Guilty Pleasures Book 2 (Contemporary Romance)

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Introducing Anita Blake, vampire hunter extraordinaire.

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Most people don't even bat an eye at vampires since they've been given equal rights by the Supreme Court. But Anita knows better--she's seen their victims. A serial killer is murdering vampires, however, and now the most powerful vampire in town wants Anita to find the killer. Praise for Laurell K. Hamilton and the Anita Blake Novels "Hamilton remains one of the most inventive and exciting writers in the paranormal field.

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Vampires, zombies, and shifters, oh my! And trust me, these are not your daughter's vampires. Her descriptive prose is gritty and raw, with a mosaic of humor and horror to tell this complex, well-detailed story. But it's her enigmatic stable of stars that continues to shine, managing their improbable interpersonal relationship dynamics.

Ages 5 to 7 seemed to have been the most impressionable years. Learned to read at age 7. I was an undiagnosed dyslexic. Tried to write stories at age Never finished one.

13 "Guilty Pleasure" Books You Shouldn't Be Ashamed To Read

Howard the creator of Conan the Barbarian when I was thirteen, or fourteen. In that moment I knew not only did I want to be a writer, but this is what I wanted to write. White at age 13 or It was the first book to teach me a love of language and I still use some of the techniques I learned from that book in my writing today. Finished my first story at age It was a horror story where everyone died horribly except the baby who crawled off into the woods where it was implied the baby would die a slow and lingering death of starvation and exposure.

First creative writing class where my teacher told me that the first vampire story I ever wrote scared her. For a shy year-old there was nothing better that she could have said. Discovered Edgar Allan Poe, H. Lovecraft, and Andre Norton about age The first two would teach me more about language and atmosphere on paper. Norton was the first woman I knew that wrote what I wanted to write. It gave me hope that not everyone that wrote this was a dead white guy. Both books would be important influences for me. It was a nonfiction book covering vampire and wereanimal legend around the world.

13 "Guilty Pleasure" Books You Shouldn't Be Ashamed To Read

It was also the first book I ever read with serial killers in it. All of that would have a profound influence on me as a writer. They are still half human, after all. Anita considered a Vampire expert is essentially kidnapped, and somewhat brutalized by some of the vampires involved The Master of the City — Nikolaos and her flunkies , however Jean Claude curiously has a deep affinity towards Anita, and finds himself protecting her. Horrific battles ensue, as Nikolaos, the Master Vampire proves to be pure evil. Despite her forced promise to Nikolaos that she will solve the Vampire murders, Anita soon finds herself constantly battling for her own life, as well as the innocents around her.

This book was a great read! Lots of action, beautiful detail, and a good introduction to many characters that we would soon find ourselves rooting for in future works. Although no real sexual interactions, there is plenty of sexual tension, and an interesting foreshadowing of what was soon to come….


I have actually made a paper bookmark featuring her drawings that I have used personally, throughout each book. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. The guy she had a crush on at high school is now running a sex club and is a Dom to boot! Common sense tells her to steer well clear, but she's sorely tempted by his job offer. Self-made man Colt Donahue is a strict Dom. His business, Club Fusion, is a great success, and he's not about to let the local Sheriff or the narrow-minded people of Fairfax close him down.

He's here to stay.

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From the moment he sees Kat, he wants her. Just one look in her sultry hazel eyes, and Colt knows the sassy, outspoken woman is for him. Nothing would excite him more than making her submit to his will. Colt shows Katrina what a Dom is really capable of, but can he tame the firebrand into complete submission?

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Guilty Pleasures Book 2 (Contemporary Romance) Guilty Pleasures Book 2 (Contemporary Romance)
Guilty Pleasures Book 2 (Contemporary Romance) Guilty Pleasures Book 2 (Contemporary Romance)
Guilty Pleasures Book 2 (Contemporary Romance) Guilty Pleasures Book 2 (Contemporary Romance)
Guilty Pleasures Book 2 (Contemporary Romance) Guilty Pleasures Book 2 (Contemporary Romance)
Guilty Pleasures Book 2 (Contemporary Romance) Guilty Pleasures Book 2 (Contemporary Romance)
Guilty Pleasures Book 2 (Contemporary Romance) Guilty Pleasures Book 2 (Contemporary Romance)

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