Ten Minutes to Curtain, Vol. II, A Collection of Short Plays for the Young Actor

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Just as they both think there's a way out of their miserable situations, things get a lot worse. A Cold Wind by Colin Field cfed Short - Two low level criminals find themselves in a daunting scenario after their first big heist goes terribly wrong. Coming of Rage v2 by T. Joseph Fraser blakkwolf Short - A young man comes to grips with a grave injustice Revision of Movie Poet December entry 2 pages pdf - Discuss this script. Coming Out Tavern by Alexander Brauck PrussianMosby Short - Scott, a drinker, believes he's a time traveler who visits yesteryear's bars to escape his society's prohibition of alcohol.

Scott's new drinking companion Gregory faces the consequences of this behavior. Mark and Rich should know better at their age. Consensus by Tyler Jay Short - Everyone needs a little motivation once in a while. Constant Escapement by R. McManus rendevous Short - In a basement in a town a long way from anywhere a man tries to change the past to fix his present. Consummation by Will Ball albinopenguin Short - A couple's wedding night takes a horrific turn… 7 pages pdf - Discuss this script. Copycat by Jimmy Dean split second Short - Twenty-something Sam's obsession with a local serial killer manifests into something dangerous.

Corpus Christi by Mark Lyons rc Short - A homeless man and his mother beg the owner of a lonely motel for shelter from an approaching storm. Couple of Killers by Dale Trett Short - Two couples meet on a night when it's dangerous to be a couple. Cowboy Sam pdf - Discuss this script. The Cowboy Sam Chronicles by Alexander Raisintree Short - After an encounter with a talking cow and the discovery of an unusual crop circle, can Cowboy Sam convince the sheriff that there are aliens among us? Crazy Muhammad's Extravaganza by Will Ball albinopenguin Short - In this black comedic sketch, Ali goes crazy after receiving a message from Muhammad 2 pages pdf - Discuss this script.

He uses the projects in his creative writing class to create stories that usually involve him 'getting the girl', in this case his classmate, Denise. Crime Fight by Glenn Bresciani tonkatough Short - One victim, one wallet full of cash, two muggers after the same thing. One hell of a Crime Fight! Crimes of Passion by Darren S. Winters Short - Ant has found out his wife cheated on him. Angry and hurt, he tries to talk to her but even that turns into murder. Now he is on the run, and seeks shelter inside the house of the Fraylings.

From here it is all downhill. With a shock revelation throwing that adds to the unsuspected twist. Criminal Intent by Matthew Skibicki Short - Men from opposite sides of the law meet, one with the intention of murder, another with the intention forgiveness. Criterion by Sandra El. Watson Sandra Elstree Short - An adolescent girl fears her tribal initiation. Cupidity by Mike Shelton Short - Barry's got a plan and a line, but is that enough to get him a date? Cut Off by Tyler Higgins Higgonaitor Short - Mark and his girlfriend and Kelly are on a road trip, completely unaware of the intricate lives of the people who cut them off.

Sadly, we are not. Damages by Kayla Minchew Short - When a priest chooses an old motel as sanctuary from a hurricane, he must protect his entrusted companion from an unstable resident, the violent elements, and possibly, even himself. Dani's Love by Daniel J. Murphy Short - Dani Rotto has found herself in more than one predicament after robbing a convenient store attendee who turns out to be a fellow student at her college.

They run into bad weather. Dark Escort by Kevin Lenihan leitskev Short - A young man in a hurry to impress his girlfriend just might lose her to the dark escort. Dark Night, by Kenneth Trombley Short - no summary. Dartacus by Glenn Bresciani tonkatough Short - Mitch is a champion dart player. When his daughter is killed by a drunk driver, Mitch seeks revenge armed only with the one skill he has. David by Georgie Short - David's first crush.

Both having to deal with the situation at hand. Dawn by Pedro Chaves rpedro Short - How is humanity going to end.. Is its evolution coming to an end.. Day Two by Luke Prince LoftStudios Short - Four survivors of a violent epidemic hide out in a apartment building, while two others try to reach them - despite the terror that lurks in the empty streets. The closer they get, the more the tension builds inside the safe location.

Is the biggest danger really outside the flat? Daydreams by Stephanie Furdek Short - A kid in class with a boring teacher starts daydreaming. How is he going to life? Dead Therapy by Brett Bentman Short - An unsuspecting couple takes shelter from vicious zombies inside an ambiguous room. Armed with a single shotgun, their shattered past will determine their future Short - 13 Pages. Deal Breaker by Brett Martin electric dreamer Short - A woman sabotages the perfect date when she confesses a terrible secret.

Deal, The by Jordan Wiebe theboywhocouldfly Short - Jerry, a mild mannered young man, has a meeting with a mysterious stranger named Louis, and is offered the deal of a lifetime, but it will cost him more than just money to get what he wants, it could cost him everything. Danger ensues.

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A true story. Delayed by Tim Ratcliffe trojan Short - A young woman gets more than she bargained for after her flight is delayed. Deliver Us From Evil by L. Chambers Short - A man's faith is tested as he attempts to evade an unknown assailant. Devil's Erudition by Ray rayw Short - A student seeks assistance to enter college from his principal by sacrificing him to a demon knight in hell.

Devoured by Tyler Jay Short - Piece by piece. Diabolical Fishing by Helio J Cordeiro Short - The devil has many faces to show us foremost when we are feeling like a crap person. Die Bieber Die by Mark Moore irisheyes Short - With the future of decent music in peril, one man sets out to put things right by going into the past.

