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Beautiful Creatures is a American romantic gothic fantasy film based upon the novel of the same name by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. The film was released February 14, It received mixed reviews from critics [5] and was a failure at the box office. In Gatlin, South Carolina , teenager Ethan Wate awakens from a recurring dream of a girl he does not know. In voice-over narration, he describes his enjoyment of reading banned books , his despair of his small-town existence, and his dreams of leaving Gatlin for college.

Arriving for his first day of junior year, Ethan notices newcomer Lena Duchannes, who resembles the girl he has been dreaming about. The other students do not take kindly to her and spread gossip regarding Lena's reclusive uncle, Macon Ravenwood, and suggest that her family includes devil worshippers. Overhearing these whispers, Lena tenses. On a drive home, Ethan nearly runs over Lena, whose car has broken down.

He gives her a ride home, and the two bond over their shared love of poetry and having both lost their mothers. During class a couple of girls insist they can't be in a class with Lena. They begin to pray to be protected from Lena and her family, yelling over the teacher's protests. Lena is visibly shaken and the classroom windows shatter, amplifying the fears and suspicions of the class and the townspeople at large that she is a witch. Ethan checks on Lena afterwards and she runs from class. Ethan goes to Ravenwood Manor to see Lena and they start to form a friendship.

After seeing them together Macon invites him inside and scares him off. Ethan later returns to the mansion to give her a locket he found at Greenbriar as a present. Both of them touching the locket triggers a shared flashback to the American Civil War , after which Ethan awakens at his home. Macon disapproves of their fondness and developing love of each other, and conspires with Ethan's family friend, Amma, to keep the two separated.

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Ethan continues to pursue Lena until she confesses that she and her family are "casters" capable of performing magical spells. On her sixteenth birthday, Lena's true nature will steer her towards either the light or the dark; Lena fears the latter, as it entails being consumed by evil and hurting those she loves. Ethan and her family insist she is responsible for her own choices and reassure her that she is a good person.

Matters are complicated by the arrival of two immensely powerful dark casters who aim to push Lena to the dark: Ridley, Lena's provocative cousin and childhood friend; who is a siren, a caster that can make any mortal especially men obey her command telepathically; and Lena's mother Sarafine, who did not raise Lena and has currently possessed Mrs. Lincoln, the mother of Ethan's friend Link. In a local church, the townspeople have gathered around to complete a petition to expel Lena from school.

Then, Macon arrives and outside of natural reality Sarafine confronts him.

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She foresees that Lena will become an even more powerful caster, since the moon will bring out more energy and will contribute to the most powerful solstice. Sarafine intends for Lena to use her newfound power to purge the Earth of humans, leaving casters to rule in their wake.

Possessed by a Dark Warrior (Eternal Mates Book 9) Audiobook Part 1

But Lena and Ethan use the locket to re-experience a whole flashback of their past at a movie theater, while on a date, which reveals that their ancestors, caster Genevieve Duchannes and mortal Confederate soldier Ethan Carter Wate, were in love. Ethan Carter was shot in battle, and Genevieve revived him using a forbidden spell that caused her to go dark, kill her one true love and curse all the Duchannes family's women into going dark.

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This mortifies Lena and she leaves the theater in fear. They consult with Amma, who is a seer and keeper of a caster library beneath the town library. The most ancient of these books, the Book of Moons , reveals the secret to undoing the curse: someone Lena loves has to die. Unwilling to take Ethan's life, Lena has a final moment together with Ethan in which she makes it snow and then erases all his memories of their time together. Ridley seduces Link and gives him a bullet to use in an upcoming Civil War reenactment of the Battle of Honey Hill which will take place on Lena's birthday.

During the reenactment, Link and Ethan agree to "kill" each other so they can ditch the reenactment. While at the ceremony for her sixteenth birthday, Lena feels the shock of the curse being broken and runs off to Ethan, clutching his dying body as Ridley and Sarafine encourage her to surrender to grief and accept the dark. Lena lashes out in anger, sending lightning strikes and a huge twister through the crowd of reenactors and seemingly kills everyone until Ethan's body transforms into Macon, who had previously disguised himself as Ethan to become the needed sacrifice to lift the curse and reveals that he promised Ethan's mother to keep her son alive.

His dying words encourage Lena to "claim yourself"; she then causes the moon to disappear, so it cannot claim her for the dark. Lena allows Ridley to flee and pulls Sarafine from Mrs. Lincoln's body, using her power to seal Sarafine's spirit away in the form of branches. Six months later, a still- amnesiac Ethan stops by the library to visit Amma before leaving for an NYU college tour with Link.

