Las leyes secretas de los directivos (Spanish Edition)

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The' famous cordiform, map of Oronce, Fia. It is. Nbrdenskiold, Facsimiile Atlas. As to the description of the map itself. The left hand section of this map contains, the rest of the World, and righit to the left, emiierging from the border, a-rc several, narrow strip's of land. The fou11r Voyagles, Of Anmerigo Ve-spuccius. Simon Grynaeu-s was the writer of thepreface, and the work only bears his name. Legationis Babylonicae Libri Tres: Folio, half morocco, g. Basle, Joannes Bebelius, No Church Catalogue No ' Medina Vol.

This work contains the first three Decades and an abridgment of the Fourth, containing the discoveries of Columbus, Vespucius and Cabot, and new discoveries by Cortes. Pietro Martdre d'Anghiera, better known by his Latinized name Petrus Martyr, the first historian of America, was born at Arona, in July, about , and died at Grenada, in Spain, in He possessed eminent a. In he went to Rome where he became acquainted with Cardinal Ascanio Sforza, and Pomponius Laetus, to both of whom many of his letters were addressed.

He was extremely fond of letter-writing, and, it was owing to him that the news of Columbus's discovery, became speedily known to a number of people outside of Spain. In he was ordained a priest and appointed as tutor to the children of Ferdinand and Isabella.

Seven years later he was sent on a diplomatic mission to Egypt, an account of which he has given us in his Legatio Babylonica. Printed at end of above work. From personal contact with these discoverers, as well as from his official position as a member of the Council for the Indies, which afforded him the free inspection of documents of undoubted authenticity, he was enabled' to obtain, at first-hand, much valuable information regarding the discoveries made by the early navigators. These facts he embodied in his Decades, which were based upon his extensive correspondence, but were written with more care and give more ample details.

His works were held in higihest esteem by his contemporaries and have always been placed in the highest rank of authorities on the history of -the first association of the Indians with the Europeans, and are indispensable as a primary source for the history of early American discoveries. Cristophorus Colom de primae Insularuim, in Manl Indico sitarum, lustratione, quae sub rege Ferdinando Hi —:paniarum facta est. Small folio, half morocco, g. Basle, Henricus Petrus, I Churclh Ca-talogue No. With the large two-page map of St.

Dominigo and the three large woodcuts. Sabin states "The 3 parts complete constitute a work of unusual rarity. The first selels to have been taken, in gre-at part, i'roml the Decades of Peter M3artyr; and the second, from the work of Oviedo, printed at Toledo in The third part is a translation, with additions, of the anonymous work, " La Conquista del Peru," printed a.

This, third part has sometinmes been wrongly describedt as a translation of Francisco Xeres', " Ierdudera Ielacion de la Coonquista dcl Peru," also printed at Seville, in The large double map is the ea. It is very rare. HIarrisse describes another large lmap of, the West Indies but of that only one copy is known, in the Lenox Library. Ours is an interesting copy withll some contemporary MS.

He possessed eminent ability and learning, and is believed to have been t'he first writer to notice in his works the discovery of America by his countryman Columbus, as he is the first who published a treatise descriptive of the peculiarities of the natives of the New World. In he went to Rome where he became acquainted with Cardinal Asceanio Siforza and Poreponius Laetus, to both of whom many of his leltters were addressed. In he was ordained a prie. From personal contact with these discoverers, as well as from his official position as a member of the Council for the Indies, whic.

These facts he embodied in his Decades, which were based upon his extensive correspondence, but were written with, more care, and give more ample dletails. His works were held in highest esteem by his contemporaries and have alway. With Pizarro conquered Peru. Comprising about sixty closely written lines on two folio pages; dated Pachacamac Peru , Ist of January, I This letter was written during thle time when Pizarro and his associates were looking for a suitable site for the new capital of Peru.

Pachacalaac, some twenty miles south of Limla was one olf the pllaces considered. At the same time A. He asked aor the governorship of a country which he had partly explored beyond the territory of Pizarro, and where lie might follow up the discoveries of Magellan. Subsequently, in this very year, Altmagro made his famous march into Chile, after which came the war between 'jizarro and Almagro and the death of the latter on the field of Las Salinas in Translation :-" It lies in a good locality, has mountain and plain, and all advantages added to its sea ports; from that town to this province of Xaitxa Jauja is another sixty leagues, in which the Governor has established another colony which will be very rich on account of the good district it commands, therefore at present all the land is in process of colonisation and all counsel and skill are being used to make it permanent.

As the land is now in such a state that there is nothing further to achieve nor to colonise than what is colonised, I would fain begin again to serve You, and pass beyond this government tot seek and explore other great and very rich lands of which I have heard, to satisfy my desire which is to end my days in your Service. I have thought that the service of pushing forward will be no less than that which You have reaped fromnt this land, and f humbly beseech You to be pleased to grant me the government beyond the limits of that of the Governor don Francisco PiCarro, with all the lands I may discover, colonise, and conquer, and I pray that they will form other new kingdoms and lordships, and that the Governor and I may discover the Strait and treasures, sof that there may be a great fleet at sea and a numerous and powerful army on shore, and that he will aid us in that our endeavour, and the great desire and determination we have ever had and have to increase Your dominions and lordships, kingdom and Royal patrimony.

