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But I offer a valuable counterpoint to the ravages of the arrested male psyche as thematically embodied in Gordo. Once you see that I am able to keep my head above water, then the fact that Gordo cannot do the same seems all the more poignant and whatnot. I mean, Gordo just keeps putting himself in a lake of fire. At the end of the day, everybody poops. And some of us poop in the morning, too. But I could have been in it, if the writer had really wanted a foil-on-foil smackdown. Because Ericfoil would have handled that scene totally differently from Gordofoil.

But at the time of the incident, I was actually at a Bikram class, where I did my first-ever crane pose. Guess not. Presumably somewhere in China.

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However you wrote that you were high school sweethearts? Where did you meet? Where did you go to high school? After you married, you began a food marketing and consulting business. Where were you living when you began your business? So what do you do for a living now? And where do you live now? Are you in Canada or the US? And in what city? All the sharing seems to come from Amy. Will we hear from Jacky? I was sent off to a small town in North America. This website is our full time job now! Perhaps we can answer some of the questions later in a FAQ section.

This was a great place to share your journey. We have tried many of your recipes and have found each one to be very thorough and detailed. You have taken the guessing out of it so that we can prep, cook and enjoy. We look forward to trying more of your tested recipes and to following you.

Hi Cherri, Thank you for being a part of our journey and inviting us into your home! Take care! Hi Em, Thank you for taking the time to read our stories. Thank you guys for all your hard work! I, too, am a food blogger and I focus on holistic living, organic cuisine and delicious flavor!

I used my new Instant Pot for the first time yesterday, to cook some steel-cut oats. They turned out perfect! Tonight, I tried a few more things, including your incredibly easy and delicious Savory Egg Custard recipe.

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I found your site in a Google search, and am very glad I did! Thanks for producing and sharing your incredible blog with us! Thank you so much for sharing the heartwarming and inspirational story of your lives. Your stories are similar to mine in ways, and touched my heart. Then, my beloved wife was diagnosed with cancer and underwent major surgery.

It was, as you said, a wake-up call. Fortunately, she is cancer-free today, but still suffers from complications due to the surgery itself. Coming so close to losing her deepened my love for her as it had never been before. You truly realize that each day you live is a gift from God, and to never take it for granted. Keep up the great work, and Happy Cooking! Thank you for taking the time to write to us. Thank you for your encouraging words and for putting a smile on my face.

Your life stories are warming and I enjoyed reading them. I enjoy Asian cooking and appreciate what you do. Hi Dean, Thank you for taking the time to read our stories and writing to us. My sweet husband gave me an Instant Pot for Christmas. I am sitting here looking at the box. I have not even opened it. I am very intimidated by it. I am very excited that I found your website as I was looking around for recipes. The fact that you have recipes for beginners is something I really appreciate. I promise I will pull my Instant Pot out of the box and make something from your site this week.

Your story hits home because my husband suddenly lost his hearing almost 2 years ago now and suffers from tinnitus as well. Hearing your story is inspiring as it has been extremely difficult to go through with my husband. Thank you for sharing your story and love for food. Dear Stephanie, Thank you for taking the time to read our story and leaving us a comment. I know how difficult it is as my dad is near-deaf also with tinnitus.

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The support, understanding, and patience from loved ones are utmost important to helping them adjust. Please take good care of yourself too, as I know it must have been tough for you as well. Feel free to email me if you need someone to chat with. Amy and Jacky, thank you for sharing your lovely story. Very inspirational. Amy, hope your hearing gets better and not worse. Love your recipes??! Thank you both! Instant Pot has made my life much easier. Dear Jean, Thank you for your blessings and love.

It really is a handy lifesaving kitchen tool at times. Thank-you both for sharing your stories and for all your hard work, we love you guys and your love for what you do shows and impacts our lives in ways you may never know. Hi Kae, Great to hear from you here!! Thank you for your ongoing support and love. We enjoy having you in our cooking community. I stumbled upon your blog page and immediately bookmark this, your story is one of a kind and your outlook in life is so inspiring.

We hope to see you around. First of all, thank you for sharing your inspiring story of life together and sharing your passion with cooking. You know what, although we got instant pot, but, it was more likely on making bone broth really. Anyway, then I followed your recipe which was the beef stew to give it a try, guess what? Thanks a lot for this wonderful creation. Always remember, doing things that make us happy will always remain as a booster to healthy living. Dear Neri, Thank you for taking the time to read our story and for your encouraging words of wisdom.

Yes you should definitely try more!! But this website is the answer to my dreams of making all those Chinese classics! Thanks so much for a cheerful, user-friendly site. Look forward to learning with you! Dear Anna, Thank you for your wonderfully kind words. It gave me much joy reading your message. It brings joy, creates memories, and speaks love.

Amy, Did you know Barbara Streisand has tinnitus and many music artists. You are among the elite! I am so glad I found your site! Hi Florence, Thank you for taking the time to read our stories. Hello lovely Amy and Jacky! I was researching on recipe for cheesecake in IP and your site popped up. Before I tackled on the recipe I perused through it first to make sure that it was easy to understand and with enough details because I am not a baker at all. Indeed, your recipe and instruction were very thorough. I have a few more minutes before it is done.

