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Synonyms for linger dawdle drift idle remain stay stick around wait amble crawl dally dillydally falter hesitate hobble lag loll lumber mope mosey plod poke procrastinate putter saunter shuffle slouch stagger stop stroll tarry tool totter trail traipse trifle trudge vacillate be dilatory be long be tardy fool around fritter away goof off hang around hang out put off sit around take one's time wait around MOST RELEVANT.

These are some of the legends and superstitions which linger amongst us. But it was not for long that Gloria was allowed to linger even in her own house. But I cannot linger upon this at present, tempting although it be. I think this is a perfect winter read with all the talk of cold weather and snow- it lays a beautiful world to get lost in perfect for a Cold winter day, and since its currently January it has been a nice time to read it and get lost in its pages : Totally recommend if you're looking for a good, clean, YA-Paranormal Romance.

Apr 25, Exina rated it really liked it Shelves: great-secondary-characters , great-writing-style , made-me-smile , series , emotional , heartbreaking , shapeshifters-werewolves , young-adult , no-steam , m-f. The Prologue says almost everything about the story, so the ending is not very surprising.

Despite its predictability, the story has still many beautiful and heartbreaking moments. All of this is intertwined with the refreshing viewpoints of Isabel and Cole, making the story lively, even funny. I like Isabel , she is so harsh, bright, and vibrant. She is also very able and strong. Sad part? Not even because I miss Jack. I killed him. He got what he expected, but ironically he is incapable staying a wolf for a longer period. He experiences completely different and more serious anguish than he had before.

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The doe blinked again, face extraordinarily gentle, and my stomach lurched. She was dead, and I wanted to be. I was going to find out how to keep myself a wolf. Sam His disbelief and joy because of his healing is so moving and heartwarming. He looked at me. Still Waking Up. For all the rest of all the days.

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These unspoken words create a barrier between them, eroding the intimacy they had before. Their love is said to be beautiful and described poetically but sadly you can't feel it. It was astonishing to see the loneliness and neglect of these teens, without the help of parents, or adults, relying only on each other. It is so hard to live and deal with this huge secret all alone. Some grumblings - Sam — he is not a man of deeds in this book. I hoped that he would become a stronger character than he was in Shiver, but it didn't happen.

Who is she? Where is she? Originally posted on my blog on August 28, My favorite quotes. Apr 03, Thomas rated it it was amazing Shelves: five-stars , young-adult , romance , own-physical , fantasy. There are certain books that inspire me so tremendously, so irrevocably, that I know these books fuel the flames of my passion for reading and writing. Shiver , and now Linger , have joined these ranks. Linger is the sequel to Shiver , and continues the bittersweet story of Sam and Grace, two lovers who fight for the right to be together. Sam stays sorrowful in the absence of Grace and desperately tries to avoid his past.

Grace grows weak and frightful, while her hopes of a future with Sam dissipate There are certain books that inspire me so tremendously, so irrevocably, that I know these books fuel the flames of my passion for reading and writing. Grace grows weak and frightful, while her hopes of a future with Sam dissipate and decrease.

And there is a new addition to the werewolf pack: Cole, a former rock star who would go to any length to escape his body, his pain. These three separate individuals were brought together by the shifting seasons and ties to the wolves of Mercy Falls… but will the forces that led them to each other also tear them apart? Linger was not without its flaws. And yet, I could not bear to put this book down.

I could not bear the agony of not knowing what happened to these magnificently drawn characters. Instead of receiving narration from just Sam and Grace, Isabel and newcomer Cole also get to share their side of the story. Although it seems like having four paradigms instead of a single pair may detract from the story, the addition of Isabel and Cole only enhanced the depth of these characters.

