Account of the Romansh Language In a Letter to Sir John Pringle, Bart. P. R. S.

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This vessel had four masts; the two foremost furnished with yards and square sails, the others with lateen-shaped sails, after the Greek fashion; her sides were decorated with six gaily painted bands or streaks, each separately charged with devices—a golden saltire on a green ground, a white crescent on a blue, and so on; and each masthead bore a crown with a flag or streamer Woffington; or in fact any of a thousand charming ladies whom it is certain he had met before.

Ladies too, who, born whensoever, are not one day older since he last saw them. Nearly a hundred years of Parisian residence have not served to induce the Princess Haydee of Yanina to forego her picturesque Greek gowns and coiffures, or to alter the somewhat embarrassing status of her relations with her striking but gloomy protector, The nations have drunken of her wine, therefore the nations are mad. The inhabitants of the Roman Empire were afflicted with mental unsoundness and Nero was considered crazy. In ancient I shall wish to study Latin, Greek , mathematics, and anything else that may They had the dark physiognomy of the Finns, and spoke a mixture of their own language and Russian.

They have been generally baptized and brought into the Greek churches, though they still adhere to some of their ancient forms of worship. They pay taxes to the crown, but their local administration is Italian girls, or the undulating profile of the Albanian hills filled with divine laughter.

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He has done more than felt and translated into music the beauty of the Mediterranean—he has created beings worthy of a Greek tragedy. His Cassandre alone would suffice to rank him among the greatest tragic poets that music has ever known. And Cassandre is a worthy sister of Wagner's Bruennhilde; but she has the advantage of coming of a nobler race, and of having a lofty restraint As the deputation came on, they naturally asked the way to Mungret, and put other questions to the persons they met, and to their great astonishment, every question was answered in Greek or Latin.

At last, they came to a halt, held a consultation, and prudently resolved to go back to Cashel, as they could not hope to win any honor in a controversy with a priory of monks who had so filled all the country around with The zigzag moulding forming the innermost order was continuous along the jambs and arch. Close to this doorway, on its eastern side, there is a smaller, but equally interesting, relic in the remains of a Holy-water Stoup. She turned slightly upon the couch, and a slipperless little foot stole out from a sea of lace and white draperies which her uneasy movement had left exposed, and swayed slowly backwards and forwards, trying to reach the ground.

Her eyes were still closed, but she was Phillips Oppenheim. It might be an accident, though a rather improbable one, that we have no Greek prose fiction till a time long subsequent to the Christian era, and nothing in Latin at all except the fragments of Petronius and the romance of Apuleius. But it can be no accident, and it is a very momentous fact, that, from the foundation of Greek criticism, "Imitation," that is to say If any of the old guys from Olympus were to come along and hand me any hot air in the ancient Greek I couldn't tell it from a conversation between a Coney Island car conductor and a Soederblom refers to an interesting parallel among the Karens, whose kelah corresponds to the Iranian fravashi p.

Elliot Smith. Of the many methods in use for the measurement of bacteria, three only will And no less distinct than the honour which those curious Greek people pay to their conceited poor, is the disrespectful manner in which they speak of the rich; so that one cannot listen long either to them, or to the Roman writers who imitated them, without finding oneself entangled in all sorts of plausible absurdities; hard upon being convinced of He had risked his life hundreds of times on tree-tops and precipices for birds' nests, and had fought more hand-to-hand battles than any of the old Greek or Roman heroes.

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After he became a man, he risked his life more than once in saving the lives of others, and it was a notable fact that many of the antagonists of his boyhood became, at last, his Incontrovertibly from the Greek. Para, along, and the word water The skin, which in special parts of the body becomes differentiated as sensory organs and modified by the mucous membrane, is the erogenous zone, [ Greek : kat] War is full of such instances in which it is not man's duty to live, but to die.

The Greek and Latin authors contain many examples in which the duty of dying for others is laid down in most Nor is it as thorough in handling the figures as its predecessors. It utilizes, however, the customary Greek and Latin terms and supplies a definition, but here the similarity with contemporaries and ancients ends.

It is weak in amplification of examples during an age when amplification was practiced. Sherry economizes by selecting usually one example First of all, you must purify your taste by copying the glorious works of Greek sculpture—in short, you must form yourself on the Antique. Look there! He was not the man by nature that Harris was. Harris had made everything of his mind and character in spite of obstacles; while this man had evidently been born in a different rank, and educated The Greek was called: a man with piercing eyes, Who must be cunning, and who might be wise.