I just wanted you to know that it was very touching and inspirational. It brought tears to my eyes to read about your disability But yet you have the passion to bring joy to our lives with the recipes that you provide for us. Thank you so much for your effort and time.

I have only been having this instant pot for a month. I am looking forward to all your recipes. May God bless you. Our time on earth is short, but the impact one makes can be bigger than life. We try our best to do what we can! I just got my Instant Pot 2 days ago and my grand daughter brought home a roast to make for dinner.

Ah, a perfect opportunity to test drive my IP. Started looking for recipes for pot roast and one of the recipes was yours. I decided to try it, and as of right now it is cooking under pressure. I have high hopes. Thanks for your efforts. I pray for your healing as nothing is impossible with God. Hi Peter, Thank you for taking the time to read our story and write to us. Congrats in getting your new Instant Pot!! How did the pot roast go? After visiting your site so many times and trying your recipes, I just stumbled upon your story. Hi Iva, Thank you for taking the time to read our stories!

So are you currently in Zhongshan? Or you have to fly back and forth to help out at the restaurants? I was flying back and forth and spent a total of 8 months there setting everything up. Hi Iva, Just realized I missed your reply message! Huge congrats for your new baby!!!! Hi Amy and Jacky. My daughter is from China and loves Lo Mein. Do you have a recipe for Lo Mein? Aloha Amy and Jacky, Your recipes are amazing, but more amazing to me is your personal stories.

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Thank you for sharing and reminding me: as a wife-take time to care for my husband, as a mother-take time to enjoy my children, as a teacher-have bottomless compassion for my students, as a woman-take time to love my life. Mahalo nui loa thank you very much. Aloha Tee! We try to remind ourselves everyday! Hope to see you around!! What a beautiful story of your life and your love! Your food and recipes look divine and very easy to follow. I love how you even gave tips in the chili recipe to avoid scorching which happens easily with chili. Hello Amy! Love your story!

Thank you!!!! Hello Melissa, Thank you for your wonderful comment. Both of your stories are so inspirational. I want you to know that you have brought so much joy to others through your hard work. Knowing your stories makes the recipes extra special now. Hi Jen, Thank you for warming our hearts with your wonderfully kind words. May your year be filled with blessings, joy, and good health! Hi Amy,Jacky, I really love your website also on facebook. I start try to use a Pressure-cooker and your recipe is very very helpful for professional working-woman working-mom like me.

Your website is very organized. Let us know if you have any questions. So I have a question about a post where you talk about all the tips for making pressure cooker cheesecake. Found your blog via the Instant Pot website. I just got one for my kitchen.

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I snagged pounds of them on sale last night, and I just finished prepping a rub to use in lieu of sea salt and pepper. Hi Michael, Glad you found us and congrats on getting your new Instant Pot!! Have lots of fun cooking! I just stumbled across your site since I now have an instant pot and am learning how to use it! I opened it yesterday and made spare ribs, hard boiled eggs and beans. Not all at once. But, I loved reading your story, I have tinnitus in my right ear and I struggle with it but have not yet told everyone. I sort of go on a need to know basis.

I still have some hearing in it but the loss is very obvious to me as is the annoying sound. I miss silence. I have never thought about it as a silent disability, but I am starting to see how it truly is. I am looking forward to exploring your recipes and learning more about how to use my Instant Pot! Besides the annoying sound, not being able to hear well, it also affects my ability to focus. Showing my loved ones the video I posted has helped. I also like to have some soft music in the background when I work. Hope this will help you too. God bless you, and keep up the good work!!

Hello April, Thank you for your blessings and well wishes! Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes. I was feeling so guilty to be a working mom as eat out food is generally oily, not healthy for my young kids. I recently bought an pressure cooker and found your recipes.

The recipe is so convenient and quick that allow me to cook healthy food for my kids after work. My kids love your recipes — especially beef stew and spaghetti, they even request to pack it as lunch the next day. Your recipes make an impact to my family. Hello Ada, Thank you for sharing your experience and for your kind words. Being a working mom is very difficult especially with young kids!! I wish you and Jacky the best, and looking forward to your new recipes! Your food pics are so unique and it attracted me when it appears on FB.

So I decided to check out your blog. What an inspiring story Amy! Keep up the good work and continue to share your good recipe. I cook once a week. So usually I wish to cook good soup for my family. Hi Amy, thank you for dropping by and we appreciate your encouraging words! Thanks for sharing your story! Love your positive attitude towards life. I had cancer 10 yrs ago and survived, now with a husband that loves me unconditionally and a 2.

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I feel blessed and I too treat each day as a bonus! I love your reciepe, already made 3 of them and had bookmarked to make more! Keep cooking, keep sharing! Hi Vivian, Thank you for sharing your story. Huge congrats! When is your due date? Also thank you for using our recipes and glad you enjoyed them. I am so happy that I found your website! I am Cantonese and grew up with all the comfort foods.