Die Screaming by Stephen Wells SteveUK Short - On the orders of their gangster boss, four heavies head for a supposedly empty gypsy campsite with instructions to burn it to the ground. However, the camp isn't as empty as they first thought, and one of the inhabitants is not what she seems. A Dire Situation by Anthony M. Dionisio Short - A detective steps into a hostage situation unaware that her presence will have a baneful influence on the outcome. Direction by Andrew Medlock Mendoza Short - For 14 year old Martin, life is about getting through the war between his parents.

But when his desperate father has a plan, life might just show that the kid could have a purpose in life. Dirty Cop Greed by Simon K. Parker skp Short - The new partner of a long time dirty cop will have to try all he can to try and put a stop to him. Disappointment by Cody Gill Short - A no budget, boozy guy meets girl, girl loses guy, both are disappointed short.

Dominion by Tendai Moyo hosted by Dominion Short - In their competition for the right to live, preternatural and human clash as each purports rightful native claim to survival. Don't Get Comfortable by Bryson G Short - A laid back guy's refusal to do house work causes his lady to leave him, but cleaning isn't his only problem. Doorway by Patrick Sweeney Short - Two reporters investigate an interdimensional doorway. Double Word Score by Henry Christner Short - A night with grandparents shows two middle-school girls that not everything plays out according to Hoyle. He has just had a kidney transplant from his clone but not all goes according to plan.

Dreamscale by Mark Moore Short - Four friends on a camping trip, get more than wanted from a young girl not what your thinking peeps. Driver's Edumacation by Will Ball albinopenguin Short - An immature driver's ed instructor abuses his power and takes his student on a wild joy ride in this dark comedic sketch. Drop Zone by Richard Russell richardr writing as Otis Hoo Short - A physicist about to compete in a reality game show gets a call from his wife--she's pregnant--and his brother has hit on her. Drought in your eyes by Devashree Short - A casual evening being spent by a couple leads to an event or rather a series of humorous and desperate events when the wife discovers that her husband is resistant to crying.

In the end, she somehow makes him cry, or does she? Dual Relationships by John Serafinko Short - How far is a massage therapist willing to go when life rubs him the wrong way? A cynical massage therapist in his mid-thirties, moves his family to a new town, and gets in over his head with clients that will stop at nothing to get their way, financially or emotionally. The Dying Song by Deep Coverage Short - Isabelle, now old and frail, returns to the place she saw her mother killed- The French town of Oradour who, despite having surrendered to the Nazis, were massacred by them in Their seven year old boy is a free talking youngster, which sparks up the conversation of how much their son has learned from them.

That conversation leads to another one about how maybe their lives are not so great but they still have to live with it. Deal With It. Michael 'Ice' Duncan is a hitman with a case of nerves. When Duncan arrives at Cody's table with gun in his hand, the two strike a bargain: one game.

With both men's lives at stake, who will sink the eight, and who will just plain sink? Emo and the Squid, The by Glenn Bresciani tonkatough Short - An Emo has an emo moment of despair, tragedy and grief when the people out in the street mistaken the Cthulhu image on his shirt for a squid. Endless Story by Michel J.

Duthin Short - A man. A woman. A hotel room. A bed. What else? English B by Chad Huggins Short - A young black writer uses the race card to achieve fame on a television talk show, only to be conquered by his obsession with the color of one's skin. English Please by Sebastian Badarau Short - An 18 year old boy experiences a bizzare relationship, in a school in Albania. Enigma by Kevin Lenihan Leitskev Short - An evil being appears as a personality within a mental patient whenever a national tragedy is about to strike. Vigilant agents hunt for him in hopes of stopping disaster by deciphering his taunts.

Enough is Enough by Paul D. Nave' Short - A man, down and out, and fed-up with how life's treating him, impulsively robs a bank. But things only get worse afterwards when he does things he never thought he was capable of. Entropy by Eric Williams Short - A teenage boy watches helplessly as his life collapses before his eyes. Can he stop and save himself before it's too late? The Ephesian by Mark Lyons rc Short - A mourning father lobbies to visit a gangster on the eve of his execution. Eternal Memories by Timothy F.

Betts souter fell Short - A tribute filmmaker forces a grieving son to decide how much his mother's memory is worth. Eventually they will catch up to you. Everquenching Lemonade by Tyler Higgins higgonaitor Short - Bobby is a bright young six year old who invents a lemonade that, once drunk, quenches the drinkers thirst forever, for the cheap price of a nickel. Every one is a winner! Duthin Short - When a man stops at a shooting gallery, everything could happen. Evolution of Plymouth St. Cloud is a Broadway kid actor about to get his big break on the Left Coast in a big budget movie.

He meets with his old, Broadway agent, Sam Gura, at the crumbling theatre where Sam 'discovered' Plymouth years before. Nostalgia turns to bitterness though when the real reason for the meeting is revealed. The loyal agent, who has been there through the tough times, is now to be fired to insure the boy's continued career growth. Exit by Vic Bogdanov EasyTiger Short - Sometimes in critical situations people lock themselves up in tight capsules, let the air out and choose to stay pressurized. The story is about the first steps to exit the capsule. Expiration Date by Mike Shelton Short - Matt's random hookup is about to make for a very interesting day.

Extreme Lengths by Tim Ratcliffe trojan Short - Mike finds himself going to ridiculous lengths attempting to satisfy his girlfriend. The Facts of Life by Chris Beadnell Short - A loving father must stand up to be counted when he is stunned by a question from his inquisitive seven year old daughter. Fade Away by Daniel Viau Short - A small boy alone in the Canadian wilderness must look to his past to confront his future, after he makes a miraculous discovery that will change humankind.

