La irrupción zapatista. 1911 (Coleccion Problemas de Mexico) (Spanish Edition)

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Includes bibliographical references. Limited ed. Juan Pedro Laclette, Dra. Who is Posada? El asedio e los rostros. Homenaje y demagogia. Presencia y ausencia. Selection of 40 prominent contemporary Peruvian artists in a full spectrum of techiniques photography, installation, multi-media, painting. First volume of series which will eventually include other countries from the region. Major homage edition presenting more than years long artistic production of master painter Luis Nishizawa Flores b. He is considered to be the premier landscape artist of 20th century Mexico.

He has also created murals of whcih the most famous was installed in Japan in Includes bibliographical references pages Includes bibliographical references and index. Art and society Visual communication -- Study and teaching -- Activity programs Art -- Mexico -- 21st century. In the summer of a group of art teachers of UAM got together to be part of the creation and development of a model based on the multimedia process of creating new images proposed by Dr. We chose three images from each author to integrate a digital folder, which would later be transformed into the book of artist we now present.

Limited edition of copies. Memories gathered during an academic meeting with the purpose of perpetuating at least one part of what has happened during those days of hard work.

The theme of this meeting, proposed by Alberto Dallal in the Colegio de Investigadores of the Institute IIE , was put to the vote; the subject Mexico City won due to the inclination as "chilangos" of many researchers. The papers represent comparative studies, artistic or urban, as well as proposals, rigorous or fabled, about the daily life in the highly complex city, analyzed from different perspectives: artistic, photographic, architectural, social, literary, cinema and urban cultures representations of the capital metropolis, now Mexico, a place Charles Joseph La Trobe baptized as the "City of Palaces", a royal epithet erroneously awarded to baron Alexander von Humboldt.

Dramaturgia, Guiones, Literatura Alusiva -- De ciertas urbes desiertas. Wood -- Ciudades imaginadas. Produced on the occasion of multimedia artist Carlos Amorales' born project for the Mexican pavilion at the Venice Biennale, this book compiles an encrypted alphabet that Amorales uses to tell the story of an immigrant lynching in Mexico. Carlos Amorales Mexico, proposes Life in the folds, retaking the book of Henri Michaux Namur, Belgium, - Paris, and working extradisciplinarily, crossing different languages and proposing an investigation on the translation of supports through invention Free of new codes.

What I would take as a starting point, that is, as a possible sign to combine, is a collection of ocarinas. Amorales invents an encrypted language, as if it were possible "graphic scores", mixed to form writings, narratives, calligraphies, systems. Exhibitor: Carlos Amorales. Commissioner: Gabriela Gil Verenzuela. This paper describes the Permo-triassic volcanism in the San Rafael Block, Mendoza, Argentina, which forms part of the Choiyoi province and it represents by large volumes of intermediate to silicic ignimbrites with minor sub volcanic bodies of rhyolites, andesites and basandesites.

These suites are easily distinguished by means of trace element data and are believed to represent the transition between a subduction-related magmatic arc and an extensional tectonic regime. This tectonic setting is similar to the prevalent during the Cenozoic in the Sierra Occidental of Mexico and is favourable for the development of long-lived hydrothermal systems which lead to economic U concentrations i.

Sierra de Pena Blanca. In the San Rafael Block, the Dr. Baulies-Los Reyunos U deposit, which is hosted in volcanic sediments, is associated to the first suite Lower Section.

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Although minor U concentrations are known, up to date, to be related to the second and third suites, these rocks are fertile and seen to be potential source for the formation of uranium deposits within a volcanic caldera environment. Full Text Available Vibrationism was an art movement developed by the painter Rafael Barradas between and , and this period remains one of the most recognized and recognizable of his artistic legacy.

Los resultados sugieren una distancia muy corta entre las ciudades en las cuales las tasas han aumentado y aquellas en las que han disminuido. This article presents the results of a comparative study of two Argentinian cities, namely Venado Tuerto and San Rafael , which revealed different trends in the rates of firearm-related homicides. The methodology combined two strategies of analysis: semi-structured interviews with key informants municipal and provincial government agents in different areas of management, as well as members of non-governmental organizations and focus groups with actors involved in medical care, education, and religious institutions.

The results suggest little difference between. In this paper, I show his original thought, until now unknown, against the classical darwinism and next to the fixism. On Wednesday 16 June at 4. Each of them, notably led CERN's bubble-chamber programmes. Since the symposium will take place on the day between the Scientific Policy Committee SPC meeting and the Council session, it will be possible for many colleagues and friends to attend alongside family members.