For by Your granting me this government, the lands which lie beyond may be discovered, which, should You be pleased to order otherwise, would be very difficult to do and could not be accomplished without a great lapse of time and risk and labour to the Spaniards. As Almagro, like so many others of the Spanish Conquistadores, was of low birth and could not write, the letter was written and signed for him by his secretary.

Libro primo de la conquista del Peru y provincia del Cuzoo dele Indie ocidentali. Roman Letter, large woodcut of Arms of Charles V. Small 4to, morocco. Venice, Stephano da Sabio, I This is the First Edition of the translation into Italian of Xeres' " Verdadera rekiciu, de la conquista del Peru," made by Dominico de Gaztelu, with the omissilon only of the last sentence and of the 21 stanzas of poetry in the original.

The Church CataJogue only knew of 7 other copies. The number of persons in Spain wishing to emigrate or to join expeditions bound for the New Wtorld increased, and the settlements already established in the islands lost a large part of their inhabitants, carried away to Peru, by the desire for adventure and the wealth to be obtained; and the eagerness to get information from America was greatly intensified. His account was written in Peru at the request,, or by the order of Pizarro.

He returned to Spain in July, , with the first instalment of gold, and his report was printed in Seville, in that year. Xeres was an actor in, or a witness of, the remarkable events which he describes, and his narrative has the freshness and vividness of a story by one writing of what he saw. This volume also ccntains the original of the reports of Miguel de Estete on the journey made by Hernando Pizarro from Caxamaica to Pachaoamae and to Xauxa, published by the Hakluyt Society in With 50 large woodcut maps on 98 leaves.

Large folio, old vellum. Lyons, Melchior et Gaspar Trechsel, 15 3 5. This edition was edited by Michael Vitlanovanus, better known as, Servetus, born at Vifiianueva, Aragon, whiose preface fills the veirso of, the titleL-page, and whlo also wrote, many of the modern descriptions on the backis of the, maps. The woodcut borders and ornaments which surround the map descriptions are supposed by some critics, to be tho work of Uans Hlolbain, and Urs Graf of Basel. The celebrity of this edition is largely due to its association with the triall and burning alive of its editor-, Servetuss, in Many copies of ths book are said to have been burned nt the sarae time by the orders of Calvin.

The pasisag3e. It was omiitted in 1his second edition printed at Vienne in the Dauphine6, in see this catalogne N o. Represents Greenland as ai Peninsula. Nova Orbis. MJap of t'he Wlorld,, rersemb-ling the, 1"Orbis Typus " in the edition, which by somne was attributed to Cblumbus, and therefore called the " Admiral's Map," and by others to Ve-spuccius. Greenland is again part of Europe, and America is marked as Portruguese Land. Totius Orbis. Engraved title. Folio, old calf. Basel, Hervagius, I Vincente Yanez Pinzon's, Voyage. The relation of 'Vespuccius' third Voyage.

The four Voyages of" Veapuccius. Is addition to the contents of the earlier editions, this edition contains on pp. Engraved border to title, three double page Maps, one a World Map, and a very large number of smaller Maps, all engraved on wood. Venice, Francesco di Leno On Folio XIV. On the verse -are two maps, the one at the top of the page shows an island designate-d Guadalupe; underneath other iqlands are laid down, omong, others, part of one marke-d Dominica. The bottom map is marked " Martimnain. All, these maps are on the same scale, or rather the same, size, viz.

Jw4, lt. J mo bo4 esqtflE C. Tractado contre el mal serpentino; que vulgarmente en Espana es llamado bubas que fue ordenado en el Ospital de todos los Santos de Lisbona. Black Letter, woodcut title printed in red and black, woodcut initial letters, double columns. Sevilla, Dominico de Robertis, I Additions, No. Sabin could only quote the second edition.

The translation of the most importsant passage relating to the origin of the disease is as follows:" Of the origin and birth of this serpentine disease of the Island Hispaniola. The disease which appeared and was seen in Spain in the year of the Lord, one thousand four hundred and ninety and three in the city of Barcelona; the which city was infected and in consequence the whole of Europe and the universe of all known countries which are wiihin reach of one another; the which evil had its origin and birth of old in the Island which to-day is called Hispaniola; this island was discovered and found by the Admiral Don Christobal Colon and up to the present there has been intercourse and communication wiih the people there.

In the following year the irmst Christian King Charles of France hired mlany people and p sused into Italy, and among them were many Spaniards who had been infected by this said infirmity and they started to infect the rest with this said infirmity Historie di, tutti le cose degne di memorie qual del anno sino a questo presente sono occorso nella Italia, nella Provenza, nella Franza, nella Piccardia, nella Inghilterra Woodcut portrait.