Fade Out: by Michel J. Duthin Short - Sometimes great ideas during the night can be dusted away by the sun rays. Fairy Land Jubilee by Cindy L. Keller Short - 4 page anime for children of all ages. Light, magic, and fun are created out of darkness. Fake Plastic Girls by Gary Murphy Short - A dark comedy about loving two women and the lengths that one man goes to prove his love for one of them is real. False Hope was Kiss of Death by James Redd Short - When a down-trodden boy believes that he has taken away his best friend's sickness to save her life, he attempts to pass it on to his abusive father in order to protect his mother.

Fate by Michael Brown trickyb Short - After a drunken night a young man wakes next to a distressed girl he doesn't know, in a house he's never been and no idea how he got there. Fate of Fortune by Dena McKinnon pale yellow Short - A happy-go-lucky teen follows a fortune that changes her life forever. Filmmaker, The by Daniel J.

Toemta Alfred Hitchcock Short - J. The Lobby is fairly busy, with a few people in normal work clothes walking in and out. The Final Trip by Thomas Pascal Tommyp Short - A hurricane turns what could have been the ultimate road trip for two best friends into a real-life nightmare. The culprit? A cup of hot, steamy tea Finding Eden by Lee Cordner leegion Short - When they awaken in the Rocky Mountains, Adam and Eve must find their way back to Eden and set right the mistake they made before humanity pays the price. Duthin michel Short - Today is the last day before retiring and he is going to face the irony of his dull life.

Flashes by Craig Ramirez Craiger6 Short - When your life flashes before your eyes, what do you share with those closest to you? Flowers to Lisa Mansel by Helio J. Cordeiro Short - Mixing up a special day, a kindly guy, an exigent woman, lot of flowers and you will have something to remember forever. Forepaughs by Seth Hamilton Short - Forepaughs, a comical, yet touching, look at a place each of us inhabit -- an upside-down, backward world of hate clamation, children's story. Forgotten by Don Black donb Short - A story about a man's struggle to cope with the loss of his son in a tragic car crash.

Four by Craig Cooper-Flintstone hosted by CraigCooper Short - A Foursome arranged between two disillusioned couples spirals out of control, leading to lies, deceit, betrayal and eventually murder. Frank by Tom Levesque Short - A lonely man's isolation is interrupted when he is given the task to take a dying relative across town. Friendships and Fuel-Injectors by Steve Meredith srusteve09 Short - When Jordan's old friend Kaitlin returns home from being away, the two discuss friendships, and the guilt that is often associated with having them.

From Dublin, in Paris by J Kinnersley Short - Dublin the family dog goes on a journey of self discovery around the world. From On High by Graham Murray hosted by From On High Short - A father and his daughter receive an unexpected yet welcome gift that leaves them elated, if a little confused. Phobias can have all the same ingredients of War. Mixed they can create a mentally complex and brutal reality. A Gamble by Andrew Herlan Short - Bannon goes to sleep serving a six-year sentence in a maximum-security prison.

He wakes alone in the prison with three other inmates, surrounded by a thick, strange fog. But these men can't ignore what's behind the curtain. Garbage by Cindy L. Keller Short - Following the path of a one dollar bill. The Garden by Philip Whitcroft pwhitcroft Short - Adam is tempted into the woods by a sassy girl called Eve and must battle a Serpent's plot to claim the power of God. Gay Disposition by Daniel Bang Short - After seemingly heterosexual Jerome wakes up from having sex with his male childhood friend, things get awkward.

Geek by Cindy L. Keller Short - When a fifteen year old boy is unable to get any help from authorities for the bullying he's been suffering through for the past two years, he snaps and ends it himself.

General Incredulity by Helio J Cordeiro Short - Accidents happen, but not necessary with one damage to claim on the insurance company. When they decide to cheat some high-rollers in Las Vegas, Now, the magician needs to disappear. And, getting out of Vegas unnoticed is going to take some "Black Magic! Get Up, Get Out by Tolofari Short - A armchair revolutionary harnesses the power of numbers in a bid to save the city he loves. The Gifted Nurse by Grace Aggrey-Fynn Short - A young woman with a past of lost loved-ones discovers her gift to heal after she abandons her town for another and there encounters an ailing patient who she miraculously saves from chocking to death while feeding him.

McBride Short - Still hurt by the death of her parents, Lauren is determined to finish school and live the life she's always wanted. Her only setback is her boyfriend Danny, who seems to only build her up to break her down. With some life changing decisions ahead of her, she needs to know if she's headed in the right direction. Glass Animals by Chris Coon Short - A relationship is on the rocks, as a man tries to salvage what's left of it, while also hiding a secret from his lover.

Glim Dropper, The by Mark Lyons rc Short - Dread sets in when a woman realizes she has lost her valuable engagement ring. The God Stick by Ryan Lee ryan1 Short - A young man and his grandfather venture into an Irish forest, where the grandfather explains a grim family burden. Gold Fishes, The by Helio J. Cordeiro Short - You could be in trouble if you don't pay attention to a note of warning. This is a psychological thriller which deals with complexity of the mind.

Liam Clark awakens early one morning to find himself faced with an alternative, cold and calculating version of himself in the bathroom mirror. To make matters worse, he finds three dead bodies in the house that is not even his. Grace's World by Michel J. Duthin Short - Could a love from father to daugher be lost forever?