All CERN staff members who wish to attend are also invited. Eight speakers who were close to each of the men at various times will share their vivid recollections, recalling the major scientific contributions they made and underlining the important role they played both at CERN and in the international scientific community. At the end of the symposium, drinks will be served at the invitation of the D At the end of the symposium, drinks will be served at the invitation of the Di At the end of the symposium, drinks will be served at the invitation of the His concerns about urban planning, gardening, water and electricity, and the scarcity of economic resources and understaffing are recalled.

Finally, some singularities of Madinat al-Zahra are discussed, where his vision as an architect converges with history and archeology. Professor Rafael Molla Rodrigo is considered by some the author who contributed with his scientific work and solid technique to consolidate Urology as a speciality in Valencia.

Such importance is also perceived in a national level, as demonstrated by the fact that he belonged to the first board of the Spanish Association of Urology and contributed to its foundation in the two-year period , from his position of head of the department of Surgical Therapy and Operations at the Central University. Genitourinary tuberculosis is one of the most outstanding chapters of his extensive works. We reviewed all his works, selecting all original articles about genitourinary tuberculosis.

Throughout his work he analyzes features of relevance about this disease, such as diagnosis, about which he emphasizes the clinical and bacteriological difficulties, and treatment, which was only feasible by precocious nephrectomy. He dedicates a great part of his work to the study of this pathology and defends a precocious diagnosis in order to perform the only treatment that had demonstrated efficacy. He also exposes the symptoms and variety of clinical presentations, as well as diagnosis through separate kidney catheterization with the aim to determine unilateral involvement.

Full Text Available This article investigates the relation between signifying processes and non-signifying material dynamism in the installation Pulse Room by Mexican Canadian artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. In Pulse Room the sense of pulse is ambiguous. Biorhythms are transmitted from the pulsing energy of the visitor's beating heart to the flashing of a fragile light bulb, thereby transforming each light bulb into a register of individual life.

Taking our point of departure in a discussion of Gilles Deleuze's concepts of modulation and signaletic material in relation to electronic media, we examine how the complex orchestration of pulsation between signification and material modulation produces a multilayered sense of time and space that is central to the sensory experience of Pulse Room as a whole.

Pulse Room is, at the very same time, a relational subject—object intimacy and an all-encompassing immersive environment modulating continuously in real space-time. El desbarrancadero del genio. Fracaso y supervivencia en Memorias prematuras de Rafael Gumucio. In Memoriam, En Homenaje a los Drs. Full Text Available Y se marcharon…. Partieron como si existiera un acuerdo previo para realizar el encuentro definitivo en la eternidad. Fueron dos ilustres colombianos que caminaron por el mismo sendero, con diferente fin. Lower Jurassic radiolarian chert sampled at two localities in the San Rafael Mountains of southern California???

Components A, B??? The fourth component C , isolated between ?? C, shows a magnetic polarity stratigraphy and is interpreted as a primary magnetization acquired by the chert during, or soon after, deposition. Both sequences are late Pliensbachian to middle Toarcian in age, and an average paleolatitude calculated from all tilt-corrected C components is 1?? This result is consistent with deposition of the cherts beneath the equatorial zone of high biologic productivity and is similar to initial paleolatitudes determined for chert blocks in northern California and Mexico.

This result supports our model in which deep-water Franciscan-type cherts were deposited on the Farallon plate as it moved eastward beneath the equatorial productivity high, were accreted to the continental margin at low paleolatitudes, and were subsequently distributed northward by strike-slip faulting associated with movements of the Kula, Farallon, and Pacific plates. Upper Cretaceous turbidites of the Cachuma Formation were sampled at Agua Caliente Canyon to determine a constraining paleolatitude for accretion of the Jurassic chert sequences.

These apparently unaltered rocks, however, were found to be completely overprinted by the A component of magnetization. Similar in situ directions and demagnetization behaviors observed in samples of other Upper Cretaceous turbidite sequences in southern and Baja California imply that these rocks might also give unreliable results.

En uno de. Universidad de Manizales. Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Humanas. Full Text Available Rafael Donoso Anes, recientemente fallecido, ha dejado un gran legado como historiador de la Contabilidad. This contemporary black novel deals with the destruction of social order due to violence from drug trafficking. As the novel unfolds, the prevailing perspective is determined by the presence of images corresponding to the myth, in particular, of an apocalyptic view of Mexican society.