Leyes secretas de las ventas. Curso de ventas 14

Pope , otherwise known as Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini. De la Sfera del Mondo. Libri IV. Dele Stelle Fisse. With numerous woodcuts of stars and mathematical diagrams, woodcut initials, etc. With 50 fine double woodcut maps including America and numerous ornamental woodcut initials, device on title. Folio, half vellum. Harrisse The World Map showing the New Islands.

Similar to that in the edition which is one of the earliest printed maps devoted entirely to the New World with slight changes and the addition of inscriptions. The descriptive text was omitted from several of the maps, including that relating to Palestine. Many copies of this and of the edition are said to have been burnt by the orders of Calvin at the time of the execution of Servetus. He had the luck to find there Pierre Palmier, Archbishop of Vienne, whom he had known in Paris; this prelate, who was fond of learned men and encouraged them, urged him to come to Vienne, where he gave him lodgings near his place..

Servetus, to show hi's gratitude, published a second edition of his Ptolemy's Geography, and dedicated it to him. Commentariorum Urbanorum, Raphaelis Volaterrani, octo et triginta libri. Stabin, No'. There is much gold in these lands, and cotton. Cosmographia, per Gemmam Frisium restituta. With movable revolving diagrams on the recto of Folio0s 28 and 49, and on the verso of Folios 8, 9, and i i, and folding large cordiform map, size 7j1 by io3 inches. Harrisse B A. Chburch1 Catsadogue No. Siab-in No. Peter Bienevitz, better known under his I tini7,ed name Petrus, Apinnus, was a Professor of Astronomy at ths3 University of Ingolstadt, for moire than thirty years.


His mathematical and,astronomical works must always taeapomainent rank ainong those relating to the discoveries in the Western Hemisphere. This edition of Apianus contains the second impression of the large folding map of the World which first appeared in ifhe French edition of the previouas Tear. On folio 30 there is a special chapter devoted entirely to America. The lfarge map of the world shows both North and South America, the southern part bearing the name America, and the northern the word " Baccalearum.

Do situ orbis libellus, Eustathii Thessalonicensis archiepiscopi commentariis illustratus. In Greek. Royal 8vo, morocco, gilt back, g. Paris, Robert Estienne, I With a curious woodcut of an execution on title. Small 4to, 7 pages, calf. Seville, I The 'New Laws' were weakly revoked, and. He arrived in , and. It might be curious to note tha-t, in one pla-ce, as a special term of infa-my, Gonizalo is referred to as "'that lutheran of a Gonzalo Pizarro. La historia de Las Indias y conquista de Mexico. Title, with the Arms of Spain nearly filling the page, on reverse a list of the historians of the Indies, with ornamental border.

With the two excessively rare full-page woodcut Maps, one of which contains America, also large woodcut of a Bison on reverse of folio , Vol. The title also bears a slightly different and simpler wording, and the full page title and woodcut is printed entirely in black. On the reverse of the title th:- setting of the " Contents " and of the " Historians of the ILadies " vary slightly. The Two Parts in one volume. Saragossa, Augustin Millan, With the very rare Maps, which are generally lacking.

The First Part relates to the subjugation of Peru. The Second Part gives an account of the Conquest of Mexico, and is that portion of the work by which its author is best known. This is a great historical work, indispensable to the student of Spanish affairs in America after the Conquest. The dedication to Charles V.

GOMARA prefixes a curious address to intending translators, warning them to be accurate and to measure the full significance of the pregnant Spanish phrases, also to pay special attention to proper names. He further declares that he is writing the, book in Latin, so that the translators may take no trouble in that language.

His Latin version never appeared. The Author in his address, "a los Impresores," by wfhom he meant future reprinters of his work, begged themn to omit nothing which he had taken care to insert in this original edition, " mayormente las tablas de la tierra. The difference between Bellero's map and Gomara's proves that the Spanish Government had effectually suppressed the latter, and that the Antwerp publisher was obliged to have a new design prepared which was decidedly inferior to the original in geographical accuracy.

A fine copy, with only one or two slight defects, namely: The blank margin of title and outer margin of some leaves restored. Some facsimiling to the extreme bottom of the two maps, and their outer margins extended and to the corner of two leaves. Gomara was one of the earliest and at the same time one of the ablest of the Spanish historians of the New World. In he was the Chaplain and Secretary of Cortes, this connexion with whom gives value to his work, especially as he had acces to many documents which have since disappeared.

Brevissima relacion de la destruycion de las Indias. Lo que se sigue es un Pedaqo de una carta y relacion que escrivo cierto hombre, etc. Aqui se contiene vna disputa.. Un tratado Sobre la materia de los Indios que se han hecho en ellas csclavos. Aqui se cotiene unos avisos v reglas para los confessores q oyeren confessiones de los Espafioles oue son o han sido en cargo a los Indios de las Indias del mar Oceano VIII. Principia quedam ex quihus procedendum est in disputatione ad manifestandam. Tratado comprobatorio del Impcrio soherano y principado universal que los Reyes de Castilla y Leon tienen sobre las Indias.

