing industries at the moment, and everything from guesthouse rooms to fancy hotels are springing up. Much like India, Nepal is a very cheap country to travel through, with most food, accommodation, and transport running at just a few dollars if you eat, sleep, and travel using local options. If you end up trekking, as long as you do so independently and avoid Mt.

Not many foreign tourists make it to Pakistan thanks to its bad reputation. Travelers who do make it there, though, are welcomed by exceptionally hospitable people, and sights devoid of tourists. Due to its lack of mass scale tourism and location in the subcontinent , prices are low. The fact that Pakistanis will fall over each other in a rush to host you and invite you to dinner makes it even more affordable! Thanks for the contribution, LostWithPurpose! The large, major countries in Oceania are Australia and New Zealand and both are expensive.

The good news is there are plenty of free activities to do in the South Pacific islands in nature like swim, snorkel, or hike. Antarctica is an incredibly expensive travel destination because it can only be accessed by boat. There are ways to save money by booking a last minute deal out of Ushuaia, Argentina. Over 7, words later, this is the cost to travel anywhere in the world, so get out your globe and start planning! This is an ever growing and evolving list. Thanks for putting this all together! I am all about affordability but the I would like to balance that with safety.

Maybe I have missed that in your posts, but have you addressed that part? This portrayal of the world as dangerous is both incredibly wrong and also damaging to humanity as a whole. Kristin, what did you feel was dangerous about south Africa? The crime rate is high. I rented an apartment in Ratchaprarop Tower Mansions in Bangkok for 6 months for just over baht a month. Nothing else. I only had the 30 day visa on arrival. Thanks for sharing that John!

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Thanks for sharing, Kristin! This is truly helpful and enlightening. Hi Crystal, I went to Antarctica on a study abroad almost ten years ago and it was really expensive. The only way I know of to get around this is to work for a tour company that goes there, or to apply for a position at a science station. If you are not a scientist, there are still support jobs like cooking and setting up camps, etc.

But that is roughing it a bit much even for me, lol! Good luck! Thank you. Thank you for this list!!!!! Another factor to consider with all these places though is how much airfare would cost. Thanks you so much for sharing this! So appreciative you shared your experience on this! Very nice post! You did not mention Couchsurfing and Airbnb. A great way of saving money in Europe and Australia for sure. In Croatia private rooms are way cheaper than hotels — 10 euros for a bed can work outside the high season in most places and is also easy to find — ask any locals and they will help you out.

The Cost of a Road Trip Across the United States

This is perfect! I have recently become somewhat interested in Indonesia and it is great to see I can visit on a budget. I will definitely be keeping this post for reference. An all in One list. Absolutely loving this. Thank you for this. You rock! Wow this is an incredible helpful guide! I am definitely bookmarking this to help with my travel plans!

What a list! Thanks for sharing. Some thoughts about the Middle East section. Lebanon and Jordan would deserve an article as well. Loved the article — so much info on there! I will be saving this and looking at it for future trips! Thanks for the correction! I guess obviously that must be true. I think you should include Wales in the UK section as it is often much better money than England and much less expensive than London!

Cardiff is the capital and is awesome it has history, culture, beaches on the outskirts and loads of culinary delights. Although the accommodation is not always as cheap as you can find in London due to it being much smaller and only just finding its feet in terms of developing Hostels you can still find cheap digs and your money will go further here than in England. There is so many opportunities for sightseeing, outdoor activities, photography, beautiful beaches, heritage, history and of course Castles; Wales is FULL of Castles! I had no idea South Pacific could be that cheap.

Also the Baltic countries are a really cheap and nice holiday destination right between the Western and Eastern parts of Europe. Depending on which boat, crew and season I assume. What a great article! Some destinations are amazing. Great news to hear about South Africa and surprisingly, the Maldives. Two destinations high on my bucket list. I discovered your article on Pinterest, great job and super pictures! We discovered this article on Pinterest as well, very informative!

Saved this to our page so we can reference it while planning our travels! Thank you so much for this incredibly helpful resource! But it can still be done, which is nice to know! We spent wayyy too much money in Iceland, even though we slept in our car half the time! I have been to Israel several times, unfortunately hard to fit in sentences, kind of complicated. Youth hostels are great there although do need to do a little research just like any hotels. However, the one thing I wanted to mention is the Birthright program.

Please note that there is a birthright program for those of Jewish ancestry age 18 to 26, and have never been there where you may be eligible for a free 10 day trip. It is really free and the only strings attached is you choose from a list of itineraries and from many countries there are tons of them to choose from. But you lose spontaneity and these are not solo trips although one option is an outdoor 10 day extreme adventure trip.