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And Isabel, as well as Cole, was perfectly fleshed out. Once again, Stiefvater has written a lyrical tale about love and loss, and fate and destiny. You need to read this book. Want to read more of my reviews? Follow me here. View all 11 comments. Dec 07, Lora rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , g-ya-paranorm , series-still-follow. In the second installment to the Wolves of Mercy Falls series: Sam is having trouble believing in his cure, Grace is acting strangely and feeling like she doesn't fit into her own skin anymore, and a new wolf is in Mercy Falls: Cole, the once lead singer of a popular rock band, NARKOTIKA, is dealing with the issues of straddling the line between man and wolf.

But honestly? He'd rather stay a wolf than deal with the problems that come with being human. Meanwhile, Isabel, the girl who had to deal w In the second installment to the Wolves of Mercy Falls series: Sam is having trouble believing in his cure, Grace is acting strangely and feeling like she doesn't fit into her own skin anymore, and a new wolf is in Mercy Falls: Cole, the once lead singer of a popular rock band, NARKOTIKA, is dealing with the issues of straddling the line between man and wolf.

Meanwhile, Isabel, the girl who had to deal with losing her brother twice, believes she is falling for Cole.

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Maggie has said in interviews that she meant for Cole's character to be the complete opposite of Sam's. Well, in the beginning of Linger she succeeded and because of that I wasn't able to empathize with Cole upon first reading Linger. For personal reasons I've never been empathetic with drug addicts, and Cole was no exception. In Linger Cole tells Sam that he is just as bad as him, just as damaged. He is referring to Sam's issue with bathtubs. But the difference between Sam's problem and Cole's is that Sam had something terrible done to him by his own parents, whereas all of Cole's problems have been brought on by himself.

Despite all of this, though, I truly liked Cole a lot more this time around than my first time reading Linger. For me, the best thing about Cole is that he's very redeemable. And if you look carefully enough, he has what I call "bright spots" where you can see that he is human — even though he doesn't want to be — and that he does care for others, even if it is an imperceptible degree. And the reactions and emotions Cole has towards the end of Linger give me hope that I'll like him even more in Forever.

Linger is quite different than its predecessor, Shiver — what with Sam now being human and the introduction of a new character, Cole. Plus, Isabel steps out of her former role as side character and into the forefront with her own POV — and what an interesting POV it is. Some may not like Isabel, and I can understand why, but I like her just fine. She's kind of. One thing is for sure: Isabel's definitely the perfect match for Cole. And then there's that pesky wolf smell wafting off of Grace — that can't be a good sign.

You see, lots of things are different in Linger , which is probably why so many don't like it as much as they did Shiver. I will admit to liking it a minuscule degree less than Shiver , but that certainly didn't hinder me from enjoying it. In fact, I believe I enjoyed it even more the second time around. And Linger's ending is just as sad if not more so than Shiver's. And besides — if you ever see me give a book with Sam Roth in it anything less than five stars, know that it is a clone and the real Lora has been taken by aliens. Just stay.

My copies of them still smell like the store I bought them from — that's how well I've taken care of them. View all 7 comments. Oct 31, Mary rated it really liked it. Isabel and Cole are by far much more interesting than Sam and Grace. Nov 04, Nomes rated it it was ok Shelves: , out-of-the-loop , mutli-pov , i-thought-i-would-love-this-but , paranormal-stuff , not-for-me. Problem is - the slow start lingers until halfway through the book. At which point I check the blurb to try and figure out what the book is about anyways - because half way in and I had no idea. It also robs readers of any satisfaction they may get in figuring things out before the protags do.

Makes for a rather passive reading experience - being told the ending before the story has even begun.

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A lot. And making out with Isabel. I did. As for Grace's parents. I get that. But I do like it to at least seem organic. The prose is gorgeous, though as times meandering. As much as I loved reading the lyrical stuff- I was tempted at times to skim to try and get to some action I felt like I read this simply for the sake of reading. View all 16 comments. Apr 19, Miss Kim rated it really liked it Shelves: young-adult , , paranormal. This one barley made 4 stars for me Impending doom. This is the tone of the second book in Ms. I absolutely loved Shiver, but the tone of Linger just brought me down.