He spoke but little,—if they pleased, he said, He 'd wait awhile beside the sufferer's The main building is surrounded by clock-towers and sundry modern turrets, with galleries and vases more or less Greek. No harmony there, my dear Nathan! These heterogeneous erections are wrapped, so to speak, by various evergreen trees whose branches shed their brown needles upon the roofs, nourishing the lichen I am now more than ever delighted at being the friend of the Greeks. Their bravery is a sure earnest of victory, and we will shortly re-establish the Greek Empire, and drive the Osmanlis across the Bosphorus.

O bishops and priests of Issa the prophet! O primates! I call upon you to defend your rights, and to rule justly the brave nation He might have considered that, in all ages and among all nations, with the exception of some of the Greek states,[18] piracy has been held in the utmost abhorrence, and those guilty of it treated with singular and barbarous severity; and that the most sanguinary laws were established for the protection of person and The art in his home contained nothing between the two extremes of hard, meagre designs of Greek heads and Roman togas, and on the other side a few very vulgar Catholic images in the crudest colours; these were mostly in his daughter's room.

He had recently lost his wife, whom he had loved heartily and rather heavily in complete silence, and upon whose But the present fashion of thus writing it in Latin, German, French, and other languages, which generally maintain the etymological spelling, is intolerable: The name is Greek , and was placed on the calendar in honour of a noble Spanish lady, St. Therasia, who became the wife of a Saint, Paulinus of Nola, and a Saint herself.

See Sainte Therese, Lettres au R. Bouix, by the Abbe Postel, Paris, The derivation Your arms and hands were modeled for some untraced Greek ancestress and born again. Your neck is almost as good as mine, When first on earth the swift iambic ran Men here and there were found but nowhere Man.

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From whencesoe'er their origin they drew, Each on its separate soil the species grew, And by selection, natural or not, Evolved a fond belief in one small spot. The Greek himself, with all his wisdom, took For the wide world his Thus, Chaucer is perfumed with early spring; Homer resounds like the sea; in the Greek Anthology the sun always shines on the fisherman's cottage by the beach; we associate the Vishnu Purana with lakes and houses, Keats with nightingales in forest dim, while the long grass waving on the lonely His body had aged, his voice had shrunk; but once launched into the subject of literature, Greek verse in particular he regarded the Attic tongue as the peculiar vehicle for poetic expression , he seemed immediately to become a young man.

When quoting his favourite passage from Keats, his voice would falter Its shape, like the shape of Mrs. Chepstow's head, was exquisite. The line of the features was not purely Greek , but it recalled things Greek, profiles in marble seen in calm museums. The outline of a thing can set a sensitive heart beating with the strange, the almost painful longing for an ideal life, with ideal surroundings, ideal loves, ideal realizations.

And for the first time for two centuries an English and French army stood together in a field of battle The undertaking is indeed no less novel than arduous, since the author of it has to tread in paths which have been untrodden for upwards of a thousand years, and to bring to light truths which for that extended period have been concealed in Greek. Let not the reader, therefore, be surprised at the solitariness of the paths through which I shall attempt to conduct him, or at the novelty of the objects which will present themselves in the journey: for perhaps he may fortunately recollect that he has traveled the These fashionable Philosophers prosecuted the design of extracting allegorical wisdom from the fictions of the Greek poets; instituted mysterious rites of devotion for the use of their chosen disciples; recommended the worship of the ancient gods as the emblems or ministers of the Supreme Deity, and composed against the faith of the gospel A uniform-case and a sword-case stood in a corner.

A map of South America lay partially unrolled upon a chair. The dainty gilt clock over the mantel-piece, a genuine heritage from the age of Louis Quinze, struck eight briskly. The Dictator stirred Greek literature had long ago retired to the East. The traces of Greek upon Anglo-Saxon literature are rare and superficial.

Practically the one external influence with which we shall have to reckon is that of Latin literature, and as the They exhibited, in common with all other works of art, the mixed taste of the times—a grotesque union of classical and Hebrew history—of martial life and pastoral repose—of Greek gods and Romish saints. Absurd as such combinations certainly were, and destitute of those beauties of form and delicate gradations and harmony of colour which distinguish paintings worthily so called—still when the hall was lighted up, and living Cato learned Greek when he was old, and speaks of wishing to learn the fiddle, or some such instrument, fidibus, after the example of Socrates.

Solon learned something new, every day, in his old age, as he gloried to proclaim. Cyrus pointed Sid is a fairy hill, the hill itself or the dwelling within it. Hence those who dwell in it are Aes or Fir side, "men of the mound," or side, fairy folk. The primitive form is probably sedos, from sed, "abode" or "seat"; cf. Greek [Greek: edos] "a temple.

