My Brother Autism and Me

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Someone recently asked how my life would differ had I not had a brother with a disability. I can tell you honestly, undoubtedly, genuinely — it would be way less exciting, less interesting, and less fulfilling. Pat has taught me countless things over the past 20 years by just being Pat, and here are my top five:.

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One of the most unique things about Pat is his innocence and innate honesty. He means no harm, but has no filter. Lying is not something he is capable of, and that has gotten him in hot water more times than I can count. Regardless, I always go to him for outfit opinions.

A Letter on 'What It’s Like to Have a Sibling with Autism' | Autism Speaks

This is both a blessing and a curse. To be honest, sometimes I selfishly wish my brother had a disability you could see, like you just looked at him and you knew. People are more accommodating, more patient, and more understanding when they know someone needs extra attention or leeway. Disability or not, give them the benefit of the doubt.


I once told a journalist that receiving an Autism diagnosis is similar to hearing that your best friend has died. I know the foods he hates and the environments that make him uncomfortable. Before he learned how to communicate with words, I knew what he was trying to say through the noises he made.

My brother is now He can speak in full sentences, read and write, and manage his emotions. While I was there to support him, he made all of this progress himself.

5 Things My Autistic Brother Taught Me – Without Even Trying

I have soccer practice, volunteer work, and an interest in journalism. I dream of flying 2, miles away to Chicago to study journalism. But my brother is always in the back of my mind. A big part of me feels obligated to stick around. I'm different from most year-olds because of Lorenzo. Having a younger brother with autism has given me a deep sense of responsibility.


Watching him grow--even flourish--has been one of my greatest joys. Live Stream information currently unavailable. KQED perspectives. Previous Radio. Support KQED. About KQED.

My Brother Autism and Me My Brother Autism and Me
My Brother Autism and Me My Brother Autism and Me
My Brother Autism and Me My Brother Autism and Me
My Brother Autism and Me My Brother Autism and Me
My Brother Autism and Me My Brother Autism and Me
My Brother Autism and Me My Brother Autism and Me

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