I should have been able to read this in one or two days, but it took a week because I kept putting it down. Sam and Grace are still the main focus in this story. Sam is no longer a wolf, and things should be great right?

Sam is conflicted about los This one barley made 4 stars for me Sam is conflicted about losing his wolf self and family, and the pack is threatened by something or someone killing the wolves. Grace is sick with a fever and they cannot figure out what is wrong with her. I feared the whole book that Grace was going to die or turn into a wolf. We get to know Cole, a new wolf in this book.

When he was changed, he was a famous strung out rock star. He chose to become a wolf to lose himself and not have to be miserable any longer. I really liked Cole, even though he came off as a cocky ass most of the time. All four POV were given throughout out the book. Damn it all, after that cliffhanger of an ending. View all 9 comments. Mar 18, Mari rated it did not like it. Apr 23, Joyzi rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Peeps who don't mind plotless novels. Shelves: e-book , author-was-possessed , author-american , fiction , reviewed , don-t-judge-me , book-series , disappointing-books , paranormal-romance , ya-books.

I can say that Maggie still showed her talent of writing beautifully in this novel, the way she wrote it was really really good that it made the book tolerable despite its flaws. The book for me was okay it could be amazing but my problem with the book was it's completely plotless, plotless, plotless, and it was also extremely slow in pace. I think the last part of the book was the only one that makes sense that I thought finally that I don't know, it's just while reading this it's like nothing was really happening until the last part when finally something happened.

And the additional characters Cole and Isabel I really don't get them, I really didn't feel like they have chemistry or whatever. But still it's really okay for me, because for most parts it didn't give the feeling of excitement. The book was more on romance than action and the conflict mostly was with Sam and Grace's parents which I don't buy. I also felt that when something like supernatural like being a werewolf and then it would be explained scientifically somehow it became unrealistic and surely it will contain major plot holes.

I just didn't get the theory yet it seems hard to believe and it was also not explain very well. But if you like Shiver, it's okay to read it, just don't have high expectations so you'd not be disappointed. Love the title! View all 37 comments. What can I say? Except I loved Shiver and truth be told, I always fret a little bit about sequels.

I mean, can an author capture that feeling of my first infatuation with a book? That delicious little feeling of "Wow, I have to keep reading this? She did it all over again and I sit back amazed at her storytelling skills. This time around it's not just about Sam and Grace. There's more And while What can I say? And while some might think that sounds confusing, I have to tell you that it was brilliant to read four POVs. Just brilliant. I won't spoil it for those who haven't read it yet. But I will say that I loved it.

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And I'm very very picky about wolf legends, in general, which is to say that I'm usually slightly bored by them. Not in this case. Not at all. Maggie, you left me completely out of breath when I turned that last page. In fact, I might have even uttered a "dammit" and I'm a mom of three who tries hard not to say these things. I just didn't want it to end. So now begins the wait. The one year long wait until the final installment, Forever, is released.

What a very long year that will be. Jun 24, Riv rated it it was amazing Shelves: 2nd-of-series , reviewed , favorites. Originally posted at: rivreads. As you know, instead of Shiver's two characters-Grace and Sam-we have four; the original two along with Isabel and Cole. I felt like the plot buildup was a little slow. It started out awesome; I had high expectations. Then something happened that made me really excited, but then it died down again very quickly.

The main problem was something wrong with Grace, and I felt like Originally posted at: rivreads. The main problem was something wrong with Grace, and I felt like this problem wasn't emphasized as much as it should be. This could be done on-purpose, but I felt like I was ignoring it, just to find out it was the main problem. Instead, I found myself focusing on Sam and his problem with Cole, which didn't turn out the way I expected it to. Look to the right for a line graph I made on the buildup. On to Cole. He surprised me. He started off as this obnoxious kid, doing idiotic things and being an overall jerk.