That use of the myth is part of a common tendency in new Latin American crime fiction. Puerto Rican author Luis Rafael Sanchez's "La guagua aerea" explores the duality, hybridity, and fluidity of US-Puerto Rican identity through the frequent travel of migrants between New York City the traditional destination city for Puerto Rican migrants and the island. In recent years, however, the "flying bus" has adopted a…. Elaboration of protocols as a guide in musculoskeletal ultrasound for radiology service of the Hospital Doctor Rafael A.

Calderon Guardia. A protocol to guide residents and attending physicians at the Hospital Dr. Rafael Angel Calderon Guardia has been provided for regulating the work in the field the ultrasound of muscles, tendons and sonography. The staff has handled the ultrasound devices must understand the basis of the interaction of acoustic energy to the tissues and to know the methods and instruments have been used to produce and improve the quality of the image obtained.

The guide ultrasound normal locomotor allowed to have a model for service members and medical imaging radiology hospital; it has been prepared through a comprehensive literature review based on textbooks and current articles concerning the most important theoretical bases of the Doppler study, which covers the assessment of shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee and ankle. The data obtained in the study process, facilitated access to printed and digital information, which has led to diagnostic certainty and reliability of results. Based on gravimetric and magnetic data, together with isostatic and elastic thickness analyses, we modeled the crustal structure of the area.

Information obtained has allowed us to understand the crust where the SRB and the Payenia volcanic province are located. However, in the Payenia region, elastic thickness values are close to zero due to the regional temperature increase. Heroes of Civilization. Risks of the ionizing radiations for the anesthesia personnel in operating room in Hospital Dr.

Rafael Angel Calderon Guardia. The extent of the problem on the radiological exposure of anesthesiologists in the operating rooms was identified in the Hospital Rafael Angel Calderon Guardia, San Jose, Costa Rica. It was necessary to establish the risks in the professional disciplines more exposed to ionizing radiations, including Anesthesiology.

Provides information on the radiations received by the anesthesia personnel as a risk factor of labor during professional practice. Within the findings were met dose ionizing radiation received by the participating subjects. It was determined that the monthly doses do not reach the limits of permissible dose average. Besides, no relationship was found between the number of procedures that were used ionizing radiations and the values of dosimetric measurements personal; but, if the type of procedure.

In this way was showed that in some radiointerventional procedures there is a higher risk of irradiation [es. Malnutrition and body composition in urban and rural schoolchildren: A cross-sectional study in San Rafael , Mendoza Argentina. The aim of the present study was to analyze the nutritional status and body composition of children from San Rafael , Mendoza, avoiding urban and rural categorization by generating subpopulations as a function of their socio-environmental characteristics. A cross-sectional study was performed in 3, schoolchildren from 4.


Body weight, height, upper arm circumference, and triceps skinfold were measured. Body mass index, total muscle, and fat areas of the arm were calculated. The socio-environmental variables were surveyed using a structured questionnaire. These variables were processed by categorical principal-component analysis catPCA.

The catPCA allowed the differentiation of four groups, three with urban characteristics high urban, medium urban, impoverished urban , and a rural group. Stunting occurred at a higher rate in the impoverished urban group, and the occurrence of underweight children was higher in the rural group. The latter value corresponded to children of the high urban group, who also did not show reduced muscle mass.

Children from San Rafael presented differences in nutritional condition and body composition associated with pronounced socio-environmental heterogeneity. Thus, we could observe a gradient from the "high urban" group, with better social, economic, and sanitation conditions and at the same time a more obesogenic environment to the "impoverished urban" and "rural" groups, whose vulnerability reflected a higher prevalence of child undernutrition and the association with excess weight and reduced muscle mass.

In turn, it presents a specific proposal of strategy to improve this aspect. Classy Rose Crop. Fertilizer application is one of the main technical activities made in rose crop, but it may cause an important environmental impact. The use of organic fertilizers has been low in this crop. An organic fertilizer as vermicompost contributes with some elements in better available forms, and improves some soil physical characteristics.

El discurso gira entorno a la pobreza, la esperanza y el deseo del Presidente de continuar en el poder. The discourse talks of poverty, hope and the desire of the President to remain in power. The audiovisual content contains elements designed to strike a chord in Ecuadorians, and the strategy is clearly one of persuasion.

The superficial mycoses are very common infectious diseases and therefore are a frequent reason for medical consultation. The aim of this study was to determine the diagnostic frequency of superficial mycoses in the Mycology Department of the Instituto Nacional de Higiene " Rafael Rangel" during 14 years A retrospective cross-sectional study was performed to review the mycological records of patients with presumptive diagnosis of superficial mycosis. Nails, hairs and epidermal scales were the processed samples. The identification of fungi was performed by macro and microscopic observation of colonies and biochemical and physiological tests, as required of the isolated agent.