Grendel by Gustavo Martinez Short - A brief journey into the mind of Beowulf famous counterpart, the monster only known as "Grendel". Grounded by T. Hundtofte deathmonkey Short - An attention-starving year-old girl must compete for her parents' unconditional concern at the dinner table. Guardian Angel by Richard D. Kinsella scartissuefilms Short - Life can be hard. It's good to know that someone is watching over you. Sadness litters the plateaus of my life, whilst money and wealth are my guides.

Guitarist by Xavier Gonzalez Short - A street performer and a homeless man discover they have something in common Gun Start by Simon Short - A young teenager is hired by a violent gangster to kill his own father. It attempts to portray a scene that many people felt should have been included in the movie in the first place. This was only a writing exercise of mine to help develop my action writing and only posted because it came out OK. Gunslinger by Helio J Cordeiro Short - The old west was a place that no one could make a mistake but could see it happening!

Gunslinger II by Xavier Gonzalez Short - The merciless Gunslinger is back, this time having to deal with no good back stabber, like always, it just goes to show, 'People don't change, only the times do. Happiness is as simple as a phone call Duthin Short - This title says it all. Happiness is… by Daniel J. Toemta Short - A kid at home playing video games. What could happen? Harmonica Man by D. Jett Short - A group of Harmonica Men find their ultimate challenge in Jane, a beautiful brunette, who sets our story in motion when she exposes her naked body to the dreary outside world.

Harsh Shadow by David Modell Short - A mysterious shadow remains after a detective finds and kills a serial murderer. Duthin Short - After a tragic break, Louise meets Terry. But is it really the first day of the rest of her life? Have You Registered to Vote? A Hazing at Dead Lake by Marnie Mitchell-Lister wannabe Short - An overpriveledged University student learns the hard way that there is no "I" in team when he gets stuck out on a haunted lake with two other teammates.

In that time, he's lost his faith in God, and doesn't understand why he can save some but not others. His fellow EMT Courtney White helps restore his faith, and helps lift the burden he's been carrying since he was a soldier in Iraq. Espcially when it feels like you've given your heart to someone only for them to break it. Sometimes pain like that can drive a man to do vicious, evil acts as Valente will soon find out. Heavenly Intentions by Craig Cooper-Flintstone Short - Kevin is feeding information to a medium, all with the best of intentions.

Hellfire by Rene Claveau renec Short - A firefighter is caught in a war between witches and demons, a war being fought over him. Hello, Mr. Hero by Eric Nigma hosted by Hero Short - A female's desire for her mate brings her down memory lane, and a sad realization… 5 pages pdf - Discuss this script. Hidden by Gabriel Moronta mr. High Stakes by Mike Shelton Short - A card shark becomes involved in the biggest poker game he'll ever play, with a stranger that will change his life forever.

But as their employer sinks deeper into bankruptcy and as American and South American authorities threaten to take down the installation, they realize that they must work together and fight to secure the new 'republic'.

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  8. The Hitch by Victoria Blackwood Short - A lonely young man falls too deep into his dreams, forgetting about reality and losing himself. Hoffman by Harrietb Short - A boy is in need of a hero 13 pages pdf - Discuss this script. Holy Cat! Duthin Short - Holy Cat! Home by Gavin Logan Short - A troubled young man returns to his hometown to make peace with his father. Home For Christmas by Cindy L. Keller Short - A young woman never gives up hope that her mother will get well as she visits her on Christmas Eve, and struggles against Alzheimer's Disease for pieces of time.

    Will it survive the ultimate test? Hook, Line and Sinker by Alex Grimmett Short - Two men go on a fishing trip to bond, and the world is distorted by their interactions. Looking on at what may be, God reaches within himself to make a powerful choice - to offer hope.

    Hopper by Miles Trahan Short - Two men having a late bite at a roadside diner become enamored with a man at another booth, who may or may not be 'King Bustin'-Ass Koopa' 6 pages pdf - Discuss this script. But not our memories.. House by Steve Cadieux Short - needed refuge from the weather, she find a place, make a unexpected acquainted character, ho hide a dark mystery.

    How to Make Me Disappear by Felipe Machado cinemachado Short - After his best friend is bullied into committing suicide in a school bathroom, a young loner goes to great lengths to make himself disappear. The Human Thing by Richard Russell Short - Twenty years after the turn, a farmer and his son chase down poachers in a failing world.

    Hungry by Bambang Yudianto bejoalan Short - When a beggar gets a life lesson, who get what? Hunted by Tom Pascal tommyp Short - Two men hunt a woman they believe is a killer. Hunting by Helio J Cordeiro Short - It is about a wild beast already to attack the hunters in the savannah.

    They soon experience a night that neither one of them will ever forget Imposter by Pardeep Yohn Yohnson Short - A couples camping trip takes a frightening turn when a manic stranger turns up with a tall tale of murder and a killer who he believes was him. In a Flash by Dino Barlaam Short - A brother and sister have an encounter with a local bully outside a comic book store. In Memoriam by Michel J. Duthin Short - A young man decides to share one last night with his girlfriend-- on her grave.

    What turns out to be unassuming samaritan gesture turns into a confession of strange proportions. In The Woods by Miles Trahan Short - Two teenagers get a lot more than they bargained for after discovering a dead body in a nearby preserve. In Your Face by Gary Rademan grademan Short - A teenaged couple sneak into a boxing club after hours only to have their fathers, bitter rivals, arrive uninvited. Intermission by Ben Clifford Short - A young woman in an uncontacted tribe escapes with her newborn baby. Invincible Not Invulnerable by Kevin Albers kalbers hosted by kevenalbers.