Seville, Trugillo, Sabin Nos. Parts, 3 and 5 each with the final blank leaf and genuine printed cancel slips of two lines each. The slips appea-r in but a few other cropis, amo-ng which are t1ho-se in the British MNusein, Rothschild, and Lenox Libraries. Dildin remarks, " Thi. Bartolome' de Ljas Casas. In he went as curate 'to a village in Cuba. He soon began to preach against the atrocious wrongs committed by the Spaniards against the natives, under a system of slavery the most cruel and destructive the world has ever known.

This drew upon him the animosity or' Ihis sordid countrymen. Unable, by any means in hisi power, to check this cruelty, in he returned to Spain to make a personal appeal to Hlis sovereign. Ferdinand's death, which happened soon after his arrival in Seville, put an end to his hopes in this direction, but he found sympathetic friends in Cardinal Ximlenes and Adrian, the liegents, though he encountered general hostility to ihis views.

He returned to Hispaniola Nov. At last wearied with his efforts and 'lack of success, he retired to a Dominican convent in San Domingo, in He there spent eight years in retirement, oocuipied in study and writing. His work was not at first allowed to be printed, but was submitted to the Emperor and his ministers. Twelve years later the work was published with a dedication to Philip, the heir to the throne.

Though the number of victims was contested, it should be remarked that the acts of cruelty which, he described were never called in question. One of the most gruesome books ever written. These four leaves whidh are appended to the Bievissima lRelacion are usually mentioned as a separate tract, though it is really a part of that work. It contains the narrative of a Spanish traveller who witnessed some of the cruelties practised upon the natives by the Spaniards.

This tract gives the eighthi of tihe proposed remedies, and assigns twenty reasons to prove that tlhe Indians sho'uld not be given to the Spaniards in any form of slavery. The Bishop, during his absence in Mexico attending a council,, had written twelve rules to the confessors whom he had appointed in his diocese to govern them in giving absolution. Complaint having been made to the Council of the Indies of the rigour of these rules, the thirty propositions were written to sustain tlheni.

This tract contains a strong enunciation of Las Casas' convictions, which grew out of his controversy with Sepulveda. It contains, first, a summary, by Domingo de Soto, of the differences between the two disputants; second, the arguments of Sepulveda; and third,, the twelve replies of Las Casas to the saane. This tract contains j udicial authorities and reasons why the natives should be restored to freedom.

This tract was written in America in or , for the direction of Confessors, during Las Casas' attendance at thime council held in the City of Mexico, in , and may first have been printed in tlhat city. By these rules the Confesoers of his Bishopric were instructed to deny the offices of the Church to aLl such persons as held repartim,nientos, or who did not xestore the avails of unrequited labour to the Indians. This tract gives tlhe principles on which Las Casas conducts his defence of the rights of the natives, and was evidently written to familiarize the Clergy with the principles upon which he based his whole theory of t!

The purpose of this tract is to prove the sovereign Empire and, universal dominion by whidh the Kings of Castille and Leon held the West Indies. Geographiae libri VIII. Double columns, 50 lines to a full page, with 54 double-page maps. Folio, pigskin. Basel, Descriptive text on tihe reverse of maps, generallly within woodcut borders after Hans Holbein.

Miinster was the first, to give maps for the four parts of the world, and he mentions his sources for these modern maps. There are two remarkable world-maps one of which shows Amlerica, "seu insula Brasilii, Terra Florida," and in the North the interesiting inscription " Per hoc fretuni iter patet ad Molucls ".

Treslado de una carta embiada, de la ciudad de los Reyes a esta ciudad de Sevilla contando de como se ha alcado en le Cuzco Francisco Hernandez contra la S. Large woodcut on title 8 pp. Sevilla, Gallardo, Vol. Escudero y Peroiso. Tipografia Hispalense, No. Not known to Sabin.

The last t. Francisco IHernandez Giroli followed Pizarro in 1. I-Ie became rich and po-werful, and was highly esteemed by the Spanish Conquistiadors whom in secret he incited to disaffectioln towards Spain. In he was ordered to put down the revolt of the Province of Chareas, but took a,dvantage of the death of tlhe V, iceroy Don Antonio de Mendoza, who had died in July, 1.

During the interregnumn between t'he dleath of Don Antonio de Mendoza the 1last Viceroy and tlhe, arrival of his successor, the country w'as ruled by the judges of the Audiencia. Giron raised troops in at Cuzco and flying the standard of revolt he drew to hinself all the Spaniards who 'had been engaged in the factions of Almagro and Piza. He arrested the governor of Cuzco and seized the reigns of government. He defeated the Royal Sipanish troops and shortly afterwards dlefeated the army of thb judges a.

He did not know how to profit by this, victory and was hope'ess-' routed at Pueara on 11th October, He was abandoned by hi,s troors, captured in fhe mountains to which he had;retired, and on 7th December, was execu'ted at Lima. Title-pige f il tcen fpafia llamado -ll. The only Copy known.