For the investigation of Malassezia spp. The most frequently isolated dermatophyte was Trichophyton rubrum Complex The most frequent ringworms Were: Tinea unguium Candida parapsilosis complex The identification of the etiological agent is essential to guide appropriate treatment. This study constitutes an important contribution to the knowledge of the epidemiology of superficial mycoses in our country.

Staphylococcus aureus e Salmonella sp. The ethical formation process of the learners who study Marxism-leninism and History. Particularities o f this process in Rafael Maria de Mendive teachers training university. This work takes as a starting point the materialistic and dialectical method, in the relation man-society, in the Pedagogy and General Didactics and in the current situation of this process. Description of preoperative risk factors and postoperative complications of radical hysterectomy in patients of Hospital Dr.

Rafael Angel Calderon Guardia: period Preoperative risk factors and postoperative complications were determined in patients with radical hysterectomy in gynecologic oncology service of Hospital Rafael Angel Calderon Guardia in The information derived from the qualitative variables were analyzed using frequency distributions and percentages. The most common preoperative comorbidity has been hypertension, the most frequently encountered complication has been urinary incontinence. Postoperative complications have been located in a period less than three months.

Fue presidente de Description of patients with bony tumors treated with prosthesis in reconstruction in the Servicio de Ortopedia at the Hospital Rafael Angel Calderon Guardia The use of prosthesis in reconstruction for the management of extensive tumor bone lesions. The study of six patients treated is performed at the Hospital Rafael Angel Calderon Guardia, who were treated for aggressive tumors in the period Bony tumors are conceptualized, as well as fundamental aspects of cell biology in its development and the classification of the same.

Also, relevant information is included with relation to the most frequent indications and possible treatments. In all six cases was placed the rescue prosthesis, four of them has been obtained excellent results. The study has made it possible to simultaneously to analyze some aspects of care to these patients; such as: time of biopsy, time of diagnosis, time of initiation of chemotherapy and surgical intervention time.

Through this study has concluded that when referring to a malignant tumor of bone is absolutely essential that the process of diagnosis and initiation of treatment of limb salvage surgery are addressed as soon as possible. Finally, some recommendations are raised to strengthen the treatment of malignant tumors in the Hospital Rafael Angel Calderon Guardia. Full Text Available Roxana E. Profundization of acetabular cup uncemented in total substitution of hip in-patient with acetabular dysplasia - Experience university hospital - Clinica San Rafael.

According to Crowe classification, one was type 1, eight were type 2 and five were type 3. The average follow up was twenty-four months. The Harris hip score was used for the clinical evaluation with a pre operative average of 35 points and 37 points post operative. The average internization of the femoral head's center was 26mm. We did not have complications nor implant revision at the time of follow up. Design the organizational model for the creation of a radiation protection service in hospitals Rafael Angel Calderon Guardia, San Juan de Dios and Mexico.

The search for new ways to protect occupationally exposed population, external users and the environment has been the need to optimize all aspects of radiation protection, to prevent incidents or accidents, by the use of ionizing radiation. Proposal consists in carrying out field work to be involving staff who work with ionizing radiation in the areas of diagnostic radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine in hospitals Rafael Angel Calderon Guardia, Hospital Mexico and Hospital San Juan de Dios.

The collected data were coded and analyzed for a situational diagnosis of radiation protection. The results have led to the proposal of the Design of an Organizational Model for Radiological Protection Service to the hospitals included in the investigation. Theoretical basis. Full Text Available The working training needs of the general workers not teaching staff from the universities of pedagogical sciencies are not common issues in pedagogical research.

Such grounds are identified in the philosophy and the sociology of education, the historical-cultural approach by L. Vigotski and his followers, the Theory of Advanced Education, and the contents of the environmental education, along with the parameters to qualify an environmentalist educator. Nuevas evaluaciones deben inferir las causas que influyen en el incremento en la presencia de LIE a edades tempranas. MedUNAB ; ]. The original Portuguese text is an anti-Christian work which was well known in a number of Protestant, anti-Trinitarian and atheistic circles during the eighteenth century.