    Isidro by Darren James Seeley darrenjamesseeley Short - A documentary crew and a couple find shelter in a laundry room of an abandoned motel during a hurricane. But is a werewolf after them? Or is it something else? Remember, He's always watching Jericho by Will Ball albinopenguin Short - A priest and a harlot take refuge in a desolate motel. Jericho by Will Ball albinopenguin Short - A prostitute takes refuge with a priest amidst a violent storm. Joking by Bryan Hernandez Short - A maniac conducts an interrogation. What begins as an innocent ride turns into a fight for survival as the stranger's true intentions are revealed.

    Juggling Sand by Andrew Herlan Short - John kept the others for a while--but they all eventually had to be disposed of. But Amy isn't scared, isn't begging for her life. Maybe she'll want to stay. But why? Justin and his Mom by Heilo J Corderio Short - It is about son and mother who resent each other and have no one else in their lives.

    Juveniles to the First Degree by M. Alexander Garcia Zander Short - A bad planned out idea that goes horribly wrong. Karma Attendant by Craig Ramirez Craiger6 Short - When a parking garage attendant discovers that his brother was behind a recent bank heist, he finds himself at the center of a moral crossroads. In the end, he finds that helping his brother and doing the right thing may not be mutually exclusive.

    Kids by Michel J. Duthin Short - Toni's back. And she has some friends. Kiki and Kisses by Michel J. Duthin Short - Toni has a date, but she loses her dog Kiki. Killer by Matthew Nsubuga Short - A killer born with the ability to manipulate earth goes home to his mum after four years for acceptance. He was impenetrable, immovable and unstoppable but it still couldn't prepare him for what he saw when he got home. Killer and the Killed, The by Lee Thongkham Short - There are two type of people in this world and that the killer and the killed, if you not the one, you gonna end up the other.

    Kittens by Christopher D. Bate Short - Aaron is a young man who, as a consolation prize for being dumped by his girlfriend, is given a box of kittens. This usual gift causes a considerable head ache for this already heartbroken man who, in his quest to ease his loss and get rid of the cats, meets a parade of strange people. Klingon Gagh by Brendan Curtis bcurt Short - A young man makes a discovery that gives him the confidence he needs.

    Knockaround Guys by Daniel J. Toemta Short - A short written back in , being the first thing I ever wrote, it shows you how bad, hackneyed and plagirized a young person's writing can be. Ladybug by R. Jons Short - An evangelist reveals his past in an interview. He has been working twelve hours a day, six days a week. Because of this, his partner Julie has left him. Depressed, exhausted and with no way out, he seeks solace in alcohol. One night he is visited by a man, his best friend Philip. Last Light by Harriet B Short - in the moments ollowing a car crash Lauren remembers pieces of her life.

    But will a night with his ex, Gloria, throw his new found love in shambles. Utterson for help to get to the bottom of the mystery. Jekyll and Mr. Shortly after a family diaster, Larry receives a letter from his sister that reminds him of an event in their childhood. The Ledger by Rene Claveau renec Short - When travelers take refuge from a hurricane, they learn not all shelters are safe havens. His perception of good and evil is distorted, as everything is not as it seems. Lesson, The by Joopdog Short - A widowed woman waits for her escape from a dead end job.

    Her escape comes in the form of a CD. Elizabeth Wellington, works for a sleazy business owner. Sleazy business owner Dan Roscoe is on his heels sexually harassing Elizabeth day after day, until Elizabeth receives a CD in Spanish lessons. The CD teaches her Spanish, as a bonus it teaches her the lessons of life.

    The CD also has a secret about her husband's death and where the money is. Letdown, The by Steve Meredith srusteve09 Short - As Mike prepares to move on to grad school at Yale, he, Dave, and Kate discuss what it takes to be remembered after college, and if anything they ever did outside the classroom really mattered. Life Is Strange by Ben Fiore Short - A chance encounter between a young, uppity businessman and an aggressive, homeless beggar takes on a bizarre twist as their roles are eventually reversed. Lights, Camera, Action? Only problem is that he has no film, no equipment, and no means of pulling this off within a weeks time.

    Limbo by Ieuan Hale Short - A man wakes to find himself trapped in a concrete cell. With each second that passes by, things start to take a turn for the unusual as he attempts to find out exactly where he is. Listen Up! Never to such one! Liverpool Bully by Glenn Bresciani tonkatough Short - A young bully is bullied into playing soccer by his mother. Lonely Londoner, The by Jason Young Short - Julius Soubise - a young professional black Englishman - is invited round for Sunday lunch, only to have his presence ignored and be relegated into the shadows.

    All he has to do is find his way out again… 8 pages pdf - Discuss this script. Look Behind You by Michael Joseph Kospiah Short - Brandon sees strange images after he finds out about an escaped serial killer on the loose in his town. Sam knows what for: he's seen it time and time again. Can Sam help Jack end his drug habit, or is everything not what it seems? The first, he will find his soul mate and it will be love at first site. The second, he will die. Lucy's Closet by Chris Shalom heretic Short - A bedtime story helps a young girl get over her fear of the closet.

    Since the death of his wife he fights alcohol addiction and tries to patch up his relationship with his son. Madame Laveau by Rebekah Hay rdhay Short - In a city with a rich history of black magic, the daughter of a Voodoo queen must acknowledge her power and destiny to save the man she loves. Maggots by Jordan Wiebe theboywhocouldfly Short - One day, out of the blue, something terrible is happening to the planet earth. Maggots are taking over. The Maidens by Brendan O'Neill cap10xb1s Short - A man looking for a good deal on a rare book gets more than he bargained for.