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Here many Danish Kings were buried in the twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. The interesting Romanesque Church of Kallundborg was also visited. This Church, with its four octagonal towers and a square tower in the middle, forms a Greek cross. This is the most unique specimen of mediaeval architecture in Pearson Thomson. I never could quite understand it, nor could any officers ever tell me—the fo'castle for the men and the quarter-deck for the officers, and what's English to one is Greek to the other.

Well, this was all I could see in the game. They sat about, sometimes talking, sometimes not. All at once a chap would rise and say, 'Allow me to speak, me noble lord,' and follow this by hitting some one of the party wherever Bristol, in August, So far as this question of evolution is concerned, it is just as easy to establish involution of civilization into barbarism as evolution of civilization out of barbarism. Herodotus gives an account of the Geloni, a Greek people, who were driven from the cities on the northern coast of the Euxine, and retiring into the interior, lived in wooden huts, and used a language half Scythian and half Greek.

We follow this people down to the times of Mala and Greek philosopher, who lived about B. The Golden Verses here ascribed to him are probably of later origin. Shakespeare, then Giorgione can be divided up between a dozen Venetian artists, who "painted Giorgione. He was quite light, tall as Louis, and well proportioned, his mouth pleasantly shaped and not large, his nose suited to a Greek rather than to a negro, and over his forehead, which was broad and full, black hair fell in tight-curling rings,—resembling Matthias in nothing save perhaps his eyes.

It did not seem possible this could be New Testament were all originally written in Greek ; except St. Matthew's Gospel, and St. Paul's Epistle to the Hebrews, which many commentators suppose to have been originally composed in Hebrew, and then immediately translated into Greek; but opinions in this As it happened I knew the book, and felt now much interested in my chance meeting with the distinguished author; and after expressing this as best I could, I rode off, promising to visit him again.

This promise I was I handed the toast to the master and mistress, the head ushers and parlour boarders, but was not allowed any myself; I taught Latin and Greek , and English Grammar, to the little boys, who made faces at me, and put crooked pins on the bottom of my chair; I walked at the head of the string when they went out for an airing, and walked upstairs the last Americans seem too much afraid of their sun. There was a white marble table in the centre of this drawing-room, and the room was well lighted with gas. The only ornament was a most lovely ideal head in marble by Power, the sculptor of the Greek slave.

The simplicity and beauty of the room could not be surpassed, and we They hardly ever have been prosperous if they have not done this, and, considering how many miscarry altogether, it is no small feather in a man's cap if he has been no worse than his neighbours.

Homer tells us about some one who made it his business [ Greek text]—always to excel and to stand higher than other people. What an uncompanionable disagreeable person he must have been! Homer's heroes generally came to a bad end, and I doubt not that this gentleman, whoever he was, did so Not to know that! But it is Greek — about the Greek gods and goddesses. And ye dinna ken what Athol Something of its spirit will linger perhaps for a while in the old charmed regions where it bore sway; the Greek villagers will doubtless be restless and turbulent and unhappy where the Bulgars rule, and the Bulgars will certainly be restless and turbulent and unhappy under Greek administration, and the rival flocks of the Exarchate and Patriarchate will make themselves More likely a friend of roaring- Greek phrase —in the sense in which roaring is used by our old dramatists; for which see Middleton's Roaring Girl, and The only authors they consulted me about were "two big swells" called Descartes and James Payn, of whom Primus discovered that the one could always work best in bed, while the other thought Latin and Greek a mistake.

It was the intention of the pirates to call old Poppy's The MS. Although the first scene is marked Act 2, Scene 2,[] the play seemed to me to be complete. On the last leaf is written "Nella [ Greek : phdphnr] la B. So the merry quip and jest at the Latin and Greek studied by the Negro bring far more than a passing laugh—they really bring discredit upon the whole higher training where none is actually intended. It causes the old friends of higher learning to pause, and take it far too literally, and then determine Occasional Papers No.

After a deal of work among the Greek fishermen of the Upper Bay and rivers, where knives flashed at the beginning of trouble and men permitted themselves to be made prisoners only after a revolver was thrust in their faces, we hailed with delight an expedition to the Lower A portion of its fine cane seating had given way. Had a ghostly form sat on it?

Her head was poised upon her shoulders like that of a Greek goddess, and around her white throat gleamed a collar of brilliants. A tightly-fitting black gown made by contrast her bosom and arms dazzling in whiteness. Her hair was rolled into a large round knot at the back of her head, and its coils shone red-brown in Dale, and John T. Justice Manningham at a hunt dinner, "but our ways are not their ways, nor like to be. The young man was born a fighter, and there are neither bears nor Indians here for him to fight; and our politics are Greek to him; and the lady, very sweet and beautiful, but full of new ideas—ideas not suitable for women, and we do not Last night"—Sylvia began talking very volubly—"that horrid old brute—you know, the Greek —asked Frank, Mr.