Its diffusion has been studied by Martin Mulsow; however, the text itself still lacks an edition. Rafael Correa y las elecciones The statistics of the Servicio de Otorrinolaringologia y Cirugia de Cabeza y Cuello de Hospital Rafael Angel Calderon Guardia were described, in terms of thyroid surgery; in the period from January 1, to December 31, , compiling cases of operated patients. Due to the increase in the diagnosis of these diseases in the Costa Rican hospital environment and the lack of an instrument to evaluate the therapeutic action, the need to perform an evaluation of the surgical management given to thyroid pathology is born.

Through a table of data complications and the systematic review of the records of the population, the presentation of the results obtained was made using the inclusion criteria such as: patients older than 12 years, diagnosis of benign or malignant thyroid pathology with need of surgical resolution, presence of BAAF reported in medical record, case report of patient in interdisciplinary thyroid session, with surgery or surgeries performed in the period between January and December , with a written report of surgery and biopsy defined with medical record.

Full Text Available In the Spanish situation of major transformations that occurred between the eighteenth and nineteenth century, citizens of all social classes and professional occupations were the true architects of all cultural, ideological and political changes that took place. In an attempt to better understand the essence of some of these popular and religious social components, this paper aims to briefly present the most relevant biographical notes about Rafael D.

A man of the Church, well educated, who enjoyed a comfortable economic status that gave him a good education and high social consideration from his neighbors. These pages seek to define this religious figure who, from a local level and a humble exercise of his religious ministry, helped to spread the message of the Catholic faith at a time of great stress and generalized crisis in Spain. Gasset's political protagonism in the crucial times of 98 would be inexplicable without taking into account the authority conferred by his newspaper, the.

The glaciers are a natural global resource and one of the principal climate change indicator at global and local scale, being influenced by temperature and snow precipitation changes. Among the parameters used for glacier monitoring, the surface velocity is a key element, since it is connected to glaciers changes mass balance, hydro balance, glaciers stability, landscape erosion. GEE has been recently released by Google as a platform for petabyte-scale scientific analysis and visualization of geospatial datasets.

The algorithm of SAR off-set tracking developed at the Geodesy and Geomatics Division of the University of Rome La Sapienza has been integrated in a cloud based platform that automatically processes large stacks of Sentinel-1 data to retrieve glacier surface velocity field time series. We processed about Sentinel-1 image pairs to obtain a continuous time series of velocity field measurements over 3 years from January to January for two wide glaciers located in the Northern Patagonian Ice Field NPIF , the San Rafael and the San Quintin glaciers.

Several results related to these relevant glaciers also validated with respect already available and renown software i. Destes, 64 continham Amblyomma auricularium, 7 Amblyomma parvum e 12 Amblyomma sp. Exemplares de A. Oito exemplares de A. Entreseptiembre de y agosto Entre septiembre de y agosto de Entre septiembre de y agosto de Entreseptiembre de y ago Rafael A.

To determine the epidemiological profile of the patients who suffered traumatic brain injury TBI and were treated at the Dr. An observational, descriptive, retrospective and cross section study was performed on all the patients with TBI and who were admitted to the emergency room of the HCG during the period to There were a total of cases, of which records were obtained of patients who had the variables established in this study, excluding those with incomplete or inconsistent information.

The present study established the epidemiological profile of the TBI in the population seen during the period to at the HCG. It was determined that the male sex made up the majority of the cases were male, with mean age of 46 years. The mortality rate was It was observed that the majority were farmers, followed by students, and then construction workers.

No chronic illnesses were recorded in No alcohol or other drugs were reported in The clinical and laboratory parameters that had statistical significance Paccidents being the main cause of these lesions Also, the consequences of such are aggravated when the victims present with chronic diseases such as, systemic arterial hypertension and mellitus diabetes.

As regards the post-traumatic indicators directly related to a poor outcome, it was determined that a GCS score equal to or less than 8, a mean blood pressure less than 60, the prolongation of the coagulation times, the presence of mydriasis, and skull fractures, have a direct association with the negative or fatal outcome for the. El sobrepeso y la obesidad fueron determinados utilizando los criterios del International Obesity Task Force.

La obesidad en cambio, se concentra principalmente en la zona rural. Rafael Tasis i el teatre. Alberti, Rafael : Cal Y canto. Full Text Available Without doubt, the most outstanding professional and intellectual side in the different activities carried out by Bachiller professor Rafael Ballester in the first three decades in the 20th century is that of being author of school handbooks, being some worldwide successful.

His other facets, as a historian of education, as a researcher of scientific methodology and didactics of teaching and as a pioneer in studies of historic historiography, pale beside the strength of his contributions as successful author of school handbooks of history and geography.

