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Best Bit. It should be noted that while there is a certain level of resolution in this novel it ends in a cliffhanger which implies that this is only part one of a serial novel. I found myself feverishly turning the pages to see what was coming next. It is not, as I imagined it would be, a straightforward hunt for a killer with an emphasis on forensics and physical clues, in fact the victims are dealt with cursorily and have little impact on the novel, it is all about the diary and who had contact with Wisher during his incarceration.

It is interesting to see the influence Wisher exerts over other people, even from beyond the grave. The Songbird Girls is a good read which I have no hesitation in recommending. Dec 16, Julie Lacey rated it really liked it. Detective Tom Fabian is back and someone is playing with his life. Christopher Wisher, twisted serial killer, has summoned him to Kerslake jail. Tom is wary of the visit and even more so when he gives him his diary. Three days later Wisher is dead, having committed suicide but then a body is found bearing all the hallmarks of a murder carried out by Wisher - including the dead bird beside the body.

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Tom takes a closer look at the diary and realises that the strange entries foretell what is going Detective Tom Fabian is back and someone is playing with his life. Tom takes a closer look at the diary and realises that the strange entries foretell what is going to happen. Tom realises he faces a race against time as more victims are indicated in the diary - but who is the killer? Investigations centre around Kerslake jail and also around those who visited Wisher in jail. This is a gripping crime thriller which will have you racing through the final few chapters.

Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book.

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Dec 21, The Cats Mother rated it really liked it Shelves: series , continue-this-series , arc-or-netgalley , crime-or-mystery , read-in The Songbird Girls is the second book to feature the rather nondescript and not especially bright London detective Tom Fabian. Helpfully, reading this one would not spoil the previous one if you chose to go back to it afterwards. DI Fabian is summoned to visit the notorious serial killer that he put away three years earlier, Christopher Wisher, in prison.

Still refusi The Songbird Girls is the second book to feature the rather nondescript and not especially bright London detective Tom Fabian. Still refusing to give any motive for his sadistic crimes, Wisher merely hands him a diary, full of incomprehensible statements. When a body is found, posed in the exact same way as the earlier victims, and accompanied by a small dead bird - a detail never released to the public - Fabian realises that the diary is designed to taunt him about more deaths to come.

As with the previous book, I dislike the title - none of the victims are actually girls - and the explanation for the presence of the birds is pretty weak. Why do we need to be reminded in every chapter that he drives a poncy car? I was also disappointed that he was so predictable as to dive straight into the obvious trap, and unless I missed something, survives more due to luck and the will of the killer than his own ingenuity. Apart from these niggles, this was an enjoyable thriller that certainly kept me turning pages, and I look forward to finding out what happens next, although hope that the Wisher storyline is not going to be dragged out over too many books.

The Songbird Girls is available now. Dec 13, Denise added it. So why is Christopher asking Fabian to visit him at Kerslake Prison after all this time? It seems that Wisher wants to give Fabian a diary. But once Fabian has it and reads it he finds that this is a manuscript that doesn't make any sense at all. It's a couple of seemingly random jottings. But then the "Sisyphean sentence continues But then the bodies are found.

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The victims have been killed in exactly the same way as Wisher's previous ones -- including the signature that wasn't publicized on the broadcast that resulted in Wisher's capture -- the dead bird beside the body. Fabian and his partner, DS Natasha Banner, of the Horseferry Police frantically try to revisit all those who visited Wisher in prison, former family, and other potential suspects to no avail. These must be copycat murders of course, but WHO has Wisher entailed with his mission? This was great crime drama with red herrings and misdirection as the suspense kept me glued to the pages.

I had my suspicions and then, with the shifting point of view, I did get my revelations. I can only hope to see more of Fabian and Banner as they tackle what comes next. This is the second in the series and I did read the first one which I'd encourage a reader to do as the characterization of Fabian develops and, though he keeps us at arm's length, I hope to learn more about him and Banner.