The mystery of the pressure cooker has been solved! I look forward to your weekly recipes and more soup recipes! Hello Susan, So glad you found us! Thanks for your support. Loved your comments, life is a wake up call! I too have tinnitus since childhood but mine is intermittent. Much harder to learn after , I learned this working with the deaf community. Just a thought. Best wishes. Hi Melisa, Thank you for taking the time to leave us a comment. I learned a bit of ASL back then and got Jacky to learn a teeny bit with me too..

I better pick it back up again and use it more. Thank you for your work with the deaf community! Blessings to you and may you have good health!! Love that I found your site! I learned to cook a lot of Chinese food from my mom noh mai fan, tomato beef, steamed black bean spare ribs, ong choy with awesomely stinky shrimp paste, etc. My mom slaves over soups for hours and even overnight with homemade chicken stock with pork bones. I live in Los Angeles so Chinese ingredients are easy to come by, but I often need to know the Chinese name. My mom never says them in English. Keep the great recipes coming!

Thanks for leaving us a comment and so glad you found us too!! Hello from Denver, Colorado. So glad to have found your website, and read your inspiring story! Thanks for sharing.. We need more Asian recipes, especially vegetarian, tofu, etc.. One of the best budget-boosting books is Kenneth H. Fabulous book. May you and yours continue to thrive.

Thank you for all your well wishes and hope the same goes for you! Loved reading your story! I have tinnitus, too, but it is very mild. But I loved your reflections on your silent disability! So wise!! Thank you for stopping by and glad you enjoyed reading our story. Glad that yours is only very mild! All the best! Your email address will not be published. Rate This Recipe!

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign up to our newsletter. Subscribe to our Weekly Recipes. Instant Pot Spaghetti. Instant Pot Hummus. Instant Pot Frequently Asked Questions. Share Tweet. Hi Lori, Late reply! For the chicken, you will want it to poach in the hot liquid well after the pin has dropped. For a 4. Hi Brenda, What kind of material are your containers? You may want to reduce the cooking time further for the gooey liquid. Looking forward to hearing back from you!

Thank you, Sylvia. I will add all the ingredients and layer the crushed tomatoes on top No mixing. Thanks again for sharing all your recipes! Love your website and recipes. Hi Amy, thank you for your question. Please try checking the junk mail box. You can contact us directly with our contact page. Hi Amy and Jacky, Been following your website for the past few weeks, as I just got an instant pot recently and your website is great! Thanks for all the great Instant Pot recipes!

I am guessing it is the cheesecake and you can cover it with food wrap. Amy and Jacky, I just read your story — thank you so much for sharing…. Thank you!! And God bless! Blessings, Marcia. Thank you for bringing delicious recipes into my kitchen: Lisa. Hi Lisa, Welcome to our site. Best of luck to you too. Keep on fighting the good fight and we will see you around! Happy you found us as well! Please take care Jacky. The steam release accessory is useful when using the Instant Pot under cupboard. Hi Amy and Jacky, I loved to hear to hear your stories and how you embrace each day with a renewed outlook.

Thank you for doing what you do everyday! Compton, the small California city that gangsta rap put on the map—the birthplace of Kendrick Lamar, Dr. Dre, and the infamous Suge I remember my first pair of sandals. They were white and they had a moderately thick strap across the top of the foot just where the toes start and a similar one around the ankle. The leather was soft but there was an adjustable buckle on both straps Ephron turns the notion of the good Samaritan on its head in a bauble of a tale about altruism gone horribly wrong.

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News AdviceToWriters Interview. I always say that, for me, books get written a sentence at a time…that you write in your head sometimes and then put it on paper, and having once been a single mother to three kids, I never quite had the kind of schedule where I could block hours, weeks, You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Jennifer Grega This email address is being protected from spambots. Amy in Pigtails. Another Zach reading and loving Castle in the Mist. Auden reading the other side of the wall.

Bodhi my favorite Knight. Diego recommends A Castle in the Mist. Florida friends. Jack Mearns Spring Break Reading!! Lily James 8months. Princess Petunia likes the Castle. Ruby on the way to School. Theo v Amy He is winning. Yes, there's a tv in that mirror Alan kid. See Them All. Short Ave Elementary book signing. Newport Coast Elementary. Lausd 2. Pile 'em high and watch em fly! Laurence School introduction. Amy with Ellie and Cooper Trummel Pinkie swear! Rainy Day Books.

Jill (Amys Story Book 2) Jill (Amys Story Book 2)
Jill (Amys Story Book 2) Jill (Amys Story Book 2)
Jill (Amys Story Book 2) Jill (Amys Story Book 2)
Jill (Amys Story Book 2) Jill (Amys Story Book 2)
Jill (Amys Story Book 2) Jill (Amys Story Book 2)
Jill (Amys Story Book 2) Jill (Amys Story Book 2)
Jill (Amys Story Book 2) Jill (Amys Story Book 2)
Jill (Amys Story Book 2) Jill (Amys Story Book 2)
Jill (Amys Story Book 2) Jill (Amys Story Book 2)

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