See Iteim No. La qual salio do la barra a quatro dias do Noviembre del ano do mil y quinientos y cincuenta y dos anos. Hechas por Hernando do Verduras. In verse. Black Letter, woodcut of ship on title, wth fine woodcut border, double columns. Madrid, Not in Salva. With numerous woodcuts in the text, including revolving diagrams, and the large folding cordiform map of the world. Small 4to, old calf.

The sections of the text relating to America occurs on folios 31 and 48b. L'Arte del navegar. Tradotta de lingua Spagnola in volgar Italiano. Roman Letter, long lines to a full page. With large woodcut on title and many fine woodcut diagrams and large map of the world. Clhurch Catalogue -No. Medina's hook was, the, first to treat of Navigation. The authoir, who was with Cortds, may be said to have been the founder o" the literature of seamanship.

As the work was originally printed in , tlhe mnap may be taken as emtbodying the results of Spanislh diascovelry in A0, as reported to him by the pilots, with whom his offici. It shows the mouth of tthe Missl sisippi, " tl. SAN," and the lands around the river and gaulf of the St. Newfoundland had not yet been discovered to be an island. The river Baguenay is,here indicated. This seems to be almost the whole contribution during the earliest period of printed cartographical literature from the countries.

Cosmographia universalis. Fine woodcut border to title and illustrated with 14 double-page woodcut maps, numerous double-page and large panoramic woodcut views of famous cities, and some hundreds of other woodcut views, portraits, maps, etc. Thick folio, original oak boards covered with stamped leather, clasps. Basel, Henricus Petri, The first large map iq that of! Yucatan appelars as an island. His bulky cosmography will therefore alwoys remain an important source for the history of civilisation of the period in which he li;,ed.

Addita sunt quaedamn ad explanationem eorumn quac in Sphaera diountur facientia. Woodcut of the sphere on title. Venice, Sessa, I It was the second astronomical workc to appear in print. The Seven Parts and Two Indices complete. Adorned with many hundred Historiated Woodcut Initial Letters. Bound in 4 vols. Salamanca, Andrea de Portonaris, 15 Probably the only copy so issued. The work is divided into seven general headings. The Catholic Fiaith. Emtperors, Kings. Criminal Law. Lopez's edition is sitill the best for practical purposes,,and the one used b'-y the Law Courts of Spain.

F'lorida, New Mexico, Arizona, Louisiana, et. Lopez, as stated on Mhe title-page. Whether it is right to ma-ke war on the indians of the Oceanic sea. The Ancient Law of Spain.

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Fueron recebidas el ano de Black Letter, title within woodcut border of flowers, birds and monkeys, etc. Lisbon, Joan Alvarez, Not in Rodrigues, Bibliotheca Brasilica. Not in Sabin. The volume contains nine letters written by Jesuit missionaries to their European colleagues. Letter from Brother Joseph Anchieta from Brazil another letter of the same missionary dated 15 March, , from the mission of the Province of Piratininga. Letter from Father Juan de Aspilcueta very interesting account of the travels of this missionary in the interior of Brazil, in which he speaks of the Tapuya, Ca.

This letter is dated St. John's day , from Porto Seguro. Paul de Goa, and speaking of Fernando Mendez Pinto. This letter is from the celebrated traveller Fernando Mendez Pinto; he wrote it while he was a novice and intended entering the Order of Jesuits. Letter from Brother Pedro de A lcaceva, from Goa in , information about some things referring to the customs and laws of the kingdon of China, which a man who had been a captive there for six years related in Malacca in the Jesuit College this curious document is attributed to the traveller Fernando Mendez Pinto.

La Sphere des deux mondes, compos,6e en Franqois, par Darinel, pasteur des Amadis. With i9 maps, and other woodcuts. En Anvers, chez Jehan Rlichart, Church Cataloguo No. Sabin, in his collation of this work, does not miention the last leaf contamingm the colophon, nor the blank leaf which follows, necessary to complete siigmalture P, both of which are present in our copy. That for the map of the western hemisphere, on the verso of folio 53, is as follows: " Peru. Oultre la iner, se voit le grande Peru Large estcndu, ce scinbie ufl auire 7nonde.

D'oo l'or massif est si trestant venut Quc eIon fauldroit c-n soinme si profonde. MVais qit'cn est, ii? Bound up with a Royal decree signed by the King of Spain, rewaiding Dr. Bravo de Saravia, in answer to his account of the rebellion of Francisco Hernandes Giron and his capture and punishment. Dated Valladolid, 18th October, The King of Spain named him ' corregidor' of Ciudad Rodrigo, whence he was promoted to be a judge in Lima. In addition to being an excellent administrator of justice, he was also a good soldier, as was seen in the rebellion, of Francisco Hernandes Giron.