La irrupción zapatista. 1911 (Colección Problemas de México) (Spanish Edition)

An estimate of the sensitivity, specificity and predictive values of the myocardial perfusion study was performed for the detection of the disease. Then, these values were related to socio-demographic and clinical characteristics of the patients submitted to the diagnosis.

Risk of developing acute kidney injury associated to contrast media in patients with severe acute pancreatitis, Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos, Hospital Rafael Angel Calderon Guardia, September to December The risk of acute kidney injury associated to contrast media is described in patients with severe acute pancreatitis in the Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos of the Hospital Rafael Angel Calderon Guardia of September to December The sociodemographic and clinical characteristics of the population studied are identified by data collecting, obtained from clinical records and statistical database of the Intensive Care Unit.

The magnitude of the problem is determined by calculating the prevalence of acute kidney injury and possible complications in the study group. Radiologic studies realized by intravascular contrast media were used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The incidence of acute renal injury induced by contrast media has been of the Acute kidney injury induced by contrast media is associated with an increase use of health resources, prolonged hospital stay and increased of the hospital mortality.

The diagnostic process is described from admission of the patient to hospital [es. We exemplify its work in promoting geographical research glossing three theses, which fall within the studies related to the urban geography of Madrid, one of the priority research lines of the teacher. Then, the historical evolution of residential landscape of Madrid and typical examples until the early seventies by Dolores Brandis. Aviadores en el desierto. Patterns recurrence of gastric cancer in patients treated with adjuvant chemoradiation in the Servicio de Oncologia Medica of Hospital Rafael Angel Calderon Guardia in the period and The pattern of relapse is described in patients with gastric cancer who received adjuvant chemoradiation at the Servicio de Oncologia Medica of Hospital Rafael Angel Calderon Guardia in the period The evolution of the disease is described.

Types of relapse are explained in gastric cancer patients who received chemotherapy-adjuvant radiotherapy. The magnitude of the problem is identified by the calculation of incidence, survival and mortality. The variables of age, sex, functional status according to ECOG , tumor characteristics, staging TNM , type of surgery, type of nodal dissection, period between surgery and postoperative therapy were used for a descriptive analysis.

Survival analysis is performed using Kaplan - Meier curves from the date of surgery until the date of death or the last control. The online biostat and biomates programs are used to process information. Lymph node dissection has a significant impact on patient survival, as well as the duration of chemotherapy treatment, the presence of positive lymph nodes and other features such as the presence of seal ring cells and lymphovascular invasion.

More radical ganglionic dissections and more effective treatments can achieve better results in patient survival [es. As a result of the expedition the artist produced around twenty photographs, drawings, and several letters that were ultimately published by the Spanish pictorial magazine El Museo Universal. This paper analyzes both this discourse and its expression in relation to California, a then recently incorporated US territory.

This work begins by the characterization of the workshops, the principles that guide its functioning, its characteristics and ultimat ely, a sample of them. This way, motivation is a leading aspect since it sets in constant reciprocal determination and transformation: the need of the personality, the reflection of the real world, and the fundamental way to achieve the preparation of the teacher to be in the school practice.

The putting into practice of this system in the subject Language and Communication strengthens the language and the literature, as well as the development of motivation toward the profession in those students lacking of reasons to take over with authentic values, the quality of the teaching staff required in the new educational contexts. Full Text Available When a family member assumes the role of caregiver, it is the family cohesion one of the key elements in the development of caregiver burden syndrome, being in turn the adaptive response of the family a factor that positively affects the course of the disease.

The study was performed between February and April , through a transversal and descriptive research. From the 23 cases evaluated, the female gender predominated among caregivers of cancer patients, the age group years and caring times between months. Regarding the level of caregiver burden syndrome in caregivers, 14 cases It was concluded that a greater degree of family functioning promoted a lower prevalence of caregiver burden syndrome. In addition, a direct relationship was shown between the time spent on patient care and the level of caregiver burden syndrome present in the caregiver.

During the same century, writer Juan Rafael Allende managed to create a parallel, if not alternative world which demolished such suspect sublimity. Projecting this mode into the 19th century, Allende turned it into a weapon to be used against the gravitas of the formal Market and State. In particular, his attacks were leveled against renowned. Investigation of the structure and lithology of bedrock concealed by basin fill, using ground-based magnetic-field-profile data acquired in the San Rafael Basin, southeastern Arizona. Such spatial information is expressed in the texture physical appearance or characteristics of the data at scales of hundreds of meters to kilometers.

