Leaving No Footprints

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Leaving No Footprints

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They begin with an incident, a character, an emotion that I want to explore. I find I can best do this by inventing situations and placing my characters in them. Do they make any difference to your understanding of the story now?

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Nature Boy by E. Choose three things that you read about in Leaving no Footprints that you would like to know more about. Use the diagram below to build a model surf-cat. Try out your model in different sailing conditions.

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Elaine Forrestal Elaine Forrestal. Question: What is this book about? Question: That sounds a bit bleak. Question: And the other stories you mentioned. Can you tell us about those? Question: What prompted you to write this story? Read the book and write your own answers to the first three questions.

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If you were interviewing Elaine Forrestal ; What other questions would you ask? Which of the characters in the book would you like to interview? Prepare three or four questions to ask a classmate who is pretending to be that character. Originally the words of this song were to be used as an epigraph in the front of the book. On page 12 the type font suddenly changes.

Why do you think the publisher has asked the printer to do this? Are there any other pages on which this happens? Who sent the message in the bottle? How do the two men eventually get off the island?

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Write your own story to solve one of these mysteries. Research Choose three things that you read about in Leaving no Footprints that you would like to know more about. Make invisible ink using lemon juice. Thick cloth wrapped over your shoe, covering the soles, can mask the prints that you make.

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When in a group, spreading out when passing through tall grass minimizes the chances of creating a visible artificial trail. Aside from leaving footprints, you will also need to consider these things to hide your presence from other people. The easiest way to know if people have been in the area is to look for things that are out of place.

Larger items and human waste should be buried in an isolated area. Keep your trash with you, or bury it in the ground.

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Human noises can only come from, obviously, humans. Keep quiet during your travel and learn how to use signals to pass information to your other party members without signaling your pursuers. Also, be aware of items you have with you that could make unwanted noise like jingling keys or canisters banging against each other. When possible, wrap such items in a layer of cloth like a handkerchief or anything that muffles the sound.

Fire will be easy to see at night, even from long distances. If a fire is absolutely needed, a fire pit near the base of a tree can be a good choice- it produces less smoke, and the tree can diffuse the smoke that manages to rise above the pit. It can also be easily covered up. Also, be mindful of items that could reflect light, especially when the moon is out—this includes your own skin. Cover them up. A trained hound is very difficult, if not impossible, to shake off your scent.

Leaving No Footprints

Your best bet is to increase the distance between you and the dog as soon as possible. But with some discipline and common sense, you can slow down your pursuer and be in your safe house before they can catch up. Remember Me. Lost your password?

Leaving No Footprints Leaving No Footprints
Leaving No Footprints Leaving No Footprints
Leaving No Footprints Leaving No Footprints
Leaving No Footprints Leaving No Footprints
Leaving No Footprints Leaving No Footprints

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