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Phantastic Ferniture.

Listed: Stephan Mathieu

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  5. BE DONE AND DUSTED | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
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Keep Shopping. Blackout Summer. Total Dust. Recent News. Dec 18, Dusted shares cinematic video for "Dead Eyes" via Atwood Magazine.

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Dusted Live Session on Breakthru Radio. Contacts Publicity. In his experiments upon this subject Fraunhofer employed plates of glass dusted over with lycopodium, or studded with small metallic disks of uniform size; and he found that the diameters of the rings were proportional to the length of the waves and inversely as the diameter of the disks.

It is a mirror which no stone can crack, whose quicksilver will never wear off, whose gilding Nature continually repairs; no storms, no dust, can dim its surface ever fresh;--a mirror in which all impurity presented to it sinks, swept and dusted by the sun's hazy brush--this the light dust-cloth--which retains no breath that is breathed on it, but sends its own to float as clouds high above its surface, and be reflected in its bosom still.


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Terminating the short annual shoot which bears a whorl of four or more leaves below the flower; in this and in some species of the nearly allied genus Trillium chiefly temperate North America the flowers have a fetid smell, which together with the dark purple of the ovary and stigmas and frequently also of the stamens and petals, attracts carrion-loving flies, which alight on the stigma and then climb the anthers and become dusted with pollen; the pollen is then carried to the stigmas of another flower.

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  • Listed: Stephan Mathieu.
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    Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show would provide complimenting visuals to the experience. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Stoned and Dusted Poster for the Edition. Initially active as Desert Generator in , this festival was curated to replicate the generator parties and give people who couldn't make it to those events in the 80s and 90s a chance to experience such a thing.

    Stoned and Dusted

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