The intelligence doesn't seem to fit with the image I have of him; and I don't like it. It's fun to watch him not be a jerk though, like with Isabel Which brings me to the romance. In Shiver, Sam wanted to stay human so he could be with Grace; the romance was a key part of the book. In Linger, I felt like the romance wasn't emphasized like it was supposed to be. There was no "I love you" and only a bit of "I miss you" when Grace and Sam weren't together.

There was also very little kissing between the two. This brings us to the Cole-Isabel relationship.

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I was led to believe that there was something there but One of my favorite parts of the book was when Cole showed some of his genius and came up with a theory about the werewolves. It put a whole twist on the generic idea of why werewolves or at least these werewolves are the way they are. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this part. Overall, I think Shiver was better, but I enjoyed Linger too.

I loved the ending, and now I'm dying for Forever. You may have heard "I now have to wait forever for Forever" so I'm going to spare you the cheesy lines. It was good. I look forward to Forever. I'm the type that when I finish a good book, I'm excited for the next because I liked it. But after a while, that initial desire fades a bit and my thoughts change to "I'm excited because I know I liked it.

After reading Shiver, I felt this way about Linger; the initial desire is slowly fading as I await book 3. I hope you enjoyed the review, and weren't annoyed by the length. A little added bit: In Shiver, I was hoping that Sam would go visit his parents in jail. He didn't. When I received Linger, I was looking forward to possibly meeting his parents. He didn't go to them, which left me with a feeling of disappointment.

I doubt any of you are like this, but I was looking forward to meeting Mr. I sincerely hope that Maggie Stiefvater brings them into the picture in the final book. One thing that irritated me immensely was Maggie's overuse of a certain character trait and plot developer. Isabel and Cole had many heartfelt discussions. Once or twice this is fine, but it got increasingly annoying as the book progressed. View all 3 comments. Nov 20, Kay M. Fraser rated it it was amazing Shelves: unreleased.

How do you start the review of one of the best books you have ever read? Do justice to it? I'll do my best. Linger is the story of Sam, Grace, Isabel with the introduction of a new character to the mix Cole. I don't believe in spoilers. I believe in telling people the reasons why this book is such a need for readers of the genre. Here it goes. Words describing what to expect.

Grace: Changing, Unpredictable, Strong, stoic, beautiful as ever, In pain, loving, considerate, and for the first time extre How do you start the review of one of the best books you have ever read? Grace: Changing, Unpredictable, Strong, stoic, beautiful as ever, In pain, loving, considerate, and for the first time extremely risky and disobedient. Isabel: Being Isabel.

Without filters, cold detach, consumed, lonely, reaching out, needing to feel something, trying to connect. Cole: Learning, expanding, converting, unlocking, hiding, hating, unmasking from the inside out. Trying to tolerate his own reflection. Moving on. Now mix them all together, shake the bag. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

The findings are consistent with the hypothesis that weaknesses in specific phonemic representations linger even after children can articulate the specific phonemes accurately. From Cambridge English Corpus. The dramatic quarters of narrative are where we're lingering now in this, in our, modernity.

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Another lingering dilemma is how to understand the use of electronic aids in independent reading. Such "curious" cases, symbolic of clinical medicine's incomplete professionalization and lingering allegiance to an older, more openly-subjective medical culture, are in fact not uncommon. Silently, they repudiated humanity's lingering claims to special privilege inside a universe no longer ordered by theology.

Yet the compassion and good humor with which it occurred lingered long past the event. But it did not entirely disappear, lingering implicitly in the word 'kinship'. Is there lingering concern associated with the innocent murmur? She herself came to regret the volume, but could not shake off the lingering aura of its success. There have been a few reports of patients who have survived bilateral lesions of the pons with few lingering complications. Having said this, questions do linger unanswered about the real degree of autonomy of these women's actions and of their organisations.

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