Dock Worker: A Short Story

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R 94 min Drama, Romance. Triest in the year Ernesto is the priviliged, seventeen year old son of a jewish mother and a non-jewish father, who has deserted his family. He is raised by his uncle Giovanni and Votes: In northern England around , the worker John O'Brien lives near poverty in a small house in the worker's district.

Super 8 Stories: Belfast Dock Workers

He falls in love with Mary, the teacher of his highly intelligent R 90 min Action, Drama. A martial arts fighter, haunted by his past, takes a job as a dock worker in a small village. His vow never to fight again is tested by the cruel owner of the pier. Approved min Crime, Drama, Film-Noir. A brave longshoreman lingers on after being gunned down by 3 racketeers, as a determined assistant D.

R 92 min Crime, Drama, Action. A Los Angeles dock worker becomes a boxer but his crooked manager is involved in various rackets and he's working for the mob.


Director: Bruce D. She becomes pregnant, and the situation is Not Rated 87 min Drama, Romance. Marie wants to escape from her job and also from her lover, Paul, an unemployed drunk.

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She dreams of going off with Jean, a dockworker. The two men quarrel and fight over Marie on two Approved 87 min Thriller. Tom Masterick, a dock worker, is wrongfully convicted of a murder charge.

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His death sentence is commuted to a long prison term. When released as an old man, he vows to find the real killer. A theater director and script-writer falls for a female worker from the Havana docks, but his machismo, social and working conflicts, and the Cuban woman's condition interfere with their Not Rated 93 min Crime, Drama, Romance. Two young farm workers, who like millions of others, leave their village to seek their fortunes in the city.

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Each chose a vastly different path to make it and become embroiled in Approved 89 min Musical. Lucky Lyndon and his devoted secretary Ruth use their talent agency to find and help unknowns who need an opportunity. Now, a change of plans will further complicate matters. Will they live happily ever after? S 82 min Comedy, Romance.

Action, Crime. Votes: 7. In this The story of a ship's arrival, unloading and departure from the Port of London in , and all the life of the docklands and the river. Approved 9 min Documentary, Short. This RKO-Pathe Screenliner production number follows the travel course of a big city's food supply from its sources throughout the world to its destination on the dining tables of a Trying to let go of police work and return to his marriage, McNulty gives up on identifying his Jane Doe.

The detectives look into Sobotka and his money. For his union, Sobotka tries to Votes: 2, Greggs and Prez tap into the circuit of Russian prostitutes. With two sets of evidence, the detail goes to Pearlman who tells them neither crime merits a wiretap, but a drug connection Director: Thomas J. The detail makes a desperate move. Nick's deceit is in the open, as Sobotka is overwhelmed by bad news. The Greeks confidently ease out of a brief encounter with the detail and Omar's Director: Ernest R.

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Major Valchek gets back at Sobotka for the church gift fiasco, and a feud begins. Avon Barksdale continues to run his empire from a prison cell. On the waterfront, Port Police Officer McNulty goes on a drunken binge of legendary proportions. Fellow stevedores convince Ziggy to fight Maui.

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Bunk, seeing McNulty's desperation, talks Daniels into asking for him. Daniels does Detective Jimmy McNulty finds the body of a woman floating in the water while carrying out his new assignment of Harbor Patrol. Major Valchek has his gift to a local parish trumped by Frank A man Mike helped get paroled from prison gets an anonymous letter accusing his wife of infidelity. Mike learns he's bought a gun illegally and tries to convince the ex-con's spouse to quit Votes: 9.

McNulty goes on a self-assigned moral mission to identify his floater, but his old partner, Bunk, says they have more pressing matter at hand: finding Omar to testify against a Barksdale Lt Cedric Daniels lets it be known he is going to leave the department. McNulty pursues the identity of the Jane Doe found floating in the harbor. Workers from the Belfast Docks look back on their hard-working days labouring beside the boats in the busy port of Belfast during the s.

As well as being days of hardship there was a good camaraderie between the workers and a plethora of great stories to remember. This clip appeared in Series 3, Programme 1 of 'Super 8 Stories'. Very smoky shots filmed while sailing up Belfast Lough with images of industry and shots of cranes.

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Dock workers heading to work and men on small truck. Unloading cargo from ship. Worker carrying large pipe on ship and more shots of the docks area. Various shots of dockers working on quayside and forklift truck carrying cargo. Men shovelling grain and working with bags of cargo. Men playing with pet monkey on ship. Various shots of groups of dockers relaxing and posing for camera.

Dock Worker: A Short Story Dock Worker: A Short Story
Dock Worker: A Short Story Dock Worker: A Short Story
Dock Worker: A Short Story Dock Worker: A Short Story
Dock Worker: A Short Story Dock Worker: A Short Story
Dock Worker: A Short Story Dock Worker: A Short Story
Dock Worker: A Short Story Dock Worker: A Short Story
Dock Worker: A Short Story Dock Worker: A Short Story
Dock Worker: A Short Story Dock Worker: A Short Story
Dock Worker: A Short Story

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