However, since this is about cost and it is free for some, wanted to mention it. All provide breakfast I believe. The food blows you away. If you have loads of money, this can be better than the fanciest hotel and they include great nature based tours and eco-tours although some are hypocrites! A kibbutz or moshav which allowed some private income used to be collectives where everyone shared everything including clothing , jobs including leadership rotated around even if you sucked at it , and even in some cases, the children lived together in a dormitory of sorts.

It was a tough life, but fulfilling to some most Israelis did not live in kibbutzim even in the beginning, but they were the backbone of the pioneering spirit. I just mention it as a unique alternative plus there are a few opportunities still around to experience the old simple agricultural life of yesteryear of those pioneers, especially in the remote northern areas and the southern desert or at least the feeling of it, many are involved in technological work. This link provides a great list of these opportunities. A bunch of my friends growing up did Birthright and it sounds awesome!

Definitely something to take advantage of for those who qualify! Can you tell me if there is any type of social network where individuals traveling solo could meet up for a day or two? For hikes, share a meal or advice before heading on your separate ways? Also you missed Malaysia. This place is not as cheap as Thailand, but not as expensive as Singapore. Ah thanks for the reminder! Thank you for putting all of this together. I have often seen costs highlighted in individual posts, but I have never seen such a comprehensive list. This page is very, very informative… I am a teenager from India and enjoy Travelling a lot.

Thank you for putting all these things together. What a great blog post! I knew most of it, but I just like how you presented it. Traveling in the US just costs too much unless you are into camping. Hello i have not been to any of these countries yet.

I am currently working i have just started actually ;. Your post is really amazing it has given me a lot of inspiration to begin my journey after years. I am really greatful that u have shared sooo much precise information it has helped me a lot. Can u please tell me if central- south america is safe for tourist. There is some crime but it also depends on which country you visit.

I would not go out alone at night and be very mindful of my belongings. A real helpful and useful article which really saves your tons of money and huge amount of time in calculations.

What does it Cost to Drive across America?

So so good. Keep it up going. Hi Kristin, I was hoping to find some information on Greece, We plan to travel there in September for a month. We are middle age but still looking for the best way to see the best places. Do you have any information on this area? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Pin me! Central America: Cheap Caye Caulker in Belize Central America is a great choice for those on a budget who want to find a slightly older crowd on the road more people in their 30s and 40s as opposed to more in their 20s in Southeast Asia. Bolivia Bolivia is one of the cheaper countries to travel to in South America. Colombia Colombia is affordable when it comes to local meals and accommodation.

Brazil Brazil is one of the most expensive countries in South America. Peru Peru has the potential to be pretty affordable. Italy Depending on where you want to go in Italy, the cost can vary quite dramatically. United Kingdom Although many were quite sad to see the UK leave the EU, travelers may have done a secret happy dance, as it brought the dollar and the pound closer than they have ever been before, thus, making the UK a much more affordable place to visit.

Middle East: Expensive Dubai Cost of travel around the Middle East can vary greatly depending on country and activity. Turkey Many people view Turkey as the place where East meets West and in many ways it is. Jordan Jordan is a country of extremes when it comes to cost. The cost of food can vary greatly on a cross-country trip. Stopping for meals at expensive steakhouses, for instance, imposes much steeper costs than packing coolers full of sandwiches and making an occasional splurge at McDonald's. Regardless if you are fine dining or filling your belly on a budget, food costs in the United States have risen by only 0.

The biggest determinant of lodging prices is how you pace the trip. Putting the pedal to the metal and rotating drivers so that you make progress around the clock and arrive in two days without stopping yields lower lodging costs than stopping at landmarks every day and turning in for a good night's sleep. For an apples-to-apples comparison from to , again consider a seven-day trip in which you spend six nights at hotels. Frugal cross-country road-trippers can mitigate lodging costs by staying at discount motel chains , such as Motel 6, or camping along the way.

You can control what you pay for lodging to a large degree by choosing your accommodations carefully. A moderate decrease in gas prices more than cancels out slight increases in food and lodging costs. Again, dozens of variables exist that determine the cost of a road trip across the United States. The analysis above considers a hypothetical trip with a familiar starting and ending point, and uses broad averages for common costs incurred along the way. The most important takeaway is that the cost of a road trip has not changed materially from to With gas prices still lower than they have been for much of the 21st century, is a good time to drive, or ride, around the United States.

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Drive across America on $10 a day! Drive across America on $10 a day!
Drive across America on $10 a day! Drive across America on $10 a day!
Drive across America on $10 a day! Drive across America on $10 a day!
Drive across America on $10 a day! Drive across America on $10 a day!
Drive across America on $10 a day! Drive across America on $10 a day!
Drive across America on $10 a day! Drive across America on $10 a day!
Drive across America on $10 a day! Drive across America on $10 a day!

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