Dec 28, Amanda rated it it was amazing. I find that his books are simply unputdownable, page turners. When I finish reading the current book, I immediately look forward to his next. This book sees him being summoned to the local prison to talk to Christopher Wisher, who is the serial killer Fabian caught three years previously. Fabian seems to be one of those team managers that you would love to work for.

He is a leader, who will do his fair share of the workload and who also supports those who work for him. Will Fabian discover who is leaving him littles messages and why? Well I am not going to tell you so you are just going to have to read the book for yourselves to find out. So it proved to be. I became totally caught up in the investigation and I even began to interact with the book.

I desperately tried to ration how much I read in one sitting because I wanted to prolong the enjoyment of the book if that makes sense? Reading this book is much like being on an unpredictable and scary rollercoaster ride with more twists and turns that you would find in a game of Twister. I thought that I had worked out who was doing what and why but I was completely wrong. Nov 01, Kat rated it it was amazing. Oh yes!!!!! I really loved this book, getting into the mind of a serial killer is always totally fascinating and this book really hit the mark and made for a completely addictive page turner that was so hard to put down.

Exciting, compelling, wonderfully addictive and a twisted thrilling ending what more can you want from a Oh yes!!!!! Exciting, compelling, wonderfully addictive and a twisted thrilling ending what more can you want from a book, I loved it and highly recommend it to anyone who loves a brilliant thriller. Dec 22, Kaisha The Writing Garnet rated it it was amazing. I loved the slow, teasing beginning of the book as it ensured that the shocking scenes later on in the book were indeed that; shocking.

Richard Parker has written a brilliantly intense and clever storyline which kept me guessing.

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Fabian sometimes came across as a bit of a marmite character, but given the nature of this particular storyline, I felt that he had every write to be a bit cautious in the way he presented himself. Such an intense and twisted read which I most definitely recommend. Tom Fabian receives a request from convicted serial killer, Christopher Wisher Wisher is then found dead in his cell and Fabian feels Wisher is still playing mind games, and the diary is more than the ramblings of a damaged mind.

More bodies are found and Fabian is left a dead songbird at his home This is so cleverly written, with unbelievable tension and the glimpses into the mind of a serial killer are just unnerving. The final chapters were just so fraught with tension and fear and I loved every minute. I also have a paperback copy purchased by me Dec 08, Jen rated it it was amazing Shelves: challenge. At the end of book one in the series, Never Say Goodbye, Richard Parker left us with a kind of promise of something more to come.

A knowledge that all that was important in Tom Fabian's life was going to be under threat, only the how, rather than the who or why, remaining a mystery. Well - with The Songbird Girls that mystery is about to be solved and in very dramatic, tense and attention grabbing style. I loved it. The powers that be have received a request from the killer whos Oh The powers that be have received a request from the killer whose arrest put Tom Fabian's name in the spotlight - Christopher Wisher.

Ordinarily it would not be entertained, but with the suspicion that Wisher killer more women than he had admitted to hanging over everything, Fabian's boss, Metcalfe, is insistent on the visit taking place. It is three years to the day since Wisher had been sentenced, the date and the significance not lost on Fabian. The man he meets is a very different figure to the one he put away, and he has very little of note to say, certainly nothing relating to the cold cases.

But he does pass Fabian a journal, one which he initially believes to be Wisher's. But Fabian soon comes to realise that this journal isn't about Wisher's memories - it's a message. But what is Wisher trying to say, and what will it cost Fabian to get to the truth? From the very beginning of the book I knew this was going to be something special. This was a superb cat and mouse game, only in this case the mouse in question was already locked up in a nine by nine cage and the cat was very much at risk from and cunning, and unknown, predator of their own. Part of the story is not entirely a mystery.