La irrupcion zapatista, 1911 / The Zapatista Outbreak, 1911

These magnetic textures are characterized by several descriptive statistics, their power spectrum, and their multifractal spectrum. On the basis of a graphical comparison and textural characterization, ground-based magnetic-field profile data can be used to estimate bedrock lithology concealed by as much as m of basin fill in some cases, information that is especially important in assessing and exploring for concealed mineral deposits. I demonstrate that multifractal spectra of ground-based magnetic-field-profile data can be used to differentiate exposed lithologies and that the shape and position of the multifractal spectrum of the ground-based magnetic-field-profile of concealed lithologies can be matched to the upward-continued multifractal spectrum of an exposed lithology to help distinguish the concealed lithology.

In addition, ground-based magnetic-field-profile data also detect minute differences in the magnetic susceptibility of rocks over small horizontal and vertical distances and so can be used for precise modeling of bedrock geometry and structure, even when that bedrock is concealed by m or more of nonmagnetic basin fill. Such data contain valuable geologic information on the bedrock concealed by basin fill that may not be so visible in aeromagnetic data, including areas of hydrothermal alteration, faults, and other bedrock structures.

Interpretation of these data in the San Rafael Basin, southeastern Arizona, has yielded results for estimating concealed lithologies, concealed structural geology, and a concealed potential mineral. Cartas de Amor en tiempos de guerra. Rafael Uribe Uribe. Alfonso de Palencia. Ad Alfonsum de Velasco in funebrem Abulensis praesulis fabulosa narratio ca. Gallardo described the manuscript Ad Alfonsum de Velasco in funebrem Abulensis praesulis when it was borrowed by the Royal Academy of History, in Madrid, in mid 19th century.

At that time the Academy was involved in the edition of the works of Alfonso de Palencia and for this reason a hand written copy of the medieval manuscript remained in the Academy, while the original was returned to its owner. This theory of Full Text Available This is the story of the thirteenth-century stone choir stalls in the cathedral at Santiago in Galicia in north-west Spain. The stalls were constructed under the supervision of one 'Maestro Mateo' and completed in about the year Four hundred years later the stalls were demolished and replaced with a wooden version when liturgical changes demanded new seating arrangements.

Fragments of the decorative stonework were then re-cycled, dumped, buried and dispersed and largely forgotten until when excavations began in the cathedral. New discoveries enabled small sections of the choir to be reconstructed in the s and s. The major group of stonework was then recovered in photographs of excavation work in progress reveal this to have been a robust operation [see figure 1]. By the process of consolidation and restoration of 17 'seats' was complete, new pieces in the possession of the cathedral combining with the old to 're-create' the original.

The results can be seen in the museum of the Cathedral of Santiago. Full Text Available Size distribution, sex ratio and use of burrows of the burrowing toad Rhinella fernandezae were studied in Buenos Aires province, Argentina. Two sites separated by approximately m were studied: one was a road next to a swamp, and the other a garden of a country house located further from the swamp.

We identified toad burrows, and individuals were sexed, measured and given an individual mark. Burrows were examined in subsequent months after the first sampling to assess the presence of toads. We found significant differences in the size distribution between areas, being the proportion of juveniles greater at the site next to the swamp where the reproduction of the species was observed. This result may suggest that the site located near to the swamp functions as a source habitat of individuals that migrate to the other site, where recruitment would be very scarce.

Sex proportion of adults did not differ from in neither the total population nor in each site, suggesting that there was not differential mortality by sex. Some toads changed burrows throughout the study period, but there were not differences in the frequency of change between adults and juveniles. Clave de una figura clave. Full Text Available This study shows a method for categorizing the singing voice during adolescence.

Quantitative data focus on aspects concerned with phonation. Evidence leads us to discuss current prejudices about singing among adolescents. The author maintains that continuous vocal training theoretical and practical would help adolescents to have a better attitude toward and opinions about choral singing in secondary school.

Full Text Available Study about the engraving and drawing sources that Pedro Duque Cornejo used for the little medallions of the upper choir in the Choir-Stalls of the Cordoba Cathedral made between No disponible. The present paper results from the need to research and promote scenic expression as an ideal facilitator for singing, especially among adolescents. It may offer a wider range of creative possibilities and original solutions for the development of the choral language, besides encouraging the exercise of self-knowledge.

Las monteas del coro alto de la capilla de San Telmo de Tui. Full Text Available Construction in hewn stone requires the use of geometrical means in order to control both the general layout of the built member and the shape of the individual masonry elements. Fullsize tracings have been used with this purpose since Classical Antiquity.