    Some activities in our society do not require a test, but maybe they should. Making Whoopee by Michel J. Duthin Short - Toni is back again and now she drives a car. Get out of her way! Scarecrow Short - Malcolm Moon is a werewolf who hangs around with a year old vampire and a extra dimensional creature with high anxiety. One night they decide to raise the dead… 11 pages pdf - Discuss this script. Male Implants by Will Ball albinopenguin Short - A 3 minute short featuring a doctor advertising his new, controversial procedure.

    The 'male implants' which he inserts may be beneficial for breaking up with a stubborn girlfriend, but have unwanted consequences in the long run. Is there ever such a thing as too much testosterone? Yes, yes there is. One of them is about to have a really bad day. Now a bus full of civilians will have their fates in his hands. Marshmallows by Alex Cooper ape Short - A world that revolved around marshmallows would be a strange. This Pyschadelic tale tells of this. When he finds out his girlfriend is having an affair, he snaps.

    However, this time it's office workers, instead of gangsters, shooting the breeze. Max's Traveling Circus by Gabriel Moronta mr. Ryan's lost all his toys Little does he know that his note to Santa is going to get answered. Miami Story, The by Daniel J. Toemta Short - Three stories about a couple in love, a ruthless drug dealer and a private investigator. Midnight by Topher Rhives Short - Dante is a unbalanced mortician whose life is turned upside down when he must embalm the corpse of an old high school bully. Mighty Fire by Robert Newcomer bert Short - A blues-man seeks a legendary recording that may be nothing more than old rumors But will he be able to complete his mission after facing a Clerk and his mean Son?

    Mirror, The by Pedro Chaves Short - The struggle of a man against his biggest fear : himself 17 pages pdf - Discuss this script. Missing School by Khamanna Isdandarova khamanna Short - Influenced by a powerful drawing, a boy makes an important decision. His brother helps too. Mississippi Midnight by Spencer McDonald Short - It's after midnight and a desperate son seeks the saftey of his parents home.

    He struggles against the clan and gets saved by an associate. Mister D. Mitch by Mark Moore irish eyes Short - With the imminent arrival of the prince of darkness and death to all humanity, three good witches summon up an unlikely hero from the spirit world. Modified by Brandon Stephens Short - A disabled woman reluctantly follows her friend to an amusement boardwalk and finds an unexpected attraction. Writer interested in any and all feedback.

    Money Maker, The by Xavier Gonzalez Short - A man named Money Maker holds up a bank with five other men, but will a simple 'walk in and take the money' turn into something much worse?.. Monsters by Leon Aria LeonAria Short - Aiden is tasked to hunt down and kill an murderous shape-shifting creature, but who is the greater monster.

    Monsters Contest by Cindy L. Keller Short - All the monsters want to do on this fine Saturday afternoon is to have their annual pumpkin carving contest, but they are stopped by a corrupt politician. A Mother's Legacy by Steven Cooper CoopBazinga Short - A mother bonds with her daughter while uncovering her past which holds the key to saving their futures from an evil spirit. Cohen by Xavier Gonzalez Short - A short thriller story of a man who after receiving an e-mail saying that he had won the UK National Lottery and that 40 million US dollars had been wired to his accountant is arrested and interrogated.

    Will he discover who set him up? She finds a positive match; on Twitter. Mums in the zoo by Helio J. Corderio Short - After this we all have to think about what kind of place is a zoo. In reality, the definition is universal yet varying, and it's the same when a boy and a girl of different culture and class clash in an underground subway station, where they share and learn more about the true meanings of music themselves. The local department is on to him and they want to take him down. Manny, 23 must decide to help out a life long friend or incriminat him, using his boss's son.

    My River Waits For Me by Gillian Fu gipattinson Short - About a father and daughter that meet for the first time without knowledge of who they are to each other. At least that's the way the C. National Pride by Gary Murphy Short - The greatest horse race watched from a Dublin pub is the perfect chance for a family still grieving to focus on the future.

    Necrophilia by Michel J. Duthin Short - Love has many faces-- In some relationships love means tenderness and caring. And in other relationships love means-- death. Mabuse Short - Lives can change in a split second. It's never too late to choose a different path. New Boy, The by Tom Pascal tommyp Short - A new guy on the jobs gets the wrong idea when being seduced by three intimidating young ladies.

    Nick of Time by Richard D. Kinsella scartissuefilms Short - Crime doesn't always pay! Nick's Rib by Kevin Albers hosted by Kevin Albers Short - A cautionary tale on why you shouldn't stick your pecker in any ol' hole that presents itself: wet and warm, or otherwise. The Night I Closed by Ed Beach crusadervoice Short - A young woman's life is changed forever when crosses paths with a minor league hockey team at Kentucky truck stop during an ice storm that closes in the highway.

    No Place Like Home by Bryan Mora Short - A gay man struggles with his confidence and sense of self in the world, especially at the scene of his high school reunion. Non-Disclosure by Steve Meredith Short - At a clandestine meeting following a horrific airplane disaster, the president's Chief of Staff learns of information withheld from top U. The new information points to terrorist activity being the cause of the tragedy, and to make matters worse, it appears that the perpetrator is still on the run. Smith Short - Jasmyn is about to find out that skeletons in the closet are in the closet for a reason… 5 pages pdf - Discuss this script.