He took a lance and v-sed it so well, as if he had been a soldier all his life. He beat the rebels near Ayaviri, and took Giron prisoner. He died in Les Principes d'Astronomie et Cosmographie, avec l'usage du Globe; plus est adjouste l'usage de l'anneau Astronomic, et l'exposition de la Mappemonde; mis en langue Francois par Claude de Boissiere. Numerous woodcuts and diagrams.

Small 8vo, original vellum. Paris, Sumario compendioso de las quen. Con algunas roglas tocantos al Arithmetican Black Letter. Small 4to, original vellum, with tabs. The work is of rgreat interest, ais it is a sort of ready-reckoner, for the use of merc-hantLs in Mexico and Peru. The book. The roady-reckoner for tihe purchase of silver, then follows folios Then follow the percentages folio 49ba , a , contain further ready-reekoners for gold, grains, assayed gold, the taxes on silver, tables for reckoning the co-St of cargoes of co-coa, the weight of ducats, pesos and crowns.

Other tables for gold according to law, wieights and parity up Ia- 24 carets; others for customs duties on liquids, which in New Spain varied fromu a filth to a tenth 4and at the end tables showing the equivolenls between the peso local currency and the ducats and crowns, which were current in Spain, to facilitate business trans actions.

At the end of the volume are examples showing the conversion of the value of bar silver into that of silver bullion. Medina-" Imprenta en Mexico. Historia de las Cosas de Ethiopia, en la qual se cuenta muy copiosamente, el estado y potencia del emperador della, que es el q muchos ha i pensado ser el preste Juan con otras infinitas particularidade', assi de la religio de aquella gete, como de sus cerimonias.

Copia de diversas cartas de algunos padres y hermanos de la compaiaa de Jesus, recebidas Con la description d'las varias leyes y costumbres de la -ente del gran reyno de la China y otras tierras nuevamente descubiertas. Folio, calf Saragossa, I. Very rare Spanish translation made by Thomas Padilla, from the Portuguese Alvarez was sent as secretary by King Manoel I of Portugal to Etlhiopia with the Ambassador Duarte Galvao, he remained six years in Abyssinia, and this work contains a full account of this interesting voyage. On folio 66 begins the second part, with separate title, the Jesuit relations from Brazil, in Spanish, which end on Folio 80 Title reads in translation as follows: " Copy of various letters from some Fathers and Brothers of the Order of Jesuits, received in , of the great marvels which our Lord has accomplished in augmenting the Holy Catholic faith in the Indies, belonging to the King of Portugal and in the kingdom of Japan, and in the land of Brazil.

With the description of the variows laws and customs of the people in the grand kingdom of China and other lands recently discovered. New Edition, revised and annotated by Josephus Moletius. With 64 engraved double-page maps and other illustrations. Thick 4to0 half calf. Venice, Vincenzo Vaigrisi, I56i. It is notified on the title-page that the work wals to contain 26 old and 36 new maps, but there are in reality 27 old and 37 new plates. The maps are enlarged copies of Gastaldi's maps in the edition of 1,, excepting 'Universale Novo' drawn on a new projection3, and called ' Orbis descriptio '; the map of Britain.

Four maps are added, viz. This is missing from the eoj-y No. Not in Leclerc or Church Catalogue. Nuovamente di lingua castigliana traciotte dal S. Alfonso Ulloa. Venice, Zdrato had part in the conflicts occasioned by the arrival of Nuilies Veia and thle rebellion of Gonzalo Pizarro. He was one of the two commissioners sent by thle aidores to order Pizarro to disband his army, which he held at Jauja, and enter Lima with, only a small escort.

Pizarro, however, sent out Captain Villegas, who met Zdrate on the way, arrested him, took away his commission, confiscated his provisions, and imprisoned him at. Wfhatever may have been the influence of Zairate in this matter, Pizarro not l-ong afterwards approached the capital and assumed the. Having played his part in this turbulent period, a. The author is said to have intended that his work should remain in manuscript until after his death, but Mthat under the persuasion,3 perhaps the orders, of Prince Philip, to whom he had presented it, he caused it to be printed.

With 64 double-page copperplate maps, with descriptive text on the backs. The followving 10 Map-, relate to America: Sehonladia, Nueva. Isola Cuba Nova. Tierra Nova. Isola, Spagnola Nova. Brasil Nuova Tavola. Septentrionaliurn Partium Nova Tabula. Nueva Hispania Tabula.

Carta; Marina Tavola. Tierra Nueva. Orbis Descriptio. With a curious woodcut of a ship on title. Title in red and black. Small 4to, calf extra, q. Lisbon , April, I Very rare. The bottoms of the leaves are margined, necessitating a few letters in facsimile. Otherwise in good condition.

In course of time Bahia was reached, after which. The Cape of Good Hope was passed about the end of November, then, passing out to a higher latitude, so as to secure a better wind, they canme to the island of Sumatra, where they suffered shipwreck, Jan. Historia dello genti et della natura delle cose settentrionali. Novamente tradotta in lingua Toscana. With a large number of curious and interesting woodcuts, and the famous copperplate Map of Scandinavia and Northern Europe. First Italian Edition.