All this has allowed us to gather valuable first-hand information about the formal control methods used in Baroque construction that treatises and manuscripts cannot furnish directly. Proceedings of the seventh scientific meeting at San Rafael , november Compilation of 68 papers on a variety of aspects and problems arising from the maintenace, commissioning and operation of Argentina's nuclear power plants and reactors.

The subjects are referred, in particular, to reactor components and accesories,including fuel elements and chemical treatment of water, as well as the respective control systems and radiochemistry. Depositional environments as a guide to uranium mineralization in the Chinle formation, San Rafael Swell, Utah.

Francisco Pineda Gomez

The sedimentary textures resulting from depositional processes operating in low-energy environments appear to have influenced uranium mineralization. The Chinle consists of three fining-upward, fluvial-lacustrine sequences. Uranium minerals are concentrated in the lower part of the lowest sequence in areas where sediments of low-energy environment are complexly interbedded with sediments of other environments.

Areas favorable for uranium exploration exist in the subsurface to the north, west, and south of the Chinle outcrop in the Swell. This determination is based on the spatial distribution of depositional environments and the pattern of Chinle deposition through time. The covered area METHODS: the women were classified according to their cardiopathy and degree of functional impairment related to the complications described during pregnancy, delivery and puerperal stage and perinatal results.

Exhibitor: Carlos Amorales. Commissioner: Gabriela Gil Verenzuela. Curator: Pablo Leon de la Barra.

GSG: q=Ortega Flores Multimedia

Venue: Arsenale. Partecipazioni nazionali. The cover was designed by Gabriel Orozco. The seminar was organized in three main axes. The first contains studies of the worlds of art, their intersections, hierarchies and processes. The second corresponds to the creation of the art, its activation in public space, in the way it creates index and generates memory and its modes of interrelation and proposal with the social fabric and the way to imagine.

The third axis corresponds to the current interrelations between art and anthropology, reflecting, among other things, on the body, the sensory, process and design in the forms of knowledge generation, highlighting the fieldwork from a perspective in anthropology and the arts, as well as their dialogues, differences, appropriations and friction.

Myers -- Parte 1. La agencia del arte. Biographies and selected works of prolific Mexican architects from the 19th and 20th centuries. Includes interviews with the architects discussing their projects in Mexico. This is how a working group was created, specifically aimed at improving the documentation, analysis and dissemination of archaeological knowledge using computational methods.

Includes bibliographical references after each chapter. Archaeology -- Data processing Cultural property -- Digitization Cultural property -- Protection -- Technological innovations Imaging systems in archaeology Virtual reality in archaeology. Cover title. Scholars, students, and members of the public from around the world regularly use the multifaceted, multimedia resources of the Benson.

Showcasing the incredible depth, diversity, and history of the Benson Collection, A Library for the Americas presents rare books and manuscripts, maps, photographs, music, oral histories, art, and objects dating from the early s to the present. As a whole, the book celebrates the remarkable place for learning that is the Benson Collection, while not shying away from larger questions about what i means to have a monumental library and archive devoted to Latin America in the United States"--Jacket. Remove selections Remove. Your list is loading To quickly locate a specific topic , simply type its first few characters here.

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La irrupción zapatista. 1911 (Coleccion Problemas de Mexico) (Spanish Edition) La irrupción zapatista. 1911 (Coleccion Problemas de Mexico) (Spanish Edition)
La irrupción zapatista. 1911 (Coleccion Problemas de Mexico) (Spanish Edition) La irrupción zapatista. 1911 (Coleccion Problemas de Mexico) (Spanish Edition)
La irrupción zapatista. 1911 (Coleccion Problemas de Mexico) (Spanish Edition) La irrupción zapatista. 1911 (Coleccion Problemas de Mexico) (Spanish Edition)
La irrupción zapatista. 1911 (Coleccion Problemas de Mexico) (Spanish Edition) La irrupción zapatista. 1911 (Coleccion Problemas de Mexico) (Spanish Edition)
La irrupción zapatista. 1911 (Coleccion Problemas de Mexico) (Spanish Edition) La irrupción zapatista. 1911 (Coleccion Problemas de Mexico) (Spanish Edition)
La irrupción zapatista. 1911 (Coleccion Problemas de Mexico) (Spanish Edition) La irrupción zapatista. 1911 (Coleccion Problemas de Mexico) (Spanish Edition)
La irrupción zapatista. 1911 (Coleccion Problemas de Mexico) (Spanish Edition) La irrupción zapatista. 1911 (Coleccion Problemas de Mexico) (Spanish Edition)

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