    Even worse, things arond him begins to change, like the disappearance and reappearance of his wife and friends. Is he losing his mind, or is it something else… 21 pages pdf - Discuss this script. Numbers Numb by Glenn Bresciani tonkatough Short - A woman who can't see numbers is shortchanged by an arsehole. Of Mice and Monsters by Kevin Lenihan Leitskev Short - A magic possessing gypsy girl in a Nazi concentration camp discovers there is no way to truly be free of the horror.

    Off The Beaten Path by Alan Power Short - A young orphan believes her parents are alive and sets out to find them with the help of her magic notebook. Office Romance by Linder Pak Short - An office romance burgeons between a young engineer and a bored receptionist.


    Royalty Free Skits

    Once upon a time in a school by Helio J Cordeiro Short - When we enjoy going to school we will think about it for ever. One Cold Dark Day by Bill Sarre reef dreamer Short - A young Therapist meets a new client who is reluctant to talk, yet holds information on recent killings. One Horse Town by Michel J. Duthin Short - Theda was just at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

    One Last Breath by Jack Allen Short - One Last Breath is a brief scene with a son dealing with his mother's death, and the emptiness of going through the motions of a conventional funeral for her.

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    • The One-Act Play Companion: A Guide to Plays, Playwrights and Performance - PDF Free Download.
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    • Will Sasso - Wikipedia;

    One Last Story by Craig Ramirez craiger6 Short - When his wife leaves him for another man, a semi-retired screenwriter turns first to a psychiatrist and then the bottle. Ultimately, after neither helps him cope, he realizes that more drastic measures are needed.

    Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival

    Simone takes him back to his past and the love he lost. It's a poignant look at how some things change, while others don't. On a lonely Key, a young woman must make a decision that could affect the entire world. Onus by Kevin J Bergeron themadhatter Short - 10 minutes. Three men. No escape. Operation Jungle Joe by Spencer McDonald Short - A frightened soldier finds the cover of a foreign jungle less than appealing for his chances of survival. Operation Rogue by Rockland Mazaar rmaze Short - Two agents for a private espionage firm try to steal fifty million dollars worth of diamonds.

    Opposite Sex by Will Ball albinopenguin Short - Three guys hit the club for a "boys night out" where nothing is as it seems. Other Me, The by Tyler Washburn Short - Tyler, a struggling screenwriter, writes the life of his dreams in a bid to escape from his bleak reality. Is it enough? Alone in his house, he is haunted and tormented by the ghost of his daughter, who is determined to make him acknowledge and pay for what he did to her.

    Out Last Flight Together by Devashree Short - A Couple on a verge of a divorce gets stuck in snow- an ideal situation forced on them by destiny to resolve their differences. But when you see life as just one big fairy tale, you are often asked to make a choice between reality and fiction Out Of Character by R. McManus hosted by Rendevous Short - Jack longs to write something different Something more Out of Suspects by Jennifer Armstrong Short - When artifacts begin mysteriously disappearing from his museum, Felix suspects that one of his shady employees is to blame.

    But when the missing items show up in his own home,he realizes something much more sinister is going on. Overdue Contraception by Tendai Moyo hosted by Overdue Contraception Short - Hugh opts to acknowledge the ramifications of his actions too little too late. Pagan Man by Bill Sarre reef dreamer Short - When the terms of an inheritance force a cash strapped womaniser to join a female Pagan commune - or lose the money - little does he know it was stolen from them, and their leader wants it back.

    Peaking by Brandon Mishawn H. Peck by Dave Short - A slacker no longer believes in himself after once again failing to fit into the real world. But some still have hope. Pendulum Short by Will Jonassen Short - A short comprising the back-story for a feature concept, we witness the ultimate dangers of the supernatural and occult in the hands of those who are already worldly powerful, hungry for more.

    A how and why, with consideration for actual studies into the occult, the inner workings of our world leaders and the international elite, above all and behind the scenes, are given a dark and horrifying twist. A terrible, if not impossible, inescapable dimension. The Perfect Crime by Jesse Richton Short - Richard finds himself at a crime scene that is the cleanest crime scene ever scene. Keller Short - A young woman thinks she has found the perfect man for her younger sister; maybe she has, but one thing's for sure, it'll be a night they remember for a long, long time.

    Mike tries to convince him otherwise. The two discuss what qualities they'd like to see in their own 'perfect girl. A Perfect Plan by George Willson hosted by The Nibelung Mine Short - A man kills his wife after robbing a bank, but now, he has to evade the questioning of the police and his nosey neighbor to finish his plan. The Photographer by Paul Cooper Short - A frustrated gardener struggles to understand why his family are accomodating an unusual guest.

    A Picture is Worth… by Matthew Layden theusualsuspect Short - Sally loves taking pictures and soon discovers that a picture really is worth a thousand words. Pirate Treasure by Andrew Lightfoot Short - A family tries to hide stolen treasure from a pirate by burying it on a beach. Pixie's Requiem, A by Chudi slevin Short - A boys obsession over the tooth fairy leads him to insanity.

    Plan, The by Tom Pascal tommyp Short - A young man outlines and puts in action his plan to pick up girls. But what happens when he picks up the wrong one? Platonic by Salih Demir Short - How far can a platonic lover go? Bob, Julia, Danny, Marissa and Don are very close friends. In one of those house parties that they frequently organize and where only five of them participate, Don makes a surprise to his friends in the night when the party is held at his home. A plan that took off five years ago comes to fruition at that night. Playing God by Craig Cooper-Flintstone Short - A scientist discovers an amazing side-effect to the travel pods he is working on; They heal.

