Coconut Water for Health and Healing

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1. Natural sports drink

Country of origin: United States of America Storage climate: dry.

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Related Articles New Books are Here! More Articles. Show Quick-Add. Go to checkout. Although there is little scientific research on the subject, anecdotal evidence indicates that coconut water can be used as an antiseptic and might be useful for emergency blood transfusions because it is sterile and has properties similar to those of human plasma.

Coconut water possesses high quantities of nutrients and minerals, including calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, manganese and phosphorus.

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Because of these properties, it can be used as a substitute for sugary energy cocktails and is highly effective in rehydrating the body, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services. Use the juice after exercise or to replenish fluids lost from exertion in the heat. It is low in cholesterol and sugar and has a pleasant, light coconut flavor.

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A patent to produce a natural sports drink made from coconut water was granted to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Young coconut juice is helpful for replacing lost fluids from vomiting in cases of typhoid, malaria and influenza, Fife writes.

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It also might help settle queasiness and stomach upsets and acts as a natural diuretic. Fife mentions that a mixture of coconut water and olive oil might work to eliminate parasites and worms from the intestines, although there is little scientific research regarding this process or the efficacy of body cleansing in general. A study found that when subjects were given coconut water for two weeks, their systolic blood pressure was 71 percent lower and their diastolic blood pressure was 29 percent lower than those who drank plain water. The high potassium content of coconut water has led researchers to investigate the potential benefits for reducing cardiovascular disease risk.

Potassium counteracts the effect of sodium in the body, helping lower blood pressure. A study found that rats given coconut water had a decreased chance of having a heart attack. It helped decrease their total cholesterol triglyceride levels , and LDL cholesterol, specifically the cholesterol found in the heart. Additionally, the health benefits of coconut water helped the rats recover faster if they did have a heart attack.

Researchers believe that the benefit may be related to the potassium, calcium and magnesium content in the water, all electrolytes that play a role in helping maintain heart health. Our bodies have an amazing natural ability to cleanse and detox on their own, if provided the correct nutrients and hydration.

Top Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Inadequate hydration leads to the build-up of toxins in our bodies because the liver and kidneys, the detoxifying organs, are unable to function properly without adequate water. Dehydration resulting from water or electrolyte loss leads to fatigue, irritability, confusion and extreme thirst.

These symptoms result from the inability for the kidney to adequately flush toxins out of the system. Although water is great, during very hot weather or strenuous exercise, more than just plain water may be necessary. Coconut water contains a similar electrolyte profile to human blood, making it an ideal beverage to replace fluids and help remove toxins from the body. The electrolyte potassium , specifically, can help counteract some of the negative effects of a high-sodium processed diet.

Coconut Water for Health and Healing by Dr Bruce Fife

Some of the electrolytes found in coconut water, specifically calcium and magnesium, may help with stress and muscle tension. Many of us are missing these critical minerals in our diets, making stress management even more challenging.

Other than maintaining strong teeth and bones, calcium helps with smooth muscle relaxation. Adequate calcium intakes may help keep our all our muscles relaxed, including our heart muscle, lowering the risk of heart attacks.

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Its primary function is in the parasympathetic nervous system, the part of the nervous system that helps us relax. Magnesium and calcium work together to help maintain muscle relaxation. Coconut water contains both of these minerals, so drink up on a stressful day to help you stay calm and stress-free.

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Many people confuse coconut water with coconut milk. Higher in fat and calories, coconut milk is extracted from the flesh of the coconut and is thicker, sweeter and more dense. It also is packed with nutrition and healthy saturated fats , but it is also very high in calories. A cup of coconut milk is about calories compared to a cup of coconut water that is only about 46 calories!

They can be used by your brain without going through your digestive tract and so they are easily accessed by your body. Because of its great taste and texture, coconut milk is a great dairy substitute for baking and cooking as well. It is the healthiest and most delicious choice by far. Fresh coconuts are perishable and you may find them in the refrigerated section of health stores. If they are opened, the coconut water should be kept cold and consumed within 3—5 days. If you cannot find a fresh, green coconut, your second best choice is cold-pressured coconut water, which is only lightly processed via high pressure processing instead of heat.

Coconut Water: Is It Good for You? 5 Major Benefits - Dr. Axe

This exposes the water to high pressure to eliminate bacteria, but maintains a greater level of vitamins and minerals. If coconut water does not need to be refrigerated, it usually means it has been pasteurized to maintain its freshness. During the pasteurization process, liquids are heated to a high temperature to kill any bacteria, but this also destroys many of the natural vitamins and minerals in the product.

Coconut Water for Health and Healing Coconut Water for Health and Healing
Coconut Water for Health and Healing Coconut Water for Health and Healing
Coconut Water for Health and Healing Coconut Water for Health and Healing
Coconut Water for Health and Healing Coconut Water for Health and Healing
Coconut Water for Health and Healing Coconut Water for Health and Healing
Coconut Water for Health and Healing Coconut Water for Health and Healing
Coconut Water for Health and Healing Coconut Water for Health and Healing
Coconut Water for Health and Healing Coconut Water for Health and Healing
Coconut Water for Health and Healing

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