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Trouble is a character I love writing about—just like his dad, Familiar. I wrote 22 books in this series as Caroline Burnes for Harlequin Intrigue.

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Because Trouble is a shared character some of the writers and I got together to give him his winning personality and his penchant for all things Sherlock Holmes readers get a chance to sample the talents of different writers with the knowledge that Trouble will always be the same. Trouble is, after all, the star! And check out the other books—bargains abound, but only for a short time. When I was writing this book, I kept thinking about an old country classic.

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Normally I post blues songs, but change is inevitable, as I learned this weekend getting rid of my swimming pool. Check out this terrific song: When Two Worlds Collide.

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I said goodbye to my pool last week. It was drained and filled in with dirt.

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The dogs are like — where did the pool go? But they will adjust to its absence, as I will also.

I was gut-wrenchingly shy, but we played the Top 40 list of country songs with some oldies thrown in and a few special programs like a gospel hour. I met some great music I might otherwise have missed. Spring will be here—officially—when we meet again. From the critters and me—Adieu, until the bridal wreath and azaleas abound. Your email address will not be published.

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Share Now on:. Many linguistic gems are fading. So he got drunk and stayed drunk for the whole Civil War so nobody would draft him. Wish in one hand and pee in the other and see which one fills up first! The implication being you have to work for it. Also Included in. Tags in this Story. Share this Story.

In High Cotton In High Cotton
In High Cotton In High Cotton
In High Cotton In High Cotton
In High Cotton In High Cotton
In High Cotton In High Cotton
In High Cotton In High Cotton

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