    After many experiments with injured animals, he naturally progresses to human subjects in the search for perfection. Please Hang Up and Try Again by Will Ball albinopenguin Short - A dark comedic sketch about the most annoying voicemail ever conceived and what should happen to the people who record it.

    The Pond by Gary Rademan grademan Short - A stormy night for a real estate agent and two customers at an old house turns deadly. A storm sprite watches from the pond Portrait, A by Justin Short - A 3 page short focusing on the dysfunctional and tragic hidden beneath the beauty of the suburb. The Power of the Pussy by Brandon Saunders Short - A young lad is persuaded by a beautiful women he just met into doing something that'll change his life forever. Predator by Brion darthbrion Short - A pedophile uses the Internet to hunt for new victims.

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    In cyberspace, no one is who they say they are. Pretentious Textbooks by Daniel J. Murphy Short - Textbooks are so pretentious. Procella by Gage Eggleston asteroidjuice Short - The tempest is here, its wrath is universally damning. Its origins are dark and mysterious. Can it be stopped? Bate Short - Aaron is a jaded young man with a unbalanced soul and an ill-advised attitude.

    His commitment to his immaturity extends to those around him. Aaron is becoming less popular by the day… 36 pages pdf - Discuss this script. Project God by Anthony Lando a2n2t Short - When aliens finally explain the origin of existence are we ready for what they have in store for the future? Psychic Meltdown by Will Ball albinopenguin Short - A short tempered psychic deals with three dim witted callers. Psychic Paddy by Alan Power Short - A psychic tries to heal his sick dog by contacting spirit doctors but ends up summoning evil spirits instead.

    Pulling The Wool by James Redd Short - Tim and Zach, two mall employees adept at deception, steal regularly from their employers - a smoothie here, a DVD there - so it shouldn't be any problem to commit a larger bit of thievery, right? A Push Too Far by Renee Joynson bflywings Short - When a disturbed woman kills her ex, she is given a second chance to fix things, but has to choose the right moment in time to do it. Quarantine by Miles Trahan Short - In the aftermath of a devastating attack on our nation's soil, two quarantine officers cross lines into unsafe territory, and are left to face whatever horrors may befall them on their very own.

    Quote Friendship by Chris Ramos chrisr Short - Travis narrates the story of his best friend Cole; while teaching us a valuable lesson. Race, The by Anthony Hudson alffy Short - Preperation is everything in the quest to win the greatest race. Rage Quit by Brandon Saunders Short - An online gamer reaches boiling point when he is antagonised by fellow gamers.

    The Reader by Ed Beach CrusaderVoice Short - When an aspiring screenwriter meets the person that provided coverage and analysis on his script, the consequences end in disaster. Watson Short - A witch and warlock living in the twenty-first century obsess over their rogue history from London. They find themselves victim to a curiously evolving coining machine. This is just another untold story of love gone astray. Robertolini has come to pay Arthur a visit. He would like him to stop ruining his back catalogue and can be very persuasive.

    Red Carpet by S. The Red Sublime by Eric Hansen inquiringmind Short - Into the mind of a photographer who travels out into the countryside hunting for the sublime in nature. Reliquary by T. Often a struggle between opposing forces. This parade gives the director and costume designer the opportunity to evaluate the costumes and make any needed changes before the production opens. Inflection adds meaning, color, and rhythm to spoken words. Meaning is created in stage pictures by placing actors at different levels. This plot should also include a list of what lights are turned on and off and where the switches are located.

    Sometimes this person is also the makeup artist, the person who applies the makeup to the performers. An actor moves through the stage planes as he or she moves down stage toward the audience or upstage away from the audience. The stage manager is usually in charge of the promptbook. Stage properties or items that might be part of the stage decorations. Items used by the actors for stage business and characterization. Often in charge of ticket sales, this crew is sometimes combined with the house crew. This type of theatre is either broadcast live or taped for later use. A short situation to be acted out, as in improvisation, with a beginning, middle, and end.

    A subdivision of an act in a play. During a production, this crew is in charge of any scene changes. These directions, usually in italics, are set apart from the dialogue by parenthesis. A flat, one-dimensional character with predictable actions. Also, a building in which plays are performed. It ties together all the characters and events. The audience sits on three sides of the stage. The protagonist dies or is defeated at the end of the play. From Exploring Theatre.

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    Ten Minutes to Curtain, Vol. II, A Collection of Short Plays for the Young Actor Ten Minutes to Curtain, Vol. II, A Collection of Short Plays for the Young Actor
    Ten Minutes to Curtain, Vol. II, A Collection of Short Plays for the Young Actor Ten Minutes to Curtain, Vol. II, A Collection of Short Plays for the Young Actor
    Ten Minutes to Curtain, Vol. II, A Collection of Short Plays for the Young Actor Ten Minutes to Curtain, Vol. II, A Collection of Short Plays for the Young Actor
    Ten Minutes to Curtain, Vol. II, A Collection of Short Plays for the Young Actor Ten Minutes to Curtain, Vol. II, A Collection of Short Plays for the Young Actor
    Ten Minutes to Curtain, Vol. II, A Collection of Short Plays for the Young Actor Ten Minutes to Curtain, Vol. II, A Collection of Short Plays for the Young Actor
    Ten Minutes to Curtain, Vol. II, A Collection of Short Plays for the Young Actor Ten Minutes to Curtain, Vol. II, A Collection of Short Plays for the Young Actor
    Ten Minutes to Curtain, Vol. II, A Collection of Short Plays for the Young Actor Ten Minutes to Curtain, Vol. II, A Collection of Short Plays for the Young Actor

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