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You can laugh if you got it. If not, well, I never claimed to be funny. One of the other things of note, and more to the point of the quote, is the ability of laughter to bring people together. You feel better and you feel closer at the same time. Can you think of anyone with whom you are closely bonded, and yet not shared a laugh?

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What about you? Now think about your closest friends and how often you shared laughter at the peak of the relationship. How does that amount of laughter compare to other times in the relationship? For me, I found a fairly strong correlation between laughter and the level and quality of the interpersonal connection we shared.

I also found that the quality of the relationships seemed to track with the amount of laughter we shared. But which came first, the anger, or the lack of laughter? More importantly, have you ever been able to patch things up with laughter?

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I know I have, and on many occasions. How about you? Laughter is good medicine, as well as good social policy. How often and where you use it will depend on your tastes and what your social groups consider appropriate. But you might want to try to stress a little less and laugh a little more.

And consider doing it with friends. JewishComedians , language , laughs , universal , Yakov Smirnoff. Perfect blog for January January 24 is is Global Belly Laugh Day. On Global Belly Laugh Day we celebrate the great gift of laughter. The celebration is playful, easy and fun. On Jan. Too bad most of my belly is gone.

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This article does not explain the question…why does humans laughs is the same…. I wanted to know the scientific of biblical definition!

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Can any one explain this! I explained the quote but not in the manner you expected or wanted. When you do, please post a link here, that I might also learn the fundamental reason why laughter is so nearly the same across all the peoples of the planet. Thanks in advance…. Navigation Home Home About …the character of a man… Return to Content By philosiblog on 24 January in emotion , friendship , happiness , humor , laughter , sharing.

Like this: Like Loading The greatest ability in business is to get along with others and to influence their actions. Joey 13 November at pm. Not sure I understand your comment. Would you please clarify? Search for your favorite quote…. If it comes back to you, its yours forever. About James An Australian native, James now lives in London and enjoys the incredible range of travel opportunities this global hub provides.

He loves great deals, exotic destinations, unique experiences and mileage redemption sweet-spots.

  • Everybody laughs the same in every language because laughter is a universal connection..
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I want my sign on bonus…. If they would give me a yes or no, I can move on to my next application with a different bank to continue to build my points empire. This is all a lot of fun and I win most of the time as I try to be prudent. Thanks Dave and Lucky. This is so true lol! I booked the Cathay fare but it was for a family member and they acted the same way as mentioned above. Nice that many people will have the opportunity to test the excellent Cathay service in First.

I fly them regularly in First paid only no error fare or miles and I know what I am talking about. In HKG, I recommend to try the cabanas, and indulge in some delicacies in the Pier if time allows it. There was someone on flyee talk who did take BA to the UK small claims court money claim on line over their cancellation of a mistake fare. Although they won the argument they ended up losing on a technicality in that IIRC it was after the flight was due to take place so there was no remedy available i.

This one definitely proves that you really might as well book anything that comes up, except possibly for on BA and Air France who have cancelled all their mistakes so far. Pros drop what they are doing and immediately book the fare without checking with anyone else first.

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And if it was never declared that it will be honored, or if its a fuel dump or other kind of trick, then there is stage 8: online check in. I tried booking the MH F class fare yesterday. Good to see ya back Endre! Opps, I have to get a US visa.

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Wow, the process is a PITA. Wow, changing the dates will require a huge price adjustment. So much for that. Have to add: 8. Oh crap, they honored it. Now I really do have to spend this money and plan this trip! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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I hope this brings a smile to your face! Excitement There is a flurry of communication as newbies and pros both complete their bookings and share their trip details on social media. Calculations are made showing just how much was saved off the standard revenue fare price. Stress Newbies frantically check that their credit card has been billed, double check their emails for confirmations and search for ticket numbers, and attempt to select seats as well as researching which loyalty program they should credit the flights to. Pros sit back, relax, and pour themselves a celebratory drink.

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  6. Happiness Initial contentment sets in — ticket numbers and confirmation emails are found. Newbies make non refundable accommodation and positioning flight bookings for the trip. Pros pour themselves another drink, sit back, and relax. For now, all is well.

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    More Stress Rumours of individual ticket cancellations and previous management decisions not to honour the fares start to surface. Pros pour themselves another drink, sit back, relax, and wait perhaps with another drink. Reality A decision about whether the fares will or will not be honoured is finally made and spreads like wildfire.

    Critters Giggles Book-24 Instant Smiles! Critters Giggles Book-24 Instant Smiles!
    Critters Giggles Book-24 Instant Smiles! Critters Giggles Book-24 Instant Smiles!
    Critters Giggles Book-24 Instant Smiles! Critters Giggles Book-24 Instant Smiles!
    Critters Giggles Book-24 Instant Smiles! Critters Giggles Book-24 Instant Smiles!
    Critters Giggles Book-24 Instant Smiles! Critters Giggles Book-24 Instant Smiles!

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