He apologizes to Lena for not having gotten to know her during their time in Gatlin.

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When he inquires if a book by Charles Bukowski which she had shared with him when they first met is any good, Lena asks him to define good the same reply she gave the first time he asked and presents the book to him as a "getting out of Gatlin present". As Link and Ethan drive past the town line, Ethan glimpses the town's burned exit sign and has a moment of remembrance. The car skids to a halt; Ethan gets out of the car and yells Lena's name; she hears his call and is freed of her dark side before the screen fades to black.

Alcon Entertainment purchased the rights to Beautiful Creatures in , with director Richard LaGravenese signing on soon after to write and direct the movie.

Seraphina Picquery

Principal photography was originally scheduled to begin April 23, , in New Orleans, [14] and took place, said LaGravenese, beginning "I think, April 16th, and then we shot until June 26th, and then post[-production] was for me from July 5th to December 17th. There was one part that I shot on green screen where I had all these actresses playing all the different Duchannes women from different periods [from the Civil War on]. It was just an idea that didn't work. Beautiful Creatures' release date was originally scheduled to be on February 13, , [4] [16] but distributor Warner Bros.

The film was still released in Sweden on the 13th, a day before the film's North American release date. The film has received mixed reviews from critics. Owen Gleiberman , in Entertainment Weekly , gave the film a "B-", writing, " Beautiful Creatures is arriving in a market-place full of Twilight junkies still eager for their supernatural teen-romantic fix, and the film's concept couldn't be clearer: It's Twilight with the sexes reversed.

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This time it's the boy who's the mortal: moody, bookish Ethan, the outsider in his sleepy small town. When she turned dark, that person faded as the darkness of her powers totally consumed her, transforming Sarafine into a cold, emotionally detached and often cruel person.

The Seraphine Chronicles Series by Cheyenne McCray

In Beautiful Redemption , after her death in the mortal world, she helps Ethan return to it and life by killing herself, so that he may kill Angelus. Despite saying that she is only helping him because she hates Angelus more than she does him, Ethan believes that a deep-buried part of Sarafine genuinely wanted to help Lena. Since Sarafine is a Dark Caster , she has the regular abilities other Casters have, but she is considered the most powerful Caster in the Caster world since her powers are enhanced to a whole new and powerful as well as dangerous level, having far more control of her abilities and hence able to use them in ways that regular casters can not.

She is shown to also have additional powers Casters do not have as seen in Beautiful Creatures when she is able to possess Mrs. Lincoln for a long period, thus showing her power of Possession. Which is a higher level of power a Caster can control and no regular caster has those abilities. Her "go-to" element is fire. Like a Succubus , she can also Travel. She can also possess a Dark Caster and Cast at the same time as an apparition, which is incredibly powerful magic. He first meets Sarafine as she goes Dark and soon begins to influence her into shedding her once caring and kind personality and transforming her into a cold and cruel and just as ruthless person.

Sarafine's then-husband John Eades , fearing the influence of Abraham was too strong for her to resist harming Lena for mere kicks, made a secret arrangement to take off with Lena. However when Sarafine, discovering his plot and too far deep in her cruel and sadistic ways brought on by Abraham, murdered him. It is unknown if she spent the following 16 years with Abraham or by herself.

Sarafine continued to be Abraham's basic partner alongside him in his plans and tactics to get Lena into turning Dark, therefore making all Light Casters in her family to die. All of which ultimately failed. In the third novel of the series, Sarafine and Abraham team up once again to discern who the One Who Is Two was to spare the worlds from ultimate imminent destruction along with them in it.

When Lena trapped her in a circle of fire, she leaves her to perish in the flames and to suffer the same fate as John Eades , doing the same thing to her as she did to John. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Unknown 34 approx. Aspiring writer before Claiming. Burned alive.

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    Possessed (Seraphine Chronicles Book 4) Possessed (Seraphine Chronicles Book 4)
    Possessed (Seraphine Chronicles Book 4) Possessed (Seraphine Chronicles Book 4)
    Possessed (Seraphine Chronicles Book 4) Possessed (Seraphine Chronicles Book 4)
    Possessed (Seraphine Chronicles Book 4) Possessed (Seraphine Chronicles Book 4)
    Possessed (Seraphine Chronicles Book 4) Possessed (Seraphine Chronicles Book 4)
    Possessed (Seraphine Chronicles Book 4) Possessed (Seraphine Chronicles Book 4)

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