Venice, Giunti, I Mention is made of voyages to Greenland and of the Pirates there, and of their leather ships, and of the Greenland Pigmies. Olaus Magnus remarks that he saw two of tlhese ships in , and that the inhabitants use them for boring holes in the bottoms of Merchantmen, and so sinking them. One of the curious woodcuts shows one of these wrecks off Greenland. One pignmy is mounted on a sheep.

Historia de gentium Septentrionalium, de morum rituum, superstitionum, exercitiorum diversitate, etc. With hundreds of quaint and interesting woodcuts and the fine large folding map of Scandinavia and Northern Europe, shewing Greenland Small thick folio, original vellum. Mentioning voyages to Greenland, and the Pirates there, and how they wreck Merchantmen by boring holes in theiir bottoms from their small leather boats.

Also containing an account of the Greenland Pigmies and of one of their battles against geese. Three woodcuts are of American interest. One represents a wreck off the coast of Greenland, another shows a fight between two Greenland Pigmies, and the third depicts a battle between the pigmies some being mounted on the backs of sheep and a flook of geese.

Chapters 9 to 12 of book II. Naples, Omnium fere gentium nostraeque aetatis nationum habitus et effigies. In eosdem 3 oannis Sluperii epigramm ata. With full-page woodcuts of male and -female costumes. I2mo1, morocco, insid detleg. Antwerp, 15 7 2. Antonius Bosch, called Sylvius. The French verses are by, Pra-ncois Descerpz. Woodcut of Sphere on title.

Large folding woodcut " Charta Cosmographica " showing the Continent of America, and a number of woodcut diagrams in the text, some with movable discs and pointers. Antwerp, This edition not in Sabin. L'lsole Piu Famose del Mondo.

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Engraved title, and 48 finely engraved maps, with extensive letterpress description to each one. Second Edition. Giovanni, Mappamondo. This second edition contains much more than the first. Jacopo, S. Lorenzo, and S.

Giovanni or Borichen, with five maps. The volume closesk with "Descrittione del lappaniondo," and ". Discorso intorno alla Carta da navigare," pp. The accounts of Jamaica, etc. Died in Brazil gth June, Autograph Letter Signed " Josepe S. I full page, closely written, 4to. Addressed to Captain Jeronymo Ceitar. In buckram case. Paul, this name was afterwards given to the town which was built around idr, now San Paulo. In a letter to St. Ignatius Loyala, he desc. It is a school, infirmary, dormitory, refectory and kitchen all in one. Anchieta armed Ihis new converts and repulsed the assailants.

After Anchieta's death the people cJamoured for his canonisation and he was declared "Venerable" by the Church. The process of his beatification was being considered in Elizabethan Admiral. Commanded the " Revenge " in the famous naval battle with the Spaniards off Flores in the Azores; died of his wounds.

Previously commanded the seven ships which carried Raleigh's first colony to Virginia and made the first settlement there. Took part in the Armada fight. Circa I In the letter Grenville expresses his need of money due to him, possibly specially necessary towards the fitting out of an expedition. There is one very slight repair in the text. At Flores, in the Azores, Sir Richard Grenville lay, And a pinnace, like a flutter'd bird, came flying from far away: "Spanish ships of war at sea, We have sighted fifty-three! Rome, Venice, Milan and Naples, o-iCbi. Copia l'una 1eittera del. Padre Luigi.

Del P.

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Girola-mo Ruiz, di Cooin, Francesco Cabral dial iapne, ; ditto, ; P. Medehiior Caruero, della China, ; P. Francesco di Miinclaro da Bazaino. Luigi Froes da, Giappone; P. A-ndre Orgaantino dal Meaco, ; P. Giovan Francesco Stefanone dal Meaoo, ; P. Alcune Lettere delle Cose del Giappone, delle' anno infino al Rome, A final letter is missing fromn the volume.

Lettere Annale delle cose del Giapone del Goa, Earliest Issue of the First Edition. Saragossa, Avvisi della Gina et Giapone del fine deli' Anno Con l'arrivo delli Signori Giaponesi nell' India. Lettera Annale del Giapone, alli 20 di Feb. Lettere del Giapone et della Cina degilanni and Scritte al R. Generale della.

Compagnia di Giesu. Containing letters from. Lettera del Giapone degli anni et Roma, Letter written by Father Luigi Froes, and containing at p. R4 dell' India. Several leaves missing at end. Lettera Annua del Giapone dal Marzo fino al Marzo Written by Padre Pietro Gomez. Copia d'una Lettera annua scritta dal Giappone nel Written by Father Luigi Froes. Ragguagiio della Morte di Quabacondono, scritta dal P. Containing -Del Prinelpio, et origine della discordia tra Taicosama, e Quabacondo. D'Altre crudelth, che Taicosama fece fare nel Meaco.