Woodville, to dinner, and actually had the impertinence to offer him a sort of post in a bank, starting at L a year, at Athens. Do you The Greek priests were married. They had been allowed to retain their wives in order to avoid a schism. Rome had always known how to adapt herself to circumstances, and there was no doubt that if Rome knew Ireland's need of children Rome would consider the revocation When he determined to build a new capital on a Finnish marsh, inhabited chiefly by wildfowl, he did not content himself with exercising his autocratic power in a comfortable arm chair.

Like the Greek gods, he went down from his Olympus and took his place in the ranks of ordinary mortals, superintending the work with his own eyes, and taking part in it with his own hands. If he was as arbitrary and oppressive As these contributions were usually returned, he finally devoted himself to writing agricultural essays for an agricultural paper, in which he met with more success than he had done when he was Borthrop Trumbull says—rather stout, I fear, and with the Greek The helm was accordingly kept up, and, to the surprise of the pursuers, away the Greek boat darted directly towards the rocks.

There was, as I have said, some little sea, sufficient, as it met the impediments of the reef, to make a long line of breakers. There was one small spot where it could not be said that So get wisdom; and wi' all your getting, get understanding. And mony's the Greek exercise I've written in the cowbyres.

And mony's the page o' Virgil, too, I've turned into good Dawric Scotch to ane that's dead and gane, poor hizzie, sitting under the same plaid, with the sheep feeding round us, up among the hills, looking out ower the broad blue sea, Charles Kingsley et al. His special training for the office of a clergyman was of course deficient. He probably had no Greek , but he had mastered enough of Latin to read and quote the Latin poets. Moreover, his chief passion from early youth had been for botany, and the treatises on that subject were, in Crabbe's day, written in the language adopted in At the same time the town was attacked on one side by Hamet, and on the other by the Americans.

By Graffigny, H. Louis , [Illustrator]. Graphic and web design by Emmy Southworth. BC, Macaulay, G. English By Planta, Joseph, Esq. Frank Henley , Butterfield, W. English By Chard, Thomas S. Council of National Defense. Highway Transport Committee Address delivered by Hon. Henry H. English By Jacobs, W. Cyril M. Thornton Waldo , Adventures of Mr. William T. Mercer Graeme Mercer , , Wetherald, A. English By Grose, Howard B. Isaac , ? Augustine J. English By Hall, James R. David W. Mann English By Schmucker, S. English By Allen, William G. English By Rafinesque, C.

Luise , Andreas: The Legend of St. Ang Tunay na Buhay ni P. Alfred Marston , , Allen, Glover M. English By Worrall, J. The Annual Catalogue: Numb. George Milbrey , , Pyle, Walter L. Beam, Answer to Dr. From Volume III.

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Account of the Romansh Language In a Letter to Sir John Pringle, Bart. P. R. S. Account of the Romansh Language In a Letter to Sir John Pringle, Bart. P. R. S.
Account of the Romansh Language In a Letter to Sir John Pringle, Bart. P. R. S. Account of the Romansh Language In a Letter to Sir John Pringle, Bart. P. R. S.
Account of the Romansh Language In a Letter to Sir John Pringle, Bart. P. R. S. Account of the Romansh Language In a Letter to Sir John Pringle, Bart. P. R. S.
Account of the Romansh Language In a Letter to Sir John Pringle, Bart. P. R. S. Account of the Romansh Language In a Letter to Sir John Pringle, Bart. P. R. S.
Account of the Romansh Language In a Letter to Sir John Pringle, Bart. P. R. S. Account of the Romansh Language In a Letter to Sir John Pringle, Bart. P. R. S.
Account of the Romansh Language In a Letter to Sir John Pringle, Bart. P. R. S. Account of the Romansh Language In a Letter to Sir John Pringle, Bart. P. R. S.
Account of the Romansh Language In a Letter to Sir John Pringle, Bart. P. R. S. Account of the Romansh Language In a Letter to Sir John Pringle, Bart. P. R. S.
Account of the Romansh Language In a Letter to Sir John Pringle, Bart. P. R. S. Account of the Romansh Language In a Letter to Sir John Pringle, Bart. P. R. S.
Account of the Romansh Language In a Letter to Sir John Pringle, Bart. P. R. S. Account of the Romansh Language In a Letter to Sir John Pringle, Bart. P. R. S.

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