We know one of the people who is targeting Fabian and why - that is given to us at the end of book one and if you haven't read it, then I'm not going to spoil it for you. We know the intended victim, and Richard Parker has kept the tension going in this part of the story as the victim is so innocent, so unaware, even as the potential assailant is circling. As to when, and how, they will make their move That constant sense of jeopardy keeps us, as readers, on out toes.

The murders in the book are not gratuitous, well no more so than any murder ever is anyway. They are not graphically described, so if you are looking for an out and out gore fest, you won't find it here. We are given just the right balance to keep us intrigued and engrossed in the story. I love how Richard Parker is able to convey they gravity of the situation and the emotional and psychological impact the story has on Tom Fabian, and you can feel his frustration seeping from the page, sense his anger and anxiety, the further we get into the case.

Fabian is a great character and one I have come to really love very quickly. He has a great team around him, very diverse characters, but they work really well together and I can't wait to read more from them. There is so much more I want to say about this book, but probably shouldn't because it might fall into spoiler territory. It was one of those kinds of books which had the kind of Silence of the Lambs vibe. In no way as gory, that's not what I mean, but that whole idea of the Detective whose strings are being pulled by someone far more manipulative and cunning than they realised, this time even from beyond the grave, and that sense that no matter what happens, Fabian and Wisher's lives are, and always will be, inextricably linked.

And that ending It's one of those where is this was a soap you'd get the Eastenders dun-dun-dun drumroll at the end or for a movie, some creepy tubular bells-esque music with a wide sweeping and slowly reversing shot, us watching as our hero fades into the darkness, knowing that this story is far, far from over. Which I hope just means more and more to come. I like the idea of that. Top stuff Mr Parker.

The Songbird Girls

A big thumbs up from me. Dec 19, Debbie rated it it was amazing. Three Words: Chilling, Hypnotic and Fascinating. If it is possible, this novel is even more exciting, intense and lets you into the mind of a serial killer. I can't lie, I was a bit fearful of picking this book up because it seemed like I wouldn't be sleeping anytime soon.

However, once I got into the story, I just couldn't put it down till I finished it. It was such a page turner that I didn't sleep but not because I was terrified because I was so engrossed in the novel I couldn't let the mystery go till I finished. Our serial killer Wisher is rotting away in prison when the story opens. He has a request though. He wants a meeting with the man that put him away, Tom Fabian. Tom is reluctant but pretty much pressured into going by his boss. Who knows Wisher could give them insight into their current case they are floundering on.

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  • Fabian meets with Wisher, but the only thing he is given is Wisher's diary. Fabian doesn't know what to think but reads a few passages as he can't resist. He quickly puts it behind him and focuses on his current case. Then Wisher kills himself in prison at the same time as Fabian hears his doorbell ring and a dead bird is left for him outside.

    It wasn't released to the media. How could this be? If Wisher is dead who did this? Why is Wisher still trying to mess with Fabian even beyond the grave? These questions and more will pop into your head as you are reading. Richard Parker does a fantastic job at setting every scene and making his reader hold their breath while even more mysteries are revealing. His writing style is one that tells the story little by little, and he keeps the ending a secret.

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    It is tough to know what will come next. Sound like a great mystery? It is! Pick up your copy today. This author is quickly becoming one to watch. Dec 20, Louise rated it it was amazing. I was excited by the cover and book description for this brand new crime thriller by Richard Parker. When Detective Fabian gets a request to visit a convicted serial killer he is hesitant, to say the least. Below is the the plot of the same data, but with a inactivity window of 5 seconds.

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    The Songbird / Volume One The Songbird / Volume One
    The Songbird / Volume One The Songbird / Volume One
    The Songbird / Volume One The Songbird / Volume One
    The Songbird / Volume One The Songbird / Volume One
    The Songbird / Volume One The Songbird / Volume One
    The Songbird / Volume One The Songbird / Volume One
    The Songbird / Volume One The Songbird / Volume One
    The Songbird / Volume One The Songbird / Volume One

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