Lettera Annua del Giappone dell' Anno Scritta dal P. Luigi Froes. Lettera del P. Da Goa, Copia d'una del P. Nicole Pimenta visitatore della Provincia d'lndia Orientale. Del prime di Decembre, Lettera Annua di Giappone scritta nel e mandata dal P. Francesco Pasio V. Containing speceial reports from five of the Jesuit missionary residences in Japan, viz.

Della Casa d'Om-ura, e delle sne Residenze. Delle Case d'Ozaca, e di Meaco. D-elle Residenze d'Amnangucci, e di Bugen. One leaf mended. Mandata dal P. Containing:-Del Collegio, di Macao. Del secondo viaggio, die i nostri fecer-o alla Corte di Pachinq. De-lle- Residenze di Nanchino, e di Nanciano. Provincia delle Filippine. Dal Giugno del al sequente Guigno del This; valuable relation gilves, accounts fromn tihe folflowing, Missionary Residences, etc:-Collegio, de Maniglia.

Residenza, di Zebu. Residenza de' nost-ri fra Indianit. De Dulac. M-issione d'Oggmuc. Residenza de Bobol. DW Tinagon. Di CantubiV. Di Silang. Continued over. Jesuit Missionaries' Annual Letters-confinued. Lettera Annua di Giapone del Scritta dal P Gabriel de Matos. Con una della Cina e delle Molucche. In addition to the pp. Luig-i Fernandez at P. Provinciale deli India. Lettern de Amboino scritta dat P. Ambas proporciones pueden modificarse en los casos excepcionales que la Ley determine. Corresponde al Estado supervisar las actividades privadas de salud conforme a la ley. Los motivos que lo justifiquen; 2.

Cuando lo solicite el Poder Ejecutivo; 2. Estar en el ejercicio de los derechos ciudadanos; 4. Ser del estado seglar; y 5. Los Magistrados de la Corte Suprema de Justicia; 3. Los Secretarios y Subsecretarios de Estado; 4. Los militares en servicio activo y los miembros de los cuerpos de seguridad o de cualquier otro cuerpo armado; 7.

Crear, decretar, interpretar, reformar y derogar las leyes; 2. Convocar, suspender y cerrar sus sesiones; 3. Incorporar a sus miembros con vista de las credenciales y recibirles la promesa constitucional; 6. Diputado al Congreso Nacional; y ch. Aceptar o no la renuncia de los diputados por causa justificada; 9. Cambiar la residencia de los Poderes del Estado por causas graves; Decretar premios y conceder privilegios temporales a los autores o inventores y a los que hayan introducido nuevas industrias o perfeccionado las existentes de utilidad general; Autorizar al Poder Ejecutivo la salida de tropas de las Fuerzas Armadas para prestar servicios en territorio extranjero, de conformidad con tratados y convenciones internacionales; Declarar la guerra y hacer la paz; Aprobar o improbar los tratados internacionales que el Poder Ejecutivo haya celebrado; Crear o suprimir empleos y decretar honores y pensiones por relevantes servicios prestados a la Patria; Aprobar anualmente los Presupuestos debidamente desglosados de Ingresos y Egresos de las instituciones descentralizadas; Reglamentar el pago de la deuda nacional a iniciativa del Poder Ejecutivo; Autorizar puertos, crear y suprimir aduanas y zonas libres a iniciativas del Poder Ejecutivo; Emitir su Reglamente Interior; 2.

Mantener bajo su custodia y responsabilidad el archivo del Congreso Nacional; 7. Convocar al Congreso Nacional a sesiones extraordinarias a excitativa del Poder Ejecutivo o cuando la exigencia del caso lo requiera; 9. Elegir interinamente en caso de falta absoluta los sustitutos de los funcionarios que deben ser designados por el Congreso Nacional; Nombrar las Comisiones especiales que sea necesario, integradas por Miembros del Congreso Nacional; En las elecciones que el Congreso Nacional haga o declare, o en las renuncias que admita o rechace; 2.

En los decretos que se refieren a la conducta del Poder Ejecutivo; 4. En los decretos que apruebe para trasladar su sede a otro lugar del territorio de Honduras temporalmente o para suspender sus sesiones o para convocar a sesiones extraordinarias; 6. En la Ley de Presupuesto; 7. En los tratados o contratos que impruebe el Congreso Nacional; 8. Estar en el goce de sus derechos del ciudadanos; y, 4. Ser del estado seglar. Los oficiales jefes y oficiales generales de las Fuerzas Armadas; 3.

Las leyes secretas de los directivos (Spanish Edition) Las leyes secretas de los directivos (Spanish Edition)
Las leyes secretas de los directivos (Spanish Edition) Las leyes secretas de los directivos (Spanish Edition)
Las leyes secretas de los directivos (Spanish Edition) Las leyes secretas de los directivos (Spanish Edition)
Las leyes secretas de los directivos (Spanish Edition) Las leyes secretas de los directivos (Spanish Edition)
Las leyes secretas de los directivos (Spanish Edition) Las leyes secretas de los directivos (Spanish Edition)
Las leyes secretas de los directivos (Spanish Edition) Las leyes secretas de los directivos (Spanish Edition)

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